Kerser - Intro Lyrics

One man, one Kerser, one king
The one record labels hate
Banned from radio stations
The sickest cunt to ever step in front of a microphone
Campbelltown to beaches, train stations to range rovers
Casios to Rolexes
Six albums in six years
The only rapper dropping nothing but hits
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your ears
Because they're about to be blown off your fucking heads
You're now tuning into the sickest

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Kerser Intro Comments
  1. Boss Prada

    Take a Bullet to d Face 2Keep My DauGhTeR Safe... 💯 aaahhhhh YeewwW YeaaBoii

  2. Jacob De Vond

    Pots and cones for ya boys

  3. Jacob De Vond


  4. Nathan Fennemore


  5. Blinky Bill


  6. luke young

    Just stole my own wallet.

  7. Michelle S

    kers love ya mate 225 all the way !!!!

  8. Hamster Smash

    How is an 'intro' this good wtf, and that throw back to the first album so fkn sick

  9. Serena Duncan

    #2040 what ya day brings

  10. ritchie bae2227

    Phat fcuken beat Brutha...fcuk yeah #ABK225 #KINGKERSER #BA32227

  11. Brock Bressler

    Mad beats the king

  12. Nuffsed 90

    Do the Kers bitch !!

  13. Ryan Clarke

    This song needs a music video

  14. Zombtroll

    Uploads whole album for free on youtube yet nobody in the Aus music media even acknowledges it, okay then.


    y buy it wen it's on youtube

    Nathan Fennemore

    Support artist...

  15. Kiamma Johnston

    The king did it again 🔥👑

  16. Lucas Tayler

    This is fucking bars on bars kers still the king of the Aussie rap 🤙🏽

  17. Jordan Thomson

    even the intros a banger! kers 1!

  18. graeme ward

    Gay album

    Nick Gilchrist

    graeme ward fuck u

    Nick Gilchrist

    graeme ward maggot

    tee jay

    yeah you'd know all about whats gay wouldnt ya, bet you boof all your drugs faggot

    Slavko Nikolic

    you got nothing gayeme

  19. OL MATE

    on the m5 with the thumb to the left side

  20. Ella towers

    holy fucking shit its all amazing. wish i could go to his concert

  21. Mr Ktm Australia

    chopping a mean mix to this lad, this cones for you.

    T Bow

    Oath lad

    Brad Morgan


    Fresh Buds

    Fucken oath cones for the boys🤙🤙🇦🇺

  22. Brendan keeno

    Fuck yeah bra. Just got my copy then

  23. TheFakeSerenity_

    This album is complete fire.

  24. Bumbzyy


  25. Hello_ Assassin_

    Still making amazing songs

  26. Qbclone

    Actual goes harder than your dad on gear🔥🔥💯

    Nathan King

    Aaron Carmelo not my dad brah

    s m

    My dads dead

  27. Noxid Dixon

    CTC KERSER ! Someones in d wolds keepN it real.

  28. Sanaty From43