Keri Hilson - Freedom Ride Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Wow oh wow oh wow
Wow oh wow oh wow
Oh why?

Wish you were in bed.
Box of tissue there instead.

And the only thing in my head.
What did she right? why?

I know we ain't together.
But now I know it don't get better, than you.

But you don't feel the same about me.
What did she do right?
Oh oh oh oh

We went on a freedom ride.
To see what's on the other side.

And promised we would reunite.
Somebody changed your mind.

Now you're in love, love, love

[Verse 2:]
Unfinished business.
Thought we were built to win this.

And now you wanna end it.
What didn't I do right?

We were suppose to just taste it.
I never thought you'd get wasted.

And I was foolishly waiting. oh
What didn't I do right?
Ooh wee.

We went on a freedom ride.
(we went on a freedom ride)

To see what's on the other side.
(see whats on the other side)

And promised we would reunite.
(ooh ooh)

Somebody changed your mind.
Now you're in love.

(ooh ooh ooh).
I think she would understand.
(ooh ooh ooh).
If you decide to try again.

Or maybe we were better off not knowing what exist.
Not taking this risk.

Let's reverse, just leave her.
Oh I wish we never would have boarded that train.

We went on a freedom ride.
(ooh no no no oh)
To see what's on the other side.

And promised we would reunite.
Somebody changed your mind.
Now you're in love.

Now you're in love. yeah.
Now you're in love ooh ooh ooh.
Somebody changed your mind.

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Keri Hilson Freedom Ride Comments
  1. Yuno Gasai

    Mhm vibee

  2. God loves Meeeh

    Ohh so it's about 3some. Is it???🤔🤔

  3. Cardinal Water

    2020 & still here for it 🤎

  4. Rockin Randy89

    I Miss Keri's Beautiful Voice ..This Is On The Think Like A Man Soundtrack Check On Spotify Folks

  5. Kelly Werner

    #2019 so cheesy but I love it still just as much

  6. Briona Williams

    2019 ??

    IAmKallen Kaslana

    Me 🤧

  7. Alexis Jones


  8. Shardae Simpson

    Lawd Keri 😫😍 still listen in 2018

  9. Thanos The Mad Titan

    This is just _beautiful...._

  10. Mimwoy Mato

    Keri is the best and she my favourite Singer...better than my humble opinion

  11. earthT Music


    Thanos The Mad Titan

    June for me lol

  12. Snifex 2

    Wish this was on Spotify 😩

  13. james Jackson

    What happened to her.

  14. Janae' Johnson

    2017 still amazing...none of these newbies still cant mess with her voice..she sounds good with every song...cannot sound bad ever.

  15. Opinyon OP

    this song reminds me of a girl tht likes me. I feel bad now might leave my gf for her

    Jenjen Anitok

    you're epic

    Opinyon OP

    Lejen Ben thanks

  16. iBrownie Queen

    where can I download this

    Katherine Lin

    you can copy this link's url and then go on google and type in 'youtube to mp3' then click the website. paste the url, itll let u download it to ur phone :))

    iBrownie Queen

    +Katherine Lin thanks

  17. Carita Sanders

    I love this song but i can't find it on ANYTHING!!! Not even spotify!!

  18. this girl did it again

    Nice song :-)

  19. Sexy Hot

    I really like this song its amazing it riminds me a lot

  20. Sexy Hot

    I really like this song its amazing it riminds me a lot

  21. Reyna Segura

    We went in a freedom ride to see whats on the other side 3

  22. Kenese Parker

    beautifully written, beautifully sung. AANNNDD by a beautiful woman. loooove Keri Hilson. <3

  23. Harmony Peet

    good song #awesome

  24. Afu Nai

    sad song but so nice, if this feel sorry if this did happen to someone :(

  25. Est19xxBunnni

    Love this song<3

  26. henga ofa

    i love this song

  27. maria acfalle

    Ilove it

  28. ItZeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Relates to my love life right now!

  29. Keorapetse Phamotse

    awesome song.

  30. Malayshia Razor

    I Love This Song.!

  31. blaque manhattan

    like this

  32. Danny Bies

    this the shit

  33. Montana Smith

    😜dhisxx song isxx soo fye who ever cliked dhisxx lyke yall aint nun bt haterz

  34. Jasmine Jones

    This song makes me fall asleep ;zz in a good way thou ^.^ my good night song.

  35. Love 4 SneakersGurl3233

    Love It!!!

  36. Krystelle

    Repeat 24/7

  37. Sjanna Luke

    I love this song majorly :) Definitely how I feel about my ex and his gf :'(

    Thanos The Mad Titan

    Sorry for your loss, but you might have to move on....well, if you haven't already, this comment is about 5 years old now...
    But then again, you never know who you may gain a new relationship with in the future.

  38. Judy Moses

    Love it