Kendrick Lamar - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar]
Said I'm a fuckin monster a massive attack'll haunt ya
I mastered the rap then fucked up the monitors
Mastered that, after that I went for thermometers
Popped 'em all as they popped in the jaw of Tracy Veronica
Holla back! They promised us, no pajamas insomnia
will attack, I attack like pirahna does
Hit your block like a comet, BLAP
And you all know what time it is, 20-12 mark your calendars
Calisthenics and silencers, exercisin that trigger STRIP!!
Rock with us Metallica, competition no talent
Hum in the jungle what's wild enough?
Just might stumble upon a PACK, of lions
No lyin my soilders dyin this is I-RAQ
Alliances linin with stars and bars of a prison WRECK
My science applyin pressure her strecher is needed
pay the proceeds, or you live in DEBT!
Y'all soft as a giga-pet; you niggaz can't see me
unless you watchin the TV or ultra huggin my SILHOUETTE
My flow got the ceiling WET; I spit 'til I feel my BREATH
go sink in my fuckin chest
She fuckin the fuckin best, mean my dick is the dick of death
Means I'm killin that pussy like Spike whenever that Jerry slept

Yo Dre! Me and Andre the Giant 6'7" and climbin
Whether you storm to your climate, whether your beat makin or rhymin
Bumpin some Phyllis Hyman, handful of diamonds like Jay fans
On a island wit Ray Bans
Glasses palmin asses that probably came wit a great tan, hee hee
I be the motherfuckin Mecca of these Hub City spectrum
Where they at? I will disect 'em like a fuckin frog's rectum
While you wreckin with a wreckin ball my words flow incredible
They probably call the federal after I slaughter several
Et cetera et cetera, Bentley passin up Celicas
They tellin us about shit, #HiiPoWer in your mouth bitch!
And top dog can vouch bitch; nigga what you 'bout?A
bout face wit army outfits, the general's here
That mean the hustlers and the criminals here
Penitence reachin pinacles of life and despair
And me I solemnly swear
to handle mine like a Taliban and die for it
Only difference is I ain't never askin Allah for it!
Only difference is I be spazzin and still apply for it!
Put me in a category, I don't know what's a sadder story
Guts and glory, yo' pain bore me, you ain't really lived it
I take you to a block where they Crippin
or Piru that 5'2 gun, bigger than the torso of Pippin
Bitch I been doin before you niggaz ruined it show me somethin different
You either kissin dick or givin me distance
You live in a disrict of dimebags and dummys; I know your statistics
Who your boss he more like my assisstant?
Get lost have a egg and a biscuit
Break-fast when we aimin them biscuits
Pay cash when ya chain come up missin, Q!!!

[ScHoolBoy Q]
(Q!) Double ups dude what the fuck?
Get me some my promo poppin, "Setbacks" droppin soon they watchin
I just lock and load explode, target flowed I'm somewhere blowed
Mary got some swishers sweets, L.A. nigga prolly east
Cheerin for the ragin beats, X-O Henny' scrape the keys
Bangin C I'm bangin B, put them niggaz next to me
Stop and focus get the lead, I'm hear now let the hardest be
Shit all them dudes got ovaries - PERIOD!
Run on sentence still I'm ventin air conditionin coolest breeze
Ill diseases, grip my pant and shoot my semen
Still I'm cumin miles a runnin
I was learnin getting knowledge, head is throbbin, she a goblin
We be mobbin over bitches, stick and miss and she the business
Get a witness pussy frenchin, just a mission
poppin off like on a mission, proposition
Getting money, drop a nigga
Rush a nigga, stomp a nigga
Crush a nigga, dust a nigga
Copperhead gon' crush a nigga, heatin up the winter nigga
Somethin to remember nigga, hella sick I got a spit
Cursed with a verse like, God told me kill the shit
Load a clip, hecklin cops, the Hoover king!
Bada bing by the ding-a-ling, natural Hoover
Fing' ring with a vision clearer than Visine, Asiang from Beijing
Money make her cum she cream; feed the weak that's WingStop
At the start wit rain drops, Autobots
Space shuttle, shittin on your car lots - boy stop!
Could at least got excitin huh? #HiiPoWer you see our pattern huh?
Workin on tracks like we never been free
22 squezze niggaz shootin off C's, please let a nigga bar 16's
Rhyme 16's, bada bing bing bing
Bing bing! Bing bing bing bing [laughing]

If you want to be from #HiiPoWer
please come to friend zone
But don't wowwwy
You will not suck on my dick tonight

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Kendrick Lamar 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Kawan Miller

    Q made me proud on this one

  2. Bloc Hustle Inc.

    1:24 wrekin wit a reptible

  3. Jaabir xD

    The lyrics does not match the beat.

  4. TheQupus


  5. TheQupus

    kendrick cant rap like this no more

  6. Manuel Moreno

    Fucking sounds like oompa loompahs in the background

  7. Ethan Sickman

    Wish I could get this on spotify

  8. dewayne brooks

    This shit WENT HARD BRO

  9. jayda lego pouductions

    rape masters when is your return
    since you have left rap was taken over by monsters

  10. Stonehall Studios

    This shit rocked harder than prehistoric days


    I’m convinced Kendrick Lamar is a god.

  12. Christopher Pixley

    Classic KDot

  13. dnh300

    The original was 7 min?

  14. Antbeast23

    Damn bruh

  15. jewel Norwood

    You wanna hear this q bump John Muir

  16. Giftedgordo

    New artist hailing from the great state of Florida
    check me out Florida has a lot of talent coming out and I'm about to put my city on the map


    Kendrick’s bars are impeccable. Q’s flow when he comes in is crazy af too

  18. Dontre'Vion Buchanan

    That MAN Q WENT HARD👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. D CHILL

    Can anyone else not find the other version?

  20. ZombieShock

    To be honest, this beats not Kendricks style...

    *Still fire though...*

  21. KCamvs

    this is slep on

  22. Adolf Dripler

    Took me a long ass time to memorize

    Almighty Glo

    Swear to god😂

  23. SmartWater09 56

    Lil Wayne killed this

  24. Juan Galeano

    proud poet*
    scrape the keif*
    let a nigga thoughts suceed*

  25. Ricardo Bitong

    this.. go.. hard.. asffff

  26. Charlie Taylor

    Southern Lyricist, that has been told has a lot of potential. I have been working hard to make sure that potential isn't wasted. Help out the movement by letting me know what you think of my music. Critics and trolls alike welcome.

    If you like what you hear follow my fb.

  27. Eric Hilbert

    Anyone know where this came from ?

  28. Juan Galeano

    and its actually ping

  29. Joe Williams

    You fucked up the lyrics on so many parts on this. Especially on q's verse smfh

  30. Da Bossman

    Q was siiiiccckkkkk!!!!


    Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper PERIOD he one of the few left that's still got bars

  32. Jorasah Johnson

    this is wack to me like the beat isn't for these lyrics it sounds a mess

  33. ThatSpecialNobody

    Wayne killed it.
    Cory killed it.
    Kendrick killed it.
    Q killed it.

    Megan Spencer

    Mac killed it

  34. Kenneth Dickerson

    When I like this version more than Wayne's version 😂

  35. Jared Jones

    kendrick sounds like he's tryna be Eminem

    Enrique Gonzalez

    Jared Jones kendrick sounds like he’s trynna be kendrick. don’t no one have kendrick’s flow and that’s facts.

    Not_Funny _

    Enrique Gonzalez 💯💯


    Jared Jones Kendrick have multiple voices. Eminem have only one, what’s your point ?

  36. Cordaro Harris

    Kdot killed this 🔥🔥

  37. Ronnie Bell

    best part : 0:00 - 4:11

  38. Aj Hall

    I was not expecting Q to kill that shit like that

  39. Romeo White

    Q raped this.

  40. 94 Rob

    Trust when Kendrick dropped this years ago we was there like "yup bro next" and time told our truth. Shit still go hadd

  41. ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    I love the part at the end bing bing bing... lol, clever as fuck

  42. Niko Bello

    schoolboy KILLED IT

  43. mercboyz

    yo q Kendrick and j cole are top tier rappers I swear q lost is mind!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Callie Bernardoni

    I see we got 38 retards in the house.

  45. Grizzly-_-Mint Gaming

    it's, "X.O Henny, scrape the kief" Not "X-O henny scrape the keys...." Tell me exactly what "scraping the keys" means and I'll retract my criticism lmao. It's not even a tough line to understand lol, numbnut.

    Poison Gang

    Shieeet I thought I was the only one questioning this

    Jordan Trueluck

    it was the video makers mistake. I heard kief


    yall must not have ever taken key shots of yayo.. lol

    nah but he said kief

    Grizzly-_-Mint Gaming

    lmao, for real you scrape your keys after doing that? Some cokehead shit hahahaha

  46. Jalen Washington

    I feel like q snapped more than he has recently. I wish he was always that aggressive 🔥

    Ankh Life.

    Listen to his Blank face LP album 🔥 lol He aint went nowhere


    Fr Ride Out with Vince is fucking mean especially

    Da Bossman

    Blank face has some dope songs but is mostly boring af

    Twenty First Century Beethoven

    Hood is only hood till you out... Once all the money comes you lose that heat becauae the money speaking real nice.

  47. One Cool Cat

    why am i just finding this

    Jod Augustin

    cus you were sleeping

    Nation For Gents

    You a sleepist!..Stop sleeping here weeeena man!

    Aj Hall

    One Cool Cat I feel the same goddamn way. Yo y'all feel free as fuck to tag me in good music.


    because its not on an album. its like a ninja

  48. Silverio Reyna

    damn Q went in swinging.

  49. Dante Young

    Keef* not keys

  50. E-Savage

    ? to the end dafuq>>>>>>?????

  51. Uncle Juice

    what album/mixtape is this off?

    isaiah legitness mcmuffins

    Uncle Juice Kendricks unreleased stuff

  52. Chelssy Taveras

    This was horrible


    Go listen to iggy azalea

    Uncle Juice

    +Chelssy Taveras you are the worst


    aka, she doesnt like it. anyone that understands the craft knows that that shit was sound work

  53. NathanNgakuru

    Q snapped!

  54. Jayden Castro

    This was straight BARS! GOD DAMN!

  55. Marc C

    Straight fire

  56. Big Daddy Milk

    Wayne did this beat so much better. I fuck wit both these fools but they ain't killed it

    Jonathan Mings

    Big Daddy Milk your a fool

  57. Ken U

    this shit trash lmfao


    +SearedSavage 98 shut the hell up you meme fuck


    You must listen to rich homie Quan huh?

  58. Fe Mag3 Fe

    Kendrick is good but his flow was garbage for this.

    Quinton miller

    +Hellapagoina Your taste is wack as fuck. The flow is untouchable.

    Jeremiah Gilbert

    Kendrick goes in awkward on purpose to experiment.


    eh, its all subjective. HOWEVER...few people that know there shit would call his flow wack on this. you must be new

    Android Fuckerr

    lowlowseesee shut up.

    Gabriel Acord

    "My worst flow incredible"k dot

  59. TheRoyalHam

    They fucked up the beat drop so hard. They couldve done it at a better time lmao

  60. Luke Pimentel

    It's dope and everything but does anyone even know what they're saying XD

    Chris Acuna

    +Luke Pimentel the truth, the greatest speaking his mind.


    The lyrics right there fool

  61. MoThErRuckuz

    Bow wow did it better

  62. Kendrick lamar

    Subsribe for daily hip hop videos

    Jackie Fernandez

    Ms word

    Xanny Phantom

    sub sribe


    it never happend

    Bow. Bow. Bow felipe

    Kendrick lamar

  63. Tyler H


  64. dakota smith

    This is actually called "Death" and it's off, 'The Lamar LP'' and btw you fucked up like half of the lyrics lmfao

  65. Dtrizzle

    There is no way this is a freestyle

  66. Darrynistheking

    Wayne's verses are way better, these guys are goons.


    +invulnerabledr boy you sleep Kendrick Lamar ate this six foot seven foot beat and Q came in and destroyed it yea

    notthis prickagain

    +invulnerabledr go back to sleep

    Alexander Elias

    +invulnerabledr you dont know what rap is

    Da Bossman

    These guys r good but this song isn't

    Android Fuckerr

    Da Bossman nah, you suck.

  67. Jose Morales

    Q killed this 🔥🔥🔥

    Kevin with hair

    Jose Morales i have to agree he usually isnt lyrical but he was sick

    Joseph Kabange


  68. Say hello to my HOPE WORLD

    U will not suck my tonight😂😂😂😂😂clownin

  69. Say hello to my HOPE WORLD

    U will not suck my tonight😂😂😂😂😂clownin

  70. Say hello to my HOPE WORLD


  71. Say hello to my HOPE WORLD


  72. Johnny Aquino

    Kendrick and q definitely did this better than wayne ever could😂😂


    Naww Wayne killed it.


    As much as I love Kendrick and as much as I hate Wayne... Wayne's verse was better than Kendricks.

    M Racine

    Thats a damn lie

    Justin Lewis

    you crazy as fuck watch your moth


    Johnny Aquino you mad trippin

  73. Power Lifting

    i feel like they made the lyrics before they tried it on the beat


    +Power Lifting yeah not every freestyle has to be off the top, they probably wrote it then recorded it in a take or two

    Power Lifting

    @Eberlium im not saying i thought it was a freestlye i just feel like it didn't really flow with the beat 

    SJW Killer

    +Power Lifting You got it right 👌

    Da Bossman

    Yea tru

    Android Fuckerr

    Da Bossman str8 up!

  74. Young Mula

    I swear he says "grip my penis, shoot me semen".

  75. Elijah Barnett

    I like Kendrick
    Just not this song
    But I like the original version

    Jarvis Elmerhath

    @Elijah Barnett He comes with the hot guest feature a lot still, but his projects are blah.

    Twan Pac

    +Elijah Barnett dumb ass nigga lil Wayne is trash before you reply you better Google me

    Jarvis Elmerhath

    @Jacques Agnant A.K.A Haitian Jack lol you aren't Haitian Jack. The fuck outta here lmao

    Big Daddy Milk

    +Johnny Aquino All you sleepin on Hollyweezy

    Android Fuckerr

    Young Mula CT

  76. freiddy mota

    i like the first 5 verses of Q he got the bars !!

    Kendrick Lamar

    @freiddy mota ya mean bars son? a verse is longer then ya think

  77. Mpho Ngqenga

    someguy...fuck you

  78. Ginthujan Uthayakumar

    the first 30 seconds were dope as shit

    Eduardo Posada

    Hell yeah

    Da Homies

    The first 251 seconds were dope as shit

    Cole Whitaker

    The first 4 minutes and 11 seconds were dope

    hilario nengare

    kendrick is a monster

    Cole Whitaker

    @hilario nengare I heard he mastered the rap then fucked up the monitors

  79. dm90

    from what album or mixtape is this song from ?

    osiel jacquez

    Kendrick and Q just freestyled to the beat from Lil Wayne's song 6 foot 7 foot

    Kaylan Crosby

    +osiel jacquez not at all. This is called death and off "the Lamar Ep" it's also on "Compton State Of Mind" under 67 freestyle

  80. ScouTmusPrime

    Poppin the jaw of an assassin slaughterin me within and then I blatantly smack him with a slick razor sharp disc blades on my hands v for vendetta killin murdsrin the villain from within gracias amigo my lingo gonna glow as I illuminate and detonate hate like a hNdful of c4 knockin on yo door scower cower shower ya with meteors as I make it rain yo bitch want my dick accumulation of cheddar dressed in a cozy sweater bout to make a bet like. Business man don't forget to stay strapped silenced nine one shot to the spine

    Isiah Fulcher

    Scower cower shower.... really bruh?


    My record label will hit you up in the next couple of days, be ready for the call...

    Young Mula

    @P3NGU1N07 He probably waited by his phone for a few days expecting that call.

  81. chips1234657


  82. Zanny Moore

    "I'm killing that pussy like spike when ever that Jerry slept"

  83. 21M views

    schoolboy q

  84. theofficialviroz

    Q went hard on this 💦 & kendrick as usual always spitting bars

    Oscar-Cain Rodriguez


  85. Shukyou

    I fell it, Los version better though

  86. someguy

    I love this shit. I get so tired of young money fans talking about Drake & Lil Wayne better than Kendrick & Schoolboy Q. Can't nobody in Young Money spit bars like this. I'm just thinking man I wish somebody would get rid of Young Money and their lame ass fans.


    +TruthVII™ Sorry you can't think fast enough to follow his lyrics.. c'mon man

    Tyrone Chickin

    +Jbkrule but he does


    Wayne can... Assuming he is amped... Which happens once an album nowadays

    3xtra Terrestrial

    someguy sorry but no one has come close to Wayne. But fuck drake

    Michael Thwaites

    someguy preach nigga 😂✊

  87. Daniel Bishop

    titty fuck madonna titty money banana

  88. Hichem Adam

    i can rap this :)


    your liein

    Kurt Salecker

    @CoolPainable You're*

    Kyra Alexandrea

    @CoolPainable lying*


    thans babes

  89. xP3RF3CT10nZz

    But why q killed this shit best verse i heard from him

  90. bob marley

    two rap beasts ! 

  91. Elyis Jefferies

    Kendrick killed it

  92. The Simba Here me out

    Kendrick lamar

    +The Simba Dont support this nigga's wack ass music

    Michael Brady II

    +Kendrick lamar Yo this is a badass freestyle. I listen to this all the time.


    Kendrick! Where my goddamn dominoes!?

  93. Jerome Lanston

    Q killed this shit toooo