Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Cryin' Shame Lyrics

Say, say what you gotta say
Blame, blame who you gonna blame
It ain't your fault, it's never your fault
Looks like you got framed [?]

You got a cryin' shame

Run, run where you wanna run
Don't, don't say it was done, it's done
I won't be waitin', nobody's waitin'
I've known your evil ways

You got a cryin' shame
You got a cryin' shame
Oh, woo

Beg, beg if you wanna beg
Bad, baby, you made that bad
And I was solid for you, so solid for you
That doesn't change a thing

You got a cryin' shame
And you got a cryin' shame
You got a cryin' shame
You got a cryin' shame

You gonna cry, yeah
People will cry, you're next

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Cryin' Shame Comments
  1. Mark Hall

    oh and share butterfly songs to facebook uselly when i play the last song to close then i turn off the internet is funning wonder if they'll wonder it's a cryin' shame right!

  2. Mark Hall

    something tells me after the that one song that brought me to find this record this is going to be a awesome album cool

  3. christine desjarlais

    yes love this album so far going out to buy it for sure :)

  4. Jeffrey Parriott

    Wooo hoo LOVE Kenny, wish he still had his original singer but Noah still rocks

  5. wadems

    Awesome rockin' blues.

  6. Frédéric Puglisi

    @mmsun44 i aboutly agree, maybe my fav' track on this album. it sound like some of my fav' songs, Long Gone, Born with a Broken heart, Somhow Somwhere etc....LOVE this one too.

  7. Frédéric Puglisi

    Love this one, that's so "KWS", KWS's shuffle!

  8. Foxden

    Gr8 new cd! A must have!

  9. sherri30721

    Ditto! I have got to agree, killer stuff, Its definately Kenny Wayne!!

  10. mmsun44

    Now this is Kenny Wayne. Love the other tunes so far but this is killer stuff.