Kerser - Da Kers Effect Lyrics

If I fall down, would you pick me up?
Would you come to the bottom and then lift me up?
Cuttin' off cunts, I can see they're fake
I can tell why they wanna be mates, they snakes
It's crazy days till I fade away
Forget who I am, forget ABK
Forget all I done, forget all the fun
Forget all the fame, forget all the cunts
Like wipe my brain, it's quite insane
Will you hit backspace when you type my name?
That's overthinking, where to go?
None of you cunts can scare me bro
Been through more, been here before
Had 'em all doubt me, now they need me more
What you meant to do when the table change?
And your mind play tricks in your crazy days
Catch up shit like Karma now
Had to give me Karma to calm me down
Had to hit me hard, I'm sparrin' now
Rap turnin' into "who be the hardest?" now, wow
Shoulda seen this comin'
When the scene was runnin'
Away from me, they couldn't keep up, I was patiently
Sittin' there like "who want a go?"
Who want it with the team that everybody know?
And everybody bitin', everybody writin'
Everybody fightin', everybody likin'
My clique, what you forgot?
Forgot what we did for the rap you gronk?
Forgot if it wasn't for the Kers or Scot
There wouldn't be a scene for you nerds to rock?
Earn your props
I hear your songs, I turn 'em off
You fear the god, I burn the lot
You're not near the top, that's Kerser's spot

Like try break down everything
I did to push the scene forward
Off my own back
After being blacklisted from everywhere
So then I created a new scene
So rappers who would've usually been ignored
Now have an opportunity to get heard and get paid
That's 'cause of me bro

Listen up there, I slap your face
Let me take you back, back in the day
Two-thousand-eight, poor as shit
Kickin' them rhymes, they raw as shit
Made a buzz, yeah but the radio
Would ignore back then, wouldn't play me bro
If you wasn't on the FM, you wasn't gonna make it
I was the first in the country to break that
I was the first in the country to face that
I was the first in the country to make rap
Blow up from the underground
No barriers to break 'cause I done 'em now
G.O.A.T, that's the reason
With another million, what's the meanin'?
What's the point in me braggin' more?
Reflectin' back, I'm glad I saw
Everything I did, everything that I fought through
Every single kid that is rappin' now, I taught you
Be yourself, don't change for them
I taught you that here in Australia man
Get that right when they write the history
Don't twist shit, don't make a mystery
When I leave, I bet they miss me
Include this, I'm reppin' Sydney
South west, a monster
Get the doctor
Shoulda' changed me when you had the chance
But you try block me out so I had to stand
Up for myself when the public knew
Kerser fans were like "fuck you too"
Brang rap culture to the streets
I could go on forever, I'ma leave it to the beat

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Kerser Da Kers Effect Comments
  1. Jay'sWorld

    Well you shore have made it kerser havint ya 😎😎 KUDOS BROTHER 💞💞 I love your beats 👌👌👌✌✌✌

  2. Matt Davis

    If Kerser Ever Fell... That would be the death Of Aus Rap their is no one better Much Respect For the King Can’t wait for The 2020 Aus tour See u in March Kers And The whole ABK OGs

  3. Makayla Louise

    King kers 💫💕💯👑

  4. Taesha Bek

    Nah verticalEffectz brah

  5. TheACEOne23Official

    Effected em

  6. Jade lee

    I love it. Seriously need one of those tops best colour ever, bright green is my obsession plus its kerser 😍😍 where can I get 1 please 🤩

  7. Courtnee Lee

    Such a good song👌

  8. impale


  9. jenny windred

    kerser mack songs

  10. wayne clark

    No way !!! That's me 😨😔 whats the point? Anyway there's no way you can fix me 2 men 1 girl and a boy 20

  11. Josh Kostalas

    Happy new year...!!!!!

  12. ChaosWarfareX


  13. Mitch W

    Be yaself don't change for them I taught ya that 100% you were there first gutter rapper to take over cuz got to give you props no matter what!!

  14. Emza Emz


  15. Sam_Barfield Parkour


  16. KeaganPettigrew

    "When I leave, I bet they miss Me" - Kerser, 25/01/2019
    If he calls it quits in the aussie/rap game after he does his 10 for 10, he's not wrong...
    When he quits we will fucking miss this mad cunt and all he's done in and for the Australian Underground Hip Hop scene, and beyond! Onya Kers!

  17. Jamie Thew

    This kills all the music on the radio these days
    Glad I can listen to some real music 🙏
    Thank you kers

  18. Kayden David

    Fkn mad cunt 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Amber Rollins

    This is the best track yet.
    I have this on repeat sooo good

  20. Halo Jones

    Yessss 👏👉😎❤️

  21. Pettrae Edlin


  22. Pettrae Edlin


  23. BISK 1

    Kerser been on fire since the nangaz 🔥😤

  24. john garin

    At 63 years + I've heard few tracks & really dig this guy, great flow, Hope U got hold of that addiction, U 2 Good, Rule 1, Stay Alive

  25. Ellle Lane

    Dude I was 12 when I first heard your shit. I'm 19 now. I also live on the beach front. In hillaries. Damn I came along way for a street Cunt 👌. Littoral though me and my mates grew up being locked out side by night, beaten by our fathers by day 😂😂 needless to say we learnt out to hussle and raunt fuckers for there money. Now we all work for the man just to get pay check. Funny that.

  26. john abbas

    nlove with this songs kerser :3

  27. eshay Adlay

    Miss the old kers

  28. radar

    Who liked it before listening ? 👅

  29. Mel Mel

    Such a good song🤟😘

  30. Jonty Rowe

    Feels like just last year kers hit 1M views on highest man. See you next week ✌

  31. Damo Ryan

    Just brought this cd and omg can't stop listen to it.. sick sick songs on it

  32. Cassie Hiller

    Hi kerser

  33. Mel Coward

    Love this song so much. Kers is the king

  34. harvey king

    people who dislike this are 360 fans lol

  35. Scott Williamson

    Best since The Real You......... love you're real songs Scott .... from another real Scott

  36. Beau Smith

    Kerser is the sickest nothing can change that

  37. Ryzera

    Holy shit that just gave me goose bumps.

  38. Memphis D

    Loving it before 1000 !!!!

  39. Jay Boniface

    KING KER$ 225

  40. Nick Gaffney

    Respect bra ✊🏻

  41. catza593

    this album has been taken to a totally different level 😜🤯🔥

  42. woodsi3 b33

    Becoming a fan 2019
    Perth wa

  43. Jonesy_. 06

    Fucken 🔥

    Like if ya agree lahd

  44. Jake Toms

    More like this

  45. KingShivster 200

    He's Been gunning from the bottom too the top💯🙏I respect the hustle

  46. Ethan Woodworth

    King Kers still running the show

  47. Jackson Martin


  48. mr act

    Wait till i come


    🗣0.15 - 0.40min 🤙
    Look0ut for Yourself, Fuck the Rest....

  50. Ryan Zad

    White Tupac

  51. zombie brotherhood

    Should use some clips from Taz bruz

  52. jesteroner b

    Hands down best song lad keep pumping out these tracks youll be sitting at the top laughing at all these fake cunts hahaha biggest fan saved me once when I was at the lowest love ya music brother

  53. KnoxTheBox

    Sick bro!!!

  54. bigbossjackman 26

    Jordan’s 16.2.19

  55. Nuffsed 90

    Smashing bangers as usual brah it's just the #Kerseffect..

  56. Bosco Varty32

    Yeah budda

  57. Tracy Grimslut

    I let kerser fuck me

  58. Phillip Healey

    I've listened to this song at less 20 times since he dropped it every video clip he drops is mad he should make a video for every song in his new album kerser sickest for life

  59. Brandon Parker

    FRESH! 🔥🔥🔥

  60. pearl corowa


  61. Youtube Trqdxd

    Where did u get those fuckers those pants let's scrap for em

  62. Chris Duggan

    Does anyone else just sit back and listen to all of his music?

    Makayla Louise

    Daily 😌💯💫

  63. Jason E

    Ace up 💯👍🇦🇺

  64. Paul Lloyd

    2008!? faaaaaaark cunts only been lit since then an he already Legendary haha trip

  65. Jesse Kyles

    When i was younger I used to think Kerser was just some lad. These day i really appreciate his fresh sound over every other single rapper in aus. Kerser sounds aussie and its who he is everyone is trying to be something they're not. Kerser is a pillar of Hiphop in Australia atm and it's definitely where he belongs after the grind hes been on. Big ups bro.

    Andrew Fox

    Same true honest


    Yeah g but you needa check out my boy wombat too ay🔥🔥🔥

  66. frisk one

    Such a fucking dope song 🔥

  67. lebosouljah

    epic rap bruva make some more hardcore rap

  68. Brooke Carthy


  69. Russell - DAIR Joust-

    sikcunt!!! fly as fuk!

  70. Mackenzie Byrne

    Fuck yeah kerser been listening to you since deadest 1 keep up the good work man

  71. Smixey Oner

    Onest the last 3 songs you one the spot

  72. Kellie Franklin

    and my granddad was the man to thank for our land <3 Granddad . history <3 Brisbane

  73. Calob Smith


  74. Winters One

    Fuken mad bars cunt

    Matthew Leening

    Its fucken crazy

  75. Huntar_4life_13 Huntar_4life_13

    I’m so proud to be Australian

  76. Matthew Leening

    Fucking mad lad

  77. KrypticXVII

    Only rapper I like man fuck al, the other rappers, WORLDWIDE❤❤❤❤

  78. Adis Azhar

    I remember when Kers was on his 3rd album. He promised us all he will go for 10/10. Its 8/10 now. Time fliest fast, a true artist is one that keeps his promise for his fans. Thank you Kerser.
    From Indonesia

  79. 2One7Zero_ KustomBeatz

    #ABK #225

  80. Mark Wagstaff

    Sweet bruv.

  81. Wazza Sometings

    Farkn evolving mate!!!! Keep up the evolution brah.....

  82. Natasha Leopardi

    So tru scott. M.L.R.

  83. Jake Thompson

    What's the starting song

  84. Lil Sault

    Straight out fire🔥

  85. 2One7Zero_ KustomBeatz

    #TheKERSER got no competition 9 years strong 💪🏽 KingKers 👑 2170 ABK 💯

  86. anica de Jager

    I love he music

  87. Nikki Nikey

    NikkiNikey83^Kerser oi my daughter's name is karma can't wait to see u when u get too 4650 concert brizzy xo

  88. Cunny Funt

    Who else was going to court pumping this?

    River Mcdonald

    Word me and my mates were in a hottie

  89. Tim Mcinnes

    That beat is fucken liiiiiiiiiitttttt

  90. carlito pablo

    It's 100%true when you break it down for the facts for the loose ears listeners !

  91. Larissa Crealy

    If it wasnt for your music i probably wouldnt be here bruv. Different C-towns we come so i really owe it to you............shayno morgz 2290krew

  92. Kodie Thompson

    Fresh as fuck

  93. BRONZI

    that is literally in front of my house.