Kenny Loggins - Keep The Fire Lyrics

There's a river in
Evening ember glow
And you're wishing you could see
How far it flows
Rolling on to an endless sea
You'd be well on your way
If you could only set sail.

But dreams can drift away
And sails can fill with doubt
Where's your vision
If the embers flicker out?
Don't let it slip from view

The horizons are waiting
Your river is fading

So keep the fire burning tonight
See just what comes into sight
Don't take forever
Take it through the night

And believe the sun
Will rise with the dawn
That's all you need to go on
But for tonight
Just keep the fire burning bright

I will never need to ask
"What have I done?"
Comes a moment when it's clear
There's only one.
Oh, whatever you need of me
I've made up my mind
I'll give you more than you've asked for

And there are those who can foresee
Where we will go
All the future...
I don't really want to know
Only that you'll be here with me.

While the embers still glow
We'll be safe till tomorrow.

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Kenny Loggins Keep The Fire Comments
  1. MrRatherino

    dude can sing his ass off...

  2. Sergio Rivera

    Kenny Loggins
    "Keep The Fire"

  3. Robert Tecau

    My favorite song by KL and by far and away his best effort, IMHO.

  4. D.B. Baker

    Still listening!

  5. hans nolgment

    Good Yacht.

  6. Cindy Jones

    Who are you where are you

  7. Cindy Jones

    Keep the fire burning

  8. Kelly Palmer

    Mr. T 2020!

  9. hans nolgment

    Yacht tastic

  10. Dan Smith

    I saw him in Saratoga winery 2005

  11. Dan Smith

    Why won't they play this song on the radeo

  12. Dan Smith

    I had this album in 1980

  13. Dirty Squirrell

    Thank you, Uploader. Out of all his many, many hits, this is my favorite KL song.

  14. Dawn Emrys

    One of my most favorite Kenny Loggins songs. Today's music is total crap by comparison.

  15. Ken Arthur

    Was very lucky that he comes in concert to this nice small arena called Wolf Trap in Vienna Virginia almost every year. I've seen him in concert many times and it never gets old! Great performer!!!

  16. Lawn Morrer

    Who can live without this

  17. Rod Rockettubes

    Jesus christ

  18. Lawrence Weinzimer

    Best advice for the long-term relation worth keeping.

  19. NYMets73

    Very American Bandstand

  20. Matt M

    yacht rock at its finest!

  21. darius keaton

    14 y/o African American boy that loves kenny loggins... check!

  22. michael61465

    Just bought this album on vinyl. What a classic!

  23. Steven Covington

    I heard this little gem for the first time just a few days ago, thanks to a local radio station, (93.9 MY FM, WCRE) and their checking the playlist. Try THAT with these large corporate radio conglomerates. How I missed it back then I'll never know. (Probably came and went while I was on yet another Navy deployment).

  24. TheDapperCat

    To all my fellow JoJo fans out there, I named my fanmade stand after this song. Kenny Loggins will always have a special spot in my heart

  25. Deb Humphrey

    yes that long rita

  26. Elevating Northern Colorado

    I saw him live in Pueblo Colorado in 1998

  27. noname

    "Let me yacht rock or let me die"....chuuch!!!

    Walter Pewen

    It's NOT "yacht rock." Calling it that just shows how incomplete your rock vocabulary is. There never was any "Yacht Rock." That's insane.

    THX 1138

    @Walter Pewen Oh but there actually is and Kenny Loggins makes sure to dress for it.

  28. Jeff Dean

    Always keep the Fire!

  29. Rita Ann Secrease


  30. Troy Vincent

    My stepmother used to play this song a lot when it first came out. We lost her not long ago and this song reminds me of her. Truly an underrated song. The last minute is awesome.

    Lynnette W.

    So sorry for your loss :(

    Rosie Brind'amour

    Troy Vincent
    My deepest condolences..

  31. eric hill

    This is an underrated song, indeed! I heard this song on American Top 40 this past weekend!!!

  32. dean fowler

    takes me back in time ; sweet time#

  33. Charles

    He has such a beautiful voice, so soulful! takes me back to much happier times for sure!

  34. MsDreamscaper

    Haven't heard this song in years. Love it

  35. Poop Sack

    I may only be 16 but I love his music I hate the crap nowadays

    ❤Bless His Soul❤ Mjfangirlgal45

    Me Too!

  36. Rita Ann Secrease



    Yeah tell me about it.

  37. Marc Abramson

    Superb tune! Great driving tune as I was on the New Hampshire Seacoast, like Hampton Beaches, etc.

  38. Stefanie Mores

    "who are you, where are you"


    I love that part!


    I am here in Austin! Stefanie. J.


    my absolute favorite part !!


    "You're not alone....
    It's so wonderful !"

  39. L Blau

    Classic late 70s pop, great stuff.


    Peaked @ #36 in April 1980. Why it didn't chart much higher, I have no idea!!!

    Bravo, Kenny Loggins!!!

    Incognito ONE

    @ChihuahuaboyDH Not commercial enough.

  40. Salvador Jimenez

    Awesome song. Remember this from the spring of 1980. Too bad it didn't chart higher.

  41. Patrizia Louise

    Still love your songs KENNY....great it when I was still in my teens....More power Kenny!!!!

  42. philip pfuelb

    The most outlandish album art of all time.

    THX 1138

    Should have a paper cover sleeve.

  43. Manuel Colon

    One of all time favorite, keep the fire burning yeah keep on rocking!!!

  44. benjamine manansala

    Amazing Voice! keeps me coming back whenever., keeps me wanting for more!  practically grew up loving his music!  age 7 years and up to now still counting.....

    Derrick Yee

    Please call him the white Tina Turner.

  45. Terry Hollas

    I Love KL

  46. reichmuth 100

    This Song is Great an so is Kenny!

  47. wwonka2

    I have NEVER heard Kenny Loggin's vloice sound so horrible. He doesn't even sound like a professional singer in this recording. JUst terrible. Doesn't even sound like himself.

    THX 1138

    Saw him playing at a local faire many years ago now. He had a buzz cut, no facial hair and we thought he was one of the roadies for the band. During the show he sang very little spending most of the time during songs pointing his microphone at the audience letting them sing instead. We left early. Dumb.

  48. Terry Hollas

    Why is such a notable song for so many? Thoughts?


    For me I remember younger happier days surrounded by wonderful people, drinking lots of wine and not worrying about getting old. Cheers.

  49. Terry Hollas

    I agree

  50. ChihuahuaboyDH

    Surprising this charted @ #36 on the Hot 100 singles chart. Should've charted MUCH higher! Very underrated song!

    Bravo, Kenny Loggins!

  51. edbingey

    It's a tribute to KoKo, prick!