Ken Ashcorp - We're Shameless Lyrics

She was the image of my fantasies
Long hair, purple eyes
And two big pointy ears

The Dwarven ale's on me
And maybe you as well, girl, hopefully
Now I didn't expect what I heard next
Made my head spin so fast it'd break necks
She said;
Hey, bitch, what's up?
You're the kind of girl that could give me the good long SUCC
And I don't need first name basis
Maybe we could pass it to each other 'round the third or fourth bases
Well, what the hell?
She got my mind fucked like Galadriel
And I can see that we're thirsty
Call it intuition but it ain't just our glasses that's dirty

And I was bridal carried upstairs
And I was thinking 'bout asking her for three hairs
So here's a little secret to this
Elves are quick to recognize lewdness

Oooh, I love it all
You might think I'm kinda crass
But baby, you can kiss my ass!
Stacy's mom can join in too
That's right
I delight in being lewd

(Okay, settle down, I don't even know your name
It's Aranei
Okay, that's a lovely name but-
And my name's Kaleina!
That's also a lovely name
Wait, when did you get here?!)

Aranei and Kaleina
You don't have to explain
I know exactly what you're doing
But how far ahead did you plan all of the screwing?
Pffft, cut that pussy shit
Get up on that pussy, bitch
Call me mistress like you know that you're working it
Put the collar on and pose
One bitch boy and two elf hoes
Well, what the hell?
We got this far so we might as well
And things were getting kinda kinky
Essentially the content of a Henkuma doujinshi

Imagine the scene;
Three bodies all together, me in between
Pressing up against my body
(That's a little bigger than I was expecting
Which one of us are you using that on?!)

Oooh, I love it all
You might think I'm kinda crass
But baby, you can kiss my ass!
Stacy's mom can join in too
You gotta love those MILFs, man
I delight in being lewd

If you're into it, just be into it

We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
If you're into it, just be into it

We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
If you're into it, just be into it

We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
If you're into it, just be into it

We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
We don't kinkshame, no
If you're into it, just be into it

No, I won't say I'm sorry
For liking lewd elf girls and futanari

(You ready to go again, Kiddo?
Yes, indeed I am!
Oh boy!)

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Ken Ashcorp We're Shameless Comments
  1. Chicago's Official Weeb

    Roses are red
    Violet are blue
    Im here bc i saw tits
    And you are too

    Dylan grider

    Chicago's Official Weeb don't call me out like this.

    ink poisoning

    Блядь how did you know

  2. Colt Parris

    glad to see the comments are as supportive as ever. good job bois and gurls

  3. Dylan grider

    I hate the fact that I unironicly like this song.

  4. Please No Shadman

    There's definitely some tasteful irony in going straight from ME!ME!ME! to this.

  5. a randow warlock

    I love the sheer amount of good vibes that this song creates

  6. Laurender

    Next time I make a female elf for D&D I'll name them Kaleina to see if anyone reacts to it.


    Laurender gonna do something similar with a bad dragon Sticker

    Dmitrii Suvorov

    Don't forget to come back and share any reactions with us, please.

  7. enter username

    Holy shit 3 years and still fresh comments. Nice.

    Devil! Rat

    Fresh as the god damn prince!

  8. Michael Henderson

    Found this a few years late, but an instant fan

  9. fritz

    In it so into it

  10. Alexander Nope

    That was awful...


    What didn’t you like (not trying to be mean) but it’s a fricking good song

    Memento Mori

    Who asking you?

  11. Veith

    It's *John*

  12. Akin of Fury

    Hello, fellow bards

  13. butman84

    I wanna see the inspiration as in the exact picture or read

    Riley Flack

    look up kaleina elf thats all i can provide (ricegnat is artist)

  14. Doubledotking

    Love it


    And we love you

  15. Ellis Is Here

    god i love this song

    (do not click the links without being in incognito tab)

  16. Random Guy


    YouTube: Here, take this *recommends this video to me*

  17. Unpleased Classic

    What you see is two dirty xenos trying to lewd a true son of Humanity.

    Liberty Prime

    Slaanesh blaspheme, brother. Watch yourself. Such unholy words shall not be spoken.

    Unpleased Classic

    @Liberty Prime Im aware about that danger,brother.

    Lord Bastian

    Those demonettes got me again!

    bolrath hiddenhammer

    I mean... a little heresy is fine right? for inquisitorial research and such.

    pedroBR games

    ​@bolrath hiddenhammer exactly, science didn't get where it is today without a few noble sacrifices... i also volunteer for the advancement of SCIENCE

  18. Jessica bunbun

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  19. SSounds.belgium

    Hentaihaven the musical

  20. Gero13 ,

    i did this at a karaoke bar with my family. good time. im 17 so singing was my only choice but that means the rest of my family was two shitfaced to rember.

    Shallow Teal

    Really awkward song to do with your family but alright

    Gero13 ,

    @Shallow Teal well thats the point


    @Gero13 , your a true hero

    Lucas van Hout

    Gero13 , wow

  21. Gero13 ,

    this is the first song on my fun times playlist. for obvious reasons

  22. Goatbeard

    my favorite part, is that they all refer to the guy as a kid, yet he has a deeper voice than most men.


    I think the elf girls are milfs

    Nico Dalusong

    @BrokeBot also, they're elves so automatically, they can be 100+ years old and not look a day over 20.

  23. fritz

    Knick Knack the song of fuck.

  24. Black Deviljoker

    Damn Men Of Culture

  25. Fortytudo

    Why was this in my recommendations? I hate futas.


    But they love you

    Evangelion Addict

    More for me, then!

    EMS Soul Knight

    *we dont kinkshame here sir*

    Lamda Of Chaldea

    RIP ass

  26. Stellar Pie

    Found my sexuality!

  27. Kainoa Pacarro

    This randomly came to my recommendations and while I have concerns I’m too busy being annoyed at how catchy this is


    Welcome to the goldmine that is Ken Ashcorp.

  28. Code 002

    Wish I found this 2 years ago.

  29. Damien Ulrich

    It took me 1 and a half years to find this song. "Two big pointy ears" was the line that stuck around, finally used a lyric finder, and I fucking found it, finally!


    Damien Ulrich is a man of dedication, focus and pure fricking will

  30. onekingdom1

    Flawless work

  31. Remblie Kain

    So when's the animated version coming 👍😎


    If only I could.

  32. Pariah the Boar

    So which one has the dick


    Grappling Hook Jones okay I not saying she couldn’t have a dick but succ could also go for vaginas

    Insanity Cubed

    3/3 would do again.

    Nico Dalusong

    @Grappling Hook Jones not sometimes, always. It's why they're called futanari (literal translation is "has both/both exist")

    Grappling Hook Jones

    Nico Dalusong | don’t slander my knowledge of futanari. Depending on the artist, it is sometimes just a penis

  33. fritz


  34. kanevivi

    Might I ask what the three hairs part was about?

    Steine Krieger

    In Lord of the Rings, when Galadriel is giving parting gifts to the Fellowship, she stops at Gimli and with no gifts to give him, she gives him three hairs from her head.


    Steine Krieger honestly I would be kinda pissed like thanks that‘ll help


    @Steine Krieger oh, huh interesting. Thank you for letting me know.

    Steine Krieger

    @fritz I think it was because Gimli asked for a hair from her three times and each time she refused. "'There is nothing, Lady Galadriel', said Gimli, bowing low and stammering. 'Nothing, unless it might be - unless it is permitted to ask, nay, to name a single strand of your hair, which surpasses the gold of the earth as the stars surpass the gems of the mine. I do not ask for such a gift. But you commanded me to name my desire'." later he says "I asked for one hair from her golden head, she gave me three."


    Steine Krieger okay that’s nice

  35. Speggit

    I want to blow my brains out seeing this in my recomendations


    you're a degen like the rest of us

  36. Dakota Murphy George

    Definitely one song I'd love to hear at the local dungeon.

  37. TheBdjx

    I work the night shift at a gas station In Flint Michigan and I play Ken's music out loud for my entire shifts sometimes. The looks i get are priceless.

    Mr. T Will

    I would love to visit sometimes


    @Mr. T Will Me too

  38. Jinx Enderman

    i just fucking love how dedicated this comment section is. almost daily, if not more than that sometimes

    bolrath hiddenhammer

    Its the ken kondition, it compels you to every so often like once or twice a week come and comment on some of the videos, now just imagine all the people who listen to ken doing this. active comments for days

  39. kanevivi

    Irony is my tortle barbarian learned about things by a kinky elf futa.


    Sounds like cool campaign


    @fritz it's part three of a five campaign story. It's crazy and stressful. But awesome.


    @kanevivi sadly I can’t get my friends to play


    @fritz one the campaigns just me playing another we have on pause due to issues, third we play as able, with some breaks for Harry Potter one. Fourth is same people as third and fifth is waiting to start due to schedule changes.

  40. charl X

    Im the the motherfucking straightest shota

  41. Dawsonian Pikuyak

    I found it my theme song as a weeb

  42. Invidious Ignoramus

    Just imagine, Futanari dark elves. Is there anything better?

    Adam Jarenius


    Jesus is better

    Seth Howlite

    @Adam Jarenius i see you havent meet a dark elf futanari yet


    @Adam Jarenius But Jesus kink shames.


    @Redstar2613 Nah Jesus hung out with hoes all the time. Mary Magdalene was his regular though. xD

  43. Graceplanet 315

    We are the species has made this happen

  44. just a cool dude l

    Why just why out of all of the things you make this

  45. Brandon Niemeyer

    Don't for get all of Ken Ashcorp's songs are also on Spotify just wanted to share <3 love this song btw.

    Grappling Hook Jones

    Spotify is how I found this song

  46. Fly above Darkness

    I love this ,,WHAT THE HELL'' xD its so awesome

  47. Jake Shaw

    this is like, everything I am lol. god damn

  48. Patrick Montgomery

    God plz help me


    To late bud lol

  49. Insanity Cubed

    I'm not into furry stuff, but I did love the beat and personality of Ken Ashcorp's furry songs. Futanari on the other hand, double whammy.

  50. orangesilver8

    It's fun to see Ken Ashcorp replying to comments.


  51. Kuro Hunt


  52. Miah

    What did I stumble upon.


    Welcome to the Ken ashcorp channel I hope you enjoy your stay

    Colt Parris

    297059 ^^,


    Hentaihaven the musical

  53. TheJestor

    Welp.. this is now my favorite song by Ken.

  54. MT F

    Ngl this song gets me going

  55. Don Cheadle

    why is this song not searchable

    Ken Ashcorp

    Ya put futa in the lyrics, you get slapped with no visibility


    It’s searchable if you type in reaction after it.. which is odd..


    @Ken Ashcorp legit put futa Ken and this popped up but if I put in were shameless Ken ashkorp the only one that shows up is one that has Spanish lyrics 😂😂


    @Ken Ashcorp I found this from my recommendation section. Also thank you for these songs.

  56. TBalpha22

    sure as hell didn’t expect this in my recommended

    Papaduck 7 1 7

    same here


    I was gladly surprised.


    I'm happy I found this in mine!

  57. fritz

    Beeb beeb the sexy Song is back

  58. R Ckiller 115

    I agree we don't kinkshame


    if youre into it just be into it

  59. Purple Emerald

    So are futanari’s men or women...?

    Purple Emerald

    WolfyNeptune Okay, fine, I can accept such a concept. I still don’t understand how such a concept could even be possible or why it would be fetishized, but you know what? Maybe I’m better off not knowing...


    yeah unfortunately it isnt really possible but i mean hey its still really hot 😔💖


    @Purple Emerald It's just fantasy nigga, nothing needs to make sense. You don't watch a Harry Potter movie and ask why they can do magic.

    Raitoningu velocity

    @WolfyNeptune actually if certain mutations happen when a girl is born she can undeniably have a dick

    Courteous Geranium

    Futas normally identify as women so they're women.

  60. Dex

    artstyle of the cover looks like Jlullaby's porn comics

    John O'Connell

    Maybe Jlullaby drew this picture for Ken's song.

  61. Jeremy the nigthguard


  62. malevolent Maddness

    In goldshire by any chance?


    Lol I kinda forgot that inn.

    malevolent Maddness

    @kanevivi D:

  63. Axel Jäger

    Spread the word, We're shameless.

  64. Helton 342

    ⟨\ /⟩

  65. momoon-attention

    I have a pointed ear fetish, so yeah, I find this song in very good taste!


    @El Duane Chungo Yes I like asses too, especially thick ones. Also
    "You may think I'm kinda crass, but you can kiss my ass!"

  66. Hasbill

    Iove how lively these comment section's are.

  67. Deluros

    Elf girls are nice. Milf elf girls are better. Futa milf elf girls? Shit dude. Might as well kill me as i've gone to heaven.

    Slim Thiccsaint

    In love❤️

    Purple Emerald

    Deluros You were doing so well until you dropped the forbidden f-bomb.


    @Purple Emerald "We don't kinkshame, no! We don't kinkshame, no! We don't kinkshame, no! If you are into it, just be into it!"

    Purple Emerald

    momoon-attention Wait, really? So even children? *YES! FINALLY!*


    Thats a no. But ageplay is, disturbingly enough, legal.

  68. Sam Hutjens

    This song is surprisingly positive and supportive. I’m into it

  69. AllinOneDave

    i love you spotify radio


    Thank you youtube recommendations for once.

  70. Maylen Keiser

    This song is one of my favorite songs, it makes me smile.

  71. Jambo Rolambo

    That Stacy's mom ref was what hooked me

  72. Jambo Rolambo

    Thank you spotify radio

  73. Jin K

    I don't know who first submitted the french translation of this song (as of today, 01/05/2020) but, man, it s*cks (a lot).

    Dude literally wrote something like "Sorree" instead of "Sorry". A ton of grammar mistakes. Whipe that please !

    Submitted the correct translation. Love your songs, please keep the good work !

  74. ゴゴゴ

    H E N K U M A D O U J I N S H I


    ゴゴゴ probably found my favorite Hentai author because of this song

  75. MrSpikebomb5

    Bruh, it's that one sf poison doujin

    jhon edison giraldo ruiz

    ​@Ken Ashcorp well, 3 years about this songs was release and is one of my favourites (like absolute territory and ryder or riot) , my parents don't know what the heck i'm singing xD keep creating absolutely amazing songs plz

    Sullivan Ramsel

    Of all the songs to reply to, of all the comments to reply to... Ken you madlad

    Takyon's Channel

    @Ken Ashcorp that's a good thing


    Poison ain't futa shes just straight Big Dick Energy.


    @Ken Ashcorp Yeah, Poison is trans like me! Also thanks Ken for this song, these are some of my most favorite kinks!

  76. KristyKreams 2345GachaLife

    Kinkshaming is my kink

    KristyKreams 2345GachaLife

    @Alphawolfun W. -Starts kinkshaming in shame-


    maybe you could shame me into being a better person, seems like a win win to me

    R Ckiller 115

    Is it possible to obtain such power


    oh *f u c k*

  77. Anes Mesic

    Come on comments section. Keep on being lewd.



  78. Тορ Изρ kinda song but the lyrics are noice

  79. Roselia Rothwell

    Balmung and Mateus...

  80. CarlottaStudios

    This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard!!!!!! XD

  81. Black Ghost

    Oh what the fuck is this


    Song by a furry gui who like tits
    (edit: furry *)

    Smileyface Pizza

    a person walking in a bar and seeing an elf girl, they have sex and the another girl comes outa no ware.and then they all have the sex , alsio aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    This is Gospel

  82. Rekyue

    Nyanners needs to reupload Pomf.

  83. Chillfreek101

    Lmao I relate too much


    Chillfreek101 now hold on tell me where that bar is


    This is the weebiest Ska i have ever heard.


  85. reddir

    I'm realizing just now the deep reason I like this so much - it is unrepressed sexuality...kinda wish I'd been able to get this social "okay" when I was growing up.


    But it’s not to late I hope


    @fritz I guess so? Still working through some stuff, but getting some helpful support recently.


    reddir well for what it’s worth Ima tell you it’s okay


    @fritz Thanks, every little bit helps when dealing with long-standing (and therefore complex) issues!

  86. The Blazing Crusader

    1:19 me if I was in there. I like to know her name first thank you, then I can scream it.

    Nicko pato 44

    It's Aranei

    The Blazing Crusader

    Nicko pato 44 what a wonderful name.

    Tyrone Rickard

    hang on what are you doing here your a crusader

    no thinking about it this is close to *purging* elfs so whatever

    The Blazing Crusader

    Tyrone Rickard *laughs in chaos* who said I was a loyalist?

  87. Renton Cat

    2:09 me frankly. Rolling death saving throws and flexibility roles

  88. Renton Cat

    Wow not wat I expect but I’m not disappointed

  89. Crayo Gaming Channel

    My dad touches me inappropriately

    Andy Tran

    Crayo Gaming Channel I hope they remember you.

    Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade Shinobu

    Lucky bastard...


    Maybe a bf not a gf

    R Ckiller 115

    Have fun

    David Felipe Castro

    Lucky boy ;D

  90. Kyle Broas

    bet ken gets ara-ara's whenever he wants. lucky son of a bitch

  91. Single Shinobi

    I don't like that I not able to understand a third of the words he says and none of the lyrics make sense

    Evangelion Addict

    @Single Shinobi Ken's OC is female - the shortstack panda from most of his video's backgrounds. Often the songs are from her perspective.

    Single Shinobi

    @Evangelion Addict Hmm... I... But... That makes a total of zero sense. The thumbnail, the voice, the diction in the song. How could that possibly be a girl? Also I thought that panda was a guy


    @Single Shinobi The actual reason is it's hentai slang for someone who's submissive. The singer's not *literally* a girl in this case


    @Single Shinobi My theory is that one of the girls is a futanari, what is japanese for a girl with a dick, thats why she said give me a good S U C C.
    This is also reinforced by a line at the end that says:

    "No, I won't say I'm sorry
    For liking lewd elf girls and futanari

    So yeah thats my thought, just Ken being a man of culture and taste.