Ken Ashcorp - Take Me Home Lyrics

Slick and wet and super soft all over me
I want it, I want it
Holding me
Down into the asphalt with your rotary
We want it all

Burn my heart away
Take the wheel, take control
Take my body and my soul
Oh, take me home
Take me ho-o-ome
Neon lights and lipstick marks upon my neck
Take me home

Take me there
Feel the wind rush just like fingers through your hair
I want it, I want it
Au contraire
Eighty seven just won't do, I need your premium air
I want it all

Redline till the engine's screaming
Till our hearts both stop
Push past till the morning rises
I want it, nngh

Burn my heart away
Take the wheel, take control
Take my body and my soul
Oh, take me home
Take me ho-o-o-ome
Neon lights and lipstick Marks upon my neck
'N' Take me home


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Ken Ashcorp Take Me Home Comments
  1. Termbot

    i feel the sudden urge to bathe in gasoline

  2. El Duane Chungo


    Ass lawl

  3. Jessie TheMedic

    I didn't like the song when it first released but I think it grew on me

    Worm Jam

    Definitely, I feel the same

  4. Mr. Olives

    Country road...

    Stop! You violated the law!

    Take me home...


    To the place…

    Stop! You violated the law!

    I belong...

    Dylan smit

    West Virginia...

    Stop! You violated the law!

    Mountain mama...

  5. Max Willard

    And happy birthday you beautiful bastard

    El Duane Chungo

    Dat reminds me filthy frank... :'3 papa fraaaank >:'3

  6. Max Willard

    How the shit is this copyright claimed?


    well there is a character from an anime in there

  7. Pockets Fox

    happy late bday c:

  8. Comrade Nikolai

    Happy birthday comrade

  9. Abisnthe

    Lol my bday was yesterday,congrats on getting older

  10. Mirai

    Happy late birthday Ken!

  11. Mouse BlackCat

    Why Kenny gots to be so smoll a snakk? O.o


    I wish this comment was available in English. But yes, Kenny is a snack


    hb dude

  13. Happy Fun Times

    Happy late birthday you fucking nerd

  14. Sil Sosil

    Happy birthday!

  15. Loser Face

    I didn't know it was today until I just read the comments, but happy birthday Ken!

  16. Ami Aikki

    Happy birthday to probably my favorite musician artist ever !

  17. Creaticetu Saga

    Have a nice birthday

  18. Carter Carson

    Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈

  19. That Random Guy Down the Road

    Happy birthday, and thanks for all the countless hours you put into your songs!

  20. Jules (GAX72)

    Happy Birthday, thanks for making my drive to and from work so much more fun when I decide to sing along.

  21. Gabriel .A

    Happy Birf

  22. NvLc Dumb

    Hap birf

  23. Joe Pollard

    Happy Birthday, you rad grandma!

  24. travis sackett

    happy b day losar

  25. god of RAGE

    Happy birthday Ken uwu

  26. Leecsito

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!! que tengas linda noche

  27. Laaih

    Feliz cumpleaños Ken aaAAAaAaa <33

  28. scoretek

    Happy Birthday!

  29. Egg

    Congrats Ken, your still alive for another year!

  30. Gunnar Clovis

    Happy Birthday, Ken!!

    I've been a diehard fan of your music for 10 years now... which is insane. I still love all your classic work like the StarCraft II songs and Wish There Will Still Dinosaurs... AND the super early jokey songs like Cherry Boy Rap Riot and Hanako and Madoka: Ante Up and Long Live the Queen, etc.... But, I genuinely feel like your work has only gotten better with time. On The Rocks, Blue, Wear, Shameless, Hold My Hand, Black Lily... I listen to these constantly in my car via my crusty old gen 1 iPod Touch, and I think your music will always be a major part of my life.

    When I was younger and poorer, I'll admit I totally ripped your songs, but now that I have an amount of money, I happily buy every single one of your songs and will continue to do so indefinitely. As a game developer, one of my biggest dreams is being able to hire you to produce a song for a game... haha!

    You've come so far, and I can't wait to see what you do next. I hope you're well. Happy birthday, best wishes, and all that shit.

    Gunnar Clovis

  31. BG.Experience

    Hey if you see this copy and paste it lets make a chain or something also good song

  32. barons-a-tard does yt sometimes

    ken ashcorp's comment section is like a secret chatroom at this point and I love it

    Oderic-Jonas Nangabatu

    lmao that's accurate

  33. Star

    Seeing motorcity gave me such intense whiplash and I'm not complaining

  34. 音Yuri Kazamii

    happy new year boissss <3

  35. サガワマン


  36. Xavian Stormfang

    Happy new years! 2020 boi


    you too!!

  37. Centorea 88

    ken please drop another absolute masterpiece

    Enea Lusardi

    On the 3 of January we'll have something...


    Enea Lusardi update it is currently 5 am or something close and I am waiting

    Enea Lusardi

    @BG.Experience lol then ken drops it at 9pm and you spent a night without sleep for no reason. go to sleep trust me, it's better

  38. Anxious Mac

    This guy. I only recently found out he's friends with Ssethtzeentach. What a madlad. A music genius and a genius at the same time.

    Centorea 88

    H E Y H E Y P E O P L E


    what video?

    srg forge2

    ah yes, YTs very own Ugandan warlord

  39. Cristobal Contreras

    Everytime I look at someone... I can't help but think of the word "Gasoline" and I just happen to shout out Take me Home and now all my coworkers hate me.

  40. I don’t know either

    its ok Ken, with O'Hare Air, you can have the finest of premium air.

    John Momeni


  41. Tommy dohyun Kwon

    But it is Chriiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  42. Adrienne Nightingale

    someone turn this into a live wallpaper lol

  43. MineSlimeTV

    Oh my goddess...
    I missed you so much Friend..
    Im glad to seeing you
    goddarn this youtube thingy
    I remember you so well

  44. BG.Experience

    somebody turn this into an osu! beatmap please

  45. Ian

    This reminds me of Rimba Racer. It's pretty good if you can get past the 2nd episode.

  46. Ethan Lively

    Jesus, it’s been two and a half years now that I’ve not had a single playlist without at least three of your songs in it. Keeping you on repeat man, I love your music it’s really unique to you, can’t wait for the next song, but as always we’ll keep you on repeat as we wait!


    I could be listening to some completely unrelated shit in some generated playlist spotify's shoving in my face and it'll ways have Shameless.

    specifically shameless. Its great. Don't know why it isn't throwing more Kenny in the mix. Might need to drop Spotify if this mistake keeps happening.

  47. pip4pig

    talk about skin tight

  48. BG.Experience

    country roads?

    Dat Goy

    Country OWOs?

  49. H0rren Nei


    Bradly Grissom

    H0rren Nei then eat... I don’t see the problem


    @Bradly Grissom did you get it?


    @Bradly Grissom he/she just means that they want a new song

  50. Ilunne

    Dang I love Ken so much

  51. Hurb_H_is_silent

    I think an UwU in needed here
    one of these x3
    little bit o' rawr >.<

  52. Whitebrim

    Over the past 5 years his voice has changed

  53. Derpy by design

    His voice is so fucking hot I’m dripping.

    Alex Fairchild

    Ken had me creaming since 2015, welcome to the club



  54. John Candycorn

    Oh, hello there, you gorgeous little new addition to my reckless driving playlist


    kJUGSskKSGJkjhkHSkhskhskHSkshkHSkjH SDkJH SkHS LK :SijL;J DELJKSD L;kjz :lsdKXJ;lkjs ;LkjhdL' Aj d;Lhkjd ;Lkjdsa X":akld;L skijfDPC' :sjfdCLFhjdCKJzhgkdXGAKDGKAHJAZGdkAJHGDkhGDkhGDKJhGHAKDJghAKDJghKJDHGkJZHSouAJHSDiukagdIaYTEDGkLUYHDlHADKhgAKJDhKJGDHxkJAHDlGHDFjGFDkSGSDkhKHDKHdkhdkuHdikuHDkuZHdiZKHdizhgdjgFDhgfvdghfvZJHdfJHDgfKdxgkHDgkDgkGDiK HDG IKHJDg LKD DkjhGDJH DHJLKD kJHD JHKSBjGHSDkGSDk AHDD\d\''''""';;; f;f ; :FD: d; ;::;;:; :gv;GF

    Sqenton theslime

    You ok?


    rest in peace john candy

  55. Killmer

    Where is the nightmare night song :3

  56. EntireShadow

    Can you upload this on your soundcloud please.
    Its so nice to have all your songs on the go

  57. Artoria Pendragon

    Welcome back you sexy panda you!

  58. Sool

    Wow, didn't know the old Ken did music still! Been an avid listener since 2012 and nice to see you rarely put out more music but nice to see you again ❤❤

  59. The Biggest Of Bandits

    Come back home, Ken.

  60. Kapi Reacts

    Take me home, country roads

  61. thejakub998

    that's the good stuff

  62. electrobob992

    Hey Ken,

    In case youtube does muck up the site to deal with COPPA, and blacklist any video viewed by even 1 single kid including these ones.
    I hope you reupload these to at least one other video platform.
    Might I suggest, DTube?
    I mean, with the fact that there are no ads, as well as the fact that the uploader gets paid in cryptocurrency PER view, PER like, and PER subscription.
    It would seem like a great possible choice.
    Privacy is their number 1 choice too, and to top it off... Their platform does allow for MUCH more than youtube in regards to content.
    They actually enforce their age rule, unlike youtube.

    So much so... That they actually allow NSFW content. Yes.. Even PORN is allowed. Don't even need an account to view it.

    Patryk Kwieciński

    That sounds a lot like an AD


    Whats up BIG D TUBE

  63. Kayo Moon

    Hey Kenny! Love your work! I think it’s amazing that your able to work with many different music genres. Your songs are really relaxing and nice to listen too. I love your style. It’s pretty unique among the artists I listen too. Keep up the great work!

  64. J' zargo


  65. bunnyhype

    thankyou for feeding us

  66. Aleksander Kenway

    I really wanted this to be Country Roads.... DX

  67. Big Gali

    Country road

  68. Zachary Snyder

    We miss you.


    He will come back he always does

  69. Make me into one of your Syrian Refugees Daddy

    Too bad it's furry shit smfh

    Catherine Triggs

    @Nehriim Don't misunderstand me being yourself is all fine and dandy, but my experience with furries (as I had friends and even lovers who were once) were almost universally self-righteous pushy assholes who couldn't stand the existence of normies in their immediate vicinity. There's being yourself and then there's being nasty.


    @Catherine Triggs like any community its the toxic ones that stand out, there are of course moderates however they are few and far between

    Catherine Triggs

    @Airsickword1287 I've known one or two chill people as well. Though if a few bad apples spoil the bunch as they say, what do you have when the majority are rotten?


    Catherine Triggs If most of a group isn’t great, then I suppose you could avoid them, when possible. But really. I don’t think furries are that bad. The vocal minority is always terrible, everywhere, sure. But how many people here could be a perfectly normal, sane furry, and not draw suspicion?

    siber wolf

    NICE B A I Y

  70. PromisedMillennium

    I need my fix man. The upload was way to amazing ma dude.

  71. omar melchor

    I love your songs so much and like you’re amazing so yeet

  72. Memebigboy

    One of his best songs by far.

    Burnt Toast

    aight bet


    @Burnt Toast betx2

  73. Droid Robot

    Hey there, I wondered how much time it takes you to write and produce a song?
    tbh I love your work and I would love to know. If it is in managable digits I would like to donate money to make any song you like.
    I hope you read this.

  74. Sylvia Perkins

    This is Jesus take the wheel on a whole 'nother level.

  75. Islam Ismail

    just doing job of keeping this active

    patricio torre

    doing god's work, eh? I swear ken is so underrated, he's so tallented he could be a mainstream artist and I swear if it weren't for some NSFW thumbnails he'd be.

  76. Hetza

    This channel might be having the most active Commentators ever....

  77. nem tudom

    That animation is smooth AF

  78. Islam Ismail

    yes active like it shoud be

  79. Rxxkz

    Awesome! ❤

  80. Mummified Tony

    This was my most played song on Spottily 2019

  81. Derp

    Much love your songs

  82. sinpielsaw

    I see the title and think in Fallout

    Jesus Gomez Islas

    sinpielsaw take me home?

    Country Roads?

  83. Islam Ismail

    ken made this beacuse he liked his uber ride

    just a amateur

    Seems like something he woud do

  84. [ Defrox ]

    I just found about Ken and I've been hooked! The music is always great and sometimes hilarious, great work Ken!
    Actually Ken... if by chance you see this, me.and my GF made a drawing of Kenny, and I was wondering if there was a way I could send it to you


    He has a twitter that he's fairly active on under his about page, its VERY 18+, so keep that in mind if you want to scroll thru, but regardless on it he often retweets Kenny fanart that he gets sent on twitter

    [ Defrox ]

    @Skrell oh really? Thank you so much!


    He also has a Facebook page that I presume is slightly less active but Twitter, but it's there none-the-less

  85. ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ

    Why the hell are the comments on all of Ken's songs always active? It's surreal to see.

    [ Defrox ]

    Yo, true tho


    Ken is ephemeral, the laws of time are distorted by his guitar which he was gifted by some rogue trickster godling with some distant relation to Apollo, also his music is fucking good, you're pretty much always returning to his songs if you like them

    Big Gali

    His comments are set to newest first by default, people knowing that there comments are going to be seen tend to talk more for interaction.

  86. courperationX

    Didn't think I'd be seeing anything from Motorcity after all these years.

  87. Shmanty

    I love Ken's style too much. each song is an immediate add to my playlist.

  88. Red.Dude115

    I would buy a full album of songs by you dude

  89. 音Yuri Kazamii

    such a great song, and the art is op bro!! I am grateful that you are still doing such good music <3

  90. 音Yuri Kazamii


  91. Raptor

    dude ken is frickin epic,ever since on the rocks i was hooked

  92. Beck

    dropped by to say 20% cooler didn’t go so well, yeah?

    Aklex Prime

    imagine talking shit about an 8 years old song

    Kayden Bell

    Shut up becky

    Alex Domenech

    Thank you for namedropping the song that made mfs hear him😁
    im gonna go cry no because i was only in the fourth grade when that shit came out

    Greed King Tartarus

    Becky's a basic bitch, no need to pay attention to the classless girls.