Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPoWeR Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar]
Everybody put three fingers in the air
The sky is falling, the wind is calling
Stand for something or die in the morning
Section 80, HiiiPoWeR

Visions of Martin Luther staring at me
Malcolm X put a hex on my future, someone catch me
I'm falling victim to a revolutionary song
The Serengeti's clone
Back to put you backstabbers back on your spinal bone
You slipped your disc when I slid you my disc
You wanted to diss, but jumped on my dick
Grown men never should bite their tongue
unless you eating pussy that smell like it's a stale plum
I got my finger on the motherfucking pistol
aiming it at a pig, Charlotte's Web is gonna miss you
My issue isn't televised, and you ain't gotta tell the wise
how to stay on beat, because our life's an instrumental
This is physical and mental, I won't sugar-coat it
You'd die from diabetes if these other niggas wrote it
And everything on TV just a figment of imagination
I don't want no plastic nation, (dread) that like a Haitian
While you motherfuckers waiting, I be off the slave ship
Building pyramids, writing my own hieroglyphs

Just call the shit HiiiPoWeR
Nigga, nothing less than HiiiPoWeR
Five-star dishes, food for thought bitches
I mean the shit is, Huey Newton going stupid
You can't resist his, HiiiPoWeR
Throw your hands up for HiiiPoWeR

[Kendrick Lamar]
Visions of Martin Luther staring at me
If I see it how he seen it, that would make my parents happy
Sorry mama, I can't turn the other cheek
They wanna knock me off the edge like a fucking widow's peak, uhh
And she always told me pray for the weak, uhh
Them demons got me, I ain't prayed in some weeks, uhh
Dear Lord come save me, the Devil's working hard
He probably clocking double shifts on all of his jobs
Frightening, so fucking frightening
Enough to drive a man insane, I need a license
to kill, I'm standing on a field full of land mines
Doing the moonwalk, hoping I blow up in time
Cause 2012 might not be a fucking legend
Trying to be a fucking legend, the man of mankind
Who said a black man in the Illuminati?
Last time I checked that was the biggest racist party
So get up off that slave ship
Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs

Just call the shit HiiiPoWeR
Nigga, nothing less than HiiiPoWeR
Five-star dishes, food for thought bitches
I mean the shit is, Bobby Seale making meals
You can't resist his, HiiiPoWeR
Throw your hands up for HiiiPoWeR

[Alori Joh (Kendrick Lamar)]
Every day we fight the system
just to make our way, we been down for too long
But that's alright, we was built to be strong
cause it's our life, na-na-nah
Every day we fight the system
We fight the system
We fight the system
(Never liked the system)
We been down for too long
But that's alright, na-na-nah

[Kendrick Lamar]
Who said a black man in Illuminati?
Last time I checked that was the biggest racist party
Last time I checked, we was racing with Marcus Garvey
on the freeway to Africa till I wreck my Audi
And I want everybody to view my autopsy
So you can see exactly where the government had shot me
No conspiracy, my fate is inevitable
They play musical chairs once I'm on that pedestal
Frightening, so fucking frightening
Enough to drive a man insane, a woman insane
The reason Lauryn Hill don't sing, or Kurt Cobain
loaded that clip and then said "Bang!", the drama it bring
is crazy, product of the late 80s
Trying to stay above water, that's why we shun the Navy
Pull your guns and play me, let's set it off
Cause a riot, throw a Molotov
Somebody told me them pirates had got lost
cause we been off them slave ships
Got our own pyramids, write our own hieroglyphs

Just call the shit HiiiPoWeR
Yeah, nothing less than HiiiPoWeR
Five-star dishes, food for thought bitches
I mean the shit is, Fred Hampton on your campus
You can't resist his, HiiiPoWeR
Throw your hands up for HiiiPoWeR

[Kendrick Lamar]
Thug life
Thug LIFE!

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Kendrick Lamar HiiiPoWeR Comments
  1. Tori


  2. Official Filmilen

    Kendrick Lamar is exposing the Illuminati in this song

  3. Esheza Paul

    December 2019🔥🔥

  4. Dylan Garcia

    Man I hope they don’t take his life too...

  5. Pending Poltergeist

    Old kdot sounds like Pusha t

  6. Ryne Fink

    The Kurt line gives me chills everytime

  7. Bryan Navarro

    Push’s t went hard on this!

  8. Brad Lamb

    How to stay on beat*. Not "sound beat"

  9. Fabio Abboud

    what is it going


  10. Tizee Kasete

    The most timeless song of all time

  11. Jorge Ballesteros

    We need more people to listen today. Only comments from 4 years ago??!

  12. Stephen ssr&rtv2019

    He is shite compared to the old school rappers


    @Stephen ssr&rtv2019 and nah actually dont have no criminal record at all 💯 never been caught but if i was for some of the shit i would still be locked up rn

    Stephen ssr&rtv2019

    @Dc5 np that's your opinion ✌️✌️✌️

    Stephen ssr&rtv2019

    @Dc5 fair play I wouldnt have only for snitches


    @Stephen ssr&rtv2019 yea i feel that bruh my cousins was the same got snitched on too. But aight im off this, stay up bro 💯

  13. Catch_U_Mashing

    “Everything on tv just a figment of imagination, I don’t want a plastic nation” dam kenderick can see into the dam future

  14. Jumbo 380

    Pusha T

  15. Hack God

    I have a deep understanding of "the devils working hard he probably clockin double shifts on all of his jobs". Theres gods side and then theres the devils side of things

  16. CampusCutz

    The Nostalgia effect that this song has gives me chills . I close my eyes while listening to this and can see my self 2012 ridin round my city doing young foolish things

  17. fantasie x aj

    Now you in the Illuminati

  18. SharpTheDemon

    J Cole <3

  19. Shawn Valverde

    damn i didn’t know that j cole made the beat

  20. Kenneth Hinton

    Strait 🔥

  21. thisrapthebeast

    This nigga bit Kanye’s lyrics from So Appalled. Fucking rhyme biter

  22. Tex Johnson

    B1, stay on code family

  23. Eddy Johnson

    God bless Jermaine for producing this

  24. Matthew Abernathy

    Bonnaroo 2013 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  25. David Henke

    One of these songs i start smoking weed back then

  26. whau


  27. tony hernandez

    Who came back here after " dreamville" ? I woke up for some money !!!!!

  28. Jimmy Larmour

    damn im 20 and i remember first hearing this song in 2013 it just had a different type of vibe i wish i could go back to before i started smoking weed and feel this all over again

  29. Chate' Mf'n Jackson

    I hate hells kitchen...devil eggs

  30. Dimitrios Spiliopoulos

    Still here in 2019....

    Been Cxzy

    Dimitrios Spiliopoulos finally a recent comment !!!!! GANG !!!!!!

  31. Senku Ishigami


  32. Brandon Carter

    I hear Kanye Influence

  33. VanDamme Power

    There is a 90s feel right here.
    This is what we need in our days...

  34. ThatSavage 4Feathers

    LmAo 18st killa

  35. Brayden Sooialo

    Top 10 favorite rappers
    3.J Cole/Joyner Lucas
    4.2pac/NWA/Snoop Dogg
    6.Nas/Childish Gambino
    8. Wu Tang
    9. Tyler, the creator
    10. A$AP Rocky

  36. anwar beeh

    did that nigga just say black people built the pyramids after getting off the slave ships lel ok i guess

  37. Mike Jay

    This still go strong in 2019, Thanks Kendrick Lamar

  38. bobbythefiasco

    J Cole!!!

  39. Caesar Florez

    You gonna die for this

    ThatSavage 4Feathers


  40. Sarita Shahi

    #meaning of life hii power.....

  41. nik leb

    The 1.6K dislikes are from the government

  42. Danie Baby

    nipsey was murdered, this song came to my mind. "and I want everybody to view my autopsy, so you can see exactly where the government had shot me"

  43. Gage Sivils

    Forgive dont forget

  44. Oscar Garcia

    Me: HiiPower
    My Mic: battery Low

  45. Merika Johnson

    Me: plays Kendrick Lamar in public around white people with the music blasting get stared at intensely.

    Me: play Kendrick around some real n***** a party starts

    Been Cxzy

    Merika Johnson doing this today in LA just to rattle the whites LMAO

  46. talom edgar

    It's 2019 I'm still listening.. I have the song in my mobile but still comeback here to listen it n read your lovely comments.. Kendrick is one of the us rappers who still believe that he belongs to AFRIKA

  47. Kamikaze !

    Kendrick Lamar easily the best rapper in his generation and he's on my top 6 rappers the dude is genius

  48. Rontay Whitley

    2019 👀

  49. Harris Ruslan

    2019 and still the shit that I listen to! 🔥

  50. sserwadda Derrick

    Cole X kdot project √

  51. Candice Dice

    Thug life😎😎

  52. TheReal ZigZag

    Hi Power 💯

  53. Lenny Bibinyiniba Briscoe II

    "How to STAY ON beat" not "How to sound beat" but well done nonetheless.

  54. Jacob Blackamore

    Is it me or does he sound like Pusha T.. on this...

  55. Joey Valo

    My boy exposing the illuminati. Fuck high power! Fuck the illuminati! Fuck the new world order!


    Hes in a secret society too smh..

  56. Ricky Destroyer22

    Thug Life...

  57. esco

    this song means something you know

  58. Patrick Chodorowski

    2019 and this still bumps

  59. Mukesh Jamwal

    Prod. By j. Cole

  60. Fa Raz

    album in 2019??

  61. Phillip Alvarado

    High power of the future 2018 Netflix hulu youtube phones

  62. Hint Of Salt


  63. Mauro Silva

    You're a clone from the Serengeti?

  64. Yza

    I just made this discovery... This sounds like the song... Molotov - gimme tha power... Not only that, i found it weird that it had to do with power.. Im not pointing fingers, i just need confirmation.

  65. José Ferrer

    fucking looped it 5 times already

  66. Paulos Kidane

    He’s the greatest

  67. Adriano Seie

    Best Rapper alive #KDot #HiPower

  68. Josh Payne

    I love this instrumental. Kendrick kills it but I got some fire to this

  69. Celso Dominguez

    Daaamn J.Cole killed it with the beat


    Sounds like Move On by Slaughterhouse

  71. matthew dondo

    who still listening to this song in 2018,am falling victim to Kendricks revolutionary songs.I researched all the names in the songs ,and shit it was enlightening.I live in Zimbabwe and the system is crooked man

  72. eh eh

    Check out Vic Mensa rapping to this beat on Sway in the morning. Its dope af

  73. 5aykredking

    im lost in youtube on autoplay but didnt know i dugged some mythical treasures

  74. Dkj N

    The illuminati the biggest racist party?

  75. Official J. Light

    🚨Small Youtubers 🚨

    Lets support each other 🙏🏼 subscribe, like, comment, & ill do the same! Thumbs this up so we can get a thread going 💯

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    KİLLuminati !!! THUG LİFE

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    I miss the old Kendrick

  78. Olivier Duchesne

    might be the greatest song i've ever heard...

  79. MoNica a

    everyonce a while i come here just to sing this song along with Kendrick

    COLLIN R 2

    Do you get kicked off the stage as well?

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    Stand for something or die in the morning

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    Best fucking son ever

  86. TDG_JT

    Anyone here 2018?

  87. TDG_JT

    *Puts three fingers in the air*


    _"I won't Sugar code it...You'll die from diabetes, if these other niggas wrote"_

    Half of y'all ain't catch that

  89. Starr Shakur

    Like a twister I was born 2walk alone.. my path.. & so I say goodbye

  90. Benaiah Ben Israel


  91. Ralph Garrett

    God has truly greater things in store for you in Jesus Christ name!!!


    All the real kendrick fans here?

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