Kenny Rogers - Lay Down Beside Me Lyrics

I've spent my life looking for you
Finding my way wasn't easy to do
But I knew there was you all the while
And it's been worth every mile.

Lay down beside me and love me and hide me
Kiss all the hurting of this world away
Hold me so close that I'll feel your heartbeat
And don't ever wander away.

Mornings and evenings all were the same
And there was no music 'til I heard your name
But I knew when I saw you smile
Now I can rest for a while.

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Kenny Rogers Lay Down Beside Me Comments
  1. George Michael learns to rock

    But I knew..... this is OSSSM

  2. Ava Daley


  3. Czarina Czar

    Lay Down Beside Me"

    I've spent my life looking for you
    Finding my way wasn't easy to do
    But I knew there was you all the while
    And it's been worth every mile.

    Lay down beside me and love me and hide me
    Kiss all the hurting of this world away
    Hold me so close that I'll feel your heartbeat
    And don't ever wander away.

    Mornings and evenings all were the same
    And there was no music 'til I heard your name
    But I knew when I saw you smile
    Now I can rest for a while.

  4. Thony Koima

    Written by Don Williams Sung by Kenny rodgers. Great combination

  5. Thordan

    Don William wrote this song..

  6. Monica Karlsson

    Wonderful song Don Williams write .I heard the version vith Alison Craus and vith Kenny Rogers Both very good .

  7. Carol Sharp

    My brother will take care of every thing I want him to put me in the river I have no insurance

  8. Glen McGregor

    Kenny as always did a great job on this song. The song was written by Don Williams. While I do like Kenny's job, Don will always be the gold standard.

  9. Lucy Roses

    Great song

  10. Phil Hall

    Great song. If you like this version you will probably love love the new Alison Krauss version.

  11. Allan M

    My wedding song


    i like this song

  13. Ramiro Lavin

    I love it the song

  14. matamau mauatu

    you r good at singing song

  15. Kobra Immy Akiiki

    You never disappoint your people Kenny 👌thanks Man 🙏

  16. Esperen Dimitri

    My best favorite gospels song and ours Is KennyRoger okay !

  17. Tills Mackie

    O actually love this song too, your love songs a quite soothing

  18. Tills Mackie

    Beautiful song Kenny, I love it.

  19. Spec Reso

    Wonderful song

  20. Tills Mackie

    You have got absolutely fabulous songs, I listening to this one now,

  21. Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga

    Nice version, but how Don Williams can be topped?


    Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga He (Don) can't be topped.

  22. Sandra van Opbergen

    Fantastic, so sweet this Song...............

  23. earthmoods123

    Don Williams wrote this song

    Blessed Efilo wa Ngoe

    earthmoods123 that's true

  24. Paul London

    Kenny Rogers is PURE GOLD

    Erick Oirere

    He's a pure silver 🥈

  25. MsJoan418

    Beautiful song--so touching...

  26. 111111111 111111111

    you dot sing like Don xx

    Steve W

    +Kathy Mayock (funny k) No, he sings like Kenny, if I want to hear Don Williams, I listen to Don Williams. If I want Kenny Rogers, I listen to Kenny Rogers.

  27. erascon amber

    superb song.

  28. Lora Sallee

    Shows it listed on iTunes, unfortunately it's not.

  29. topinweb

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  30. Vickie Lynne

    loved my listen ....

  31. khotha22

    This is awsome,Kenny you are always the best

  32. linda fletcher

    One of the most brilliant sung songs by Kenny Rogers, the words mean so much. Absolutely love this song.....

    Steve W

    +gw nola No. Don actually wrote it for Kenny, and Kenny recorded it first, even though Don too put it on one of his later albums .

  33. Bernadette Derry

    He does almost as a good a job on this song as Don Williams.

  34. June o'mahony

    wow what a song love it

  35. Karenina Anna

    Touchant, humain,merveilleux.

  36. jeffrey .fletcher

    great song

  37. Jan Husca

    superb spus!!!lay down beside me my lady!!!

  38. Emmanuel Paris

    Bonjour à tous les fans de Kenny Rogers sur Youtube... Joyeuses fêtes à vous tous !!!

  39. mboutoukouel1


  40. Kev Wynne

    no where near as good as Don Williams!!

    Katie Hutchinson

    Listen to Alison Krause & John Waite Brill ....

  41. andre kerts

    Kenny yur songs are marvelous nd deserves to be listened,indeed you are the best

  42. ursula rechenbach

    a very beautiful song .. love it very much .. :-))


    OMG Kenny u always move me mwaaaah

  44. Molemo Nchapi

    All i can say is...... I LOVE IT

  45. Nelson A Rivas

    Uno de los grandes de la música country, realmente no dejo de escucharla hoy en día ya no existe la verdadera música, sólo basura.....

  46. 404lora

    Wish I could purchase this song, just love it.

  47. Clement Djimeu

    a very nice song to help cool your heath

  48. Raul Moreno

    I' am therft

  49. Scott Beard

    I agree..This version has no soul...


    Dont listen

  50. DheyDrei

    ohhh Kenny,i never get tired listening to all your songs..:)

  51. Bossladyone2

    WOW, what a beautiful way to put the sentiments of my heart in words and music!!!

  52. Les Sweetman

    It is truly amazing reading through the comments of this wonderful song, and how much it means to people. Music truly reaches to the soul. I wish my wife had such a love of music that I do. It just does not reach her, and she is missing out on so much.

    Bill Gebhart

    I know what you mean Les. Same problem. Soaps and Reality TV are more important.

    Michele Dawson

    She doesn't know what she's missing,,☺

  53. Caressa Kiss

    I so love this song...have to purchase both Kenny Rogers and Don Williams versions for my Christmas. Thank you for putting it on.

  54. reignsk

    @myounie 7/6 she started moving away from me, 7/7 she told me she is going her separate way.. it'll be 4 months in 2 days.. i miss her so much.. cant help but tear listening to this song.. never a day goes by i dont think of her.. 9 years of being loved.. n its just so empty now..

  55. Paul Contreras

    beatiful song...lovely, just lovely.....disfrutenla, es hermosa.

  56. harberguk

    @reconray37 So sorry for your loss. I hope you will one day find happiness again.

  57. MaggieKay

    omg I never heard this until now.....i love it

  58. Ryanne Renahan-Thurling

    Please stand by me my darling husband. listen to the words . remember our vows mark .It is not our job to hurt each other . I love you and understand your issues, but I don't understand your moving on. Haven't we done enough of that . "love without boundaries" . I will always love you and need you . xxxxx

  59. Karl Willdig

    "DON WILLIAMS" or "KENNY ROGERS" Its still a beautiful song. Its my wife's favorite. She tries to sing along to it but she cant hold a note to save her life, but she tries and tries and ho boy, its F%[email protected]?&G TRIEING!!!! I asked her once if she could whistle????????????????? YES I KNOW THE JOKE, SO DONT ANY ONE REPOND TO THIS COMMENT. Unless you don't know the joke about a woman who whistles? BUT NOT ON "YOUTUBE". Find me on "FACEBOOK" Loads of gags on there.

  60. john cruz

    miss you so much honey! i guess it's time for me to accept the truth that we are not meant for each other! i guess it's really goodbye for both of us! i love you so much honey! patuloy pa rin kitang mamahalin, titigil lang ako sa pag asa na magkakabalikan pa ulit tayo!

  61. Yvonne HOWELL YOUNG

    The best version of this song, Don Williams wrote it, but Kenny sings it the best. Thank you for posting this to give me a pick me up.

  62. colli yao

    KENNY ROGERS FOREVER!t....humb up!

  63. egi i.

    im used laying down alone but i wish someone will lay down beside me sometime <3

  64. James Devantier

    @KiwiGirl68 And me

  65. Truth Teller

    @jawwad68 or allison krauss

  66. Muhammad Jawwad

    good but not as good as Don Williams

  67. Dorian Nickles

    i declare. that man look good no matter what age he gets. and he sings jus as good. can i get a amen.

  68. egi i.

    I wish my smiley pillow won't get tired laying down beside me, lol...

  69. cigmijo Camlaban

    Gail, it would be a dream come true to have you "Lay Down Beside Me"
    Loves you so....

  70. Nancy Shelton

    my favorite Kenny song

  71. Beth Douglas

    great job kenny! love yall

  72. Ashley Allinson

    It's also on Kenny Rogers' '77 self-titled album

  73. pfizzbones

    I like the Kenny and Don Williams versions, but I think if anyone heard the Tompall Glaser version, they would think differently. I don't want to take anything away from this song, it's beautiful by about any legend.

  74. Victoria Hallaway

    fabulous lyrics that say it all for my love and I

  75. 64fairlane359

    fine song, but I`ve never heard anyone do it like Don Williams ;-)

  76. soraniji20

    So beautiful song!!
    thanks for uploading this song!!
    Love this song and background of this video!!

  77. ramlinrose2

    beautiful song....... :)

  78. Tiago Lethal

    que lindo es escucharlo un leonino como yo......super country y con sentimiento!! Susana de Uruguay

  79. Felix Fremlin

    i think this is a beautiful song

  80. DasHearach

    OK. Checked out AJ. Not the same song so no comparison (did you miss that bit?) but I'Il bet AJ's spelling is better than yours. ROFLMAO!

  81. anjadenhartog

    Actually I'm a huge DW fan :-) so i always prefer his versions of songs LOL



  83. anjadenhartog

    Don Williams did record the song. It's on his Expressions album from 1978. He wrote it within one minute on a Sunday morning, when he was waiting for his family getting ready to go to church. But he was very afraid that when he'd hear the first song in church, he's lose the melody. So he quickly went to his office, put it on tape and then went back to church. And the words and melody were saved :-)

  84. grotbaglyn


  85. sean vafa

    This is a great song from Kenny Love his music and his soft voice awesome

  86. iamjumbo

    you need to check your facts. dottie west was the first to have a hit with "lay down beside me", more than a few years before kenny was still with the first edition. dottie's is the best version that has been made, but this one by kenny is second

  87. paparmp

    Thanks AMOAJ for the info as to Kenny actually recording the song first. He truly did a fine job singing the song Don wrote. I did not mean to take away from his version at all with my comment. I have also been a big fan of Kenny's for a long, long time. If you like the song, you should listen to the version done by Alison Krauss and John Waite. It is also a very nice version. Basically I just love the song...

  88. aManOnaJourney

    Check the facts before making such comments.
    In fact, it was Don who 'stole' it

    Kenny recorded it first

    "Lay Down Beside Me" was on Kenny's 1976 album called "Kenny Rogers" which included the super hit Lucille.
    Don's version was released three years later, in 1979.

    Kenny has been recording music for over 50 years - do wop, jazz vocal, big band, pop, rock, folk, psychedelic, country, pop, adult contemporary.

    A real superstar of American music and under-appreciated by music industry.

    David Marsh

    Surely one of the all time great singers. I have over 100 of his songs, which are perfect. He has rare ability, distinct sound, emotion and range, resulting in an end product which is nearly peerless; the only one of his equal is Allan Clarke of The Hollies, with Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply, John Denver (the perfect all-rounder when you take in the fact that he wrote his own songs with magic melodies and beautiful poetry) and Gene Pitney in a rung close below.

  89. Wendy Koster

    Its off a disc called: The Very Best Of Kenny Rogers - Its a 2 disc set and we got it off Amazon.

  90. Wendy Koster

    You ain't wrong!! Really nice to see a fellow Kiwi enjoy this song.... :)

  91. paparmp

    A good cover of a Don Williams song, but NO ONE can sing it like Don !!

  92. iamjumbo

    no one will ever do it as good as dottie west, but, kenny comes close

  93. Jurry Haq

    Kenny you are "The Sweetest Music Man"...

    Graceful and ... what not?

  94. Jeanette O'Callaghan

    this is such a lovely song no matter who sings it, I love it, it's brilliant

  95. Bryndis Magnusdottir

    Very nice. Does anyone have this by Allison Krauss and some guy? If oy do, please post it.

  96. Wendy Koster

    Your'e most welcome!

  97. Donna Howell

    This was in my wedding:)

  98. Wendy Koster

    I love it too :)

  99. janice compton

    i would love to have kenny rogers lay down beside me he so hot and my all time favorite singer