Kendrick Lamar - LMAO Lyrics

Wow, I think y'all must have forgot or something
Like I ain't hot or something
Like I don't make your girl take off her top or something

[Chorus 1]
I'm like, ha-ha-ha-ha-hah, L-M-A-O
Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah, L-M-A-O
Laughing at haters in here
I be her favorite in here
She want to play-play
What more can I say-say?

But, mm, jumped in the coupe and I'm gone
I smell like money, I don't need no cologne
I just need me a freak that can jump on the bone
Like an X-ray technician, my rectangular prism
Says money, sex, then drugs, all cause I'm twenty-one
Like playing blackjack, picture this Kodak
Moment forever, K. Dot that dude
She sucked my dick and got frostbite, I'm that cool

[Chorus 2]
I got a pocket full of checks, plus I'm bouncing through the club
With a crazy two-step and diamonds on my neck
Ziploc fresh, Ziploc fresh
And hoes want to play-play
What more can I say-say?
But ha-ha-ha-ha-hah, L-M-A-O
Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah, L-M-A-O
Laughing at haters in here
I be her favorite in here
She want to play-play
What more can I say-say?

Yeeeaah, bottle of Goose and I'm gone
Watching her get loose like a third grader's tooth
The shit that we on is the ultimate high
'XXL' flow, that's the ultimate 'Vibe'
Park that Lambi outside just to fuck with the haters
Put the Lambi in drive, watch it peel like potatoes
Holler L-M-A-O with a drunken two-step
Like I never could pass a sobriety test

[Chorus 2]

Yeeeah, I'm in the club acting mannish
[?] lenses, make my view panoramic
I'm out of this world, I'm off of this planet
They don't say K. Dot is here, they say his spaceship has landed
And your access has been granted/granite, like a kitchen floor
But my kitchen's marble, I ride in the carpool
because I got two whores in the back of that roam
See they're all I need, like a layup from a loan

[Chorus 2]

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Kendrick Lamar LMAO Comments
  1. Rj Martinez

    2020 still slaps

  2. mia pia

    it’s been so long since i first heard this song and fell in love with it 🥺 i just fell in love all over again i miss this kendrick

  3. Freddy Betty

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Lmao!

  4. whatta gronk

    I miss this kendrick.

  5. Elii Frii

    2019 anyone?

  6. slap yoself213

    This is soo underrated

  7. Casey Brosokas


  8. N A

    Almost 2019 & still vibing!

  9. Ed gAr

    Damn I was in 8th grade when I hear this 4 years agooo

  10. Khb 888

    Kendrick Lmao

  11. Lawson S

    I REALLY wish this was on iTunes😔😔😔

  12. Raffaele Rausa

    I think I must have forgot or something
    Like I ain't hot or something
    Like I don't make your girl take off her top or something

    I'm like
    Laugh at the haters in here
    I'll be her favorite in years
    She wanna play play
    But, what more can I say say?

    [Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
    Jump in the coup and I'm gone
    I smell like money, I don't need no cologne
    I just need me a freak
    That can jump on the bone
    Like an X-Ray technician
    My rectangular prism
    Says money sex then drugs
    All cause I'm 21
    Like playing blackjack
    Picture this kodak
    Moment forever
    K.Dot that dude
    She sucked my dick and got frostbite
    I'm that cool

    I got a pocket full of checks
    Plus I'm bouncing through the club
    With a crazy two-step
    And diamonds on my neck
    Ziploc fresh
    Ziploc fresh
    Hoes wanna play play
    What more can I say say?


    [Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
    Bottle of goose and I'm gone
    Watching her get loose
    Like a third graders tooth
    The shit that we on
    Is the ultimate high
    Double XL flow
    That's the ultimate vibe
    Park that Lambi' outside
    Just to fuck with the haters
    Put the Lami' in drive
    Watch 'em peel like potatoes
    Holla' LMAO
    When they drunk and two-step
    Like I never could pass
    A sobriety test



    [Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
    I'm in the club I can manage
    Providing lenses
    Make my view panoramic
    I'm out of this world
    I'm off of this planet
    They don't say K.Dot is here
    They say his spaceship has landed
    And your access has been granted
    Like a kitchen floor
    But my floor is marble
    I ride in the carpool because I got two whores
    In the back of that chrome
    See they're all I need
    Like Aaliyah alone



  13. Ayam Goereng

    kenderick lmao

  14. tamika love


  15. Patrick Whipple

    Crazy how when this frist came out I was listening to black eyed peas shit when I could have been bumping this fire ass shit.

  16. Carter Keith

    This is a classic

  17. LBJTITAN23

    2018 and bumping

  18. Eric Perry

    Where is the instrumental!
    Yawl producers on that play'play. What more can I say say?

  19. Torron Brown

    I didn't know Kendrick lamar was out in 2009 I thought he came around in 2011 when I first heard his song featuring dr dre

    Darth Troller

    He was rapping since 2004, he kept dropping mixtapes and freestyles

  20. fernando yanez

    I swear this song is slept on too much 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  21. brandonnminajj

    Why isn't this in Spotify?!


    Benny The Gamer mixtape

  22. Zaha 2169

    I don't why but I like how laughs in this song

  23. hospitalcleaner

    Damn kendricks dick is ice cold homie

  24. Munchkkinz

    i love going back to these old tracks and seeing the evolution of kendrick man. so amazing

  25. Dionte Askew

    Man that old K.Dot is classic!!!

  26. Risky TV

    I finally found this song

  27. Brianna Butler

    Is there a instrumental beat for this?

  28. VERMAC


  29. Osman Soyer

    2017 & still vibin

  30. -kaster- -kaster-

    Ho's wanna play play what mo can I say say !👌lmao

  31. Antonio Pimentel

    What's the original beat to this song?


    samplen is Cream and Sugar by Captain Sky

  32. Currentless

    2016 anyone??

    Toke Monstah

    Well I didn't die yet.. So yea buddy 2016

  33. Chuy Bates

    why is this not on iTunes? pls

  34. Shehab Ammar

    For years Kendrick has been killing tracks. These tracks are gonna be my easy listening music in some decades lmao

  35. Jason Grant

    wasn't too hard for me to find....

    you're welcome

  36. cos0ne

    if anyone can find this sample it would be greatly appreciated

    Jason Grant

    Captain Sky - Cream & Sugar


    @Jason Grant wow man thank u , the og version is just as good. 1luv


    yoo what is it lol?

  37. Willys Chitumba

    this is too good....its a shame many people don't know these old tracks

  38. ContentRequest

    My favorite sentence in rap ever: ''They don't say K-Dot is here, ''They say his spaceship has landed''.''.


    forreals tho

    Daniel Pascoe

    not the one about the frostbite?

  39. Joel Ellington

    Omg where can I find this beat

    Eric Perry

    for real. tried and failed lol haven't done exstensive research tho.

    what bitch

    Dam I looked everywhere 4 diz trk

  40. Ansel Duke

    I smell like money, I don't need no cologne. 

    Shehab Ammar

    Money would sell like sweat and Cocaine lmao

  41. Lars Haugen

    ayy lmao

  42. William Robinson

    Thank GOD for K. DOT! His music is what Rap/Hip-hop is suppose to sound like. He don't have to curse to make a song sound good.

  43. A.K.A Capo

    what is LMAO?


    Laugh my ass of

    austin howard

    Laugh My Ass Off

    Donald J. Trump

    Darude sandstorm

  44. Rashawn Robinson

    "She sucked my dick and got frostbite. I'm that cool." bruhhh


    "She want to play play what more can I say say"

    iSick 77

    @rusciante "Ha ha ha ha haaa"


    +iSick 77 LMAO

  45. TheBraxone

    Still the jam

    Jon Paxson

    @TheBraxone I only like your comment because you have a MF DOOM Album Cover as you pic...

  46. Gunnerrich

    he should make a remix to this song and call that bitch "LOL"

  47. tsunaiyoshi10th

    @synnamon brown .....please stop. This Kendrick is still here.


    They think because he went from k dot to Kendrick his music is different even though it isn't

  48. Synnamon Brown

    I miss this Kendrick Lamar...


    There is only one Kendrick. Hasn't changed.

    Donald J. Trump

    +clAssIcAllymINdless yes he has lol his style is different. He rhymes quicker and kills every track where is he used to be more slow paced not trying to impress

    Synnamon Brown

    Thanks Dick Dansom. And to clAssIc
    I not saying his new stuff is bad or anything but I enjoyed listening to his old stuff more....I related to it better. But hey its just my small opinion.


    +Synnamon Brown kendrick has evolved to a next level artist tho

  49. LoveoneAn

    hahaha l m a o hahaha l m a o

  50. BlackAngryGamer83

    GZP Productions made this beat I think... they make beats just like this..

  51. David Kim

    This song fuelled me up for the next 2 years..

  52. Em -C

    Kendricks that dude lately! Hes bringing agressive competitive rap back! It has been missing almost since pac left, other than some artists such as nas, jay, 50, em, and dmx, they kept the early 2000's interesting

  53. Briana Corsey

    I loved this song

  54. Lana Peter


  55. Trizzelay Frizzelay

    LOL I thought I was just too high ahaha

  56. Griffin Stacy

    watch me get loose like a 3rd graders tooth! now thats a sick ass line, not to mention like all of his lines are dope boi frsh.

  57. realcoleworld

    "Watching her get loose, like a 3rd graders tooth"
    haha I know its not the greatest line to ever be written but I find it funny as hell

  58. MRA

    It's moving alright

  59. Noel Rivas

    haha, what are you smoking on?

  60. eddy molina

    Kendrick brought me here.

  61. DAWDerek XIX


  62. Pink Panther

    "She sucked my d*ck and got frost bite, im that cool!" holy shit sick ass line

  63. ATJenea

    oh gosh! why is he soo cute!! kendrick if you ever read this, we should more than definitely hook up!! shall we say..backstage at wireless festival 2013 maybe!!? ;)

  64. Nya Jay

    Ziploc Fresh! Omfg I fucking loveeeeeeeee Kendrick Lamar!

  65. JayceeCameroN


  66. LeeJay Heisman

    She wanna play, play. What more can I say, say!?

  67. Bases More

    is it me or kendrick's photo is moving?

  68. Johnny Palmer

    @xXPABLOBEANZXx He does... just not often. He was smoking a lot during Section 80 (when he was first hanging out with Dre. Go figure.) And I mean, the song that got him famous (Swimming Pools) obviously exhibits that he's picked up a bottle quite a few times. :)

  69. SwagIsOverUsed

    0:25 beat drops :3

  70. Britter Hart

    What are you, 4? lol

  71. Britter Hart

    Not true. What song are you referring to?

  72. Johnathan Brown

    this that Joint

  73. RalphyP

    its crazy how he doesnt smoke or drink :O

  74. 6IXSAGE

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  75. dictionarytextbook

    ALL I CARE ABOUT IS HOW I CAN GET A HOLD OF THIS INSTRUMENTAL!!!!!!...seriously people bitching about Kendrick should stfu he's neither nor there...hes not on the inside looking out ,he's not on the outside looking in,he's in the dead fucking center looking around...he never claimed to be the most conscious rapper and his actions never go towards the bing bing pussy money weed stereotypical rapper(for those who compared him to wayne) knowing kendrick he's like 95% conscious and 5% fuck it=gen y

  76. Henry Cee

    she sucks my dick, and got frostbite. i'm that cool!

  77. MrIKreator

    I disagree. Name a song that sounds like Lil Waynes shit , lol.

  78. MobbVillain

    Haha dope!

  79. MobbVillain

    Exactly my friend :]
    Do you listen to tribe btw?

  80. MobbVillain

    Which is why our society is corrupted, cant turn on the radio to listen to a decent song most of the time.

  81. FatCowandPigs

    but that's not always the case, since there are many artists out there who aren't dumbing their shit down and are relatively well known, but just won't ever see the same huge promotions and million dollar checks as the mainstream people who have marketing to back them up. I respect the success of every artist who makes it to fame and money, but I disrespect them giving in on their own unique style to do so. It's like buying a thousand dollar kitchen knife just to rub it dull on purpose

  82. MobbVillain

    Hello? Check the media all they listen to is money hoes and fame not life not deep shit

  83. Leonardo Rodriguez

    Such an amazing beat!

  84. Ole Okie Watson

    Listen, He needs to make some radio friendly songs to expand his audience. Then he shocks them with some real hip-hop that these wack listeners have never heard. He's expanding hip-hop and bringing it back. It's all a genius plan to bring hip-hop back.


    I see why he called it LMAO 'she sucked my dick and got frostbite,im that cool

  86. Jodoroki

    They dont say Kendrick is they say his.spaceship has.landed that is genius

  87. FlowDaBoii Kay

    Yo Whats Good. I'll Make This As Short as Possible For You. Im KAY-H. If You Fuck Wit Real Hip Hop And Music With Substance Hit up My Channel And Subscribe. i Need all yall true music heads to help me Make A change With this shit..WE GOIN TO THE TOP.
    All love is much appreciated--KAYH

  88. bazzsofly

    see what u did there

  89. LunaMonae

    Smoke to this shit, listen to this shit, LEARN from this shit

  90. MyTitties123

    @bazzsofly why you tryna spit game on youtube? cuz you're too much of a bitch to do it in person? have respect and leave the girl alone. And people are always complaining that kendricks on the radio now, i dont have a problem with him being on the radio but have you heard what his hip hop has come too? "women weed and weather" thats all the same shit chris brown and fake ass drake rap about. idk man, i still have mad respect for kendrick. real hip hop, but his new aint the same

  91. bazzsofly

    hi, hater..

  92. bazzsofly

    where u from ma?

  93. bazzsofly

    I don't think Kendrick writes a lot of the music I'm hearing....

  94. snoth cambin

    i hated kendricks voice when he was first startin out lol