Kenny Rogers - Mary, Did You Know Lyrics

Mary, did you know that your baby boy
Would one day walk on water.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy
Would save our sons and daughters.

Did you know that your baby boy
Has come to make you new;
This child that you delivered
Will soon deliver you.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy
Will give sight to a blind man.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy
Will calm the storm with His hand.

Did you know that your baby boy
Has walked where angels trod?
When you kiss your little baby,
You kiss the face of God!

Oh, Mary, did you know?
Oh, Mary, did you know?

The blind will see, the deaf will hear
The dead will live again.
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak
The praises of the lamb.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy
Is Lord of all creation

Mary, did you know that your baby boy
Will one day rule the nations.

Did you know (did you know) that your baby boy
Is heaven's perfect lamb?
This sleeping child you're holding
Is the great I am.

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Kenny Rogers Mary, Did You Know Comments
  1. yowwwwie

    Yes, she did. Y

  2. DannyB1954

    The song brings me to tears thinking of what Jesus went through with us idiot humans.

  3. Hollys Buddy

    My favourite version of this wonderful song.

  4. Abby Williams

    Thank u jesus😭❤️

  5. Mimi M

    I’m here because of Trixie Mattel

  6. Eve M

    My favorite spiritual song so beautiful ....❤️✝️


    🙏❤Thank you Jesus

  8. Lou Ann Andrews

    One of the most beautiful Christmas songs , I love it. There is nothing like holding a new born and thinking, you might be holding a savior.

  9. Cloud Mystery

    Thank you mother Mary for delivering Jesus to the world. Imagine if you didn't. Merry Christmas for everybody. It's Dec 2019.

  10. Della Marcantel

    This is what it's all about. It's Jesus birthday yet He gave us the gift of eternal life with Him. Mary was chosen as His mother, a perfect mother .🙏🙏 Thank you, my Lord !!!

  11. Susan Stevenson

    Mary brought our Salvation into the world. Our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

  12. Ingrid J

    Beautiful ❤️. Very nice and it's something that everyone should think about...not just during the Xmas season but all year around

  13. Quonna Bender


  14. William Fleshman Iii


  15. ellitestar

    The Lord is the Everlasting God the creator of the ends of the Earth he will not grow tired or weary Isaiah 40:28

  16. Alejandro Lopez-Leija

    La mas hermosa cancion que he escuchado.

  17. Lacey Hembree

    Lynn 8;:"" kvv. Vik cccci knnn bbxx

  18. makaiomanila93

    I've cried listening to this song while driving. From Hawai'i.

  19. Jesus Died For You

    The three most powerful verses in the song is firstly the child you deliver will soon deliver you secondly when you kiss your baby boy you have kissed the face of God and finally the sleeping baby you are holding is The Great I Am

  20. Anita Chapman

    The song of the Lord of the world...Jesus.

  21. Ali 2122

    ❤️AMEN 🙏🏼 Beautiful Song ❤️😇

  22. Carol Curtis

    Great song Mary did you know

  23. Flintstevenson2005 Stevenson

    great song but why does he have sunglasses on

  24. dian sembiring


  25. Angel Bass

    I love this song! Gives me goose bumps when I listen to this song.

  26. mclane stenmark

    965 people need Jesus...

  27. Andrew Gentle

    This is a powerful song

  28. stevie spence

    This song always touches me,I'm very blessed to have God in my life without him I wouldn't even want to go on.God has molded me into who I am.Father you have truly blessed me with your grace and forgiveness love and the joy along with alote more.Thank you Father for always being here for me ..Thank you for you allowing me to feel your amazing love.....

  29. Jean Hatfield

    awesome song !!!....

  30. Angela Jackson

    This song makes me cry 😢 it’s sad what Jesus was out through 😢😢😢


    Angela Jackson True. When I think of all he suffered I feel terrible for my part of what he went through. He could of stopped it at any moment. Even when he cried out to his father and asked if there were any other way he still said not my will be done but thine. He did all of this willingly. I just work on not wasting his sacrifice, for each of us. I don’t think you waste either. Unfortunately so many are.

  31. Angela Jackson

    I love you Jesus. Mary was a beautiful mother and a strong mother to watch them torture her son to death . Thank you Jesus for dying for all our sins so we can someday be reunited again in heaven

  32. PhoenixJGrey

    I heard this song on the radio today. My mom loved the Judds. <3

  33. Marlene Watkins Stergiou

    Merry Christmas to You.

  34. Jennifer Dijames

    Good job guys. Kenny, My buddy Tim told me that you weren't doing too good. What happened? I hope you feel better.

  35. Gerald Albers

    Do you think this is funny by putting sun glasses on our Lord. I find NO humor in it at all. BLASPHEMY. 1:29

  36. Mona Jones

    I owe all to my lord and savior Jesus Christ

  37. Christina Lubumad

    Who are these zombies with fakes names lol

  38. Chris DeGaton

    When Winonna sings when you kiss your little baby boy you kiss the face of God that is when the tears start. On of my favorite songs

  39. Lucas rj

    I love this song and every thing.

  40. resisterdiode1

    Just absolutely beautiful!❤️

  41. Gordon Bryant

    My favorite song I love this song without him I’m nothing no I’m not perfect but God do love me and I love God and Jesus

  42. icecreamlady driver

    Speak to you little ones with love and kindness and help them feel your love for them. They are only little for a little while. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

  43. Stacey Everett

    Praise jesus🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😇😇😇

  44. moon glow

    A beautiful song with deep lyrics that touch the soul. I have never heard this before. Thank you for sharing this... 🙏🎄😇

  45. Barbara Smith

    One of the most beautiful Christmas song of all time

  46. Blessed Hope

    December 6th, 2019

  47. Burnie Jarvis

    I'm an atheist but I appreciate the beauty and passion put into this song. It was well performed.

  48. Pamela Johnson

    Thank you Jesus for your your mercy.

  49. Denise DORAZIO

    This is without a doubt one of the greatest Christmas songs ever written and sung

  50. Elizabeth Mcginnis

    This is my favorite Christmas song ! Kenny Rogers is one of the best. 🎄 ✝ 👼

  51. Kunta Kinte

    Lollipops and clown noses don't worry about the plastic dolly from outer space because giant ants are on the moon. 🌙🌙🌙🔥🔥🌛🌜🚼🚼🚼🚼💀💀🏃🏃👽🐙🐙🐙🐙🐍🐜👸🐜👸🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🎅🎉🎅🐰☕☕🐭🐭😷🚲🐵🐵

  52. Kelly Tisbury

    This song is so awesome!Can anyone listen to it without shedding tearrs!?

  53. Roberto Candelario

    I Love u god

  54. Rebecca Johnson

    Fantastic Kenny Rogers and Mary Did You Know I'd only like to know why our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ King Of Kings and Lord of Lords wearing sunglasses He don't need sunglasses 😩

  55. Angela Patterson

    Just amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Rich Sepani

    God Bless and Merry Christmas 2019 🙏

  57. bill bixby

    They should play this in church more often.

  58. Donna Couch

    as a mother and a woman, and a Christian, mary didn't know everything, because a mother would save her son ,a mother would try to change the outcome and beg GOD our FATHER to change it, don't let them kill my son !!!!!

  59. Angel HBK Mercado

    Love you Jesus

  60. Buffalo gal

    Beautiful ! I’ve loved this arrangement for years, so scriptural, thank you Lord Jesus for your saving grace, for salvation! John 3:16

  61. Elaine Haase

    Mark Lowry wrote this song. This song touches me very soul🙏❤🤲

  62. 420Country Brooke

    This song gives me chills when my mom sings it it's beautiful

  63. Keith Summers

    Perfection ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Kathy Vanderschans

    I love this song

  65. Scott H

    I like Wynonna’s version on her Christmas album.

  66. Paulina Harley 77

    I love this song ! And it all is so true , this has been my ringtone for years !!!! Thank you so much for this song 🙏🏻

  67. T N


  68. Rafaela Mora

    This is my favorite Christmas song.

  69. Penelope Pitstop

    Such a moving song. Now it’s that time of the year and I get to enjoy it again. I think Kenny and Wynonna’s version is my favorite. Jesus, I love you so much!

  70. Lilian Duck

    I love you Jesus Christ hallelujah

  71. Ryan Mayer

    Its most Christmas this year its about Jesus Christ and what we are. Thankful for

  72. Nancy Wessel

    One of my all time favorite. Heard this years ago and this CD. So peaceful. 🕊

  73. Ginger Palmer

    I love this song

  74. jerry Wilson

    I do love jesus he has blessed all of his children cared for loved protected and he never stops

  75. Margo n Dave Sears

    Gorgeous song, love it, but why does this video start with a pic of Joseph and not Mary? Just wondering...


    Die Tiefe, Breite, Höhe, Macht, Majestät und Herrlichkeit der unendlichen Liebe (GOTTES) FÜLLEN DEN GANZEN RAUM. DAS IST GENUG. Wir erkennen und verehren einen höchsten und unendlichen GOTT

  77. Tineke Schellekens

    Beautifull. 🙏

  78. Matthew Willard

    Hebruce 13:8 :Jesus chirs my saver today yesterday and forever

  79. Ryan Palermo

    My father died last November and he is sorely missed, but I know he is in God's Kingdom now. He no longer suffers and is enjoying everything he loved on Earth. One day, I will be reunited with him. I'm not hoping this will happen, I KNOW this will happen. I have faith in Jesus, He is our guide and He will not let us down, He will take us with Him at the end. Amen.

  80. Lynn Kanerva

    OMG SO beautiful!
    The great I AM

  81. Andreia Moreira

    Estamos mal, se for teu.

  82. Jason Gomez

    God, where are when I needed you the most!!!!

    Jason Young

    God is always with us. Just remember that he leads us thru trouble water because our enemy can not swim

  83. Kayla Gore

    The best version!!!!!

  84. Kathy Vanderschans

    I love this song

  85. Utha Smith

    Listening to Christmas music keeps me in a good mood especially this song. I love you Jesus

  86. Jayne Haught

    Such a beautiful beautiful song....I can listen to this over and over....they sing it so perfect....❤️

  87. Jeanella Tezeno

    I'm crying with this pics goddddddddddddddddddddfdddddddddddddd

  88. F A

    The "god" called Jesus is a white man and the angels are also white?...what the actually fuck is that suppose to mean. Y'all need to understand the true Jesus not this white washed men. Stop with the blind following and actually seek true knowledge. All the best.

  89. Mariam Tijar

    Amen Lord save us


    Who would not like this????? Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  91. john baltimore

    Love this song am feeling chills

  92. George Skaria

    My favourite version too. Please don't ever delete this from YouTube. Thank you team for this song...

  93. Anam Sajjad

    Oh my Lord oh my saviour you are my everything

  94. King Dust

    This song is always appealing to me. Thank you Jesus for dying for us.

  95. Amrita Bhattacharya

    My heart and my soul only my Lord jesus

  96. Sam Mondello

    By far and !

  97. Viana Persaud

    Please bless me to have a family O mother Mary and to be a mother and to have kids and to have a good husband bless my body soul and my life thank you lord jesus I love you