Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Nothing But The Night Lyrics

Nothing but the night
Makes me feel alive
Makes me wanna spread my wings and fly
Something 'bout the moon
Gets me in the mood
For rolling on the river in a velvet sky

It's something that I can't explain
It's falling on me like rain
I'm out here all alone
And I ain't ever known
Nothing but the night

Ooh, I love it
Makes me wanna move with you
And all I need is only you and I
And nothing but the night

Something 'bout the dark
Cuts into my soul
Makes me wanna lose control
Makes me wanna
Feel a little bit crazy
Rub it up on you, baby
Falling and flying, I'm living and dying for you

Ooh, I love it
Makes me wanna move with you
And all I need is only you and I
And nothing but the night

It's something that I can't explain
It's falling on me like rain
Out here all alone
I ain't ever known
Nothing but the night

Ooh, I love it
Makes me wanna move with you
And all I need is only you and I
And nothing but the night
And nothing but the night
And nothing but the night
And nothing but the night

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Nothing But The Night Comments
  1. Patrick Black

    35 years late for Mtv.

  2. Cheryl Zornes

    Pretty cool the girl with the hula hoops is Kenny's wife Hannah 😎😎😎

  3. Beach Bum

    Is that your wife Kenny rocking the hula hoop?

  4. Surprise Me

    So cool that's his wife

  5. Christine Bakewell

    I wonder if the hoopla girl is the one from= RITA MAE YOUNG ( the record company?) great song..

    Marcos Bolado

    to me she looks different, but amazing dance

  6. Marcos Bolado

    Does anyone know the dancer´s name? her job is as good as the tune. will love to see more of her job.

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd

    The dancer is Kenny's wife, Hannah

    Marcos Bolado

    @Kenny Wayne Shepherd , great job from her also :D

  7. rincosmerta

    That tasty reef at the end, though... 3:57

  8. Marvin Whaley

    This song is so freaking awesome

  9. wigz me

    love the way he hammers those open strings, sounds great!

  10. Buckwheat Loves Cryptos

    Love it

  11. Corrin Huddleston

    Whoa! This a great heavy tune!

  12. Ross Morgan


  13. Tiberio

    Simplesmente fantástico,baita som ! É inegável a influência de SRV, com uma pegada e feeling sensacional.
    Abraços,do Brasil !

  14. Kyle M

    Kenny just wails on that thing!

  15. Rachelle M


  16. Uncle Andy Guitar Herbst

    Cool video. Awesome jam. Blues on! Rock on! Blues rock on!

  17. angelcitydevil73

    KWS Band has really honed their writing, I mean they were great out tha gate with "Trouble Is". I was driving around LA around 98 when "Blue on Black" came on KLOS and I've been with them ever since and always will.

  18. EagleWind Rider


  19. Giorno'sMusic

    AmoDms ....

  20. rollin' stoned

    she may be better than Remy with that hoop...

  21. Justin Hall

    Moon bitches.

  22. László Brutyó

    Fantastic :D

  23. Genevieve Greathouse

    Oh yeahhhhh .... can’t get enough Kenny guitar .... lets get crazy 🥰

  24. Rosa

    Love this song.. I love all your songs !! Thank you for making my day run smooth.. When I'm having a bad day.. all I need is some KWS... Kept on Rocking..

  25. JP Tyler

    Ok, I gotta ask: Who is the lady with the electric hoops-hoops?😃

    Roy Blackwell

    Katie Sunshine..

    Surprise Me

    Kenny's wife (sorry that's rude, I don't know her name)

    Laura Severino

    @Surprise Me …..Kenny's wife is Mel Gibson's daughter Hannah. He just shared a video on social media of her hula hooping at their house.

    Surprise Me

    @Laura Severino thanks and this is her too

  26. X-ray Z

    Awesome song!!!

  27. Robert Shannon

    i like Kenny's older stuff. this all seems very pop!

  28. stratstan

    Great song! Throws you back to the 80s sound. I could hear this song playing on a Miami Vice clip LOL. Great stuff

  29. Dani Sullivan


  30. Dani Sullivan

    Something bout the Dark cuts into my Soul ..makes me wanna ooooo.

  31. Francois Froge


  32. jesusheals2

    One of my all time favorites. You are awesome Kenny and Noah.

  33. Jeffrey South

    Bout 6 weeks away can't wait. New Buffalo will ROCK:)

  34. C. Ruben S. Andrade

    es adictiva

  35. Cyril Dragomyr

    Unbelievable song!!!

  36. J B

    What a beat, what a song, this guys are damn good.

  37. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !

  38. Marius McMoney

    Look at dat ass

  39. Marilee Woods

    Love it lol Marilee

  40. Vivianne Wright

    Love this cd!😍🎧🎶🎶🎼🎸

  41. Samer Hannah

    I cant get enough of that song ...its totaly night life ..summer night life

  42. Ralph Parker

    Noah killer singer

  43. John Sue

    You had me at the first guitar lick, perfect groove. All Along the Watchtower will always be my No 1 but this is now in my top !0, thank you guys for something new that sounds like a classic!

  44. 92stone

    Reminds me of when Clapton came out with August... Awesome

  45. Reland McClure

    I freakin love Kenny!

  46. Jackie Price

    I came across this song about 3 days ago , I love it .

  47. Carlo


  48. cmc2234

    First few seconds of this song instantly reminded me of We Care A Lot - by FNM

  49. singleplayer75

    Something absolutely the best I've heard in YEARS...Kennys tone, the groove, Noahs voice...just can't get enough of it

  50. Jr Crease

    She can jump threw the hoops and yet he can careless, what a great way to show distraction can be avoided if you want it to be! Great tune

  51. Ron Henderson

    I just discovered this song and can't understand why It's not on the radio, it is such a great tune.

  52. Matias Vazquez

    I love your music , cracks

  53. Raymond Withrow

    Lead singer sounds like Brad Arnold of three doors down. I'd like to see Brad and his band do this song.

  54. Zoran Horvat

    hmmmm???....FOREIGNER'S URGENT comes to mind!!!

  55. Marilee Denr

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year lol Marilee

  56. Richard Schulz

    copy that!!!!

  57. Neeb

    Why aren’t,t English radio stations like Capital and Heart playing quality music like this. I came across this band by chance on you tube and can,t believe how brilliant they are

  58. low luster

    I love this, listening to it over & over!!

  59. Beach Bum

    One of my most played songs on my iTunes 💃🏻💃🏻May be a year old but always sounds brand new. Destined to be a classic🧢👕👖🙅‍♂️👩🏼‍🔧👮‍♀️👮‍♂️🦋🐟🐬🐳🐋🌊🎽🚙✈️🛫💎📫📘💙💙🌀it’s blues!!!!!!!!

  60. Ken Moats

    The drummer is as badass as they come....who knows who else he played with ?????

  61. Philippe Servière


  62. Carol Doocy

    Hot video. Glad to see the band is touring !

  63. April Gratton


  64. Sammy

    saw these guys a week ago here in Melbourne Australia
    great band , great night !

  65. posTUBE

    over 100 in a row. an awesome song where is this talent, please America no more rap and hip hop. this is what we need.

    Carl Silva

    posTUBE absolutely agree

  66. posTUBE


  67. De Be

    kenny, thank you&band, all the best from poland

  68. Marilee Denr Marilee.Shared it

  69. WindWipper

    Hypnotic. Fascinating. Great instrumentals+song.

  70. C Austin

    These guys are so underrated.

  71. Sandra Green

    They look great and sound great..

  72. Francois Froge


  73. Gina Always a VIP!

    Absolutely beautifully done as always! Thanks for sharing

  74. Harry Gilbert

    That solo literally makes me blow a massive fucking load, every time I hear it. God damn you sirs!

  75. Steve Wofford

    Kenny's dad was my program director at KCKR 93.5 FM in Crockett,TX.
    He ran several stations in Texas and Louisiana in the 80s. I got my start at that little station in 84.

  76. Daphne yngrid Rodriguez O

    Me encanta esa canción buenísima 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  77. Rock Dz

    Wtf!! This was amazing

  78. Michael Howell

    Stevie would approve!

  79. Marilee Denr

    Love Marilee

  80. Jonyp boing

    russia love it 2...

  81. Julie Covington Morris

    Absolutely my favorite song and love the video

  82. Ozwald 963

    I love this one

  83. Sunyside

    Who is the lead singer here? Great tune with great guitar but the singing is also outstanding.

    Luc LeBlanc

    Noah Hunt


    Thank you. I really like his voice.

  84. Redbird523

    I'm Speechless . . . Love this band more and more. So far this is their best piece. ;-P

  85. David S

    Bueno Bueno!!
    Keep Jammin! Enjoy Life!

  86. Heath & Becca

    Oh my goodness!!! Another great song by Kenny Wayne... makes my head go to the Miami Vice days... yes I'm old school lol

  87. Sally Johnson

    Great tune ...🌺💚

  88. Jessie Walker

    Digging it

  89. Jeffrey Schmokdt

    it sucks

    Evil Lyn

    Nobody asked you.

  90. SimpleMann7

    ... I Love You ...😎L🤗o🤗v🤗e🤗Y😎o❤️u😘

  91. anthony byrne

    Does anybody know who the dancer is in this video

  92. Lyndsey H

    Yes! My dads favorite band has a hooper in this video woot! I'm a hula hoop dancer also! 💓

  93. Gary Cleland

    Such a cool tune. As others have said, it has a great groove to it and Noah's voice just fits the vibe. Kenny has great tone and some nice licks. The first time I heard this, it made me think of being in high school and watching Miami Vice. For some reason it just has a little bit of an 80's feel. I picture Kenny and Don Johnson driving in a Ferrari thru the streets of Miami at midnight. Oh yeah, and of course the camera cuts to scenes of a black panther stalking in the moonlight.

    Gary Cleland

    I say all that with appreciation for KWS and Miami Vice, no sarcasm intended to the 1 person who gave me thumbs down. This song took me back to that era and that's what I envisioned listening to this. I have Lou Gramm's "Midnight Blue"/ Foreigner's "I wanna know what love is?" (saw them on that tour) and Ted Nugent's "Little Miss Dangerous" because I heard them on the show or in that time frame and they bring back memories. Believe me, I'm a KWS fan, seen him at least a dozen times. I have a friend in Shreveport, LA and I make a trip to meet up with my bud, have some good times, and see Kenny.

  94. Steve Kutz

    Song is growin on me

  95. Ellen Falls

    Beautiful job, fellas. 😘

  96. Mep Wheen

    Holy shit... 2:18 what is that, a .70 gauge low E???

    mano a mano

    Good eye