Keri Hilson - Headsprung Lyrics

They call me Miss Keri, so very
From the dirty, know you heard me
This one goes out to my girlies
Front of the club to the back, gotta feel me
Let me dip it up for cuz in the back
Let me grip it get a buzz in ya hat
I'ma tell ya how to cause an attack
Timbaland, JT on the track
Know how to make a man pop champagne
Know how to make a man say my name
Know how to make a man play my game
Make 'em all wonder how I got my thangs
No chick not ill like me
Pocket pimpin, I chill for free
Tryna tell you boy, don't try me
Better have I.D.

We be up in the club
We be posting the back
And we be in control
Boys always come to the back
Said I got my hair done
And I got my nails done
Can't nobody tell me none
'Cause I got yo headsprung
We be up in the club
We be posting the back
I'm bout to lose control
Don't give me no more yap
'Cause I got my hair done
And I got my nails done
Can't nobody tell me none
'Cause I got yo headsprung

Lord have mercy! I'm kinda thirsty
Don't need no man to reimburse me
The part that hurts me, is when they try to work me
But ain't nobody bout to work me
Steady tryin get you back to the truck
I'm leaving through the back door, what's up?
Got the champagne, gave me a cup
I know you tryna get a girl messed up
We in the club till the bar shut down
Got my girls, they hold me down
In case somethin goes down
We can nip it in the butt right now
Click with it, I'ma spit it one time
Can you get with it?
Tim hit me up, said, "Let's get it"
LL Cool J is cool with it
So we be


Let's go, said let's go
Can we get down?
Let's go, I said let's go
Get down, can we get down?


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Keri Hilson Headsprung Comments
  1. DaRendogxtreme

    I heard this version before sounds so familiar can't believe this song is over a decade already

  2. reesemoney

    LIT AF!! <3<3<3

  3. Marwan Alley

    1:55 the glory of Justin Timberlake's Voice ❤️

  4. Shaun Watson

    IMO this was LLs last decent song. But dude JT makes everything better, Couldve done without Keri in it but still. pretty cool track

  5. Alekhya Das

    JT makes it soo awesome! 

  6. Sir Cornelius Salamander

    She is so hot OMFG! I'd tongue punch her butt on the first and last date

    Jasmaine Mitchell

    D - Block 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  7. Jayskiallthewayski

    I can tell you put some thinking into that comment

  8. Vanessa Zepeda

    wtf was she thinking.... LL cool own dis song she nt even close =(


    justin sucks,go keri

  10. George Ginoshi

    O som ficou muito fechado, a gravação horrível, mas a música é legal, só pecaram na hora da gravação mesmo...

  11. SnowXD


  12. Aj Kruz

    dis officially is my new shit !!!!!

  13. 99thJediWarrior

    Keri killed on this track, I don't know what y'al talking about. Justin killed too.

  14. DaxShaw

    They should have used more of Keri's part in the LL remix.

  15. Throwaway Account34

    @NFMusiq go to google and type in youtube to mp3 converter and then you can just take the link from songs on youtube and send them to itunes. id give u the link to the one i use but youtube doesnt let u use links in comments for some reason

  16. Law of Tsunami

    @pierce15131 AMEN.

  17. Skeelo

    Dont see what the commotion is all about, I think its chill song good for a club filler, not supposed to a #1 single of all time, just a fun remix, jeesh people/critics relax, get that ish out ya ass.

  18. chocolatechipcokies

    @misskaylababy100 ???
    stupid ho, was i talking to you?

  19. LaKayla Mitchell

    @chocolatechipcokies bitch

  20. Throwaway Account34

    All you have to do in order to realize why albums arent selling these days is look at the comments on any song on youtube. People cant appreciate artists as a whole, its all about singles. Example- instead of realizing that Keri and Justin are using this song as a fun remake and its obviously someone else's beat from a well known song, they attack the remix for not being as good as the original, when the point of the song isnt to be as good as the original, its to be different 4 musics sake.

  21. teameta

    jt the best,,,

  22. Grigorash Yonutzz

    cooooool Song !!!

    Marwan Alley

    are you still listening to it !

  23. chocolatechipcokies

    but i liked jt's part a bit

  24. chocolatechipcokies

    wtf is this shit?
    this is why people should not try to make remakes.


  25. Billposter

    RUINED! original sooooo manytimes better, i don't like it ! i stopped at 1:15

  26. Dux

    ker komad je to tega pa nism se slisu a mam sve komade od timbota great beat timbo anda danja :D

  27. AlphaMale8807

    I like this version despite what everyone else says.

  28. IvanRakitic10

    Hvala hvala ;)

  29. interpol007

    LL Killed it originally....

  30. Nabintu77

    @STEVENndGABI4eva :Oh,come on!This song is hot!!!

  31. BubbleGim

    stupid song.. never expected this from keri and justin :O

  32. jackie carter

    JT on the track !

  33. Ericka Frazier

    justin u could have did better

  34. JTmusicmaus

    i love it !!!!
    justin is the best !! ♥

  35. jordan swinson

    @velocity246 because she wrote it for him he just change it

  36. nikki08ewings

    i love this song. this is what you listen to when you gettin ready to go to the club lol

  37. velocity246

    LL Cool J's version goes harder

  38. Ian Gordon

    it good

  39. Insomnia87

    nice remix i like it

  40. Don'tCare

    amazinq :* :D

    bruno lima

    Don'tCare BrunoL Deerk

  41. nepalfool

    the beat kills me!!

  42. Napolytanka

    i agree with u ^^ mar27
    ...LL have strong, passionate song...but this one is cool too ^^...but kinda soft :)

  43. SNLpregame

    jt makes it gooood , go jt!

  44. alexandru valentin

    sounds better with ll cool j in it

  45. Bl Ri

    i'm a huge fan of jt and i never heardthis one it's good!!!

  46. Ay Gül

    justin & Keri *__* perfect !

  47. Julie Orr AKA JulieSexCatGirl

    love it!!!!!!!!

  48. mlsd20

    LL's version is waaaaay better, but I can rock with this in the club tho.

  49. Flowerrose121

    This sucks big ass

  50. tigrincs83

    this is trash!!!!!!! LL Forever! :)

  51. jdotjoker

    beyonce is more flexible this is all keri can do beyonce way betetr than heri and rhianan put togther kk

  52. chandylia

    this is mean as ! can you please give a download link plz ?

    bruno lima

    chandylia April

  53. Kool Beats

    keri is da best !

  54. Fhalei

    Not a bad rendition. It has it's own style, I could really dance to this.

  55. BrotherBoresIsBest

    damn this shit sucks, and TImberlake stick to wooing 12 yearold girls. Just because timberland likes you doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.
    WHat is next? Kelly osbourne remaking California Love?
    THis shit sounds like Kidzbop version of good mus

  56. Amelia Kepler

    dude beyonce is failin big time!!
    she totally losin her style man... she tryin all tht new soft baby sht! it sux ass!!

  57. jdotjoker

    wo woooo ppl are not seriously comparin b the queen to this the joka plzz rhianna the princess of r and b keris gdd yh no lie but no where near beyonce, beyonces top

  58. Tator Bug

    y sumbody always gotta put keri hilson and beyonce n da same sent. dey both good... like dis song keri keep up da good work do ya thing

  59. melacali

    she is so friggen pretty, on legs

  60. Felicityfergun

    this song is hot although i feel like i have heard this tune somwhere idk??

  61. Jay Young

    probly had to go to the bathroom during the photoshoot, IDK, go figure

  62. Alicia Wilkins

    LL Cool J dis song is wack I luv Justin but not this song pliz no...


  63. Spiralking

    hahaha just leave to LL Cool J

    this version is wack

  64. Thisisme

    leave it to the original... LL Cool J
    Its catchy though...

  65. Chanel Kaan

    sexy song

  66. amateurdramatics

    It's a word that describes someone making a sudden head movement to look at something.


    "I could not believe it when I saw Beyonce walking down the road - I was headsprung!"


    "That girl over there is so beautiful - I was headsprung when she walked in!"

    I hope that helps!

  67. Osmose

    what means headsprung?

  68. Osmose

    why is this song not in the album?? =(

  69. Priya Anand

    this song is addictive! I've heard it 6 times already!

  70. caramelking0693

    LL Cool J's version way better

  71. Lulu Bati

    i love the original headsprung... this one is cheap...very cheap

  72. Amy Aberrant

    Total win! And I'm a chick :P

  73. Eliane S.

    big feet, keri..!!

  74. mgn1990

    So would i
    She's beautiful

  75. Frederick Gardiner

    lol i love it...great cover

  76. Kayur Vyas

    ll cook j is better

  77. Priya Anand

    I love this song!! Its awesome!

  78. melody25631


  79. Shorty Day

    i like this

  80. Patrick Bay

    I want that song....

  81. shalandra94

    they call me ms keri lol i love this song

  82. selam tesfaye

    hwere can i download this song????

  83. madgy85

    Hanging with Timbo, JT and Keri have access to alot of strong beats.

    Timbo made these beats for LL cool J.

    They might have asked LL Cool J if they could use these beats for this song. It sounds hawt.

  84. Ekypa1

    it,s ok

  85. toni scott

    omfg this sounds so gud!!!!!better than the original

  86. MEdwards297

    anyone wanna send me this song?

  87. IvanRakitic10

    send me a e-mail !

  88. TigerCub2011

    she killed this junt

  89. carnasa94


  90. theNAYpandemic

    she did this i bet LL heard this n was shocked n shamed that she did his song hard

  91. Ay'Sjah Tims

    keri nailed it

  92. Jbugz Rabadillo

    love this song JT nailed it!

  93. mjsokolowska

    that song came up few years ago... not new at all, it was just after ll cool version

  94. Ashley Harris

    i did this

  95. Angel1908

    I'm more of a fan of LL's but JT did kill it on this one. Keri was nice too

  96. Hartjess

    thats not new..