Ken Ashcorp - Touch Fluffy Tail Lyrics

Pick up my sword, it's time to do business
Strap on my cloak, I'm 'bout to roll with this
When you're this swag, this world just bows at your knees
Call me the chef, 'cause I'll make your blood boil
(Hora, hora)
Gimme some of that coil
Snake oil 'cause you know I aim to please

Tickle my fancy, tickle my prostate
Don't get me off 'cause I'll just get irate
Put in my place, but I'll break out once again
All these encounters may just leave me scarred
And when I'm rock hard, I'm fucking rock hard
Like Alice, we're down the rabbit hole, my friend

I don't give a damn, not an iota
Motherfucker, I'm the straightest shota

I'm on a quest, of which I know, that I can never fail
I will prevail
Even though there may be many foes stalking my trail
I'm in love
Weak at the knees, and yeah I'm growing pale
Only one thing left to do
Touch Fluffy Tail

Lately, I know, I'm going so crazy
Never thought goodness would be so hazy
Once you wrap me up, yeah you know I'm caught
But sorry, baby, I just can't get with this
Gotta get out and get back to business
Tofu or tail? Oh, it's food for thought

I don't give a damn, not an iota
Motherfucker, I'm the straightest shota

I'm on a quest, of which I know, that I can never fail
I will prevail
Even though there may be many foes stalking my trail
I'm in love
Weak at the knees, and yeah I'm growing pale
Only one thing left to do
Touch Fluffy Tail

We'll see the light of day again, my dear
Let's go on an adventure
The heavens frown upon us on this day
But I've still got my quota
Motherfucker I'm the straightest shota

I'm on a quest, of which I know, that I can never fail
I will prevail
Even though there may be many foes stalking my trail
I'm in love
Weak at the knees, and yeah I'm growing pale
Only one thing left to do
Touch Fluffy Tail

I'm in love
Weak at the knees and yeah I'm growing pale
Only one thing left to do
Touch Fluffy Tail

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Ken Ashcorp Touch Fluffy Tail Comments
  1. Marc

    Is it me or the whole anime pop genre sounds like the official soundtrack of NFS Prostreet

  2. New Deyann000

    It's "you're in love" not "I'm in love"
    I know it was made in 2012 but still

  3. Big Gali

    Good to know that he is the straightest shota. I don't know if I could handle more Boku No Pico.

  4. Renton Cat

    Soo I just started using ur music after long work days and it’s perfect

    The Blazing Crusader

    Renton Cat ikr. Really takes your mind off of the stresses at work or college.

  5. ImNotYourMineman

    BASED /SS/

  6. Saam Steals

    This is a banger



  7. patricio torre

    did a bunch of comments get deleted? I remember there being a LOT more comments than just 7K

  8. Puffy 2.0

    Everybody is allways commenting

    patricio torre

    as they should

    Big Gali

    It is because comments are auto sorted by new or Ashcorp's channel.

  9. Meehow

    "Even if the morrow is barren of promises
    Nothing shall forestall my return"


    Rip Genesis

  10. eichirou !この変態

    tamamo is waifu

  11. Nep

    god, I wish someone would rip off my shorts and fondle my anus

    Zack Badal

    Calm down

  12. Basically just a bird now

    god, I wish someone would take off *my* pants and tickle *my* prostate

    Basically just a bird now

    I have recently learned it is simply "tickle my fancy, tickle my prostate," at least according to the subtitles. I am disappointed in the author of these aforementioned subtitles, and request they be changed immediately, even if already correct.

    The Polar Bear

    Woah there friend, you might need to slow down!

    Basically just a bird now

    @The Polar Bear The implication is already there, right? The process, however, adds to the chills I get from this song. Passion knows no calm: it happens as it must, and when it must. If anything, the description of the process betrays a slower realization, more blunt in a tantalizing way.

  13. Madame Iris


  14. String

    I love that these comments are always active and fresh

  15. Youngster Joseph


    Alexander Schultz

    Why does this have sudden activity?

    Youngster Joseph

    @Alexander Schultz BECAUSE

  16. Hi I guess

    Of all the ways I was expecting this song to sound this was not one.

  17. Brennon Baldwin

    The rythm makes me feel like I'm beating my meaaaattttt

  18. Auto Pilot

    To quote a wise man from a far out land

    >get gloves with fuzzy interior
    >open tamamo scene
    >turn gloves inside out
    >put on gloves



    Big Gali

    Can't you just wank in fuzzy pants through a pocket?

  19. Lunar Satomi

    **Gasps** The last comment was....3 DAYS AGO. You can't fail Kenny now!! ;~;

    Basically just a bird now


    Lunar Satomi

    @Basically just a bird now YES WE DO

    Basically just a bird now

    @Lunar Satomi FOREVER AND EVER

  20. LJ SquidNigga

    *shota theme song*

  21. Vincent the Mortician

    I fucking adore this song it always snaps me out of my depression and makes me dance

  22. Shadow Otaku

    What genre is this and any songs that are similar sounding to this one?

    Raffy R.

    Google says that his genre is pop, but a majority of his songs are like this. If you liked this one try listening to Hunter, Ryder or riot, and Rival.


    Death from Above 1979 and Muse have similar sounding stuff.

  23. Mark Rogian

    Youtube keeps yeeting me into this song, and each time I understand lyrics part that I kinda wish I didn't understand, great song tho'.

  24. Colt Parris

    get some shotta!

  25. Lu Cipher

    Everyone in the comments: *comments about the fact that this is hentai
    Me: holy shit Ken made a song with a length of 4:20... fucken NICE

    Basically just a bird now

    bro perfect for snow halation mashups

    Lu Cipher

    @Basically just a bird now indeed

  26. Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade Shinobu

    Erubitie :3

  27. Ligron Pelevonski

    Luka is actually a relatively interesting character for the protagonist of a hentai game, with well thought out motivation, genuinely heroic moments, and actual development throughout the saga. Although it is in part a fetish game, it works just as well as an actual story. This song is about Luka as he exists in the story and faces constant temptation in the form of monster girls.

    lam boy

    Ligron Pelevonski what’s the game


    Wait is this like an actual game now


    What's the game?

    Drake Hood

    The game is monster girl quest

  28. Dat Goy

    Looks up shota meaning

    Japanese defence force, FBI and MI5 descend on my house

    Please god ken ashcorp made me do it!



    Dat Goy

    Now say that to the rest of the comment section

  29. Jesse Cook

    That’s hot.

    Dat Goy

    A ha ha, that’s hot!

  30. Green Boi

    That game... So many memories...

    Dat Goy

    Your to pure to know, run now while you still can sweet child

    Somebody Was-Here

    @Dat Goy reeeeeee tell meeeeeeee

    Somebody Was-Here

    i'm 20 years old reeeeee

    Green Boi

    @Somebody Was-Here it's literally in description

    Dat Goy

    Oh god no, you’ve corrupted the 20 year old!

  31. Sander Randorm

    this is my Jam for *life*

  32. Just an Average Artist

    Tamamo made me once and touched the tail...

    Can't see the reason why i shouldn't do it again!

  33. london smith

    whats the game called?


    Monster girl quest

    Kevin McGuin

    Monmusu Quest! if you can't find it by the English translation

  34. neverbeenafish

    There are too many people here who don't seem to realize this song is about a hentai game.


    we know

    Weebalicious Dood

    i didnt know that, i like the song more now

    patricio torre

    this song drove me to play this game to completion, I even played this in the background while the credits rolled after beating the final boss as a 'goodbye'

  35. Being a time god makes the entire world saving very enjoyable:))))

  36. Times defeated: 700

  37. Hetza

    MGQ: Where Monsters will literally drag you down for forced sexy time while you try to beat them with your sword.

    Edrian Vanitas

    The Eroge with great story.

    Kamike Serpantail

    Shame it's harder to find the guy ones.

    Big Gali

    @Kamike Serpantail There are way too many "Loose to win, Female Protaganest, RPGmaker" games


    cannot listen to this song anymore because of tickle my prostate

    patricio torre

    that's the best part

  39. Swirly

    im literally never gonna get tired of this song

    Yellow 13

    That's what I think about every song by KA.

  40. I said no

    when I hear the word shota in this I just sorta cringe and try to keep enjoying the rest of the song

    Alex Domenech

    I said no That’s how most of his music is

  41. Lemonnite nite

    This is the reason good things take time to come

  42. bonkers

    I hate this song despite loving it so much. I listened to this for so long without paying attention to the lyrics, and. what the fuck


    This song is literally about a hentai game. It's called Monster Girl Quest. Porn aside, it legitimately has a good story.


    I've seen it streamed as a meme and no it doesn't...
    There's a lot of irrelevant tangential conversation and whatnot in the game that makes it seem as if the game is really doing something, but its really just a porn game with a lot of text.

    Its pretty standard. Protagonist thinks monsters are bad, meets monster who is sort of a dime-a-dozen vaguely tsundere high-class moeblob, slowly starts thinking monsters aren't bad. Then they throw in a secret princess/queen thing if I recall right.
    He's an orphan which is standard. He also has a boilerplate loyal hero personality.

    Bunch of boring stuff I can't remember... they put a lot of thought into what the monstergirls each did I *guess*? And then you fight the opposite of monstergirls.

    The written just seems to drag on and on. No good imagery, no good wordplay although I guess that's expected from a translated game, no dramatic usage of the visual novel format (besides the primary sexual kink(s) of the game), boilerplate or at least nearly boilerplate plot, no emotional bits, I can't think of any music in the game that really enthralled me, the characters were cut and paste anime bullshit if they had much of a personality at all..

    No, its just a really niche eroge. That's it.


    @Warvell1 I'm guessing you only watched the first game. It's a trilogy, and it get more plot intensive as it goes. It's definitely more than just a generic "hero has sex with monster girls" plot.


    ​ onichat
    I saw it through to -...
    okay look, fine... I played through it to the end and when I first played the first part or two not sure about the third, I obsessively died to every attack by every or almost every monster girl because I had a weird masochism thing about it back then.

    Yes, it has more than just hero has sex with monster girls. Even then, the writing as I recall is still barely above surface level.
    I guess its enough to sort of keep you invested, but its not amazing by any means.

    There's more to the game than the sex, but its still a silly game. Like if I made an RPG where you're a foretold hero of goodness collecting the [3/4/5/6/7/8/10/100] Orbs of Power and you have to go to themed dungeons along the way to fight dragons, that would be silly. Sillier than MGQ, but still silly. My point is, I'm not referring to jokey sex stuff. I'm referring to its plot that is more or less a serious plot not really that focused around sex like eg. Bible Black.

    If you just really like basic shounen or shoujo anime, you might like the writing.

    In my opinion, ts not a very deep or interesting story. Maybe you could say its good by comparison, but that annoys me because, really, I think it actually is possible to do better than what they did even if its an eroge.

    Its value is basically just in it being an eroge where losing is rewarded. I barely remember any details from the story except that I just wanted to skip through it most of the time.


    @Warvell1 Hey, I'm not saying it's Shakespeare or anything, and it's been a long time since I've played it so I can't say how the writing holds up, I'm just saying that for a porn game, it actually had a plot rather than most games which are just excuses to jump right into sex. Yeah there's a lot of sex scenes which is nice, but I actually skipped a lot of the sex scenes, especially the ones that involved death and/or horrifying monster girls. I actually liked the main monster girls and their personalities a lot, and I was more focused on the end goal of getting with one of them and seeing where the plot goes than on having sex with everything that moved. Like I said, it's not the greatest plot in the world, but it actually had one, which is a lot more than most porn games can say.

  43. Xavier Tyack

    "I'm on a master's quest, I want the whole world to see, I'm gonna be the very best, and all I gotta do is believe in me"

    Wait, wrong ash, wrong world of monsters.

    Basically just a bird now

    "Tickle my prostate"

  44. huh really

    Oh. Is it trending now? Looks like Ken's comments are active again.

    Dueu TheChaos

    furries RISE UP!

    The Minus Kai

    Oh boi it is

    patricio torre

    the comments on this song never stop

  45. Old gunslinger

    Why everyone keep callin for a SHOTTA....?

  46. Sean Muller

    Listens to song, me:
    Gets mgq ptsd

    Old gunslinger

    The fuck is MGQ?
    Why PTSD??

    Sylvie Rose

    One word:


    @Old gunslinger monster girl quest, the game that the song is about, I heard its quite good but very nsfw

    Sean Muller

    Do not trust the fluffy tails, they merely wish to violate you

    Sean Muller

    @Old gunslinger also I've seen some of your comments as well, nice

  47. Ira Tunkle

    Where's the bow for her tail?

    Bartek Przybylski

    N o w h e r e

  48. Its ya boi Alu

    I'm so proud that the comment section is still so active till this day

  49. just a amateur

    This sounds hella funky

  50. Ligron Pelevonski

    Rage against death.

    Old gunslinger

    Kool story bro

  51. Celarious

    >when god doesn't let you have a monster gf so you just fucking kill her

  52. Mabel Pines

    I want a monster girl gf so bad

    Old gunslinger

    Is a kitsune still classified as monster girl?

    Clip Stash

    @Old gunslinger yes

    Stygandr Invictus

    Who _doesn't?_

    Dat Goy

    Welcome to the comment section

  53. Colt Parris

    No one:
    absolutely no person:
    Not a soul:
    That straight shota: TICKLE MY PROSTATE!!!!!!

    Old gunslinger

    Oh yeah,.....STIMULATION....

  54. David Fatman

    My parents hate this song
    And I’m just like STFU


    Dude don't do that you'll get in trouble

    nem tudom

    *Maybe we want the trouble. Maybe we like it rough*

    Tamaki Suoh

    ok edgelord

  55. Swagnic The HentaiHeaven God

    Shotas in ara ara distance:

    Old gunslinger

    I heard shottas. Im here boi

  56. Silvertail

    I think I found out the song that perfectly describes what I wanna do as a furry

    Daniel Lin

    "Go behind,
    Bend down,
    Touch fluffy tail."


    10/10 same

  57. A Person

    God this song is such an earworm


    Exactly what I was thinking.

    Made in Russia

    well if the earworm was born from this song it's probably going to sexually harass you.

    A Person

    just realized I wrote "and" instead of "an" sorry lol

  58. Mr.popo

    Any halfling bard ever.

    Dr Mandela

    More like any bard ever. No matter the race, Bards are down to fuck

  59. Made in Russia

    my parents kept me as pure as possible but somehow I ended up right at home with the rest of you beautiful degenerates.

    Old gunslinger

    HEY!.... I represent that remark

    nem tudom

    IMO, what most parents dont seem to be able to comprehend that the more they try to keep you away from something the more you'll desire it. Its the apple of truth, all over again.

    That which is forbidden is always the most desirable

    Sean Muller

    Thank you for complementing us degenerates

    saucy boy

    i'm glad to have found my place in our community of degenerates

  60. Kokorocodon

    Keep those comments hot

  61. Some Guy

    Tickle my prostate!

  62. Morgana

    This is the theme song of Senko-San now


    @SquealingTelevision Didn't know this was in a game.
    But still
    *Fluffing the tail is better than all dat anyway*


    @Morgana I won't disagree there, now the only question is whether Senko or Tamamo possess the fluffiest tails, which is a debate far too complex for either of us to fully comprehend.

    Sean Muller

    C H I L D N O


    it's not *in* the game, it's *about* the game

  63. J Paul

    I thank the great god SsethTzeentach for indirectly recommending

    J Paul

    @BFN Valley It is in his cool peeps section


    Not surprised, considering he also played MGQ. Sseth is a man of taste.

  64. Ligron Pelevonski

    The chain has been broken.

  65. SevScout

    "Even though there may be many hoes stuck on my tail..." -> *reads lyrics*
    OH YOU DIDN'T!!!!
    Like + Fav. + SUB!

  66. TheVladdracula1

    I always heard straight up shota. Now I read the lyrics and gotta say I was wrong

    Lucian (sabatadarkness)

    I mean, the MC of the game I think he wrote the song about is a Shota.


    @Lucian (sabatadarkness) I mean yeah, shota wasn't the part they had wrong. The actual lyrics shown in description are "straightest shota".

  67. Random Guy

    "Tickle my prostate" ok

  68. HeyMan1231

    I both love and hate this song


    that's when you really love this song

  69. Dappis

    The ultimate Otaku/Furry crossover banger

    Xavier Tyack

    @Dallas Meeker true, but I know people who like both equally, or even see fur as a sub type of mon.

    Dallas Meeker

    @Xavier Tyack that's great. Nobody said you couldn't like both. That doesn't change the fact that they are both two very different things

    Xavier Tyack

    @Dallas Meeker the thing is it depends on who your asking though, the popular game franchise monster girl quest that this song is based on has an extremly broad arangement of designs, it would be like saying slimes, or plant girls dont count, plus werewolves are a classic monster and their design changes based on the artist, for example polt from monster musume. Yes furries aren't often assosiated with monstergirls, but werewolves/beastgirls bridge the gap

    Dallas Meeker

    @Xavier Tyack I still have to disagree with you. Beong part of the MG community for a good ten years now, I've had this conversation with many many people. Just because there are similarities does not me they're anywhere close to the same thing

    Xavier Tyack

    @Dallas Meeker Having a differance of opinion is fine, im not argueing that all female anthropamorphized animals are monstergirls, just that fluffier monster girls get associated with furries, and it depends on the artist as well
    Im not saying its just about similarites, its about overlap, monstergirls come in massive variety, and artists have different interpretations. As monstergirl is mostly known for its japanese artists, it commonly leans towards nekomimi style with beastgirls, but some artists now lean towards kemono style which is defintely somewhat furry based

    I do understand what your trying to say though yes theres a difference between demihuman and full fur, just saying that some artists do monstergirls with full fur/snouts etc

  70. Tectonic Shrapnel

    Tickle my fancy tickle my prostate💖

  71. Vandarte Freelancer - Translator

    It sounds as good as I the first time I listened to this.

  72. Yoshi Stover

    Like four years of listening to this song, and I finally realized what the female voices were saying. "Hora hora."

    YukoValis Sword

    @Rice Worker I remember her more causing you to moan. Then again the same could be said of monster girl characters.

    Rice Worker

    @YukoValis Sword Luka doesn't moan, he's the straightest shota. Didn't you know that?

    YukoValis Sword

    @Rice Worker and those were monster girls.. I can imagine that conflict if they were also packing.. Which wouldn't be a bad thing either.

    Rice Worker

    @YukoValis Sword Didn't Luka and Alice have twins at the end, one of them being a monster boy?

  73. Ira Tunkle

    This song has no right to be this good KEN ASHCORP PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE THIS MUCH GOOD MUSIC

  74. Who Dis?

    How does this still have a active comment log when it was made long ago

    Vandarte Freelancer - Translator

    Because of the power of the greatness of Monster Girl Quest.

    Blue Nexus

    Ken is just that good at making music honestly, alot of times i listen to one of his songs and I'm thinking "ok" but as tine goes on, the music grows on me and I'm like oh yeah this is good, Also he sings reeeeaally well with a very good control of his voice, its really something wonderful in my honest opinion

    YukoValis Sword

    because it is probably one of the best songs made for an h-game let alone for what is probably one of the better h-games made.

    Vandarte Freelancer - Translator

    @YukoValis Sword I agree.

    ~ara ara


    It’s sorted by new not top comment

  75. Anxious Mac

    Crossbreed Priscilla's theme song.

  76. Auto Pilot

    Reminiscing on my first play through of mgq got up to right after you get the bell before i stopped
    I had like 77 game overs
    Like 12 where accidents
    20 where intentional losses against certain monsters
    The rest is an almost even split of intentional loses against vampy an tammamo

    Good times


    Also you don't need to lose to see the scenes, just read the monsterpedia. And good taste, tamamo and vampy. Very degenerate, but I dig it

    patricio torre

    @Sans no, I only played the first trilogy. was waiting for all 3 parts of paradox to be translating before jumping to it.


    Meanwhile i lost 30 or more times in Black Alice.... She was more harder than the last boss.


    @patricio torre Same here too, though i also buy the game just to support them (Only played the 1st chapter as of yet since the part 2 is not properly translated and part 3 is still in the making.)

  77. Goblin Slayer

    Ken: "Touch Fluffy Tail"
    Nanoja: "okie Senko-san get over here"

  78. patricio torre

    I keep coming back to this song, it's an unforgettable masterpiece.

  79. Not a Cat

    friendly reminder that this song is 7 years old and still has an active comment section

    I feast on mana

    Kitty, shut the fuck up

    just a amateur

    Lol i thought this was recent because of the comments

  80. VeryInky

    How in the hell did he do that bass sound omg so warm. Is it just saturation and distortion?

  81. Angel D.Rosa

    I love your work

  82. Niko erforderlich

    The distortion is a bit much. It sounds like my headphones are clipping.
    Other than that it's a nice song.

    Grimty Granule

    Imagine giving critique like it'll change anything to a 7 year old song.

    Edwin Soto

    @Grimty Granule imagine giving people shit for sharing their opinion. Not like he dissed it or said it should be changed.

    Edwin Soto

    It may just be the headphones, on mine I don't get any kind of clipping, but I dunno

    Niko erforderlich

    @Georgy Moran
    I wasn't expecting the artist to read my comment and upload a changed version of the song because of it. (But I'd greatly appreciate it if they did, nontheless.)
    I just wanted to give my two cents of feedback.

  83. zeddystar1

    I really thought it said "Even though they may be men" for about 7 years. :s

    Grimty Granule

    Rest in piece my friend, you just committed internet suicide.


    @Grimty Granule Hey, I wasn't complaining. :^)

    Blake Gutherie

    @zeddystar1 Haha, I'm not the only one. Thanks for pointing it out. I feel so dumb now.

    Bilfy Snart


  84. moldyfrick

    dose anyone know any other songs that sound like this? this is legit my favourite songg but i cant find anythinf like it :(


    Look at the rest of Ken's songs.

  85. Gauge Bezayoff

    Love this song

  86. Jorden Oyenik

    These comments are bumpin

  87. Toro

    h o r a h o r a m o t h a f u k a

  88. Bomboozled

    I never thought a song about an H-game would be nostalgic, but here I am.

    cody PS4

    wait which game

    Fuck You

    @cody PS4 Monster Girl Quest. Read the video description next time.

  89. Ligron Pelevonski

    This comment section lives on by sole virtue of the fact that it's lived so long.

  90. Tectonic Shrapnel

    Tickle my fancy, Tickle my prostate 💖

  91. Ecco Edd

    is that Ahri from LoL?

    Space Cow

    Nope, it's Tamamo from Monster Girl Quest.


    touch fluffy tail, or poseidons bell? hmmmmm

  92. MarF41

    idk why everybody is commenting rn but here I am too

  93. ttritt

    Why is this comment section so active


    Just is

    Grimty Granule

    Ken has it default to show newest comments first.

  94. the bread of knowledge

    why is this comment section like this, it's the only consistently fresh one on youtube


    Music that's always a banger + Game that's always relevant + Ken setting comnents by Newest First

    Ghosts Can't Eat Cake

    Absolute Territory's comment section is crazy.

  95. moneyman death

    Keep it alive

  96. Nightshadmare

    Greetings comment section that never dies