Kerser - That Is Us Lyrics

[Kerser & Jay UF:]
It's Kerser
I'm with Jay UF
Jay! What?
What's happenin'? I guess you're gonna say "fuck all" again, uh?
Can we just hurry up and do the song? What?
Let's just get the song done mate, come on
I'll go first then. All right, go for it
Yo, Jay's a fuckwit, check, look

I'm an OG, probably 'bout to OD
Said it 'round o-three, bet they're gonna clone me
I wasn't wrong, but a bunch that wanna be me
Wanna Be Kers, that should be your next CD
I came up in the game 'round the time when
You wouldn't jump on the internet fightin'
I got a call off a whore. Who? Grimshaw
Nah, another bitch, cracked out a thin whore
Fuck that Jay, I wouldn't hit with your dick
I fuck it back ahead so I face it like a swordfish
Where does all of this sick shit come from?
Kerser would, he did, I mention I got one on
Fresh cunt, I'm lookin' better with age
And I don't write raps, I machete the page
None ahead of me mate and it's weird 'cause I live dreams
Hurry up Jay, I don't wanna hear your sixteens

Still runnin' this game in the fast lane
Wavin' at every cunt that we pass mate
Still killin' every show that is us, aye
Never gonna stop 'til we delivering our last tape
Still runnin' this game in the fast lane
Wavin' at every cunt that we pass mate
Still killin' every show that is us, aye
Never gonna stop 'til we delivering our last tape

[Jay UF:]
Crack another drink man, fuck, is this my kind?
I'm takin' over shit like it's a feature on my song
Time's gone like a terrorist with a nice bomb
Blowin' up the scene, not in a way that you guys want
If I was wrong and never made it with my songs
I'll make it go [?] so I can still light bongs
Cry night long, whinging, where has my life gone?
Wait a minute Jay, that's what you do when you write songs
Ha, fuckin' ha, yeah, I'm funny like I'm Scott
He looks okay [?] if she puffed on the ice lots
There goes the record deal, fuck it, it's my loss
Time to call Cento and I fill up my [?]
Hate rap anyway, it's time to admit it
Fuck, I'll only ever listen if my rhymin' is in it
So, fuck album number two, nah, I'm finally finished
Nah, I'm joking, I'ma spit it just to prine you critics, cunts

Still runnin' this game in the fast lane
Wavin' at every cunt that we pass mate
Still killin' every show that is us, aye
Never gonna stop 'til we delivering our last tape
Still runnin' this game in the fast lane
Wavin' at every cunt that we pass mate
Still killin' every show that is us, aye
Never gonna stop 'til we delivering our last tape

[Jay UF & Kerser:]
Hey Kers, I'm thinking fuck a third verse
Let me spit it then! They don't wanna hear the Kers verse
Shut up Jay, you ridiculous cunt
They know Kerser is the sickest, they ain't heard it enough
They ain't heard it enough? Now let's talk about me
The fact that I be credible with the words that I speak
Well, you're a turd and a geek for even turnin' on me
Jay, where's your last album? People burn it for free
Shit, Kers taking shots like you did in our last song
Hope he takes a different kind of shot and his heart stops
Gotta move along cunt, give up, you're past gone
Waitin' on my pay, where you gettin' these cars from?
Shut the fuck up, where you tryin' to get to?
Because I'm number one, what, does it upset you?
We don't really get along, we just dissin' on tracks
Nah, I'm kidding, next album cunt, your shit is just wack

Still runnin' this game in the fast lane
Wavin' at every cunt that we pass mate
Still killin' every show that is us, aye
Never gonna stop 'til we delivering our last tape
Still runnin' this game in the fast lane
Wavin' at every cunt that we pass mate
Still killin' every show that is us, aye
Never gonna stop 'til we delivering our last tape

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Kerser That Is Us Comments
  1. yz _

    American is gay

  2. Shannon Bulmer

    Haha American should have stayed home.. Kerser slayed him

  3. Sophie Kenny

    Aussies won

  4. Nathan Price

    Kerser the don 👌🏽

  5. Savage Campbell’s

    Go the Aussie

  6. Dehaine Seram

    Only it was like yp

  7. Outlaw TV

    Aussie army

  8. Gypsy Defina

    Kerser is a god

  9. LDMc

    I’d give it to kers and i’m a fan of his, but everyone calling illmac trash is actually retarded. He’s got mad bars

  10. troy cooper

    He rymed head with head then with head again 7:34

    Sorry edit he said it 4 times


    It was actually a pretty sick scheme

  11. Blaize Hawkins

    Go kerser ure a legend brother

  12. VK Westie 3021

    Kerser sucks

  13. Frost Blade

    The American accent sounds cooler

  14. Swagenmon raps

    Kerser lad

    Violence T.V

    Fuck up ya eestswa gronk

  15. Jacqueline England

    aussie 1 for sure

  16. Jacqueline England

    aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

  17. Lil Rarie

    Aussie won

  18. Vahaatau Afemui

    They all was there to listen to them crack jokes, not that many barz. Hats of to both performers

  19. Jared Connor

    Kers could knock that short cockhead flat and calling kers short when he’s way shorter than kers

  20. YourFace 939

    Australian rap is the best in world, no one beats us


    YourFace 939 nah we pretty shit ngl Wombat and Kerser are aight but thats bout it

  21. Angel kitty


  22. Lucifer Morningstar

    You could literally see the fear in the yanks eyes when he stepped up to Kerse

  23. Lucifer Morningstar

    Kerser on point as always love too see it

  24. STY Gang

    Yeah da Aussie smash da USA

  25. Caleb Renton

    The other guy is dog shit kerser automatically wins

  26. Mr. Koala

    Aussie for sure the american sounds like hes talking

    Nevaeh Pogue

    Its called battle rap dipshit lmao

  27. erhalcklc

    America sucked Aussie fucken owned him

  28. Caroll Mcmurdo

    Eneyone watching 2019 November

  29. Caroll Mcmurdo

    Aussie for sure

  30. Emo hates Everything

    American at first is shit like the shit don't make sense bruva like fr tf you doing man

  31. ShadowLord7462


  32. jen chambers

    Aussies won 100%

  33. Sabrina Vella

    The american rapper had me cringing severely.

    Unknown User

    Sabrina Vella he had a couple bars to be fair

  34. Riley Powis

    Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI

  35. Quyn Summers


  36. Chay Robinson

    Americans cant beat Aussies hahah

  37. Cahleb Dettmann

    Up him him king kerser

  38. Samoan Sniper Fuiono

    ur mum won

  39. Holy Bird


  40. FoShizzle

    Everyone sayin aussie won are aussiez😂😂💯 Americans would make aussies look stupid in freestyles 😂💯

  41. Jack Jones

    for all the shit he gets, Kerser really is a natural when it comes to the battles.
    Illmac had been in this for years, and Kers barely two years. Crazy


    Fr kerser is dope but lotta haters

    Kira xl

    kerser been in the rap game for like 8 years. your right he is natural. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE

  42. Xmasterpro the Gamer

    Aussie aussie that’s how we like our wet bx

  43. Brigettanthony TaylorNunju

    Kerser you should down the fuck out of him

  44. SoloFlex

    Yo, you Aussies are corny as fuck. If you guys can't see that this dude got outclassed in every way, it says alot about your little prison colony. And just an FYI, everything your boy just said is gonna be, if it isn't already, a fuckin' crime in your weird, extra soft culture. Remember Aussies, words are violence. Yuck.

  45. Royce Insanity

    As an American I must admit that Kerser killed his ass.

  46. 2One7Zero_ KustomBeatz

    Where is Illmac now? Kerser stole his fans 😤

    DeKiNg_BONE PS4

    what fans hahaha who the fuck would listen to that ground

  47. Brock W

    the lilfella had some good lines but Kers slayed

  48. freshlypickedpickles

    I feel like there's a lot of country bias in the comment section 😐

  49. Chewbacca775

    Done now

  50. seemose

    These dudes look high IQ. Yall watching too much Rick and Morty

  51. seemose

    But let me just say this

  52. Rob Stanley

    Kers needs oil coz he's a machine💯💯

  53. Eski

    Even tho I’m Aussie I think kerser is dog shit😂

  54. The nugget Sevedge Bro

    Up Kerser

  55. x Nakeisha x

    I’m Australian so this is a really funny it’s the eshayest of eshayyyyy

  56. shannon adamson

    i love kerser

  57. Kosta Loboda


  58. Milky Way

    weak bars

  59. The Vision Alpha Legend

    imagine the aussie team was onefour

    ethxn_ vw

    fuckin oath aahah i wanna see that


    They drill rappers buddy

    The Vision Alpha Legend

    @Krutz i know but they would have roasted the heck out, no autotune for the american in this video


    The Vision Alpha Legend yeah true bro. I get ya

  60. Arcade Playz

    Aussie won for sure

  61. 99 Subscribers With No Videos

    American fans have left the chat

  62. truth seeker

    Kerser should be a convicted after raping this cunt online😂😂



  64. Bre Ezy


  65. Daniel allman

    Go Kerser

  66. Shadowisded

    This shit ain’t rapping wanna see rapping?

  67. Jessica Munoz

    Australia brought there best freestyler that American clown is the worst we got here


    Jessica Munoz who’s a good American battle rapper ?


    @Lxnkzi daylyt

  68. Jessica Munoz

    This fucking American chump he’s considered a bum down here they shoulda brought a real freestyler


    “They found in love, fk them produced this smelly cunt” 😂😂 AUSSIE 🇦🇺

  70. Brendan the legend

    Kerser is just getting better and better absolute legend #kerser Aussies best

    ThelifeofDakota 60

    It’s old bro but you aren’t wrong his new shits fire !!


    ThelifeofDakota 60 his old stuff was better

  71. Stevie Storm Music

    mad love it great guys Austrlia won

    charns check this aussie rapper out

  72. Prabh Singh

    Wasn't even close illmac bodied him

    NoongaWithTheMunchies _

    Prabh Singh wdym he sucked


    Delusional 🤣

    the oreo creamer

    Kerser won

  73. ScrubSlayer4

    Kerser fed that little munchkin cunt the gutter.

  74. Grizzly dude _

    America winner

  75. Babie Of Chat

    Australia won lol

  76. Yung Tay

    Im aussie

  77. Samuel Wood

    I wanna see this kerser back

  78. Ken Galuvaa

    US dude won. audience and this comment list biased asf! bars went way over their heads!

    lukey plays

    sorry I don't speak dumb did you mean Aussie won

    Ken Galuvaa

    spikey pains oh okay cool bro


    Ken Galuvaa illmaculate is so shit can’t get a decent flow so he stretches his words out


    Ken Galuvaa exactly most were Aussie in tha bar😂

  79. Nidisha O’Donnell

    Kerser mah nigga 😂😈

  80. The king 92

    Stab the American cunt lad

  81. The king 92

    Aussie rap shits on the American rapper well put it this way a aussie mc against a rapper mc all day homi

  82. Tina Shamoun

    Aussie! Won 😂✌🏼❣️

  83. Maccas OJ

    9:17 spills juice

    Kingsley Campbell


  84. Maccas OJ

    I hate kerser but I hate america even more

  85. Aidan Stone

    All the aussie did was make fun of his features and and stuff abt him while the American went after his personality and more offensive making it way better

    CrimZon RayZ

    Aidan Stone yeah i know


    Aidan Stone
    okay, but his rhymes were 10x better. i reckon he’d speak about anything else but taking a hit at something so obvious is guaranteed.
    doesn’t matter what the guy was rapping about because in the end, kerser spoke faster, had better rhythm, and had better + more rhymes

  86. the oreo creamer

    Aussie army

  87. Blaxe Bisxup

    Ok I don't really like kerser music but he Fuckin killed this rap battle ay

  88. Anth

    Both fucking shit

  89. Trippy Sloth

    Where’s my boy SNIPES?

    Bailey Murray

    The killer clown lol

  90. Seis

    Kers fo sure

  91. Boi Long

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  92. Haydeniza

    Aussie all the way

  93. Gemmaka Mitchell

    Aussie for the winnn

  94. TagForcer TLX.14

    Fxck Lad you should've seen the way he was bleeding out. We Aussies we some Ladz in the Hood.

    TagForcer TLX.14

    @Violence T.V Samoa up in the Hood lad

    Violence T.V

    @TagForcer TLX.14 I'm Tongan Brother in Adelaide third generation. Don't know much about Tonga tho

    TagForcer TLX.14

    I'm a Samoan brotha in Burn city (Melbourne) third generation. Also don't know much about my country too

    Violence T.V

    @TagForcer TLX.14 fukn oath see you ReppN Ladz in the hood, the MESSEGE, onefour up this bitch

    TagForcer TLX.14

    @Violence T.V Gotta say I Reprod beats made by them... I hope you can check it out

  95. Casey 3-P-O

    i thought they were both pretty good. did i miss something tho? who won?

    Sike Boi

    Casey 3-P-O Aussie won

    Henz Hunt

    Let me guess your american

    Reaper - Gaming


  96. Mr Josh

    Fuck kers can't switch his style