Kerser - All I See Lyrics

Can you feel my pain?
I'll be on my way

[Verse 1 - Kerser:]
Fuck just happened there?
Did I cross the line?
Thought I had it worked out
Till I lost my mind
And I'm just standing in the middle of the traffic
With my finger in the air
Cause I see the world is classic and
All this shit is havoc
Everyone causing commotion
And they point the finger at me
Tryna say that I'm promoting all the wrong shit why?
I'm honest I won't lie
My mind is scrambled eggs
I was looking for a high man
Should be happy when I'm chasing my dream
If I forget to take my tablets then I'm making a scene
You ever felt so fucked up
That you nearly chucked
Everything inside wanna die
Like your luck's up
What the fuck's up
Need another new day
Hold my shit together
But I wonder if it's too late
Plus I just got a call from my doctor
She said the progress comin' to a stop fuck

[Hook: ?]
Underneath a sky so grey
And all I see is pain and hate
Look in my face
Tell me that it's all okay
The sun is gonna shine
It's a brand new day
Talking like you on my page
Tell me do you feel my pain?
But still I Pray
Everything will be okay
The sun is gonna shine
I'll be on my way

[Verse 2 - Kerser:]
This my last drop of purple
Spinning in a circle
Just for the fuck of it
Xannies with the Serical [?]
Blaze a joint
Now I think I'm on the right path
Light that up
Instant change in my eyes Brah
5 star to 5 star
Flight after flight I
Never stop with rap
Till I die or retire
I'm higher and higher
But low at the same time
I can't explain it
You would have to be in the brain of mine
To understand the upper hand
I've never ever fuckin' ran
From any problems
Gotta stand
And face 'em like a fucking man
And able sense
Got you falling asleep
At the wheel, Jesus Christ
Is this the warning for me
I didn't take it if it was
And now I'm fucking famous
All eyes on me
So it makes it more dangerous
I'm a mess I'm a wreck
But the rap shit
I run that
I need a bit of space
Ain't ever had to come back

[Hook: ?]

[Verse 3 - Kerser:]
Rappers won't admit
I'm a major role and inspiration
Instead they type on keyboards
And start with all the hatin'
No debating, I'm slaying these tracks
Till I'm laid on my back
Or I'm sprayed with a Gat
You can't say it like that
You can't stay with my raps
Till the day I collapse
Fans know I got their back's
ABK 225
They my bro's man
14 Smoking weed through a coke can
Now I'm on a program
Don't it all make sense?
If you a hater
I can change your mind in 8 seconds
Fuck you if you didn't get
Scrap that, you're not a fan
You fucking idiot
You hating on me
And I'll bring you to the pit of it
Take you to the industry
And make you smell the shit of it
Where my brain at?
Did the fame effect it?
It's the Kers
On my way to the death bitch

[Hook: ?]

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    Story of our life hey

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    Kerser saved me from killing myself on the street from his music

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    Still pumping kers 2020 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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    He's my inspiration man.

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    At 14 smoking weed through a coke can , and now I'm on a fucking program , I can relate

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    Can u feel my pain they want me locked awayy

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    Old and new kerser tracks everyday 👊 #2019Raww


    So dope isn’t old Kerser the goat bro

    James Martelloni

    Nebulizer is still being cranked through me speakers like everyday, plus the rest, The fuckin Sickest

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    Mad respect x

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    My kids introduced me to kerser thank kids

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    Brother this song is so relatable... Nothing but love for you homie...

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    "My mind is scrambled eggs, I was lookin for a high man" Damn...permatripped?


    Whos here in 2019

    darcy gardiner

    2020 ladski

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    miss the real Ker's

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    2019 and still going hard 👌

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    I'm Irish and i know kerser is the best rapper in the world found him just before Scot came out and listened to him ever since despite my friends not liking him cause of his accent

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    love you kerser you da man

  22. Taylah Mckay

    Love ya lots. Text me or look me up on Facebook n message me plz give me a chance TAYLAH JADE MCKAY. -Keep Smiling.
    S2 xx


    Fuckin love this song

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    nice man it really did save me as well nice keep it up

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    You are sick, your words reminder me of me, and what I have gone through. You make meaning full raps.

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