Kerekes, Mat - Diamonds Lyrics

You're heading back, back to the start
You're not sure how you got where you are
And it's getting late and now the lights are off
No one is ever born a hero, they are broken into one

If we can take our time
But don't you take too long
If we can take our time

Oh, don't you notice diamonds in your eyes
While you're looking through your window?
Oh, years have been stolen, living on the inside
Living on the inside

Stranger, where are you heading next?
A handful of magazines was all that I could get
Old friend, I'll go to the places we've been
And pretend you never left, pretend you never left

Oh, don't you notice diamonds in your eyes
While you're looking through your window?
Oh, we are outspoken, living on the inside
Living on the inside, we have been there for so long

Okay, I think it's time to go
I put my fingers to the ground and wept
Okay, I think we've said enough
We were never meant to feel that way again

Oh, don't you notice diamonds in your eyes
While you're looking through your window?
Oh, it gets lonely living on the inside
Living on the inside

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Kerekes, Mat Diamonds Comments
  1. EndMinX 90

    God this is such a great song. I love when songs switch like that suddenly with that huge vocal switch and the instruments to back it up with the backup singers in unison its just butter to my ears

  2. Terrence Bierke

    Only 57k views in a full year. While Yummy by Bieber fever has 111 million in 20 days. if only...

  3. Brendan Green

    Most of the time, Spotify has suss recommendations, but fuck I love when it shows me stuff like this!

  4. QualityQontent

    When Freddie Mercury joins Modest Mouse.

  5. TheNewWhatsNext

    6+ months after this song came out it's still my favorite song of the year

  6. Justice Jacinto

    Freddie Mercury is smiling somewhere

  7. Un-uh, peeling

    Oh my god I’m in love with this song 😍😍

  8. Obsa Siyo

    great song

  9. Bryana Roy

    Literally my new fav

  10. Preston K

    A beautiful girl named lexxi showed me this amazing song🖤

  11. Stephen

    listening to this i could see it being performed on late night or something, choir backup singers and everything. mat is able to make alt-rock that is both highly accessible and incredibly deep at the same time. i know citizen is the main gig but this album really sounds like it could blow up

  12. Mitch Hilmes

    Man I discovered Mat from what I believe was a cover of 'Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis' by Brand new. From that, I discovered Citizen. From there I heard his own stuff. To see his spectrum of musical talent is incredible. I absolutely love his music.
    Side note: if you have to "DJ" and you're afraid people won't like "your music", Direction is a hit for literally everyone I've ever showed it to. Hats off to Mat Kerekes.

  13. Maxxxcore Allencore

    This is amazing. Freddy Mercury would jam it

  14. Nick Nyland

    I wasn't ready

  15. Sammy680

    Gives me serious The Feeling vibes (not a bad thing)

  16. Aurelio Nino

    Houston tonight !

  17. Bryan Daniel Delgado Chuchón

    Love this man.

  18. Jgfdg Asfg

    Saw you in Toronto the other week and you fucking killed it with this song live, best performance of the night. Can tell you're really passionate about the new material and its amazing to listen to.

  19. Gumbo Pie

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.
    Hit that wall

  20. J Inth


  21. Monica Renteria

    I fucking love him so much, he’s so talented

  22. Malcolm Abubakar

    Take his punk card away! This shit suck's. He don't deserve to be in a punk band anymore! Fuck this

  23. Sean Rudolph

    Please do something with Tyler The Creator

  24. Nick Novak

    This song has grown on me like craaaazy! Fuck this song is good

    Nick Novak

    It's actually ridiculous! Easily Mat's best song. The changes, vibe, production, lyrics, variety in vocals and instruments etc.

  25. Gumbo Pie

    1:30 is that a "Stink Bug"?

  26. kumbang atna

    Catchy song is more betterrrr

  27. Pablo Casagrande

    The whole world needs to know about the existence of Mat

  28. Kazuho Miyauchi

    song has queen energy

  29. Malicious Megan

    This sounds like an early Queen song XD

  30. Luis Beltrán

    I wish nothing but success to you Mat, I’ll be seeing you soon in San Francisco brother

  31. Kyle Steven Sanders

    So beautiful

  32. officially. Ded

    I wanna cover this with an acoustic guitar 😍

  33. rat boy

    Such good shit m8. Would be cool to see some of his new solo stuff incorporated into citizen

  34. keanu217

    As a big fan of Citizen and Queen I love this song

  35. Clarice M

    I got one like so I guess you're coming to Minnesota!

  36. Dani' el

    Quick story: Back in 2016 when Anthony was doing his Pixie Queen tour, I was waiting in the crowd seeing a band set up. I thought, man that dude setting up looks like the singer from Citizen a little TOO much.
    I did a quick google search (thinking Citizen was playing in Germany at the time)
    That's the day I found he has his solo project.
    After the show I met him and mentioned how I didn't know he had his solo stuff.
    He said something along the lines of 'yeah this is just for fun' or 'I do this for fun'
    Won't ever forget that answer.

  37. dustin

    What a jammmm

  38. TheNewWhatsNext

    Wow, this is really really good.

  39. This Ordinary Life

    I love this other side of you Mat. Very 90's

  40. Çameron Leventis

    This makes me want to bounce my ass in a circle!

  41. Çameron Leventis

    This song makes me want to shake my little butt and dance!

  42. Clarice M

    Come to Minnesota please!

  43. Jason Klunk

    so good Mat, thanks for the music! Looking forward to seeing you play in March.

  44. Rens Hettema


  45. Casey Miller

    One of the best songs I've heard in so long. Mat's songwriting ability is incredible

  46. Ben Cook

    This is absolutely incredible

  47. Thompson's Rage

    Was not expecting that change at 0:40 , not even mad

    Malicious Megan

    Freddie Mercury possessed him :)

  48. Liz Tenorio


  49. Josh Morgan

    Wtf everything he touches turns to gold.

  50. darko

    you’re too good man, miss you

  51. Adib Faris

    On repeat all day long!!!!

  52. Joseph Jackson

    Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy.

  53. caphead100

    this song saved me

  54. Taquan Imagine

    AMAZING video

  55. Sammy Jankis

    this song slaps

  56. justin harris

    Nice 👌

  57. Mercy DuPont

    Another hit

  58. Cole Brenkman

    Is it possible to really dig a song AND think it's trash at the same time? Because that's me right now.

  59. Sam Cummings

    you are just too cool

  60. taylor roy

    i swear to GOD he never writes a bad song 🤩

  61. niceboi12

    Who the FUCK gave this a dislike

  62. Jamie Mack

    My girlfriend and I love your music please come to Ireland soon thank u

  63. Christopher Jiménez

    I love Matt and all his music

  64. Malnoopis

    Queen vibes!!

  65. boutevin charly


  66. Ryan Terry

    Holy shit mat! 😳

  67. KeanoCo

    Great song and very creative video. So random but for some reason it works perfectly

  68. michael petroski

    Can’t believe this song

  69. Richard Nava

    Mat I love you but what the hell was this video

    Also I hope we'll get to hear some old songs on your tour

  70. Dirty Flapjack


  71. Sebastian Ziegenbein


  72. Charles D

    Such a talented guy. Pumped to see you in march.

  73. Leo Guts


    Leo Guts

    really that's amazing

  74. Goose

    where do they find all these random clips


    Goose Games I’m guessing that there’s a guy out there who makes music videos like this for a living and Mat Kerekes just paid him for it. Then they do a little tweaking by adding Mat into the vid for a few shots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  75. constant perception

    So sick.
    Also, mortal kombat font is a plus

  76. Lawrence van Amersfoort

    Omg this is amazing, love you mat!!!

  77. shea henne

    It slaps

  78. Igor Shershakov

    как всегда охуенно

  79. Matias Lisandro

    Argentina <3

  80. grumpy granny

    I don't know why but this song makes me feel so much nostalgia.

  81. Tis Wolfy

    Fucking beautiful!!!!

  82. BrianMWrong

    This fucking rocks.

  83. MacKenzie Huggler

    yet another slapper

  84. Derrick Kong

    Queen Kerekes

    Malicious Megan

    my thought exactly

  85. Chad Black

    Did Mat just write a Queen song?


    First thing I thought haha

    Esteban Ramirez Lopez

    Seems like we all thought the same thing.

    Blair Grylls

    Was spinning this at work last night and swear to god thought the same thing - glad I’m not the only one!

    Oscar Blaise Klein

    it's as if Fun. and Queen morphed into a bedroom project.

    Bryan Asifuina

    this was giving me an ELO vibe if imma be honest

  86. Mrsuckitable

    His song writing ability is so crazy. Normally you can tell when an artist writes their own songs because all their music sound at least a little similar. But not Mat. Writes all his own music AND it’s ever-changing. Even this is so different than ruby. His old music is so different than Luna and Wild Blue Everything. His music is his journal. Truly a great guy.

  87. Tiago Teixeira

    another masterpiece, thanks mat
    would love to see u in portugal

  88. Tommy Jones


  89. felipe gonzalez

    You’re the best, Mat kerekes 🥀💎

  90. Soil Bound


  91. Maxwell Wheeler


  92. Lord Lawrence

    Thank you

  93. Timo G

    I dont know why but this made me think of Malcolm in the Middle. Anyhow a great song nonetheless!


    The way the music video is edited is similar to the theme song.

  94. Daisy Pacheco

    this reminds me of QUEEN! I love the song and the lyrics, Mat puts a lot of passion in his art. I’m seeing him live in March I can’t wait ❤️

  95. Daniel Wong


  96. Alex Maro


  97. Hunter Riley

    one of the most interesting and versatile artists out right now, sick song and video.

  98. James Clarke

    Those bits with the chorus of voices in the background is borderline Queen level of sound layering. Another masterpiece ❤️

    Ashley Ferrante

    I thought the same thing when I first heard it!!!