Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Hard Lesson Learned Lyrics

Green April eyes
Red sunset lips
The kind of beauty
A man can't resist
And I thought the last time
I'd never return
Oh baby, you're a hard lesson learned

My strength goes out the window
When I hear your voice
And I can't say no
I've got no choice
And I'm just a fool
As far as you're concerned
Oh baby, you're a hard lesson learned

And here I go again
Going back where I've already been
Every time you start calling
I'm flying, I'm falling
Only to crash and burn
Oh baby you're a hard lesson

So here I am
Hanging by a thread
There you are
Back in my head
And I'm still a fool
As far as you're concerned
Oh baby you're a hard lesson learned

And here I go again
Going back where I've already been
Every time you start calling
I'm flying, I'm falling
Only to crash and burn
Hey baby, you're a hard
Driving me crazy you're a hard
Hey baby, you're a hard lesson learned

Here I go again

You're a hard lesson learned

Here I go again

You're a hard lesson learned

Here I go again

You're a hard lesson learned

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Hard Lesson Learned Comments
  1. Mark Szabo

    Thank you so much for the beatyfull music, amazing events and for all your work in 2019.....
    Im looking forward seeing and hearing you in 2020 too

  2. Charles Herm

    Absolute harmony between 2 great musicians. Gives me goosebumps fellas

  3. AN L

    The best song from this both phantastic guys.

  4. Anthony Gonzalez

    That's dam fn good .

  5. Tiberio

    I love Stratocaster !

  6. SuperLindy1962


  7. Ben Suncin

    great stuff saw them play this live in 2017 with several cuts from the 'Lay it on down' CD -

  8. Todd Clark

    But here I am but it's a whole lot more than a thread thinking boys

  9. Penny Jones

    Love his is great

  10. Kevin Gassner

    Most beautiful song i've heard for a while

  11. Jan Brigman

    Noah has such a great voice

  12. andy Pople

    great song sounds good stripped back, and great vocals.

  13. Renee Teems

    Hello,, How's y'alls nigh?

  14. Fuse

    Thumbs up for all the people that already learned a hard lesson this life.

  15. AN L


  16. Marilee Woods

    Very hard lesson man ,been there....

  17. Marilee Woods

    Love this song shared worldwide lol Marilee

  18. Beverly Davis


  19. Richard Schmitt

    Wow man Awesome!

  20. Brad Tuftin

    Love this

  21. beverley davis

    Oof 😣
    Hard Lesson Learned
    2018 theme

  22. Олег Богдасаров

    Супер !!!!

  23. Charlie P

    We’re definitely not worth. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  24. Mandy Morrison Hamilton

    Jeez! What An Awesome song!! Total nailed it guys!! xxx

  25. Euro Sydney

    The vibe,, haunting vocals,, amazing guitar tone. True geniuses 👍🎸👍🎸

  26. Antonello Salmaso

    They blow my mind away!!!! Awesome performance!!!

  27. CC Rawlinson

    Is this song ever played on the radio???! It will be good to actually hear a newer rock song with actual guitars and drums without the artificial  computerized "instruments."

  28. Pappy Mc

    Great tune!! Lay it On Down is a fantastic LP. Get Some!!

  29. Jan Brigman


  30. Dirk Van Stralen

    Beautiful. Emotional. Powerful. Raw. Amazing. Thanks very much for all the inspiration guys :)

  31. April Gratton


  32. Misty Alexander

    Get to see them tomorrow!!! 6th time!!!

    Melissa Roper

    Cool I love Kenny Wayne

  33. Blues Man

    Kenny Wayne is my favorite guitar player besides SRV very smooth !

  34. Kendra Huisman

    is this about me?

  35. Stewart James

    I'll be seeing them Saturday. Can't wait

  36. Marilee Denr

    Missed you guy's.Shared

  37. Roger Sadler

    i'll never understand HOW music as beautiful as this....never gets it's recognition.....

    Cummins Real power

    Roger Sadler So true!!! These jarhead radio stations continue to "Look a gift horse in the mouth"!!! Sad that music this great has to be sought and not played on ANY radio stations that I can find.

    Kevin McConnell

    Shitty music executives that's how. KWS band is amazing! It should be blasted loud and often!

    Renee Teems

    I hear you!!! Man can't you feel his heart... 💓🧚💞Ntb

    mike thompson

    Because Justin beaber fans don't know good music if it smacked them upside the head


    This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I absolutely love this band, you can feel Kenny Wayne Shepherd's emotions going through his guitar and the same for the singers voice.

  38. Sundee D.

    I love This song and I love love Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band so much , been following them since day 1.
    Superb CD.

    - who knew-_-

    Sundee D. One of those bands that from the first strum from his guitar to the very last beat of the drum, full band on stage nothing like it. Plays his heart out. Great song

  39. Allen Goodman

    Damn it man, I can relate to this song !

  40. Vernon Allen

    For my best friend!


    Frickin' AWESOME Band - KWS & Noah one of the best guitar/singer combos ever!! Love these guys!

    Sundee D.

    I love Noah’s voice , just soulfully smooth

    Cummins Real power

    My goodness. Agree!!!! This is just sooo soothing. The voice, the guitar!!!! Noah is a great singer and KWS is amazing with a guitar!!!!! After listening to this song 6X, I'm so chilled that I put sweats on. KWSB rocks.(soulfully)

  42. S3V3NF0LDF4N

    This is by far my favorite song right now!! Kenny Wayne Shepherd is my favorite blues players ever!

  43. Marilee Denr

    Shared it

  44. Edgar Fabian Quinatoa Quinatoa

    Good job guys.

  45. judo andersen


  46. rubadee

    Just outstanding. Killer singing and playing

  47. Marilee Denr

    Love it


    freaking LOVE THIS CD!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes I like things better stripped back like this more so than with a full band, tho I love your band, what talented players you have, come back to biloxi boys!

  49. johnny begood

    Beat blues album of this year for me

  50. ozgreeny


    Belinda k Hampton

    The best song I have ever heard ever