Kendrick Lamar - I Am (Interlude) Lyrics

See y'all don't understand me
My plan be is to win y'all hearts before I win a Grammy
Kendrick Lamar, words like a sword in the hands of a Spartan
marching on Rosecrans in Compton
You can't cause conflict or corrupt my spirit
I'm on point like period
I've been there and gone before you get near it
Ooh wee, that young boy remind me of a young Martin Luther
the way he piece up troopers, then round up shooters
Like Malcolm X did, I stand for what I believe in
Family, God and honor
From Chicago, my daddy and my momma
Came to Compton to accomplish one thing
Raise a king, reign supreme, named Kendrick
I ain't lying, it stand for king and I am one
My unborn son and grandson will live royal
from the coochie to the soil
The meek shall inherit the Earth
Well I've had this world since birth
Feel the good kid's hunger
The Crips made strong, the Pirus made stronger
Muscle in my heart
Stare at the eyes of Mozart, then tell him I'm the genius
Do my dougie and grab my penis
cause I means this with all my soul
And you can't control greatness 'less you hating with the heart of Satan
But even that can't stop it
Nigga, get out my wallet and put passion in your logic
Passion in your life, the passion of my Christ is in me
And if you say it ain't, you may offend me
Damn that boy good
Bright as Thomas Edison, but Gucci manhood
He stood alone for so long
Prolonged his whole career, but now he's here
You can shoot shots or cheer cause I... am

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Kendrick Lamar I Am (Interlude) Comments
  1. Alex Barron

    i come back to this video once every now and then, the goosebumps i get are crazy

  2. Tia Jayde

    Kendrick tells the future

  3. Chigozie

    Who's here in 2019?

  4. Skrap_Sdp

    The crips made strong the pirus made string.

    Whooop 👌

  5. Ernie Rosas


  6. Kevin F

    Saw him live having never heard this and when he said "Damn that boy's good. Bright as Thomas Edison but Gucci Mane hood" I don't think I've ever been so floored by a lyric. There's this air of 'destiny' around Kendrick being great and lines like that make you know he feels it and that's why he just exudes some kind of an aura of being the king

  7. EbzSaga Games

    Wins your hearts before I win a grammy!!

  8. _ Incoming

    You probably heard wanna be heard, and wonder who I am.
    You probably even listen to Faith & think I know Zion.

  9. Xisrahne

    anyone here 7 years into the future 2019?????

  10. Lilpeep Wastrash

    Best verse.

  11. Kyle Gray

    O zed o zed O sed O.

  12. Anthony Medina

    2018 still listening to these bars🔥🔥

  13. Jay Taylor

    16/08/2018 currently 02.17am and with out doubt still kendricks best album to date!! real talk!! simply amazing!!!

  14. Aaron Perry

    Grammy count ?

  15. Lady Bambi Rodriguez

    DAMN, this boy good

  16. hovering

    this true

  17. Kyle Austin

    Herd this live in Milwaukee the energy was electric

  18. DrinkMoWater

    When you hear a kendrick interlude you hear a fire projects of work right after that.... a writer that sees music 🔥👍

  19. eyedeally

    I only respect the kendrick fans who have heard this song

    Tim Xman

    eyedeally Same bro. Only true Kendrick Lamar fans have heard this

    Stefan Trifunovic

    Aye bruh if it ain’t on Spotify I ain’t gone hear it, I’m way too young for to have heard it anywhere else, that don’t mean I’m not a true Kendrick fan. I just found out about this one cos it was quoted by Genius and I went on here to find it.


    @Stefan Trifunovic mixtape datpiff days lol

  20. repdoparin

    é King Kendrick, você cresceu muito nesses 5 anos...

  21. Johanne Barrera

    Do my dougie and grab my penis !!! HAHAHA beast line right there


    "The Crips made strong, The Pirus made stronger." I still think Kendrick is guilty by association with bloods

    Mr November

    NMRLZ LBRK "this piru shit been in me forever"


    Mr November he was quoting the brother of the person that died in sing about me. that whole second verse was him rapping in the shoes of the brother of the guy that got killed in the skit

  23. rigamortis untitled

    2017, everyday motivation. God, family, honor. peace, love and soul🤙🏾
    king kendrick.

  24. Delgado

    Favourite verse of Kendrick

  25. nate pranger

    Damn is going to get him a couple more 🤷🏽‍♂️

  26. Shane B

    Believe - Q tip

  27. Tevyn Mitchum

    He did all he said

  28. IRONY

    this song is dope

  29. KittyEars&Headbands

    All these ARTIST go MAINSTREAM and they think they are KINGS or GODS.

    This is the interlude to "I am", I AM is GOD, Yahweh! Is this a coincidence that Kanye, Jay Z, will.iam think they are gods? Ugh no they are defying God by self worship!

    There is only ONE King the king of kings, JESUS CHRIST!


    KittyEars&Headbands He wasn't even famous at this time. King of rap idiot

    Johann Moore

    If you think that Kendrick was trying to exalt himself, then why are u even listening to this?

  30. Anthony Jackson

    damn I like Kendrick but I wish he still sounded like this


    Anthony Jackson stfu


    Anthony Jackson I feel the same way my man.

  31. Malik Billings-el

    tupac would love this man

  32. sage dolph

    Bright as Thomas Eddison but Gucci Man hood

    Malik Billings-el

    Randolph Wilkerson that was 🔥 right there

  33. The Goat

    This man is amazing

    Malik Billings-el

    DeMonté Q 🔥💪

  34. APD

    OOOO Weee

  35. Fred Morris

    If you wanna hear my version over this beat check out my soundcloud

    Tim Xman

    Fred Morris What happened to it bro it's not on soundcloud no more I guess

  36. M. Jundurrahmaan

    Man, everythin changed for our boy 5 years later.


    more like 3

  37. chipo nyakabau

    5 years later 2 in hand and 11 nominations. Hats off for you sir

  38. debt grips

    this reminds me of for free?

    ronnie 2dope

    What u smokin

    debt grips

    the instrumentation just does i have no idea way and the way he speaks lmao

  39. Mohammed Medani

    And then at the grammys performance :
    ' see yall dont understand me, my plan is to win your hearts here at the grammys'
    and pulls of a beautiful performance with imagine dragons.
    This is a living legend ladies and gentlemen.

  40. Eryka J. Pierre

    4 years later, Nominated for 11 Grammys in one night. Mannnn.....Life.

  41. Lil Bow Wow Top 5

    ooooo weeee

    Tim Xman

    Darby Crash 😂😂😂😂

  42. Alpha

    Legendary verse

    Tim Xman

    Buck That Bought A Bottle...This Whole Entire Interlude is Legendary

  43. Nick Harris

    still his favorite way to end his concerts

    Arturo Jr

    +Nick Harris He ends with this?

    Nick Harris

    well he did at the show in atlanta he did it at the 2014 grammys too

    Jakub Gancarz

    +Nick Harris he did in Melbourne last night and I'm going to his performance in Sydney tomorrow. If he doesn't, ill be mad


    +Jake Gancarz Yeah it was so sick in melbourne

  44. eyedeally

    This is from Kendrick Lamar EP ^^

  45. Arick Ortiz

    what album is this off of?

    Alexis Magana

    It's on his mixtape, Kendrick Lamar EP

  46. christian6455

    I play this shit Monday - Friday heading to school got me thru 10 grade


    Phenyo kenosi my favorite k dot song at the time


    @christian6455 Lmao it took you 32 weeks to reply back?😅😅


    @Insane Lunatic hey I didn't see his comment lmao


    @christian6455 Lol😂

  47. DKY


  48. Marc Gray II

    Anybody notice that all of Kendrick's interludes are good


    Deuce Gray Facts...For Sale? is some ear orgasm shit

    Flairgone Ruby

    ballinhunter12 Eargasm

  49. Rashawn Robinson

    and 4 years later, two grammys on Kendrick's hands 


    He got best rap album of year today

    Aaron Perry

    Now he has 12.

    Chosen Productions

    Rashawn Robinson man... Kendrick went from 2 grammy’s to 12 in 7 years..

    Rashawn Robinson

    Law of attraction is real man

  50. Sandy Knowlton IV

    Reebok commercial brought me back to this

  51. S.S. Zae

    ✌real rap

  52. Freebase Reese

    Too smooth with it !


    thank u

  53. Danny L

    his fucking proooooo

  54. Ty Cøbain

    Dman sent me

  55. jhonny lapp

    he said the beginning verse at the grammys....DAMNNN

    Jake Lay

    jhonny lapp DAMN.

    Tim Xman

    jhonny lapp...His New Album is DAMN Good

  56. clAssIcAllymINdless

    He is amazing. 

  57. 80kiddz

    Kendrick lamar will always be my favorite rapper

  58. DonDa1

    he ugly af with a bald head

  59. Samson Kevin

    You can't say that cause then it happens

  60. Sherise Graham

    wow just wow

  61. Joydan Holley

    Real rap favorite rapper

  62. Malik Dillahunt

    Q-tip believe

  63. Dreya Lowe

    King Kendrick Lamar

  64. CrimsonKing97

    Kendrick Lamar will go down as one of the greatest rappers to ever do this rap shit. This interlude is one of the most intelligent speeches I've ever heard.... Kinda like Em on The Eminem Show. This is some revolutionary shit for hip hop. WE CANNOT OVERLOOK THIS, GUYS. LETS KEEP KENDRICK/BLACK HIPPY/TDE ON TOP AND HOPE FOR THE BEST IN RAP'S FUTURE.

  65. Kim Jenkins

    This young man is so correct, i like him. He will go real far. He is intelligent and articulate.
    And he knows what TIME IT IS! Write On young brother.

  66. Robey Santistevan

    I swear he's the next MLK. He WILL change the world with his voice.

  67. Retroe38

    on some poetic type shitttt

  68. Lyrix850

    Nobodys fuckin with this man... HAIL KING KENDRICK!!


    Lyrix850 how the tables have turned

  69. andrayus badgett


  70. Finding Vangie

    Hes so real man

  71. Hervin Balfour

    Only 4870 views??? WTF???

  72. Zone13Luckee

    The flow.. fuck.

  73. Nafsi The Chosen

    I didnt mean to dislike it i meant to press like

  74. Black Dynamite

    Wow....I have no words

  75. ThatWeirdoGaL90

    Believe by Q-Tip ft.D'Angelo