Kenny Rogers - The Last Ten Years (Superman) Lyrics

Oh, the last ten years, it's been quite trip
Over thirty-six-hundred spins around without a cosmic slip
But within the realm of our atmosphere
We're 'bout as out of whack as we've ever been in a million years
We watched the Y2K scare in a panic
An' we watched as time proved Nostrodamus wrong
An' we watched as Mother Nature shook the planet
An' cellular replaced the telephone
We lost Charlie Brown, Ray Charles an' Johnny Cash
We even lost Superman, mhm.

Well, the last ten years, look at the hills we've climbed
The best golfer's black, the best rapper's white an' it's about damn time
But we best beware, there's a brand new fight, you see
An' I hate to say we might be our own worst enemy
We watched Oklahoma sifting through the damage
An' we watched a US President get caught
We watched shareholders watch their savings vanish
We all cried when we watched those towers fall
We lost Minnie Pearl, Ron Reagan and Sam I Am
We even lost Superman, mhm.

Expensive gas an' free downloads
The dot-com boom, an' reality shows
What's gonna happen next is anybody's guess
Satellite radio and hybrid cars
Hand-held computers an' a trip to Mars
It's all become a part of who we are
In the last ten years.

In the last ten years
We lost George Harrison, John Paul and June Carter-Cash
Hell, we even lost Superman
Gonna miss you. Chris...

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Kenny Rogers The Last Ten Years (Superman) Comments
  1. Heath N

    1:32 I love the Tiger Woods and Eminem reference

  2. Auldin Lockridge

    Who disliked this

  3. Sable Burden

    Ow that could t be more true with this dick of a president.

  4. Cory Christopher

    What year did this get released????

  5. Dave Arcudi

    The best golfer is black
    The best wife
    And it's about damn time

  6. Balance Point 71

    2019. It gets way worse

  7. chad king

    This song still holds true today ,different years ,same circumstances.

  8. Kacie Nicole

    We all cried when we watched those towers fall. Remembered this today being 9/11 had to listen to this

  9. Joshua Brooks

    It's good to know that Kenny Rogers retired with an impressive list of songs to remember him by. I hope you're enjoying your retirement, Kenny!

  10. Jazzgent

    This song is not for liberals!!!!!

  11. Patrick Drier

    I wish someone would have the balls to do an updated version of this song

    Gaylene Wood

    No I like this one the best.

  12. Randy Timmons

    In the last ten years weve bein at war and watch this country we call home ,usa , get underattack as a us member i say bring we will not go down with out a fight we even lost trust with are us presdent and each other shooting and killing each other who nows the next ten years

  13. Jeffrey Fairfield

    Sam I Am.... If he's referring to Dr Seuss, then he died in 1991. He passed the time frame for this song.

  14. Marites Gariando

    Ummmm someone watching on 2019 this is 10 years ago

    Pepper Pascal

    Marites Gariando Hard to believe, huh?


    11, this came out in 2008

    Heath N

    @CrazySniper04 This song came out in 2006

  15. Joel Mitchell

    When he says, "We watched a U.S. President get caught," he's not talking about GWB, Jr., getting caught up in the war. He's talking about Bill Clinton screwing his interns.

    Shelley Privott

    Joel Mitchell yep..knew exactly who he was referring to..amazing the things we’ve seen over the years

    Sable Burden

    Amazing what the hell tho president has got caught doing and no one blinks.

  16. Eliege Silva

    Gente chorei demais quando perdemos os dois irmãos Gibb, Witney Houston, Michael Jackson, mas quando esse se for aí vou deprimir pois amo a sua voz desde que eu era criança.

  17. Hayden Martini

    Rip the Superman my favorite cartoon all time

  18. Hayden Martini

    Rip real Superman my favorite character is movie all time

  19. Richunix Unix

    This is my last ten years and I love it and I'm not afraid

  20. Donald Albano

    hell, we even lost superman....what happens next? I'll tell you what happens, the "Deep State' finishes choking all the life out of the middle class, city after city goes into bankruptcy, the food and water supplies are mostly toxic, widespread rioting and Israel finally launches its thousands of stockpiled nuclear weapons against the world. Not a big deal.

  21. Wilman Lopes

    Lindoooo Demaisss
    Vou Amar pra Sempre

  22. Leana G

    I'm still young but I love country and this song

  23. jillian abcunas

    Saw him in concert with my mom this song and the gambler song is my favorite

  24. Sheila Tonogbanua

    Oh, the last ten years, it's been quite trip 
    Over thirty-six-hundred spins around without a cosmic slip 
    But within the realm of our atmosphere 
    We're 'bout as out of whack as we've ever been in a million years 
    We watched the Y2K scare in a panic 
    An' we watched as time proved Nostrodamus wrong 
    An' we watched as Mother Nature shook the planet 
    An' cellular replaced the telephone 
    We lost Charlie Brown, Ray Charles an' Johnny Cash 
    We even lost Superman, mhm. 

    Well, the last ten years, look at the hills we've climbed 
    The best golfer's black, the best rapper's white an' it's about damn time 
    But we best beware, there's a brand new fight, you see 
    An' I hate to say we might be our own worst enemy 
    We watched Oklahoma sifting through the damage 
    An' we watched a US President get caught 
    We watched shareholders watch their savings vanish 
    We all cried when we watched those towers fall 
    We lost Minnie Pearl, Ron Reagan and Sam I Am 
    We even lost Superman, mhm. 

    Expensive gas an' free downloads 
    The dot-com boom, an' reality shows 
    What's gonna happen next is anybody's guess 
    Satellite radio and hybrid cars 
    Hand-held computers an' a trip to Mars 
    It's all become a part of who we are 
    In the last ten years. 

    In the last ten years 
    We lost George Harrison, John Paul and June Carter-Cash 
    Hell, we even lost Superman 
    Gonna miss you. Chris...

  25. carryoutmoth #1

    In the last 20 years. Where are we now? In this world without superman

  26. orbison

    The song seems so perfect, even with it's one mistake "Sam I Am" Dr. Seuss died in 1991, far off from the 10 year period. (Since the song was released in 2005, I assume it covers the period between 1995-2005)

    Gaylene Wood

    Well 2004 I've lost my father and a year after him in 2005 I've lost my mother and then 2014 my nephew and his wife lost their baby due to him been stillborn and a few months later my sister she passed away in october 2014 and then 2016 I've lost my brother so alot has changed in between all of that..

  27. Wilman Lopes

    É linda esta música. ..Amo este Homen.
    Gostaria de Ve lo e abraço lo.

  28. Cory Christopher

    What year was this song released?

  29. Elsie Okafor

    am only 20 but i get it ,

  30. old red

    This is a great song and with how things are now it makes perfect sence it would be nice to see a newer version of this song that has more of things that happend sence this song came out

  31. Stormy Davis

    One of the most underrated and misunderstood songs that has ever or will ever be recorded.

    Brannon Newell

    Stormy Davis hell yes it is

    Peter Johnson

    Stormy Davis - I was just about to type those very same words. So true. 😢

  32. bfsgman

    It's now been over ten years since this song comes out, and a lot's happened in that time too. Time goes by so fast.

  33. April Love

    keep laughing because im about used up

  34. Robert Miller

    😥😞im not even gay. But kenny said it all

  35. zakiyyah

    best rappers white yeah ok

  36. PrimeBallGloves

    I wish I grew up in the 70/80's

  37. Travis Angel

    I love Kenny Rogers

  38. adelson Magrao

    Também perdemos o Superman.

  39. adelson Magrao

    By 🇧🇷 Brazil

  40. KreigsMarine2

    You nailed it Mr. Rogers!!!!!

  41. KreigsMarine2

    Unreal......i played this song for my wife one night. We were hugging and crying by the end. Thank you to the writer and Kenny.

  42. Heather Wooley

    This song came out when my son Christopher was born my grandma listen to it and decided to name him chris

  43. superdog117

    wub a lub a dub dub

  44. William Diemert

    Chicago Cubs

  45. Harmony Katoa

    this song is the best

  46. jillian abcunas

    I like a few songs from him saw him in person he's a good singer I didn't grow up listen to him but he's a good singer


    this song goes out to Maxene Medina,Miss U.Philippines

  48. Chuy Dominguez

    Always thinking of you & will never stop thinking & loving you miss u benita 😥

  49. Anastacio Cardenas

    who ever that superman would ever die? It was a very sad day for me.

    Austin Newton

    Anastacio Cardenas
    It was Christopher Reeves

    Anastacio Cardenas

    Austin Newton, I'm sorry I meant "who thought Superman would ever die".

    Austin Newton

    Anastacio Cardenas oh that's okay it was just a misunderstanding

  50. Nelson Sibillo

    Ano 2016. Nós perdermos os jogadores, jornalistas e outros passageiros de avião de Chapacoense.

    (Year 2016. We lose the players, journalists and other passengers by plane from Chapacoense.

  51. Carolina Nilsson

    Thanks for sharing this video. A very nice song!!! I get so emotioned every time I listen to it.

  52. Brandon Hudson

    Last of the greats

    Hilda Mashauri

    Brandon Hudson


    Brandon Hudson we still have willie and bocephus

  53. Cobbysparks

    We even lost my grandad...

    Stephen Waite

    Cobbysparks sorry for your loss

  54. CrayCray Productions

    what is next? Well I know Donald Trump becomes president

    Lola Brock

    CRAY CRAY Productions he did didn't he lol

    Haidon Moran

    Trump is a hero

    Geoff Fleming

    @Haidon Moran trump is a cunt

  55. Mickey Walton

    Is not pleased with you. He mentioned something about some of the language you use and about some of the songs you sing. He says that is not the way Christians act. Well, I guess I have said enough. Kenny please read your Bible and pray everyday. You don't know which day you will be leaving this world and after that, the judgment. Hope to see you in Heaven. Kenny this has been a hard thing to do and say. I love you and will be praying for you.

  56. Mickey Walton

    and send me out alone. He said that he would send out people to join me. He said that many people will get saved and get healed. I had a stroke about 24 years ago and it damaged my brain. I have a time with my short term memory. It's really embarrassing, but the Lord told me that he would restore my short term memory and all of me. He said I would be empowered to speak and to get around. He said that he is putting me in places that many have lost hope and he will help them through me. Kenny God

  57. Mickey Walton

    and we ended up with 28 people. We prayed for each other and We received the baptism of the holy spirit. The Lord gave us the ability to prophesy and to heal and to preach and teach and most of all to hear from Him. We moved and I stopped doing the things I did for a long time. God said that he is going to give me the tongue of ban Evangelist

  58. Mickey Walton

    ned the building down and lots of people died? We were on our way to Russia on a mission trip to share the gospel. There were 12 of us, we stayed 12 days and we led 1200 people to the Lord while we were there, and we bought a home for the pastor and we started a church. As far as I know it is still going. Hopefully, there may be more churches. I also had a Christian radio program. Actually, there were two in different states. I also taught the women prisoners the Bible and some got saved. And I

  59. Mickey Walton

    Hey Kinney, please don't make anymore arrangements for me. I will not be going to Tulsa. The Lord put the fear of God in me last night. I have been running from him for quite a few years. He said that He was going to destroy me and my children. He said he had big plans for me and I can get on board with Him or go to hell. I am truly, truly sorry. I don't know if I told you or not but it may help you understand if I haven't told you. Do you remember that cult in Waco and the people that bur

  60. Mickey Walton

    Never saw or heard the video called the last 10 years. I rally like it.

  61. Ben2 Guitar

    Why do people dislike this


    because they didn't get to know, and love superman like us.


    history of great warriors. well done kenny

  63. Nicole Robinson

    I was so think to see him in contact

    Iddi Mlindo

    This is what an artist supposed to be. It's Great really!!

  64. beth larka

    I grew up on kenny.. love his song..

  65. Dave Gunderson

    very good song since 20 yrs ago came out in the 80s..


    +FrenchConnexion725 Dave is correct, the song 20 Years Ago came out in January of 1987. Maybe do a Google search before you tell someone they're wrong. You misunderstood the original posting by Dave.


    +FrenchConnexion725 THIS song is NOT the song "20 Years ago"... We're talking about a completely different song. Please do a YouTube search for the song called "twenty years ago", then come back and talk to me.


    +DuckPin2011 ill admit i misread the comment sorry anyone


    +FrenchConnexion725 did you listen to 20 Years ago? How'd you like it?

    Juan Carlos

    Yes Kenny Rogers is one of the best song writers of all time.

  66. Ogaufi Kaelo Seitshiro

    out of all Kenny Rogers song, this is my fav.

  67. Derek K

    superman :(

  68. Jacques Smith

    like kenny rogers songs

  69. Jake Carhart

    this song is almost 10 years old now a lot more happen now what's going to happen next

  70. cougar24

    This song kind of pick up where Billy Joel's song left off.... but in a different way.


    You're talking about 2000 Years. It's like the mournful sequel of that song (Ironically, Billy himself doesn't play 2000 Years in concert because the events of 9/11 disillusioned him about that song.)

  71. Matthew Stafford

    love this song and i know just what hes talking about

  72. Heather Hurst

    Greatest song ever

  73. Larry Bachewski

    i realy like this song sad one but true

  74. Chad Casselman

    we even lost george jones

    Stephen Waite

    n waylon

  75. Stevin Baldwin

    I'm 16 and know just what he is talking about. Great song


    Same here

    Gordon -

    @Musicxtu921 Kyle Good on both of you. Great to hear young folks appreciating a generation that has now passed on. 
    Where would any of us be without "Sam I am"? He meant as much to me as he did to my son, who just happens to be 16 years old as well!

    Koen van Ledden

    +Christian - well i'm 18 and i fucking love this song! :D

    Sarah Gabbard

    it's a great song. I remember the first time I heard it. if everyone just paid attention to lyrics they'd realize what he is saying.

  76. Laura James

    When this song came out all of this staff was true now it night not be but it's still a great song

    Zohar Uzuki

    Uhh how can it not be true?? It was all true lol.. Cept for the Nostradamus part, cause his prophecies where in riddles.. No one knows to what events they actually are meant to stand for

    Sarah Gabbard

    it's all definitely true. everything really happened expect Nostradamus.

  77. Christine Bories

    He is saying it as it is good one

  78. Stephen Hansen

    He's talking about what happened in the last ten years the people who died the people who made it and so on he's says it's about damn time as a jist nice to see Kenny again I grew up listening to him and dolly

    Gaylene Wood

    You oughta listen to him with dotty west they were great together.

  79. Danny Maple

    It says the best golfers black the best rappers white and it's about Damn time. Kenny Rogers is not a racist. He is a great inspiration. We should all learn to love each other and not judge by race

  80. company alnabeeh

    meaneing full words
     lovely honest  words
     its one off kennys best

  81. Dottie Lovett

    love the song and the singer.  You younger people don't seem to even have an inkling as to the way things were  you didn't live it  there really is a generation out there besides you  you cant live unless u have a cell phone in your hand  kids don't have imagination  the people mentioned in this song contributed so many ggood things in this world  how many of you have  right on kenny


    Your right, most of us dont understand the meaning of anything. We dont seem to get what christmas is all about, or what music is supposed to represent. Its a me-me-me world we live in now. I atleast have benefited the world. I give blankets to the homeless, food, tarps, anything to make their life easier. I have carried three different old peoples bags home from the mall for them. That is how the world should be. No matter the reason we are here, we are here to help eachother. This generation cant care less about anyone. They get mad if they only recieve an xbox 1 for christmas. Its the way they have been taught. Not by their parents, but by society. By the celebrities they call role models, by the idiots who make youtube videos, and by everyone else they interact with. There are some of us out there who see the way the world is going, and would like to change it, but one group of people can only do so much. 


    @spiffcats  Two words rock


    @Christian Turner
    Whoa man, who are you talking to, and why are you so angry at them?

    Aimee McKim

    Not all of us a disrespectful little brats.

    Van Zyl Dirk

    Yes and you are so great in your own litle world. It is sad

  82. Benjamin Schlechter

    I'm glad he grew the rest of his beard back.  He just didn't look the same without it.

  83. Stephen Mahala

    Kenny needs to redo this song mentioning Gerald Ford, Michael Jackson, George jones and now Robin Williams.

    Stephen Mahala

    forgot them too

    Wes Moses

    The song is like ten years old so yes he didn't forget shit

    Stephen Waite

    What about 2016.. Cant wait till this year is over man.. So much talent gone...

    Paul Bryan

    I love this song. 10 years ago

  84. Grumpy Drone Man

    he will always be an inspiration 

  85. Michael Check

    More great stuff from a legend. Got to see him at his peak. A lesson in microphone technique. And Kenny's back up band, every member was kick ass. Kenny's solo voice and harmony are very American and like no one else. Except maybe Jim Glaser.

  86. sober1124

    9 years ago today. We miss you Chris :(

  87. Equals1337

    Kenny Rogers .. the only man to have a reference to Clinton getting a blowjob and maintaining such a classy tune.

    Shelley Privott

    Equals1337 definitely

  88. lorenzomassetti1

    One of the most powerful, relevant and great songs of our new world. Thank you Kenny, a beautiful song with much meaning and great video.
    What's next, is anybody's guess....
    Be strong yet compassionate everyone.

  89. budcup22

    People saying government caused this you are Fucking stupid and all you are doing is talking out your ass this is to you. The bazeer

  90. leena swift

    i really love this song!!!

  91. Nancy Duncan

    I really loved this song.

  92. Vennessa Juhas

    Love this song

  93. Milash Bharati

    Yep I agree. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

    Between I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items.

    you can see it here

  94. Abbenxena

    Bush did declare war on Iraq, and WWII started in 1939, America didn't join until Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1942, we were ready to help our allies, but we had not joined it yet, and being bombed is not declaring war, it's having war declared on you. you are the one that needs to "get with it". get your facts straight before trying to make someone else look as stupid as you are.

  95. veteranscomefirst

    we didn't declare war there sunshine. the last time we declared war was WWII. come on get with it

  96. Preston Hobbs

    No there's not.

  97. Kyle Carlson

    With out war there is only murder

  98. Abbenxena

    terrorists from Afganistan took out the towers, then Bush told Iraq to hand over weapons of mass destruction or we would declare war on them, those are two different countries, so maybe you need to do some research before you say that others don't know their "stuff", and by the way if Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, they would have been found long ago, meaning they never had any.

  99. DyaniDesiree

    Apparently you don't know your stuff my dear, Bush didn't take us to war because someone wouldn't give us what they didn't have.... he took us to war because he knew if we sat back and did nothing after they took so many lives on OUR land they would just keep doing it. It's like giving a little kid what they want all the time just because you don't want them screaming, they'll start screaming for everything so they get everything.