Kenny Loggins - Don't Fight It Lyrics

Live long enough you're bound to find
Moonshine'll make a man go blind
Never can tell what the brew will do
But there's times you'll wind up feelin so fine

Some women seem to have a knack
They'll turn you on and leave you flat
Never can tell who's playin for keeps
So tell me now what's holding you back
I know your heart can take it

Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it
It'll do your heart so good
Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it
It'll only do you good

Don't fight it'll do your heart so good
Do what mama do
Do what daddy do
When you gonna make up your mind
You can run but love will find you
Ready or not here it comes

Some people when they hear a groove
Shake their heads cause they just can't approve
Well I turn up the music till it's shakin the sky
Is everybody ready to move

There's times you wanna shake yourself
There's nights you wanna yell for help
You can fly when you're standing still
N there's nothing wrong with raising some hell
Tonight we're gonna raise it

Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it

Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it'll do your heart so good
Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it
Don't fight it

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Kenny Loggins Don't Fight It Comments
  1. jeff e

    always luv this song!!!!

  2. PookaDude42

    I usually can't stand Steve Perry, but this is actually pretty rad!

    jeff e

    luv steve perry!!

  3. Revertino Tse

    Pat Benatar.s Husband Neal Giraldo on Guitar

    Ronnie J Dio

    He is fantastic.

  4. Harold Jones

    I love this song

  5. John Napolitana

    awesome 80s

  6. Freddy Faztube!

    This is the best

    Harold Jones

    I think so too

  7. Mark Travis Brodie

    The long-gone, defunct internet show, "Yacht Rock", with Hollywood Steve, brought me here! This song was on an episode of that show. Frequently, Yacht Rock parodied Kenny Logins, Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, Don Henley, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, and possibly David Lee Roth. In one episode, Drew Carey hosted. In this episode, Hollywood Steve was locked in a closet: in his briefs! Hollywood Steve was little bit out there!

    Boom tendo

    Mark Travis Brodie lol yeah i remember that

  8. Bee Dubb

    Damn, I haven't heard this song in ages. I had forgotten about it, so I'm glad I was feeling a bit nostalgic for some 80's music and stumbled upon this in the recommended listings. I enjoy connecting, or reconnecting with good music. Two of my favorite artist, with extraordinary voices. They compliment each other so well.

  9. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #17 on the pop charts in 1982!!!

  10. S.Y.U.20

    This song is absolutely *_NOT_* soft rock. YouTube and Wikipedia probably describe it as that just because it’s by Kenny Loggins (in addition to Steve Perry).


    loggins and Steve Perry. 80's mega stars!

  12. iggypopisgod9

    this tune rules!

  13. letmynutzgo

    Kenny Loggins is love , Kenny Loggins is life

    Robert Wolenski

    letmynutzgo Kenny Loggins is very talented, but I wouldn't look at him as a model of how to live your life. Jesus is life.

    Corey S

    @Robert Wolenski Jesus is a figment of the imagination of a European King trying to control his subjects. Oh, wait, that's right, the book told you he's real. Which book? Which of the FIVE THOUSAND versions of Jesus are you talking about?