Kershaw, Nik - Don Quixote Lyrics

Your mind can play tricks
Makes you what you want to be
Just like superheroes
You saw them on tv

Coast to coast, wall to wall
Got to go, duty calls
Here I am
Superman, lois lane
Saved the world, back again
Here I am

In my old, red saloon
I'm a knight in shining armour
If I were asleep, man
I couldn't be much calmer

Hit the road, on the run
Faster than anyone
Here I am
One for all, all for one
Shake the fist, shoot the gun
Here I am

Don quixote
What do you say?
Are we proud? are we brave?
Or just crazy?
Don quixote
What do you say?
Are we shooting at windmills like you?

Common sense, is as good
As a cafe on the moon
When man and machinery come to their high noon

Beat the clock, punch the wall
Fix'd in no time at all
Here I am
Radio on the blink
Kick the cat, hit the drink
Here I am

Don quixote
What do you say?
Are we proud, are be brave
Or just crazy?
Don quixote
What do you say?
Are we shooting at windmills like you?

Here I am
Don quixote
We're all men of la mancha

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Kershaw, Nik Don Quixote Comments
  1. Luis Szczurek

    He was such a handsome, charming guy.

  2. WaySilentBob 69

    Sooo 80’s. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever seen this. Awesomeness!

  3. Yngwie 1969

    Sounds soooooo 80's. On top of that, real crap song.

  4. Darren Perks

    Never seen this video before- strange because very familiar with the album

  5. James Doyle

    Donkey Horte'

  6. EverybodyBurts

    This song is awesome!

  7. Anastasia Ozerova

    Try to watch Paul Young - Why Does a Man Have to Be Strong after...

  8. Peeter Jõgioja

    Video producer is an .....! 1,23 to get to the song???? W love to Mr Kershaw, but...butt.

  9. Paul Roberts

    Hoté says he's a horse, not a donkey :)

  10. Emily Lee

    My dad fingered my mum to this music back in the day.

  11. Jürgen Erhard

    Nik "Sancho Panza" Kershaw.

  12. Sheila Hayes

    Aunty sharon

  13. joseph reese

    T.M.O.A.M. the mother of all mullets


    Golf GTI very 80s


    Best Golf ever.

  15. modsheff1

    He lookslikes Adrian Heath for Everton from 85/86 panini sticker book. x

  16. Mike Gendron

    Saw him at The National Arts Center in Ottawa Canada back in 1986, I think. He was doing the tour for "The Riddle". Excellent concert!!

  17. Ricardo Vaz Ribeiro

    God Damn!!! What a bassline!!!!

  18. Antonio Duverge

    I mean!! This has to be one the ugliest song ever, it is impossible to lysten completly.

  19. Bobby Brennan

    Talk about reeking the 1980's...

  20. Mack The Producer

    Great video and song!

  21. janklodvandamisback

    not your typical synth pop song

  22. David Robinson

    but then this was '85 supposedly the best year for 80's music, nes pas?

  23. David Robinson

    Not that I'm superficial, but this is my favorite of the 80's ;)

  24. Dale Maynard

    sorry....these just sound like non de script 80s songs

  25. aramanth

    This song will be in my head for days... 🎺
    _common sense, is as good as a café on the moon_ ☕🌒

  26. Liam Stephenson

    Excellent pop song with entertaining video.

  27. woodhd

    oh dear

  28. Stephen Pickup

    Superman - Lois Lane saved the world back again. Here I am.

  29. Mike McCready

    Bass & ryrhem combined with the horns, a masterpiece.
    Wouldn't it be nice if the genius kept putting gems like this out!

  30. janesgems7

    Ah.....those mullets

  31. Erica Santos

    adorei esse filme legal achei muito interesante

  32. Erica Santos

    Legal esse filme parabens

  33. Jenny Mosley-Wu

    Nik is being so silly in this video. That's what I loved about him.

  34. Admiral Ackbar

    You may go charging at windmills In these days
    Absurdities never change

  35. Vibrator !

    .."are we shouting at windmills like you?" gives the false impression that Don Quixote was a windmill.

    I can't be the only one that grew up thinking that?

    I do wish these 80's pop stars would take more care in delineating their classicist new wave allegories.


    what 😂

  36. Meryyy Bam

    He's soo cute why he is not so cute as the 80. Wwhhyyyyy😭😭😭

  37. Jolina

    kocham jego piosenki sama moja mlodosc ehhh


    Moja rowniez, do dzis go slucham. Nie mam zielonego pojecia o dzisiejszej muzyce.
    Cale szczescie, ze ostatnio bardzo duzo grop z 80-ch lat znowu wydaja plyty.
    Kim Wilde, Culture Club, Alphaville....

  38. darren aldred

    love the bass on this track awesome

  39. Richard Thomas

    Classic from. August 1985

  40. Ruby Tuesday

    Undeniably perfect. Nik Kershaw was and is one of the UK’s most underrated song writers.

    Drew Layton

    I'd put him up there with Prince. You might not get that until you hear all of his non-commercial album material. His grasp of chords and melody is easily up there with Prince.

    Meryyy Bam

    Ruby Tuesday
    But he in not cute😭😭😭


    Its not human

    Dark Nemesis

    Completely agree. I remember having his album on cassette! 😬👍🏻

    Bryan Partington

    @Drew Layton His commercial stuff was just as good as any of his none commercial music, all his song shad meaning. The problem is people that tend to hate eighties music , tend to lump great artists like Nik with shite like Aussie soap stars that turned into singers and Rick Astley.

  41. Ben G

    Music of my childhood. The amazing Nik Kershaw.

  42. My name is Slurpee

    I'm always waiting for the "AAAAHEEEIGHIAAAAAAA!"

  43. Kayleigh Natasha

    He's such a cutie and definitely underrated

  44. Keith Yakouboff

    Brings back nostalgic feelings about WLIR in NY. The only station in that area that played this guy.

  45. My name is Slurpee

    Nik really knows how to pull off a mullet

  46. Carolayn Stewart Malakian

    Cualquier canción de Nik Kershaw me parece mejor que esa que tiene tan conocida. Esta es la primera vez que la escucho, suena bastante bien!!! :)

  47. Shikiraamzingly so

    Nik Kershaw was the ultimate 80's one-man show - gifted and versatile way before Duran Duran begun navigating Platinum Yachts!

  48. Leno9950 Leno9950

    Now that is what you call a bullet mullet.

  49. Robert mas

    Great music innovator of the 80's

  50. Red Shutter Photography

    6 People need shooting this song is quality, Don Quixote what do you say?

  51. DesertRose122

    he looks just like C Thomas Howell in the Hitcher.

  52. CaptainOatwright

    A true pop star with talent - we will never see the like again.

    Kayleigh Natasha

    Sad but true

    Admiral Ackbar

    Yes true, the 80s were the last decade for true intelligence and talent

  53. David Norman

    Good drummer Charlie Morgan as I recall!

  54. David Norman

    Great bass line and horns!

  55. Ian Turner

    The name of this brilliant song is a tribute to a really famous Spanish manuscript by the famous Spanish writer Cervantes. His book "Don Quixote" is all about an amnesiac elderly Spaniard who reads books about fairy tales and knights in shining armour and loses her sanity and believes himself to be a reborn famous Spanish Knight in the 1600s and hilariously yells at and attacks and tilts at windmills believing them to be giants and mistakes a tavern for a castle and sheep for an invading army.

  56. Nick Bartram

    Cheick Tiote, what do you say?

  57. Atif Suleman

    Thank you so much for uploading sky90s. I didn't know there was a video to this song. Loved it. Great song.

  58. Ewelina ewelcia

    Nik kershaw 💗💗💗💗💗💪😘

  59. Harry Kershaw

    I don't care that this is just for a video, Nik should still have worn a helmet. If he had fallen off his horse and seriously hurt himself, then it would have been his own fault. Before anybody asks, I know what I'm talking about.

    Sal Paradise

    Are you his brother? If so, then I understand you looking out for him. It would've messed his hair up though, and looked weak, wouldn't it? I used to ride around helmetless on my BMW motorcycle before the law changed in California - but only in town - never on the freeway! I'd have to say a horse is a bit safer than a motorcycle, because at least you can hang onto it. Once a bike goes down - that's it. People argued about the safety angle in town and I maintained that not wearing a helmet made me more aware of what was happening around me and made me ride safer. People who rode on the freeways without a helmet though were just plain stupid.

    Unknown Unknown

    I agree, it's kept me up many a night

  60. Karen Le Roux

    GCHQ Time travel?? hmm

  61. Karen Le Roux

    time travel :)

  62. DesertRose122

    I love this! so cool!


    crazy video.

  64. kernerschreiber13

    Volkswagen Golf I GTI plus some good ol´80´s music.....= Perfect combination !! ))

  65. Scarf Guy


  66. PRnKC

    This is one of my favorite Nik Kershaw songs of all time.


    His best, I think

    WaySilentBob 69

    It’s so beyond a mullet. Maybe Super-Mega-Flockofseagulls-Ultramullet

  67. GMFA Gibraltar Model Flying Association

    Great son with out a doubt.

  68. Peter1999

    Nik was a comic geek, i like it


    he also used the Riddler from Batman in "The Riddle"

    Ian Turner

    Also, this song is about a famous book character from Spain of the same name.

  69. nigelmelton1971

    I think there was a lot of misunderstood pop music in the 80s

    Tony Mack

    I agree, mate. A much maligned artist of the time n still is for some reason?

  70. Sorcha the raven

    Love this guy.... so cool music.