Kenny Rogers - Peace Lyrics

I have come from so far away
Down the road of my own mistakes
In the hope you could hear me pray
Oh, Lord keep me in your reach

How I've longed through these wasted years
To outrun all the pain and fear
Turned to stone from my uncried tears
And now it's Your grace I seek

Love won't compromise
It's a gift, it's a sacrifice
My soul renewed and my heart released
In You I'll find my peace

Oh wondrous child of whom the angels sing
Know my joy, feel my suffering
Shining star make this love you bring
So bright that I may believe

That my way will not be lost
From now on, 'til that river's crossed
My soul renewed, my spirit free
In You I'll find my peace

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Kenny Rogers Peace Comments
  1. Chris Shirley

    Hi, Kenny. I'm a terminal cancer patient who has been one of your biggest fans since "Sweet Music Man." I don't think it's coincidence that you have released this message right now when I'm needing it the most.
    As a retired small-time nightclub singer, you were one of the greatest influences in my life. You've always had the voice of an angel, and time hasn't taken that from you. Cancer took my singing voice from me, but I can still hear and enjoy the magic when you sing. You genuinely changed my life, Kenny, and I am so grateful to you for that. I hope to one day meet you in Heaven.
    ...many years from now.

    Magdalene Kamau

    Hi Chris... May the good Lord lighten your burden.. Healing is your portion..

    Chris Shirley

    @Magdalene Kamau thank you.

    Sweet Pea

    Good evening Chris I pray you have lots of support 🙏.

  2. Sixten lasseson

    Omg yess
    In you find my peace

  3. Connie Cee

    Salvation in the name of Jesus, yes He's the only way, He's the only peace!
    Today is the day of Salvation.

    Connie Cee

    @Sweet Pea knowing this, I'm praying for you like I've never prayed before. Please feel my arms of love wrapped around you. NOTHING NOTHING IS WORTH BEING SUICIDAL. All problems are temporary, each day is different, but to end your life, that's permanent.
    God loves you and so do I, please believe me!

    Sweet Pea

    @Connie Cee Thank you Connie, I've been praying trying to find help. I've reached out to family, nothing. Sucide hotline, hospital, can't find anyone.😖😭😣💔🤔

    Connie Cee

    @Sweet Pea Sweet Pea please call 911 for help or the National Suicide Hotline at 8002738255. I'm still praying for you and now praying that someone will help when you call.

    Sweet Pea

    @Connie Cee Thank you God bless you for listening. I'll try the Hotline again. Was reading my Bible.

    Stephen Crouse

    @Sweet Pea Life goes on because God goes on. When we look to him, the world we see comes into proper focus: much less than what is overwhelming or hopeless. Even if we feel overwhelmed or hopeless, it is only true without God. However, it is not possible to eliminate God, except in our belief system. "With God all things are possible, for with God nothing shall be impossible". It is sin, the corrupted world and its thinking, and the Devil that are the problem. God in Christ are THE solution. Bless you, a loving human brother.

  4. Ellaine De Dios

    So glad to hear Kenny Rogers singing inspirational songs.

  5. Brian Campbell

    Hi everyone may everyone be BLESSED and be a BLESSING

  6. Susan Stevenson

    Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Neuza Gomes

    Alguém pode me ajudar ?Gostaria de ouvir esse louvor em português, Tem como?

  8. Dino Devine

    "To outrun all the pain and fears" " My soul renewed, my spirit free"

  9. Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    Great song... 10/10

  10. Rhonda Boncutter

    The story of my life! I have been hurt deeply, the Lord knows, I pray all the time! God be with Kenny Rogers! He will sing in Heavens Choir! God bless you all!

  11. suellynunes Nunes

    Beautiful song of my life

  12. Daniel Gustavo Alejandro AGOSTINI


  13. Rubens Pereira Gomes


  14. Susie Dunham

    thank you for the beautiful pictures to go with my favorite song of faith. it is my story as well as so many others. you did a wonderful job bringing the song to a higher dimension.

  15. Seglah Godwin

    am so much touch with this song....

  16. groover3264

    this song has blessed me many times.  Your video is great.  Thank you!

  17. Eindy- -TPSPS

    Bella's baby is coming too early she is beside herself.  Please pray for them if you have time and do such

  18. Robert Everett

    I love that song it is so true .

  19. John Siple

    Yeah, this is a song that I've missed. A brother's Mom is passing, & she said to her son how nice this song was, so he shared it with us. She needs prayer, please?

  20. frank graybeal

    What a beautiful song written by Michael MacDonald....WOW!!!

    Cocoa Femme

    The information I received from your comment, makes me say...."Wow!!" Artists from my generation are even MORE talented than I knew. Doobie Brother frontman composed this? Lovely tune!!

  21. belle bd

    what a BEAUTIFUL song!...w/ you God I'm in Peace....

  22. wolvie110

    Wow! What a awesome song. Thanks to the writers & the singer! :-)