Kenny Rogers - Gideon Tanner Lyrics

I've been riding all night just to get here
Don't you be throwing us out so soon
Across the whole damn South with cotton-mouth
Now we got some drinking to do.

We've been stuck on the range for 45 days
And that's a long long time
We ain't leaving this place 'til there's a smile on our face
And the whole room is a friend of mine.

So won't you line 'em all up and slide 'em all down
And let's hear the jukebox roll
We've been living on bacon and beans
Playing the jacks and the queens.

But we still got some money to blow
And the times ain't wild enough
We dig our spurs in the make them jump
We're riding shotgun with the devil
We're the buckaroos.

My name is Gideon Tanner
I've been a man of good manners
I won't dance 'til the ladies ask me
I simply tip my hat, I smile and sit back
And then I wait for that friendly stampede.

I started dancing so tight that this girl turned white
I thought she must be passing away
I said: now don't let me down, 'Cause when I hit this town
I've got to live my whole life in a day.

So won't you line 'em all up and slide 'em all down
And let's hear the jukebox roll
We've been living on bacon and beans
Playing the jacks and the queens...

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Kenny Rogers Gideon Tanner Comments

    Had this vinly when it was new, sadly got lost to time, fast forward 20 some odd years, at half price books in PA found in a bin for 2 bucks don't have a turntable anymore but I have the album again😁

  2. David Sessera

    Kim Carnes and her husband Davd Ellingson wrote all the songs on this album.

  3. Tiffany Magnuson

    My dad had this on tape I remember listening to it while fishing as a kid.

  4. Thomas Underwood

    I have this..still complete with the poster on vinyl

  5. Joshua Brooks

    I wonder if people are thinking about this song as they're laying in their casket.

    ribmeat hamhock

    They do, but they keep a lid on it!

  6. David Tasche

    Our Grandparents had this album on Vinyl back in the day

    Thomas Underwood

    David Tasche my favorite Kenny album

  7. Rose Bacardi

    I was not his blood but he was the only dad i had ......i miss him so much may 1st 2013 at 65 such a good man and soul  ....wish i had had his name .....miss you Robert John Peterson  ......miss you dad .....i see you miss you and miss you too

    Rose Bacardi

    +Rose Bacardi i wish you were here ....i miss you so much and do the kids ....i don't know what to do were the one who could undo the bad with their dad ...i'm lost

  8. Mary Jayne Naumann

    I still have this record:)

  9. jessejohn77

    AWESOME!!! i remember 3 years old at my grandmothers record player singing to this of my favorites......

  10. Fran S.

    Thanks for uploading this song, I've been hoping to listen to this one for years!

  11. Things I Enjoy

    One of Kenny's greatest records. So hard to find now.

  12. arikara17

    I used to play this LP all the time, was just thinking of it and here it is! Thanks for posting. I haven't used my record player in years.