Kenny Wayne Shepherd - You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now Lyrics

Oh baby, baby you done lost your good thing now
Oh baby, baby you done lost your good thing now
You know the way that I used to love you
That's the way that I hate you now

She used to tell me that she loved me
And she would do anything I say
She used to tell me that she loved me
And she would do anything I say
But you know the way that she treats me now
I do believe I'd be better off dead anyway

Oh baby, baby you done lost your good thing now
Oh baby, baby you done lost your good thing now
You know the way that I used to love you
That's the way that I hate you now

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now Comments
  1. canadianroot

    A bit of personnel info would be helpful. I'm not familiar with the guitarist or singer.

  2. Christer Svensson

    Kenny plays on Steve Ray Vaughan's ( R.I.P. ) guitar But he have à Very bad Singer i unfortnaly

  3. Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    I think Noah has covered it all folks? Lets listen to these great Artists da' KENNY WAYNE SHEPERD BAND!! TRUE TO DA' BLUES! LV FROM DA' U.K. XXX 2019~2020/21? X TOTALLY

  4. S BW


  5. diddi58300

    Saw the guys in Bochum this year. Absolute amazing concert, Kenny is a hell of a guitar player.

  6. Ben Estes

    Pullin licks straight outta Texas Flood. Man, that made me grin like a lil kid.

  7. Fjk77 December

    Kenny is awesome as well as the keyboard player

  8. Fjk77 December

    Love the vocalist!

  9. Kimberly Ritchie

    What he can do to that Stratocaster, is simply amazing, your a gift to the planet KWS! Thanks for the video, it was wonderful! Love from CA.

  10. Ed Smith

    that's rocknroll!

  11. Francois Froge


  12. gaetan landry

    Wow, awesome

  13. Rosa

    FIRE !!

  14. Beverly Davis

    These dudes.. blowin it away

  15. Beverly Davis

    This is aagghh! SO Delicious!
    damn forgot there was lyrics

  16. Leonard Duke

    Killer piano

  17. Leonard Duke

    Noel and Kenny rock!!!

  18. Hugh Narvy

    No me gusto el pianista!!!!!!! hmmmm nooooooo horrible !!!!!

  19. Ettnoll Bajen

    That Voice hasnt experienced the blues much....great playing though,even if,i know shouldnt compare,SRV nails this tune

  20. Texas Mike Bell

    Didn't know that Shepherd was THAT good. Piano man super, too. Great drummer (Chris Layton) bass, and great singer. All around world-class band.


    He is UNBELIEVABLY GREAT in concert

  21. Kevin goodson

    Man he can make that Strat scream !

  22. steve

    I’ve got the studio version but I love this

  23. steve

    Is this on an album or cd?

  24. Jr Crease

    Lost your good thing, Now. You know now that there’s no way you can get your good thing back or anything else you had ! But as you never knew it or wanted it ! Hey that’s the way you are and always be so now just let yourselves out and enjoy the day as divorce is just a head of you , that is a sure thing , you won’t be able to deny the facts of your own actions, no way out , no way out of those good times

  25. Alcides Duarte Falcao

    Fantastic performance. Great band! Guitar and vocal are in perfect partnership!

  26. realchords

    Love it all, but Riley Osbourne's solo is a joy to behold. !!!!!!!!!

  27. Jonyp boing

    thrill is newer gone

  28. Matthew Davis

    I grew up on SRV. Hes royalty to me, but its time someone steps out and says is. KWS is better. Kenny Wayne is better.

    Marla Medina

    Nobody compares to SRV in my opinion.  I saw SRV live 5 times.  I'm sorry KWS is good but is not even in the same ball park as SRV. #1 was an extension of SRV.  Music flowed out of him like I've never seen. Til this day, I've never seen anyone that can play with that much passion and soul.   Again, just my opinion.

    Donnie Beadles

    Can't agree. Love Kenny, but I can't say a guy is better when he's still mimicking everything SRV died playing 28 years ago

    Ed Burton

    ...almost every note he plays is stolen from Stevie, even when he's imitating Stevie imitating B.B.

  29. Thea Williams

    Besides Kenny Wayne killin it on that guitar, Ronnie Osbourne was absolutely superb on them keys!!!

    Michael Flasza

    Thea Williams RILEY Osbourne

  30. Star Baby

    This is why I love the the blues

    Kevin goodson

    Ain't it the truth.

  31. T Hudson

    Reminds me of Gary Moore's (the greatest guitarist ever) long note. Good stuff Kenny, love your music!

  32. 格薩爾Gasar

    I love Kenny Wayne !

  33. Anthony Morelli


  34. Mark Canino

    9:43 god I wish my neck pickup on my strat sounded like that..... it just sounds so reckless

  35. Miroslav Sklenář


  36. theanthonyv

    ‘white’ is the word that comes to mind

    Jason Keith

    theanthonyv white or black or red or purple that was awesome!

  37. s wit

    umm- i think a little more credit needs to be given to LONNIE JOHNSON for this song-and to compare SRV and KWS...who came first, the chicken or the egg?? BB KING imho....and yes yes we are all blessed with opinions-so please-go easy on me here-just know some history....and am sharing it; as for Texas Flood? not even in the parking lot of the ballpark...BUT. say i wanna listen to some one like Ronnie Earl: you can(if familiar with guitar gods) hear his influences from T Bone Walker...that whats GREAT about music-and writing- and yes yes yes-the pianist deserves some; no LOTS of kudo's. as for texas flood- thats Larry Davis'' gem.

  38. Dellani Oakes

    I absolutely love Kenny Wayne and Noah.

  39. cultfan 52

    wow, that noah hunt guy is HOT

  40. Ernesto César Ramírez

    Solos inimaginables!

  41. joseph Dimalante

    That's getting all the tone sounds from a Strat working that 5 way switch and Volume knob.

  42. realchords

    kenny is a legend, but don't forget Ronny Osbourne on piano. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


    His name is Riley Osbourn

    stickinit totheman

    He can’t hear ya, he’s old 😆

  43. Judy Dowdy

    I agree about Joe B. Kenny has the soul that Joe doesn't. Kenny is the BEST blues/rock guitarist on the planet right now. Self taught. Studied the blues greats. A mixture of them all with his own style. Absolutely gifted and amazing.

    #Hesch tag

    Load of bullshit. Kenny has not got his own style.

  44. Brad Woods

    is that Noah singing? he lost a ton a weight

  45. Bill Parry

    Not to shabby lad.👌

  46. michel christen

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd rocks...but imo the singer feeling at all.

  47. Marilee Denr

    waiting for new album

  48. Fredric Tengström

    Hello ,dear Michael.
    I send u a pres:
    Nice music makes life endurable.
    So I say.

  49. Cars N Guitars Bret Bunton

    the teeth, mary, the teeth! i got them capped!

  50. Exequiel Aboy

    Qué lindo que es el Blues..

  51. False Flag


  52. Glenda J


  53. Blues Rain


  54. Mia Savaria

    Nothing sexier than a gorgeous specimen of a man who can FUCKIN' SHRED

  55. Pierre Petry

    i think SRV was his biggest influence but he's going his own way now!one of the greatest of these days!

    Bharat Joshi

    Kenny was taught by SRV


    Well, he was his teacher way more times than reported. Kenny's dad promoted srv and his band for many dates in the Region and would give Kenny lesson after lesson from the time he was 5yo. Many people say he did that for anyone who asked him....Then SRV got so famous it was hit or miss for Kenny to sit with him. Now I read that and heard Kenny talk about it but those interviews are no longer on youtube. I do know Kenny uses the exact same string set up and low tuning Stevie used because stevie taught hum his reach would widen with off set size strings.

  56. grneyes408

    Thank you for posting this! it's incredible

  57. Alain Feret

    Fabuleux morceau de blues

  58. Alain Feret

    Morceau génial

  59. enzo de novellis

    from 8:00 is SRV's soul inside him!...and a just little bit of buddy! <3

    Phil Lombardi

    And a bit of Gary Moore as well 🤙🏼

  60. Ray Alexander

    KWSB!!!! Going in March '17 - Ryman Auditorium!!!

  61. Frankie Z

    awesome tune. The studio version is even better.

  62. morgs88

    That was bloody good!!

  63. wesley johnson

    sweet jesus.  what is in his signal chain at the 10:00 minute mark.... the sustain is really something else.


    Goosebumps brother!!


    mannequin challenge

    Cars N Guitars Bret Bunton

    wesley johnson just turn it to ten

    David Rebel

    That effect is called volume. Sheer volume. The one effect that creates this kind of feedback when you're not overly distorted. And the one effect you're not allowed to use anywhere nowadays unless you are an acclaimed rockstar. ;-)

  64. Jean-Baptiste Boisnier

    Yesssssss   !!!

  65. Ramón Sanchez

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Play the Blues very good As It did Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  66. Ramón Sanchez

    The successor to the Great Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mr Kenny Wayne Shepherd the Legends Blues.

  67. Darian S.J Oechsler

    Kennys tone and playing is the closest one to SRV

    Mark Novelli

    David Bullock

    Check out philip sayce

    stickinit totheman

    Been saying it for years 🎸

  68. Whitney Flora

    What a great singer

  69. Hiddles4Ever -For The Love Of Tom Hiddleston

    God I love Noah's voice...Kenny's playing is outstanding.

    cultfan 52

    Noah looks pretty hot too

    Jason Keith

    cultfan 52 nah it was just a hot night i think

    cultfan 52

    No, not hot that way, silly. He looks very fuckable to me.


    pedestrian, at most

  71. Phil Lombardi


  72. Rob Hollander

    That's absolutely one of the best guitar solos I've heard in a long time. Reminded me of Derek and the Dominoes era Clapton, which is one of the highest compliments I can give.

    Thea Williams

    Rob Hollander Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a badass blues guitarist; I absolutely LOVE him!!

    Thea Williams

    Kathleen Anderson I've heard Joe Bonamassa too-- could you imagine them onstage together??? They'd have the place lit!!!!

    Thea Williams

    I am sitting here in my bedroom watching this and clapping so hard, my hands are sore!!!

    Texas_Made 3511

    Clearly none of yall heard of stevie ray Vaughan

    Remco Tideman

    @Thea Williams

  73. Zixiong Cui

    All time favourite, one of

  74. Sweettina2 #WWG1WGA

    Bad to the bone!

  75. martyisabeliever

    6:10...and on; there ain't no doubt about it... the boys got the touch...

  76. British Blues Man

    hum, sounds familiar.

  77. mojo pin

    ^오^ 좆같은 한국기타리스트 듣고 오염된 귀를 정화해주노---

  78. Yan

    Joe Bonamassa?

    Stephen Plante

    Way better than Joe. Joe fits alto of notes in and has a very technical proficiency but I've always felt he didn't have soul. Kenny does on the other hand. in blues you have to have that touch soul feeling etc. You can play 3 notes but if you play them with feeling then your the superior guitarist in my book e. g. b.b. king. plus as opposed to a lot of guitarists he seem to have rhythm which is essential to me

    Hugh Narvy

    1000 veces mejor !!! aguante Joe !!!!

  79. golfalot1

    Kenny was feelin' it that night. Pretty powerful.

  80. Aarti Kashyap

    is it just me or does it sound a lot like texas flood?

    Fred D

    yea it does....
    still good though

    s wit

    not even in the parking lot of the ballpark=-however lots of musicians take and give licks..try listening to Larry Davis' TF. i am not certain if he was the writer(the OW or? if he did it 1st)-as i stated above: who came 1st the chicken or the egg(SRV or KWS)- as far as this song-its Lonnie Jonson...waaaaay back.
    enjoy each version regardless- and lets not forget BB;s version live at the Regal- its like fine wine.....

    Donnie Beadles

    All those songs are interchangeable. If you listen to Albert King playing a song called " Blues Power" you'll clearly imagine SRV as a child trying to imitate him. Hendrix Red House is also exact same structure. Nothing really different but the intro .

  81. DOCRX09

    I've been following Kenny since he first hit the airways---Damn, he just keeps getting better!!   :)