Kenny Wayne Shepherd - (Long) Gone Lyrics

You can keep whatever you want baby
Take whatever you need
Sweep up the pieces of this broken love
As a token to remember me

Don't cry baby, you did nothin' wrong
Don't ask why this stone keeps rollin'
It's just goin', goin', goin'
Long gone

You can think whatever you want to baby
Believe whatever you wanna believe
Deep in my heart I'm loved you
But my heart's like a tumbleweed


Well, I never meant to hurt you
Never wanted to desert you
But that restless wind starts blowin'
Can't help goin? oh goin'


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Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Long) Gone Comments
  1. BK Montoya

    One of my favourite KWS album and song!

  2. Eric Carter

    Absolutely great

  3. Beverly Davis

    KWS 🎶🎶🎶🎶!!!!

  4. Kimberly Thibodeaux

    He is jamming !!

  5. Halim Hadjameur



    you gotta love the blues!!

  7. Marcia D

    Good to hear 👌 !!

  8. Ice Cube

    haven't listened to these guys in awhile, i always forget how good they are


    Ice Cube blues is always where it's my brothers, Kenny, Stevie....for sure

  9. Linda Fleming

    I listened to this today ironically

  10. Cheese Pants

    Uff.... <3

  11. Loreta Suka

    Thnx bro <3