Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Somehow, Somewhere, Someway Lyrics

Now girl, I see you in my dreams
It happens every day and night now
You got me going to extremes
Don't seem to care what's wrong or right now
I'll make ya mine Someday
Somehow, Somewhere, Someway

You say I'm really not your kind
I know I look a little rough now
If I could give you everything, girl
Would it ever be enough now
I'll make you mine someday
Somehow, Somewhere, Someway

It makes me wonder what's goin' on baby,
When the night rolls in

It something happens that feels so strong and
And I just can't pretend, oh yeah


Oh don't you wonder what's, goin' on baby
When the night rolls in
It's something happens that, feels so strong and
And it will happen again So, you can turn and walk away,

But I know you would regret it,
If I ever had my way, yeah,
Do you think you could forget it,
It's gonna happen someday,
Somehow, Somewhere, Someway

I wanna have you someday,
Somehow, Somewhere, Someway

I'll make you mine someday
Somehow, Somewhere, Someway

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Somehow, Somewhere, Someway Comments
  1. Katelyn Morrison

    Love this song! First time hearing it 🥰

  2. Petre

    Te adoooooor!!!!!😘

  3. Robert Johnson

    You got to love Kenny Wayne

  4. Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    Hi to all, hope ur all still True to da Blues?
    Still listening! 2019/20 x
    Anymore?? Fans Still Listening??Its been about 20odd yrs KWS Band!! have been giving our ears n other parts of our body "TOTAL PLEASURE" THKS GUYS! X from U.K x

    Jazz Fcuk

    @Mandy Morrison Hamilton Jonny lang - good morning little school girl right now haha, such a fresh tune

    Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    @Jazz Fcuk Great tune! & Awesome words! lv it, all his early stuff is badass! Ha!

    Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    Second Guessing & Dying to live , & When i come to they all have something about them lv the way Jonny sings oh! Just Blows u away, xx

    Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    @Jazz Fcuk yeah! Cool tune ive txt more but not straight to u still new answering back to a nice guy/ or girl fae Birmgham its been great to hear back fae u Jazz??? So do only go by that name on here??

    Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    @Jazz Fcuk Morning!! Ive had a listen to You get what give fae Jonny Lang!! & my all time fav Jonny with Double Touble oh! Now thats a grt song! Still a baby aswell, NO ONE LIKE YOU ! X

  5. Bugeanu Florin

    Thank you, fabulous sound quality music, good time for you

  6. Travis Beckle

    Miss corey sterling

  7. Kathy Brewer

    He's a fantastic guitar player and yes, Noah Hunt is fine too! Love these guys, saw them a few years ago and it was a great show!

  8. MrCmd7572

    Awesome simply fantastic

  9. Peter Lincoln

    This sounds so similar to the late, great, Stevie Ray Vaughn. LOVE IT!!!

  10. Kim Martin

    love it.

  11. SticksandSteel

    Want this Snaredrum 😍

  12. Lyn Ludwig

    US lacks in Classic Rock ..Im in the Cowboy belt ..Hell times when you need some hardcore rock and dance on a bar or two

  13. greg laduca

    Texas Blues style

  14. Linda Knight

    Wow. Reminds me so much of Stevie Ray the sound!

  15. Kim Oliver

    If this shit don't move you in some way you ain't got a freaking soul 💯💯💯

  16. silly_little_woman

    Saw him back in 2005, he played 12 different guitars. Best concert ever.

  17. kim Martin

    Love it

  18. Sabrina Summers

    Summer of '98 jam

  19. CycloneRotor103

    Used to hear this song, as well as 'In 2 deep' on the radio when those songs were new. Now all they play is the tried and true 'Blue on black'. Kind of a shame they don't play more.

  20. bob johnson

    This guy is absolutely great I wish he was still around

  21. San dra

    Love this song 💙😍

  22. David Schick

    I remember when he was first on the radio. He said right out that Stevie Ray was his inspiration.

    Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    Yeah! He was Kennys dad took him to see SRV & After he said im gonna be like Stevie n he no far off it boyo!! Lv his music SRV R.I.P WOULD HAVE LOVED HIM OH! YEAH! X

    Mandy Morrison Hamilton


  23. John Horvath

    shades of joe bonamassa...some nice shit bro


    Bonamassa got nothing on Kenny. Kid was playing gigs on Bourbon Street when he was 12. Joe could learn a thing or two from Kenny :)

  24. Cory Knight

    Amazing that nobody really even knows this amazing guitarist... Baffles me pea brain.

  25. Paige Hellums

    Love to listen to this LOUD!

  26. rich

    God given talent!

    David Schick

    rich coupled with the motivation to keep practicing

  27. HigherWaysWoman

    glad to see great musicians happening like the quality we had back in the 60's, 70's...even happier you tube brought KWS in the suggestion line up. Listening to Blue on Black 2wks straight now and pretty much back to back. Sought out to hear more from him & his band. Awesome band got that real in touch w/life & soul

  28. Beverly Davis

    Somehow Somewhere Someway
    Yep yep

  29. Karen Williams

    Love Stevie Ray Vaughn too. Have a picture of him taking a bow in columbus Ohio. Last concert.

  30. Kevin Bowers

    I still think KWS is a vampire...

  31. THERESA Loos

    I needed to hear this guy, he plays a mean guitar and can sing! Where is he? He should be burning up a radio station somewhere! Damn!!!!

  32. Jim Eells

    132 people just would not know good music, if it bit them in the ass.

  33. Dakota Rivero

    Girl, I see you in my dreams
    It happens every day and night now
    Got me going to extremes
    Don't seem to care what's wrong or right now

    Make ya mine someday
    Somehow, somewhere, someway
    You say I'm really not your kind
    Guess I look a little rough now

    If I could give you everything, girl
    Would it ever be enough now
    You'll be mine someday
    Somehow, somewhere, someway

    Makes me wonder what's goin' on
    When the night rolls in
    Something happens that feels so strong
    And I just can't pretend

    Don't you wonder what's goin' on
    When the night rolls in
    Something happens that feels so strong
    And it will happen again

    So, you can turn and walk away
    But I know you would regret it
    If I ever had my way
    Do you think you could forget it

    Goin' happen someday
    Somehow, somewhere, someway
    You'll be mine someday
    Somehow, somewhere, someway


    Yep, that's what he said :)

  34. floydpink37

    Sounds a bit like Born With Broken Heart, and it's not as good. But with KWS it's all relative - because it's still better than 99% of the rest of the music that's available.

  35. Wayne Nutter

    SRV reborn.

  36. Keith Comer

    such an incredible blues voice waste......where are you Kenny???????

  37. Jill Pontiere

    You are a Stevie Ray Vaughn your music, man, you have it going on.

  38. Russman Chan


  39. Brandon Davis

    They holding it down for the old school blues

  40. Star Baby

    To Linden

  41. Lydia Lambert

    Home town boy can play.

  42. Caleb Cherry

    87 people are meserable bastards who disliked this, I'm 14 and love Kenny Wayne Sheppard, SRV and Jeff Healy

    Tytoco222 _

    Caleb Cherry same here, 15 and love it

  43. Christophe Corre

    Quelle merveille !!

  44. Hans Vandecasteele

    I hear Good Stiff Bluessy and??........I Like It.

  45. Google Music Channel


  46. Marilee Denr


  47. Rebecca Hafferkamp

    Heard KWS at the young age of 16 at a hole-in the wall joint in Dayton, Ohio with my son. I listen to him still today. Just a fucking awesome talent.

  48. Bobby Kincannon

    SRV Reincarnated?

  49. JHO

    Let's not overlook the fine lead vocals of Noah Hunt.


    Absolutely +JHO :) Noah is definitely on my list of top 10 frontmen

    Shawn Child

    My teg0 csldrton

    Shawn Child

    Teg0 calderon

  50. Sherry Dancer

    Only the Blues!! KWS....!

  51. Bobby Kincannon

    Does sound a lot like Stevie Ray!!!!!!!

  52. ElPibeLag

    I lisent this song. i remember stevie ray vaughan... i miss srv

    Vicki Campbell

    yes!!! never another stevie ray.......

  53. Kubra Sahbaz


  54. Brian

    One of the best albums ever..

  55. Sharon Cissell

    Oh my goodness I like this guy

  56. Leslie Nelson

    I saw him at Cain's in Tulsa.1995. fabulous!💖

  57. Joe MedicineCrow

    Kenny is keeping the Blues alive in a time when she's trying to die


    the blues will never die

    Cor Blimey

    The blues had a baby and they named it rock n roll

  58. Bob Lyman

    This is the stuff that makes the world go round,gets me high,Kenny is in the groove....

  59. Roxanne scissor

    i make you mine someday somehow somewhere someway!😈

  60. Musiskey

    Saw him yesterday at the Trois-Rivieres Blues Festival, such an amazing show and band *-*

  61. Panos Karytianos

    Rarely do we see these days musicians like KWS.I'm 48 years old and I DO MISS Stevie Ray Vaughan.And yes,KWS sounds like Johnny Winter as well.Thank you God

    Jazz Fcuk

    yes you are right sir! I love the blues as much as you do! but sometimes its hard to bring the feelings to myself

    Terrance Stumpf

    They have blues in NewOrleans in 1969 on am radio I went from Ann Arbor to San Diego berry cool.

    Terrance Stumpf

    I said very Kool thank-you

    Marion Denison

    Absolutely amazing! My soul music!

  62. Isadora Rebouças

    Melhor música do mundo <3

    Ezequiel Garcia

    You tube

  63. Jody Peralta

    incredible tone and style

  64. Tom Scott

    absolutely awesome!

  65. steven lara

    good song it's about the music my friend's

  66. borntobewildpascal

    There's a little bit of Walter Trout & SRV Style in this song,


    And some Albert


    I hear Jeff Healy.

    Silvia Plank

    He played with Stevie. He is a great Blues guitarist!!

    Keith Comer

    Yea he has a little SRV in that voice.......

    Kevin Etherington

    @Keith Comer Noah Hunt is on vocals....KWS doesn't sing!

  67. Stacey Reed

    16 deaf people watched this and didn't like the picture?


    now 31 😂😂😂😂

    J Murphy

    Stacey Reed 20 blind watched it and couldn't see the picture

    Bruce Donnellan

    I bet they all felt the beat. 😊

  68. Kathee Cornelison

    Awesome boy! Makes me miss my husband because he loved his Kenny Wayne Shepherd😄 keep up the fantastic work!

    Casey Pearce

    Listen to Joe Bonamossa also.

  69. Danny Navarrette


    Bobby Kincannon

    Jonny Lang is NO slouch check him out

    Payton Souder

    Danny Navarrette you obviously haven't heard Jonny Lang!!


    I think you're forgetting Johnny Lang and the two best ever Stevie Ray and Joe Bonamassa .


    has no one heard of greg koch?

    charles kandrut

    @jimyoung1944 Joe who?

    Kenny any day!!

  70. AnnHattieAnn


  71. TravisConway1

    this is very similar to cold shot by SRV

  72. Jeff Alexander

    Who cares, this guy rocks

  73. TravisConway1

    not bad for a kid that never learned to read music.

    Bob Poole

    Don't forget neither Jimi nor Stevie Ray could read music either.

  74. AJ Reynolds

    SRV incarnate. Love this dude. Seen him multiple times in Toledo, extremely nice and down to earth guy. Same goes for Noah Hunt. Why these guys arent more popular is beyond me.

    Alan Bennett

    +AJ Reynolds Agree. He is SRV born again. I play guitar and I recognize those unmistakable SRV licks on that Strat. Great band, Chris Layton on drums. Saw them last Friday in Jacksonville, fl.


    +Alan Bennett I'm a big fan of both, but in my mind it's unfortunate this is the closest we can get to SRV nowadays, no one will ever come any closer.

  75. pashton45

    the tone is very jeff healy !!?

  76. Evelyn Milton

    Nice song to chill ,with a bud on the porch :)


    Bud is just water. American beer is just nothing but water. Not a real beer. LOL KWS and Noah know what a real beer is.

  77. Jackson Smith

    Know why you have no career Kenny? because you never write ur own songs. u r one of the few who lucked out enough to have a career from doing covers and stealing other peoples music. maybe u should stayed in touch with JJV and u could have at least produced another album of "originals" asswipe. Come clean u thief.  U cant even play the songs right. if ur gonna steal someone else's work at least do it better than they do.  

    Anyone else reading this check out the above.  If u know anything about music u can hear how JJV wrote Kennys best songs and how Kenny doesnt even have the decency to do them justice. asshole!

  78. Dennis Healy

    "Somehow, Somewhere, Someway" by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

  79. Misty Lee

    Going to see him tonight in Vegas!!!

  80. Hollyann Miller

    Kenny plays great guitar I love blue on black

  81. John Carous

    it kills me to see many young kids saying they never heard this dude before and the reason is they want you to listen to garbage that isnt even real music , like rap,bieber yeah ok get the drift so they play a bunch of garbage rock over and over and some stupid off white brainwash commercials and there you go , livein up your tastes and quality of life and get real music in your life, it will set you free everybody doesnt want to be programmed or brainwashed their suppose to listen to garbage whatever rap is' wtf'' is that anyways?

  82. eight inches

    They have rock n roll radio stations, country western, gospel, easy listening, classic rock, etc. But no blues stations. That's what we need to have.

    Joe MedicineCrow

    eight inches Amen to that

    Gayla Morrison



    They had a blues day on our local station but would never play any white blues players ,just BB, Albert,Etta, Robert Johnson etc.
    Political correctness.. REDICULUS


    Probably would barely be able to tell the songs apart, lol.

    Denim Lether

    They do in Vegas at times. But not 24/7.

  83. Seadog95

    Just discovered this band and I have to say... I love them!



  84. MrPizza063

    its still a great tune

  85. Penny Alexander

    Here I am.....

  86. paul hand

    Every word Michelle....

  87. christine desjarlais

    trouble is.....

  88. Jeanie Hammond

    It's as though when we lost Stevie Ray Vaughn, he left his soul with Kenny......both are amazing talents! We used to see him from time to time in Macon, such a treat!


    I remember that day.I was only 10 but my stepdad was a big fan and covered some of his songs when he was in a band.A sad day indeed :(


    Aw, hell yeah, Jeanie.

  89. Lorraine Ashby

    Love this bluesy sound and the vocals - 


    noah hunt


    He is not bluegrass now...What happened?

    AJ Reynolds

    @PapaKryptoss He was never bluegrass soooo?

  90. sofagirrl

    summer of '98 soundtrack

    Joe Randolph

    Reminds me of my 4th of July trip to Austin in 98'. That and "The Way" by Fastball.

  91. William Keese

    I really like this

  92. Criss Winskowski

    this song is the real deal....KWS rocks

  93. Norberta Concho

    I love his's just awesome to listen to when u're feeling blue n need to mellow out n to get "back in the groove."

  94. JoshMetal316

    I was probably 17 the first time I listened to this...I still love it

  95. Mitchell Waukau

    wish he still had the drummer from these recordings....

  96. Anthony Burnam

    KWS is a machine. One of the great ones. Noah can sing the blues a bit too. Love em.

  97. JstMeP

    Saw him last night in Pittsburgh....AWESOME SHOW!! I will NEVER miss a chance to see him when he's in town again. This is some SEXY blues right here baby :)

  98. Michael Kennedy

    Hi I am the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughn... um...