Kenny Chesney - Somewhere With You Lyrics

If you're going out with someone new
I'm going out with someone too
I won't feel sorry for me, I'm getting drunk
But I'd much rather be somewhere with you

Laughing loud on a carnival ride, yeah
Driving around on a Saturday night
You made fun of me for singing my song
Got a hotel room just to turn you on

You said pick me up at three a.m.
You're fighting with your mom again
And I'd go, I'd go, I'd go somewhere with you

I won't sit outside your house
And wait for the lights to go out
Call up an ex to rescue me, climb in their bed
When I'd much rather sleep somewhere with you

Like we did on the beach last summer
When the rain came down and we took cover
Down in your car, out by the pier
You laid me down, whispered in my ear

I hate my life, hold on to me
Ah, if you ever decide to leave
Then I'll go, I'll go, I'll go

I can go out every night of the week
Can go home with anybody I meet
But it's just a temporary high 'cause when I close my eyes
I'm somewhere with you, somewhere with you

If you see me out on the town
And it looks like I'm burning it down
You won't ask and I won't say
But in my heart I'm always somewhere with you

Laughing loud on a carnival ride, yeah
Driving around on a Saturday night
You made fun of me for singing my song
Got a hotel room just to turn you on

You said pick me up at three a.m.
You're fighting with your mom again
And I'd go, I'd go, I'd go

I can go out every night of the week
Can go home with anybody I meet
But it's just a temporary high 'cause when I close my eyes
I'm somewhere with you, somewhere with you

Somewhere with you
I'm somewhere with you
I'm somewhere with you
Somewhere with you
Somewhere with you

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Kenny Chesney Somewhere With You Comments
  1. little lady

    I need this badly in an instrumental💗

  2. Nick Silva

    Kenny Chesney is the coolest guy every

  3. Misty Lau

    My ex Nathan and I danced to this all the time miss that

  4. Shana tate

    This song reminds me of a relationship i dont have. Maybe one day.

  5. Елена Мацнева

    With warmth in a beautiful heart. Calmly. Sincerely.👍

  6. Chapeuzinho

    Amazing song! I just go out with you my sunshine smile!!! Love you Kenny 💞

  7. Ashley King

    My lover played me this song, after 20 years, we get together. No matter who we were with we already found one another

  8. Shawn Teeples

    Jody beaubein girl give it a listen...miss you more then words can say words yea they were ugly so sorry!

  9. Christy Stamey

    LOVE THIS SONG!! i wish things were like they use to be

  10. Sylvia Stallion

    Introducing my new husband. Kenny Arnold Chesney!!! Maybe u could sing this 1 to me live 2 🍯

  11. Jared Owens

    The only two country sing I like, this and George Straight I got a car

  12. L D Loiselle

    I love it. It's what love is like sometimes.

  13. Gladys Ogle

    Alternate version : I'm Somewhere I never knew with someone I never knew, going somewhere I never been so my life can finally begin.....cause when I close my eyes I'm somewhere with someone I never knew. Is he out there....? Ready to go anywhere but here? Dear God please send me no one from my past, please send them new girlfriends so I never hear from them again.

    Kcee Kaakill

    Gladys Ogle it would seem that one gets to miss out on a ton of stuff, doing it that way. Maybe even stop and peek over the horizon just a bit. Maybe you can even find solace and peace at one of those stops. Maybe I can even peek over mine just a bit, and see ya peeking back.

  14. Brent DeBord

    This song reminds me musically of Roger Waters' song "Home" from Radio KAOS.

  15. Tanya Hartley

    Freakin love this song

  16. Brian Ashe

    I love drinking with my love listening to this song in my mix

  17. Daniel Kennedy-Bush

    Dedicated to Westwoth, Texas Police and Fire rescue, and city officials. Hi Judge and Mayor....

  18. Barbara Lawson

    I would love to be anywhere KC is ....

  19. edward ornelas

    just a car song

  20. Carmen Ritacco

    Is there a video for this song

  21. Scott Salyer

    Love this song! Makes me miss Michele!

  22. dena tresner

    Rip jeff thompson ill love u for ever

  23. Joseph Carr

    To me, this song is a reply to Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"

  24. Sylvia Stallion

    Love you Kenny Chesney. My future husband 2019

  25. Rather55

    This song has always hit me for some reason. Even when I was younger and even now at 17 and I still don't know why

  26. irene Escobae

    Kenny Chesney is my son and my favorite singer I just love that

  27. supapron charoensap

    Love Kenny

  28. imo Top


  29. Relentless Rhythm

    This song is so relatable right now. It doesn’t matter what I do, I still miss him! I haven’t seen my boyfriend in almost a year (long story) I try to distract myself but can’t. Not a day goes by that I don’t cry 😢

  30. Delilah


  31. Matthew Ledoux

    Grown folk music!

  32. Dani Sullivan

    Kenny Chesney is just All American music.

  33. Jimmy Young

    favorite song of all time💖

  34. Sandra Mendoza

    I listen to reggaeton, banda, R&B, hip hop, spanish pop all day every day but this is MY SONG

  35. Raymon Kent

    Choices, choices you regret. Choices you rejoice. Opportunity missed

  36. Anita Anita

    Amazing song!

  37. Dree

    Who else thinks this songs makes you think about your ex.

  38. moonlitenmagic

    When I close my eyes, I'm somewhere with you. Erik W

    cristina palomarez

    Yea baby

  39. Wyoming Wyoming

    Kenney Chesney.Somewhere with you.9-2-19 Whoo! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I ALWAYS FEEL.

  40. derek0173

    This is that shit!!!!

  41. Bobby McCown

    Jason aldean would made this song sound so much better

  42. Tya Leo

    Damn....Boy u soooo stubborn....makin' me suffer.....5+ months dude....REALLY?!?! 😔😭

  43. Elisandra Garcia


  44. Betty Boop

    Hearing a memory you've never been able to touch or get back to, that's what this song is to me. A haunting memory of everything wrong with what happened.

  45. Sheri

    This is THE song which turned my head to country music. A "perfect" song... harmonic progression, percussion, change of beat, great lyrics. It is perfection no matter what the genre. <3 <3 <3 TX Hill Country

  46. 1is1

    miss you Judy....

  47. Betty Desormeaux

    One of my favorite

  48. Maiq the undecided _

    It's like being in the nether

  49. Brandon Caldwell

    Pandora refuses to play this song on a station thats created after it.

  50. Elisandra Garcia

    Love it ❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺❤️

  51. Betty Powell

    My song from my past, when I was young, love this song Kenny, love you

  52. Lori Romano

    Love this!! Very UNDERRATED

  53. Ulrike Thalhammer

    So schöne Musik Kenny Chesney 👍🎸🎵🤠🐎🌻

  54. Zack Compton

    I wish I could get my ex back

  55. Lin Hun

    One sweet day ...

  56. Kim Orrell

    :0) thank you for your friendship

  57. Red 2020

    💓 Love Adrian

  58. Kimberly weeks

    Miss talking

  59. Alice Godinez

    Great lyrics ♡

  60. Leonardo Natanael

    Uma das melhores músicas do Kenny Chesney, topp.

  61. Just Car Things

    Who still listens to this song in 2019


    Just Car Things Since most Kenny Chesney songs bring back a million memories of my late fiancé after being together for twelve years. Little things like the I don’t know how many concerts we went to, Me and you being the first song we danced to, both of us totally relating to so many of his songs and so much more, - I lost him in November of 2017 and don’t think I’ll ever recover, so still listen to this song in 2019.

    Renee Fendrick

    I Love this song


    Just Car Things in 2020

  62. Michelle A

    This song takes me back and think of good times, way to go Kenny. I get lost in this song everytime I hear it... 🤗

  63. lateasha gantt


  64. lateasha gantt


  65. Thanks Giving

    Soo truuuu



  67. W.M. Uhrbrock

    Brief Rey of sunshine....

  68. Soila Cantu


  69. Saul Abrego

    This song to me will always be about a wonderful woman named Belinda, because this song basically describes all that she and I went through. It will forever be her song.

  70. tcm69jets1

    I don't know which x to call up though

  71. love me leave me

    U c how u r ????????? Stop playing God and stop hurting me ok I got it I iiiiiiii messed up iiiiii did I did sorry. I miss u but I have learned to watch u b successful and happy and now ur n love with a new venture. Stop looking back and opening the door to relive the mean things I did to u.....u won I put u down showed u no none respect and never stopped. But I c I planted the seed God is n ur heart the lyrics r amazing and ur new life is going to put u where u belong. I too have moved on to my destiny

  72. Jenny Hammond

    The KING of country music as far as I am concerned. you sing so good and very good lyrics.

  73. Deena Enfinger

    Investigating In teresting finds.

  74. Deena Enfinger

    I want to see you soon

  75. Delilah

    What I been up to might be funny to a clown,jester or joker, always playing games....

    Charlie Segovia

    Hmmm come see me

  76. Jesse Garza

    Man I love this song

  77. Tommy K

    The first cut is the deepest....🍻🍻

  78. Glenn Davis

    After getting back stateside. This song has some good memories USAF SSGT G.Davis.

  79. - Spaced Out - & - Space Bound -

    I miss the old country.

  80. MariaLuisa Martinez

    Just really love he's music always ,U go KennyCheseney

    MariaLuisa Martinez

    Maria Martinez Austin Texas Montoplis girl!!78741

  81. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Wow cool super 🌹👍

  82. Catia Denny

    Yes, Dear.
    Love it this song.💕💕😘😘

  83. Carrin Fultz

    This is for my high school sweetheart Dalton💚 I've never been able to hate him no matter what he does to me. I love him and in a couple weeks I'll be having his kid but he's with someone else 😔

  84. him

    White boys...putting it down..i aint hating!

  85. Harold Zafra

    the best version is from shane mack

  86. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    My Song 💘💘💘💘💘

  87. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


  88. Charlie Segovia

    I much rather be with you

  89. Ramiro Fire

    Happy 51st Birthday!! Kenny

  90. Dude

    Why is my girlfriend somewhere with you instead of me lol.

    Jessica Beaver

    If you have to ask .........

  91. Susan Villasenor

    ❤️I will always love you Thomas v.Campos❤️

  92. Tony Munoz

    Love it

  93. Jody Sowder

    One of the best songs I've ever heard

  94. Tomislav Budek

    Kenny you are legend! This song for me mean evrithn

  95. kr7kr

    I splacky mildew in the cheesebone for this.

  96. Selva Ozelli

    Lovely song