Kennedy, Dom - The Ways Lyrics

You know you can't stress about this here

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, she like 5"2
She got her hair done too
You don't think I'll give it to her
Nigga, that's so untrue
I got a room full of space
I got drugs you can take
I'm a give it to you good girl, in so many ways
So many ways
So many ways
So many ways, there more then one way to love a girl
In so many ways
You got so many curves, let me see you work
I wanna watch you shop
Come here let me hold that skirt
Real nigga go first
I ain't scared, I ain't scared
Yeah I heard sex is a weapon, but I ain't dead, I ain't dead
Let your pants fall down
Let your tan line show
I'm in the 323, she from the 504
She wanna back it up for me, I told her back it up for me
Then I pulled out the yea boy, and made her strap it up for me
She fast enough for me, she got ass enough for me
And we can all night, if you can last enough for me

There she go, there she go
I drive her hysterical, eat her like a cherry though
Let me count the ways, the ways, the ways. [x3]

[Verse 2:]
So let me feel that girl, I know you feel that girl
When you was mine, I gave you good dick
And you know where it's still at girl
Oooh, say you gotta man, soooo do I give a damn, noooo
And do you got plans, hoooo oooh
Cause summer I'm really finna kill it this summer, these other niggas, finna be bummer than I!

[Chorus x3]

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Kennedy, Dom The Ways Comments
  1. Robert Bautista

    Pomona glass house. Yela album tour. Dope

  2. Sasha Lovee

    SAy you got a man so whoaaaa

  3. Evan Cornwell

    One of his best hits