Kendrick Lamar - Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar]
I was sitting on the couch, reading yellow paper
A letter in reply, seven days later
after I wrote him "stay strong, keep your faith in God"
what I told him, hoping that he's listening
Said that they tried to give him like a hundred years
What a coincidence, I was bumping some Plies
I can taste the salt from my tears
as the water had start to flood on my eyes
I know it gotta be hard being twenty-one
Doing time in the pen and your gramp's old
Your brother's getting older, and the streets is getting colder
and you're hoping that he's focussed to stay on the right road
Sleeping in a cell, it's been thirty weeks
Ain't received any mail, it's cold and the hole stinks
And you can't even blink without niggas testing your life
As I read every word that you write, I can only imagine
Jason Keaton, I can only imagine, yeah

[Chorus: Javonte]
Life's about decisions man
It's in your hand and you got it
Just take control if you can
It's in your hand and you got it

[Kendrick Lamar]
Sitting on the couch, that was my Uncle Bobby
after he just got out, fifteen years to count
Haven't seen the world in so long, haven't seen a girl in so long
and before the sun came up, he was gone
like a fiend off the best rock
Trying to get his life together, or whatnot
Typed his name in the system and they couldn't find his identity
Got it straight, got a place, found some serenity
Found a job, found his mother gravesite, found a forty ounce
Then he found God, then he bounced
Then he found a new chick, two kids, wide hips
Found something in her we didn't see
Found this spot in Pasadena and shacked with her, an investment
Then found guilty, somebody had yelled domestic
Violence on my Uncle, was working with two strikes
Only out a year, now facing life, I can only imagine
That's fucked up, I can only imagine, Uncle Bob


[Kendrick Lamar]
Sitting on the couch, thinking bout the ratio
of blacks in prison, it's compact in prison
when blacks packed with minorities, system grab more of these
eighteen-year-olds, eighteen-year sentence
with no parole, the state won't oversee
They make the term severe, a conspiracy
That's what I call it, it's full of shit, a toilet can help quick
The government help? No, just put us on death row
Just give us some more guns, then give us some more coke
Then give us another chair, then give us some more rope
Then hang it like right there, yeah, it's justice for all
But ninety-percent unfair, care? Nah
Alcatraz was purchased by a white man for five grand
with intentions to expand, more prisons
So these correctionals ain't for rehabilitation
They for grossing a bigger business, imagine
We being used, imagine, the truth shall be told


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Kendrick Lamar Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton Comments
  1. christon garcia

    Who’s here 2019-2020!

  2. Jacorie H

    This could be a reach but why do I feel like this, don’t understand and sing about me is all related?


    As the water start to flood in my eyes😢 Free my uncle. Kendrick you the greatest of my generation.

  4. Matt Testa

    Real Kendrick

  5. Stoner Visions

    this production is amazing it really sets the scene of

  6. Julius Menu

    This where good times. I got some kids on my school that say they're a big Kendrick Lamar fan and then you ask them what songs they know of him and they say:" Humble... huh". At least if you know HUMBLE. then you should know DNA. but they don't even know DNA. They don't even know the name of the album DAMN. I hate them bendwagoners.

    u g l y s t a c k s

    His new songs are alright but his old and original music are where his best work is at

  7. M. Lalane

    Dive into his past work make me feel special because right now he is too famous, that's not bad, I'm proud of K-Dot but maybe I feel closer when I hear these old songs. 🙏🏽

  8. GaRy FaCts

    My Potnas!

  9. Grizzlybeatz

    Yo, this is good.

  10. Raeleigh Stephens

    2017 and still listening to this track

  11. LeezySkywalker

    I wish more people would listen to this kendrick too, i love this

  12. China Cee

    I played this song so much the CD starting skipping about 5 year ago. (Not throwing it out though)...Forever my favorite era of Kendrick's.

  13. The Rain

    This song makes me cry.

  14. Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias

    Love the beat

  15. Mateo Toro


  16. Jacorie H

    Wait so is the same guy that he talk about with the brother story? or is this a different person. Cause I remember a name in his song collect calls and someone in dont understand and a few others

  17. Cloud Tribe

    "Got it straight, got a place, found some serenity
    Found a job, found his Mother's grave site, found a 40 ounce
    Then he found God, then he bounced, then he found a new chick
    Two kids, wide hips, found something in her we didn't see.."

    Drethebostonkid Official

    Esharido read fences

  18. keavan harris

    We Got to change the way we think people. The world is turning against use let's. stand together

  19. keavan harris

    Top Dogg. monster on Kendrick lp

  20. Anthony Martinez

    Can someone make in instrumental of this song pls!?!?

  21. Ryan Mickens

    The Kendrick Lamar EP and Overly Dedicated still are my favorite works by this dude, he truly opened my eyes when I first heard him years ago, KDot on top


    RIP chad from the UK. This vids kinda sad i just wanted to know if the kid holding pic was jason keatons bro.

  23. Omar Ramirez

    Why is his old stuff more addicting than his new shit

  24. Mathias Guldborg

    Was that Chad Keaton who were holding up the picture??


    looks like it. sad ennit

  25. Chorrell Piqué

    People need to find this Kendrick


    i'm finding him now

    Zack Abnet

    This why i liked from the begging.

  26. cali correa

    Yo this is how I found out about prison making profits, then I became an expert with John Oliver but fuck. I miss kendrick who was in politics

    Dom Cruise

    he still is. but same, kendrick and jon opened my eyes to this

  27. Isaiah Conner

    That EP is a very underrated project


    Very! Personally my favorite project by Kendrick Lamar.

    Huey Freeman

    Isaiah Conner confirmed classic

  28. BVTR94

    one of my favs of K-Dot ... too real tho.

  29. Nathan Delgado

    Heard this song a while back. Rip Chad

  30. Rise

    the fact this doesn't even have 100,000 views amazes me


    Rise barely has over 100,000 3 years after this post.. smh

    I. Sean

    I’m so amazed this only is at 100,000 man smh... this a gem for the real fans I guess.

    Disconnected Roamer

    @I. Sean true


    Because he wasn’t ready at that time yet. The talent/gift was their but it wasn’t his time yet. No need to complain about why he doesn’t have so and so views on this particular positive(talks about something with honesty) song.

  31. Imiko

    Most of the fans who got on when GKMC dropped don't even know about this Kendrick Lamar, sad because they're missing out on alot of good music.

    elan sings

    It’s the soul of the good kid we see in the Kendrick Lamar and other LPs before gkmc. He mastered the art of presentation with all the experiences. Thanks to black hippy and Top Dog 🤴🏽

    The Rain

    I tell everyone to checkout The Kendrick Lamar EP, O.verly D.edicated, and Section 80 anytime he's brought up in conversation, or his music is playing.

    Jason Thomas

    I like this Kdot more than his newer stuff

    Royal Priesthood _

    @Jason Thomas A lot of his older stuff is real soulful. Not to say his newer stuff is garbage but these older songs have a Special feel to them

    Disconnected Roamer

    I got on when section 80 dropped but had to go back to see his other work. OD is my favourite but the EP is amazing

  32. Niko Georgakopoulos

    Why isn't his debut on spotify anymore!

    Super Saiyan Jessoid

    Niko Georgakopoulos im wondering why it isnt on  music, this self-titled EP and Overly Dedicated is what really needs to be up there

  33. Samurai Jack

    RIP Chad

  34. Bob Johnson

    I love how Kendrick is standing in front of the wall that says Jesus is Lord and He loves you

  35. Queens & Kings Rios


  36. Griffin Stacy

    uncle bob ...

  37. Lindiwe Mashinini

    I really love this song, this is what hip hop is supposed to be about, real individuals opening up their hearts and showing their pain so that we may all know that we're not alone in how we feel in this world. frankly I really cant imagine how blacks are been treated in American jails, same way I've never kick pushed but its story telling done in a way that I can place myself in their shoes. thats real hip hop I think.

    AMJ & EV3

    you're thinking right.

    MiSteR NiiCE

    Lindiwe Mashinini yup im Native and my bro in jail on some bullshit on his 3rd year.

    elan sings

    ❤️ touché very well put

  38. AllDayVibin

    idk man lots of stuff lol

  39. Kim

    Nah more like Rip Hamilton

  40. daybreakH3RO1017

    3 dislikes? You guys are clueless. This is so true. Real hip hop from a real rapper. Wow.

  41. 0Moreno0

    The bandwagoners dunno about this song

  42. 0Moreno0

    The bandwagoners dunno about this song

  43. 0Moreno0

    The bandwagoners dunno about this song

  44. Vill Vash

    All I have to say is listen to 3:00 - 3:14 he has knowledge

  45. SeekerOfTruths

    Black people are being used by the corrupt justice system to provide revenue for private prisons,they are being moved from prison to prison like cattle.Its fucking sickening that this is happening in 2013.Thanks for putting it out there kendrick.

  46. justin adams

    the song sound like a heart beat man good calm ass song

  47. justin adams

    good song to calm your nerves

  48. Marcos Fortes


  49. Poetic Arson

    O.o didnt kno this had a video

  50. Alex Woods

    this really needs more views!!!

  51. Son Goku


  52. DeMario

    his dad is in this video

  53. 3Kwas8

    yall hear what he said at the end? that was real talk use your brain before making decisions people

  54. Tyler Haas

    great album its weird at the end how they put myspace links and bandcamp links its weird how big he is now and it seems like a short time ago he on the come up like alot of us just goes to show

  55. Stylinyomomma

    This song is real shit. + Props to Kendrick for getting Jason Terry to sing on this track.

  56. Rick Negro

    thats not true at all, Nas isnt dead, nor is absoul, or Lupe, or Krs1, or Rakim, or hundreds of other truly real artists

  57. AyeRaab

    you know what's sad, since he's so real he's going to be killed in the future. like all other great men that have shed light on the world.

  58. Tshepp HB

    dude ass singing look like ricky smiley lol but kdot dat nigga doe

  59. Jonathan Saavedra

    @ItzSnaps we gotta dig deep down to find real hip-hop

  60. Jonathan Saavedra

    @Gucci allDay it does. Kendrick is such a great storyteller

  61. Jonathan Saavedra

    @navajorg thats my favorite track.

  62. Jorge Nava

    If you got the Deluxe Edition on iTunes then you got Collect Calls, which is when he interprets his Uncle Bobby and his Grandma!

  63. awhizzles22

    everytime i listen to this song i go "damn thats fucked up." =/. good song though.

  64. Gucci allDay

    I believe this song has something to do with "good kid m.a.a.d city" (m.a.a.d)

  65. Kerry Wilson

    this song gets me so chill i listen to this when I do my homework because it keeps me in a mental state of serenity.

  66. 101Conscience

    beautiful song

  67. Tony Janssens

    i want this sample i like that !!!!

  68. Blunt

    Damn man 30 thousand views ? Is that serieus this deserves atleast a few millions. Hip hop aint dead you just need to find it

  69. Young Soup

    2/3 of the cover of Good Kid Maad City

  70. Jodoroki

    Better than 2 pac

  71. random user

    And people say real hip hop is dead.


  72. littlechery1

    Used to be into that mainstream bullshit then I heard people talkin bout Kendrick Lamar, listened to his music and started gettin into underground and old school I love this guy. I still love my drake and YMCMB but they ain't the truth it's a shame cus ppl actually support that B.s. ..... KENDRICK LAMAR ALL DAY! :)

  73. iii Chaos

    My heart stopped beating for like 5 minutes.

  74. StephonVowz

    Feeling This track forreal

  75. DJScorpio Dublin

    Less than 30000 views. WDF !! - When will people realize real music !

  76. Dolly Pardon

    I love him

  77. ChoosingLove&Truth

    This what I'm talking about...socially conscious music. Real Hip-Hop. Uplift the minds of the people. Yes.

  78. Austin G

    Lamar spits the truth.... #realtalk

  79. lastoftheki

    im def feelin this, we definitely being used. all of us.

  80. lionstrykr

    I was droppin a duece and flippin through an old ass source magazine. A voice in the back of my head told me to youtube him. Greatest decision i ever made.

  81. Bob Johnson

    who else hears the truth in that last verse ? it hit my spine i feel this way but when i speak it people ignore me lamar is the truth

  82. Morgan Taylor

    This tha shit "good kids in a mad city" H up!!

  83. Johan Christopher Lamar!!!!!!
    cant stop bobbin my head
    This track is what i been listening to for the past 5 muthafukkin hours!! cant get sick of it.
    Do ya thing dawg.


  84. Alexander.G

    realest rapper

  85. tony snyder

    dude singing looks like jason terry lol

  86. Christina Griffin

    he is the Hi Power

  87. Quandell Nero

    KEpT IT 100

  88. frozenwifi

    javonte has an amazing voice

  89. J JONES

    lifes about decisions made

  90. burbankent

    go check em out
    also check out BURBANK artist currie
    i posted a few vids of his work
    hes pretty dope

  91. Troy Thornton

    so real.. makes you be thankful for the family you have with you

  92. WhereDa BandzAt

    damn this was some real shyt... it sounds like he use to write poetry

  93. Jalen C

    i don't wanna stop hitting replay

  94. yugang08

    Cant believe i slept on this particular song on the entire ep *bitch slap myself*