Kerser - What Ya Day Brings Part 2. Lyrics

Back up on my shit
Bitch I never fucking left
Now they say I'm up for death
Aim for head or hit the chest
Now listen if they find me
Dead I guarantee they do clone
See me rest in peace
With the sickest on my tombstone

[Jay Dee:]
I'm also killing shit these days
When it comes to rap
I'm loving that so many
People seem to pump my tracks
I'm travelling through oz
Bringing out the truest sound
It's true without a doubt
To keep on at it with that music proud

Cruise around C-town
I got the window down
I'm making sure they see me
So they know me I got it figured out
We rock a show now your girl got her pants wet
She in the front hands up screaming DEADSET!

[Jay Dee:]
You never met no other rappers doing shit like us
I'm loving that I got the chance to spit and rip this up
Spitin' bout some fricken cunts who love to light the billy's up
I'm finding crap to write new rap while livin' chillin' sitting drunk

Sickest cunt like I need to fucking say it more
Said it every song 'til they cry what? ain't it raw?

[Jay Dee:]
This is a major flaw other rappers hating more
Acting crazy why the hating just cause I said rape a whore

Fuck em all cause Kerser dropping more stuff
Then them all put together I would play it but you bore us

[Jay Dee:]
You fucking oath they do
People fucking know it's true
We tour 'round the country
Go on tell us about the shows use do?

If only you can pack out shows
I guess you'd own it too
I'm racking off the sub
Before I hit the stage you know me dude

[Jay Dee:]
You'd rather fuck the haters yeah we do it for our fan
And mates we land in states to burn the place
With 225 and chant the name

I got my seat back
Rolling through the gold coast
Jaydee riding shotgun keep him busy as he rolls notes

[Jay Dee:]
I sit and light a smoke
Turn and then I find a note
Grab the pipe light it up
I can't believe you're driving bro

Fuck I don't know
I'm just seeing what the night brings
A couple lines a couple joints
A few more other nice things
I might swim back to Sydney
'Til the tides in
Wait I'm slipping off the track
Just bring them fucking lines here

[Jay Dee:]
UF never ever found a day where we begin to fade
We stayed around
Pen and pages down till we reach our fate
If we say we told you so
It's because we told you so
Don't you fuckin' act like we did not
When I just told you so

You older blokes pissed off
Cause I accomplished more
You only seen with me if
You come around to fucking mop my floor

[Jay Dee:]
So stop the talk you know we made it
Yes we know you fuckin' hate it

Let me cut you off right there
And tell these cunts that I'm the GREATEST!

[Jay Dee:]
And I'm the messiest and report the heavy shit
But every bit of effort spent of land me standing
Wrecking this

Making dough so this rappin'
Be a day job we the boss of rappin'
I'm reporting that you laid off

[Jay Dee:]
Yeah sure you may of lost
A battle cause we're better shit
Honestly you fucking gronks
You hatin'
Cause you never win

They just lose just to make it worse
We fucking laughin
Our apatite is getting filled you whinging cause you starvin'

[Jay Dee:]
Cause we restaurants your fast food
We're hennessy your harsh goon
You go and spit your shit til you choke
And then you march blue

You cunts are just prostey clowns
Like hanging up in bathrooms
My pen to paper magic illustrated
Like a cartoon

[Jay Dee:]
We shinning like a star dude
Funny cause I'm looking down
My energy will hit the ground
Then bounce right up and hook your mouth

I couldn't drown with a block on my foot
I'm that warm good feeling like a cock in a moot?

[Jay Dee:]
Jaydee the upper commer staying true
This ain't a phase disc
My names due to now get recognized
Just call that paid jews
The mic and me belong never will just tear apart
Same goes with my crew that's why I got it branded on my arm
Never meant not any harm to anything or anyone
All I do is pour the truth and make sure that I air my heart

We talking over and you wishing you could
Its Kers one the one cunt that makes skinny look good
So when you see me in your town drunk come and give a pound up
They try block the noise
You enjoying that you found us
Man I'm spinning cause my movement is strong
I'm always entertaining as we keep it moving along

[Kerser & Jay Dee:]
We're so high, we're so high above them
We won't die, we won't die it's nothing
We won't try to tell you what ya day brings
But we the voice for anybody feelin' caged in

We're so high, we're so high above them
We won't die, we won't die it's nothing
We won't try to tell you what ya day brings
But we the voice for anybody feelin' caged in

We're so high, we're so high above them
We won't die, we won't die it's nothing
We won't try to tell you what ya day brings
But we the voice for anybody feelin' caged in

We're so high, we're so high above them
We won't die, we won't die it's nothing
We won't try to tell you what ya day brings
But we the voice for anybody feelin' caged in

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Kerser What Ya Day Brings Part 2. Comments
  1. David Truslove

    YellowFlames1..... Repping ABK ALL DAY..... Kerser's sick but legit I'm next up look out for me I'll be paving my on road to redemption raps saved my life aye shout out to Rate's And Jay UF Keeping it Real and Raw Since 2010

  2. SparkyPurple44

    This needs a film clip

  3. Shari Kroon

    In stitches ( Ha ha ha), deadset rappin along to dis beast street art, ironic topic B broad art, mostly keeping up word for word, aaaahhhhhh, yeah im training F*CKIN' smart, stand out like Hi-Vis but got no pants on ...! wooah... baddest delight... yea she's got a g-bannger on..!! {..TBC..}<3

  4. Memphis D



  5. D M

    We don’t die we won’t die it’s nothing. We won’t try to to tell you what your day brings, we still the voice for anybody feeling caged in.

  6. Nicole Hodges

    Bring on the film clip kers

  7. Erina Carroll

    Your Sound wit Jay
    Make all the Girlz Hott

  8. Shadowninja22303

    This sounds insane! Two 12 inch subs in my car

  9. Azshalia Shadow Priest

    Sorry i been putting u down i just angry at everyone

  10. Azshalia Shadow Priest

    If u slow it down a littl ed probably sound a little better..third verse a bit better u dropped bpm...vocually better to keep it even all the way through..who ever doing the back track could do with a bit of a twidt

  11. Kev Lev

    We need more of this kers!

  12. Jazzmusiker DNeey

    with iou

  13. Jayden Whyte

    Not the best one but pre bloody good what you guys think?

  14. Angus shaun

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    And I thought deadset had my panties wet...

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    #thegreatest + jay UF

  19. Lil Meexi

    Film the vid at night

  20. Diz

    dat illuminati clone hint from pt1 is even more spilling

    Lil Meexi

    What you mean bra

  21. Sharney Trickstar

    Just remember Kers im 4th most richest n powerful human in this world ive got the Tailisman award bruva

    john lanham

    f##k off

  22. Sharney Trickstar

    Oi Kerser you owe me sum money for producing this mix aye

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    Wtf is that random voice at 1:28 and what do they say? @TheKERSER

    Cry Baby

    Brandon Yamaha meant to be Jay’s paranoia noises

    Sam Beats

    "There gonna get me brah there gonna get me "

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    This is mad!

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    I live kerser but guy eatting a his new songs are trash

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  31. Gabby Barnes

    Film clip or it’s not a legit what ya day brings

  32. Alex Squigles

    You and jay uf killed it bro you boys should so more songs like that best song please kerser if you see this make more songs with jay uf

  33. Mike Nolan

    Decent but anyone else still prefer the 1st one?

    kodytheboss Kody

    Mike Nolan I prefer first to mate

    Nathan King

    Obviously. 2 is still nice though

    kodytheboss Kody

    Nathan King you for sure...

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    DJ Spuddzz needs to get nebs back on beat

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    This is ruthless

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    My lungs are Killing..Gotta stop smoking leaves.

    KOST WON adelaide cone smasher

    We won't try to tell you what ya day brings

    A legend

    KOST WON adelaide cone smasher we still the voice for anybody feeling caged in

  42. Sharney Trickstar

    Halo that bra........C-town 4life we rep here in Newy

    Shane Winfield


  43. Jonty Rowe

    Holy fuck pt2 is dope! The beat is a banger

  44. vCrimsoNHD

    Hardest on the album 👊🏻

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    Solid base lyrical lit

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    Not gonna lie, this is probably the 2nd worst or even worst track on the album.. Can we move on from this joke that Jay and Kers have a dig at eachother when they collab? Its so cheesy 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

    I was waayyyyyy too keen for this track, was more keen for this anything and i was pretty disappointed ay. Gotta sick beat tho

  48. Bailey Rose

    Have been waiting so long for a part 2, you never disappoint! See ya at brisbane show

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    Kers !A straight Don!Bumpin these tracks...straight out tha slums of MelbCity,, Keep smashing ya tracks #1inOz for sure - Bkayz1AbcGang

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    Cap Captainkent420 negativity isn't cool man, speaking for all we appreciate your feedback but yeah the grind still gunna pump without ya!

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    Aussie Pride

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    @Aussie Pride He was locked up when the album was being recorded

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    Not a fan of the beat but good lyrics as usual man

    Worldwide Hip-Hop

    He had to remix the original beat because like a lot of Kers' early promos he has used other people's beats, which would equal royalties to them if he put it on the album. @TheKERSER true?

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