Keri Hilson - Hustler Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Was I supposed to come so close to loving you
That I couldn't see
Was I supposed to drown myself in thoughts of you
To where I could no longer breathe
You're just a silhouette
Of a perfect man
Cause you take me higher
Than I have ever been
Just to break me down
Into a thousand pieces
Boy you make me wish I was a hustler

So I could move the weight
Off of my shoulders
And I could run away
If I could be a hustler
Then I would move the weight
Off of my shoulders
And I would run away
Away home

[Verse 2:]
Such a waste of my time
You are everything you shouldn't be
And how one seconds introduction
Could become a lifetime of misery
You're just a silhouette
Of a perfect man
Cause you take me higher
Than I have ever been
Just to break me down
Into a thousand pieces
Boy you make me wish I was a hustler

[Extended Chorus:]
So I could move the weight
Off of my shoulders
And I could run away
If I could be a hustler
Then I would move the weight
Off of my shoulders
And I would run away
Away from you
So I could move the weight
If I could be a hustler
And I could run away
From this corner you got me stuck on
And I would move away
Boy you make me wish I was a hustler
If I could be a hustler

So I could move the weight
And I could run away
Then I would move the weight
The I would run away

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Keri Hilson Hustler Comments
  1. Emmia B

    Still listening in 2020!!!!

  2. Ce Ce Martin

    Johnny anybody

  3. Shakira Satterfield

    Damn too hot sounds just like track. Love this song.. her voice is sick very underrated talent.👍🏾👏🏽💕😘❤️

    Aravia Newton

    Definitely underated shame. Hey did you know she's a song writer? just google how many songs has keri hilson write.

  4. Muana Fanai

    Miss Keri ur da best from INDIA

  5. missmartin85

    Had to pull this one out for my emotional wellbeing. Still a banger

  6. Taibatha House

    *OMG i miss Keri Hilson soooo friggin much!*

  7. Thabo Melusi Khumalo

    Its 2018, but this still moves me... Come Back Keri


    Thabo Melusi Khumalo same

  8. Pop Pop

    I’m still listen on 2018

  9. Ellon

    Eu amo essa música!!! A melhor do álbum.

    Jackson Cabral

    Finalmente um Br que curte keri, eu amo.

    Yan Souza

    @Jackson Cabral Somos três. Até hoje espero o retorno....!!!

    - wellington galvao

    @Yan Souza 4

  10. Ellon

    Por que alguns cantores somem por tanto tempo assim???
    Fico puto com a Keri!!! rs


  11. Miguel Alves

    That is quality R&B. Music needs more of this in 2017. Hurry up Keri

  12. RA Akenaten

    me too.. great artist that give you that magic feel

  13. Jimmy Xiong

    I miss her soo much. please do a comeback

  14. Ke Ke

    I love her lyrics!

    Nootie Baby

    yea me too

  15. KobeSwaggSurfin

    My Fav Song By Her By Far, She's So Talented FrFr i #FuckWitThis  

    Christen Caldwell

    KobeSwaggSurfin #

  16. 1HQ Productions

    The lyrics are everything on Hustler and Let Me Down ... Ppl are so judgemental they don't give good music (real r&b) a chance!! Can't wait for more Keri!!!!

  17. niita1

    her vocals are dope but just pay more attention on the lyricks love this song

  18. precious lewis

    Love you Keri! Hope to hear new music soon ! 😉

  19. atmapp

    I am still on this song!!!!!!

  20. Maruva Shamu

    youtube keri "let me down"

  21. Maruva Shamu

    this album got me thru some ish

  22. Daniella

    Great performance !

  23. Royden Winitana Wairau

    What was the song she sung leading into hustler? anyone know?

    Габриела Йорданова

    Let me down


    Keri forever has my heart !

  25. john doe

    I can sossosoo relate with her! When we get in these relationships we ALL hope for the best! But when the worst comes, the pressure/ heartache makes you wish it neva happend.. A real man wuld neva leave a women in the dark, only boys. KNOW DA DIFFERENCE LADIES!!

  26. Eboni Hall

    Two favorites

  27. MLJB

    back up chica be hatin

  28. sailout aiko

    A black girl that rocks! R&B at its best! Go Keri

  29. bob smith

    So is this a white girl trying to look black or a black girl trying to look white? haha

  30. Alia Kanwal

    Does anyone know the guitar chords for this song?? Pleeeeaasseee answer if you know :)


    I soooo miss her...wish she'd come bak

  31. Yiorgos Stathakis

    Her runs are so beautiful :) 3:02-4:47 is amazing. love her voice! so talented

  32. Malika Lee

    In love with this song thumbs up if still listening in 2013

  33. KobeSwaggSurfin

    No Critics Here Just Recognizing True Talent

  34. Melle B

    i actually think it's beautiful that's she's fighting for the notes and she puts every emotion in it, keep it up keri!

  35. KobeSwaggSurfin

    She Fuckin Fine As Hell n She Can Sing Don't Talk Just Listen

  36. YoBlaziAz

    love for hustlin/hustler :)

  37. FreshPokemonHunter

    This used to be me and shalonda's fav song #2010JAMZ

  38. Mhyke Pandoro

    I love the keri na,jeje good job good quality of voice

  39. Kondwani Dmitrios

    I underated Keri @ 1st but damn she is GOOD!

  40. Elena Martin

    keeeriii :D

  41. Crystal Johnson

    thank u Ms Keri!

  42. Mr Simpson

    thank you Im so glad Im not the only one that feels like you. KERI has a beautiful voice and it is better than MOST. However I do think she needs to showcase her talent a little more. Her singles don't show her talent as a vocalist

  43. Jay Limeil

    she is amazing... Keri sings with so much Passion!

  44. JBrinae

    love it!! brings tears....

  45. Love Layefa

    type in Layefa Lover Of Arts

  46. CallMeehCaptain

    Alica Keys is better!

  47. Salina Flores

    she shouldnt deal with boys or men she should just deal wiith me

  48. Dee Bello

    love this song

  49. Sara Abed

    I like her performance
    PS : The haircut is beautiful :)

  50. GuidedPirate

    I listen to this everyday- 15- UK <3

  51. lucius valente

    linda musica e ela canta bemmmmmm!!!!

  52. Ary Rangel

    This Women right her is a reason Why I love and respect my sistas. They fight for their right to be loved the way a women should be. She inspires me to write love song and buy flowers. If I were her man, My life would be complete. I know God had given me a miracle :)

  53. Jennifer L

    Keri is vocally strong in the sense of she can do runs and all that kind of stuff and her voice has a beautiful tone but her voice it self isn't very strong, witch isn't necessarily a bad thing you just have to know what suits your voice, but are there are some singers out there who have a natural better (stronger) voices not gonna drop names cause it's not about that.. all I'm tryna say is that every artist has there strengths and weaknesses and it's not about comparing ..

  54. TheFear1611

    @TheFear1611 I mean to say "Let"

  55. Prima Kaliebe Gonzalez

    Love her!!!!

  56. TheFear1611

    Ler me down performance was spectacular.

  57. lee minwoo

    @milz1994 let me down

  58. ablackguy123456789

    @YoungVanGonter actually someone did bring up beyonce see eddyv100's comment talkin bout beyonce please get lessons. you've never even heard me sing so you look a damn fool for saying you know i can't.

  59. DangerxZonex

    @TheRealnigga1fy yo dum ass still hating on Keri, get a fuken life

  60. Sun Moon Stars

    @MrAndrecusB im sorry but who in the hell is keri hilson killing vocally in the game besides cassie

  61. ablackguy123456789

    @KERIFEMALEMJ i'm not hating. i like keri and she's a decent singer but saying she sings better than beyonce is crazy and you know it!

    Christen Caldwell

    Damn im in my mold she has tht real telents and real love

  62. ablackguy123456789

    @eddyv100 ok hold on a think keri is better than beyonce??? you need to get your ears checked. she can't even compete with gaga much less BEYONCE!

  63. ablackguy123456789

    i love this song! the lyrics are so true. been there, done that :/

  64. Krystle Grayson

    her voice is so unique & soothing ...

  65. Caytlin R

    Keri Hilson also writes her own songs... unlike most.. Keri Hilson started her career writing songs for Brittany spears.. Pussy cat dolls Mary J. Blidge... She's deffinently at the top.. but for some reason no one gives her credit.


    i love this song.

  67. Coriesha Hickey

    maybe you should just becomae a lesbian .


    I love this song.

  69. DangerxZonex

    Y r there haterz in here, if u don't lyk someone y watch them, for those saying she can't sing ur rite, but she sure as hell can sang!!!

  70. AnCor B

    For all who says she can't sing explain or tell me who's better and why? Do you people not understand vocal texture! Keri's killing most females in the game vocally, the add that she is an artist, not one of those puppets only sing what her label/mgmt tell them to sing. You people are IDIOTS who know nothing about singing!

  71. Hyotae0805

    "Y' just talking about things i know, things i've learnt......and what i realized, the problem was i was dealing with boys instead of man. And so thats y from this point on.....THERE'S NO BOYS ALLOWED." - MissKeriBaby <3

  72. syhnaii007

    @Holliwood107 "Let Me Down"

  73. KiezasVlog

    Extremely talented, and I like the concept of no boys allowed

  74. JoyeuseXI

    @takeme2mars Nah... she's a decent singer. Better singers could probably do better with her songs... but she's pretty competent with what she has.

    She sometimes sounds like shit, like she has a sore throat though...

  75. Serenats1971

    "The problem was I was dealing with boys instead of men. That is why from this point on there is no boys allowed!!"- Keri Hilson

  76. TheFear1611

    She sounds very well live.

  77. Julian Brown

    The interlube is called let me down

  78. TekkaDon1414

    @KiiKii316 I just feel the same way u do! Actually it's my most favorite song on the album.

  79. takeme2mars


  80. Michael Ja'Ameer

    For a split second one of her backup.singers look like old school monica with the red hair lol

  81. Michael Ja'Ameer

    I wish there was somewhere I could find just this interlude to download w/out the whole song :/


    Keri Hilson is my Role Model :)

  83. celinedion1002

    creeepy dude 2:45

  84. Stacy Ealey

    I Love Keri Hilson! and im So Glad She is Singing Live More So She can Get Used To It, her Voice is Slowly But Surely Getting Stronger live, Just Like How She Sounds On Her Albums. Keep it up keri Love You!!

  85. luna__fleur

    she's boring

  86. vl4eva

    Congrats on scoring the opening number @ Wrestlemania 27!! xx

  87. Garry Baldeagle

    She can sing very well.

  88. Moe Shu

    keris the best!!

  89. Moe Shu

    i love this song!!!i mean let me down!!

  90. Moe Shu

    i love this song!!!i mean let me down!!

  91. Christopher Dennard


  92. Sota90

    perfect :D

  93. bullshitTUD

    @KickFlipANDShowChoir Let Me Down!

  94. sissy nobby

    i love it

  95. KickFlipANDShowChoir

    wat was that song in da beggining

  96. tatianaridesapegusus