Kelly Rowland - Stole Lyrics

He was always such a nice boy
The quiet one
With good intentions
He was down for his brother
Respectful to his mother
A good boy
But good don't get attention
One kid with a promise
The brightest kid in school
He's not a fool
Reading books about science and smart stuff
It's not enough, no
Cause smart don't make you cool, whoa

He's not invisible anymore
With his Father's 9 and a broken fuse
Since he walked through that classroom door
He's all over primetime news

Mary's got the same size hands
As Marilyn Monroe
She put her fingers in the imprints
At Manns Chinese Theater Show
She coulda been a movie star
Never got the chance to go that far
Her life was stole
Now we'll never know

No no no no oh

They were crying to the camera
Said he never fitted in
He wasn't welcomed
He showed up the parties
We was hanging in
Some guys puttin' him down
Bullying him round round
Now I wish I woulda talked to him
Gave him the time of day
Not turn away
If I woulda been the one to maybe go this far
He might have stayed at home
Playing angry chords on his guitar

He's not invisible anymore
With his baggy pants and his legs in chains
Since he walked through that classroom door
Everybody knows his name

Mary's got the same size hands (Oh)
As Marilyn Monroe
She put her fingers in the imprints (Ooh)
At Manns Chinese Theater Show
She coulda been a movie star (She coulda been a movie star, oh)
Never got the chance to go that far
Her life was stole
Now we'll never know
(Now we'll never know, oh)

Greg was always getting net from 20 feet away (20 feet away)
He had a try out with the Sixers
Couldn't wait for Saturday (Saturday)
Now we're never gonna see him slam
Flying high as Kobe can
His life was stole (Stole)
Oh now we'll never know

Now we'll never never never know
Mmm now we'll never never never never know
Stole (Stole)
Oh whoa yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Mary's got the same size hands (Same size hands)
As Marilyn Monroe (Oh)
She put her fingers in the imprints
At Manns Chinese Theater Show (She was gonna be a star)
She coulda been a movie star (Oh no)
Never got the chance to go that far (Never got the chance)
Her life was stole (Stole, stole)
Oh now we'll never know
(Now we'll never never know, no)

Greg was always getting net from 20 feet away (He had game, oh)
He had a try out with the Sixers
Couldn't wait for Saturday
Now we're never gonna see him slam (Never see him)
Flying high as Kobe can
His life was stole (Stole, oh)
Oh now we'll never know
(Now we'll never never know)

Oh no no no
Yeah their lives were stole

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Kelly Rowland Stole Comments
  1. overmostheads

    Remember when everyone just enjoyed music and wasn't obsessed with political ideology and 'winning against the enemy'

  2. Filmed by Edmund

    This one is a masterpiece really

  3. Tommi Rung

    In deep song ohhhhh

  4. kiarah No Name

    Family, society, we got to stop this!!

  5. EP D

    Well maybe Mary should have used contraception if she didn't want give up her life.

  6. Chidubem Igboji

    Evergreen song.

  7. @da_king

    Honestly, Kelly did have a successful solo career.

  8. Nathan Sugden

    Just my friend ToriWhoa...this one is for you Tori ⚘

  9. LuLu Perkins

    Will always be my favorite.

  10. Joseph Provost

    Sent to St Louis Blues!

    I know lots of people in prison or dead my son Mitchell Marner included got it loud and clear non the less Picks on trade block valued as stated before! As is the captain looking for an Jonathan Guedreou and Mathew Tawchuck Calgary Flames pairing in return alongside picks or Patrick Cane and SeaBrook plus picks in return from Chicago Blackhawks! Its market place I buy sports teams and leagues because of not financial! Remember this afterall owning the building is garenteed 1.7 billion us in pocket every five years + 800 million an year on top of that putting any company on the property outside via endorsement deal! Money going to come regardless! Teams only cost so much! Physical products I pay for not tv! And best consistentcy wins that has the most return and up front value that works as example have shown of return!

  11. Pro Metheus

    It’s sad that this old song still rings so true to the problems facing our kids in school! Look out for your brother♥️1 love!

  12. Chase II

    A decade later, then song still holds as much significance as the day it was released.

  13. Elizabeth Mullen

    God, this song is so sad, raw, and real. I appreciate it so much!

  14. Isaac Porter

    So much was stolen from my city this year. RIP to them

  15. The Lion Queen TV

    I miss when music had a message.

  16. The Lion Queen TV

    Definitely an iconic song

  17. Jenny MC

    The Daily Connoisseur brought me here. :)

  18. Emmanuel Seequeh

    Beyonce:am the best
    Kelly Rowland:You mean like how i stole all your man

  19. Teresa ODonnell

    I'm here because of radio 1

  20. fiona hamilton

    He wasn’t that much of a loser he had a girlfriend. And a kid . He was winning

    EP D

    I don't think the girl is his gf and i don't think the baby is his.

  21. Sosaia Hala

    Kelly thank you for this one.. hits so many hearts ❤

  22. Ashleigh Bailey

    Wait, was the suicidal guy the father of the baby?!?! If so how did I miss this fact?

    EP D

    No i don't think he was the fathers baby. I think she is crying about her life being stolen due to having her baby and having to grow up.

  23. Pretty Mandoyi

    The way I relate to this song...

  24. Isaiah Hines

    Isaiah. -Kelly. Rowland. -Stole

  25. free star

    T.L.C for ever 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  26. roger valentine

    This song has very real lyrics anyone can be pushed over the edge bullying is a very real thing never do or say anything to make people commit suicide reach out to people that need help it makes a difference think about it if we were more accepting of each others difference and we helped each other instead of harming each other I thought i'd write this Daya from Australia

  27. kieran slavin

    Im confused did he shoot the school up or did he shoot himself in the toilets, she says "WITH HIS BAGGY PANTS(prison issues) AND HIS LEGS IN CHAINS(jail shackles), But at the begining he walks into the toilets and that girl hears the shot and checks it out, he dead, so why would he be in jail if he dead. And thats another one, How did mary die and what does "Put her fingers in the inprints at Manns Chinese theatre show", mean . The only one i made sense of is "Greg". He obviously was shot on the ball field just when he had a break with a trial for the sixers.

    EP D

    He took his dad's gun and shot himself in the school toilets. Mary "lost her life" due to getting pregnant and having her baby but she is alive.
    I always thought that the baggy pants and legs in chains is the one who got jailed for killing greg.

  28. Sophie

    Is this about a school shooting? Or did I misread the video?

    EP D

    The lad at the start shot himself in the school toilets then greg was shot by someone elss while he was playing basketball.

  29. Rein 18

    I cant listen to this song without crying 🥺, it's lyrics are too powerful. She did good with this song, they don't do em like this anymore.

  30. Benjamin Wylie

    so underrated

  31. Toni Jenkins

    A good morning cry on the way go work thinking about the kidnappings, murdering and I'll treatment these kids and women are receiving.. Lord Jesus please bring them all home! WORLD PEACE

  32. Archy Ashton

    This is such a bloody sad but great song it needs to be shown on the realities on lonliness depression school shootings suicide and inferiority. Kelly is such a beautiful soul ❤️

  33. steve makuchete

    RIP to all taken too soon away from us, Tamuka Pfidze, Freddy Mlay, Robert Mjongondi, Collin Mapanga, Innocent Kombayi, Temba though you gone we will never forget you almost 2020 and it's been years.

  34. Jasmine I


  35. Nicolaus Romanoff

    Grammy stole Kelly’s Grammy

  36. Nelkon Nsamba

    2002 was a good year for Hip-Hop and RnB💪🏿

  37. shenanagizer

    Damn I forgot how dope this tune is

  38. Shady Killaz

    This song is so helpful. Been going through a tough time for a while and I feel that I’m missing on the positive things in life. I wanted to fit in with this group at school but I was left out of the group and didn’t fit in. I wanted to make friends with this one person but they talked behind my back about something that they were not happy with but never told me about it. It came back to me from someone else. I cried that day and the pain hurt so much :( it still does now. I don’t know what to do? If anyone has any advice on what I can. do? Please share your replies

  39. Frank Paul

    Let’s be honest ... this is not the best song. The worst single ever.

  40. Theo arif

    Newsflash bullying isn't cool🤬🤬🤬

  41. Jefferson Almeida Liborion

    BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  42. CLIPS

    Old songs binge

  43. Billy Cranston

    Damn could she be any hotter.

  44. Bryanna Dorsey

    When she says we were all here together yesterday ... 😭😭😭😭 ... So many dead in 2019 but since this song is crazy...

  45. beepIL

    This song always makes me cry

  46. Hauwa H

    For anyone going through depression, feeling lost, confused, angry, guilty, or is regarded as a misfit by others, judged etc; there is someone who will always accept you and love you just the way you are. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what the world is saying about you. This is what Jesus is saying: you are loved regardless of your faults. Please accept him into your life and he will transform it. If you don’t believe in him, try this; ask, with a genuine heart for him to show you if he’s real; cry out to him. And you will never regret it. May God fill your hearts with love and with the knowledge that you are accepted and cherished by Him. His love is unfailing. He is the best father, friend, protector, provider and counselor anyone can have. Open the Bible today. You can check the NIV version cause it’s easier to understand and the gift of his word will transform you.

    Also those who have strange or bad dreams, don’t ignore them, check out Minister Kevin Ewing on YouTube who specializes on interpreting dreams. His teachings are based on the laws of the Bible. May God be with you all, in Jesus name amen.

  47. Cilla1985

    The last line of the lyrics.. “We were here all together yesterday”.. 😔😞

  48. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    Still jamming in 2019

  49. Florence.A

    “ we were here all together yesterday “

  50. Nchichi Faith Zimba

    Th Song brings alot of memories I remember listening to it 18yrs ago and now watching it in 2019 kelly is just so great.

  51. Kimmi Kimbo

    November 2019

  52. Honest000w

    I remember when this came out... I said she is a STAR ⭐️ you still are KELLY. They gave kelly more recognition back then compared to now.

  53. sklumb1

    I hope for the days when this song will no longer be relevant.

  54. Jaleesa Talbert

    One of the most relevant songs ever 💜💜💜💜

  55. Ashley Scarlett


  56. Philtoid

    God daym this song hits me in the feels everytime.

  57. Moses Nzomo

    2019 wasshappnin?!

  58. Bertina Hooks

    Saugus High November 14 2019

  59. D.A.H HATCH

    This track meant something dearly to Kelly..She is crying😥😥😥

  60. Dara

    My favorite part of this is that the girl in the pink jacket is an author now of etiquette books and would absolutely never promote dressing like how she did in the video. :P

  61. Ashanti Lloyd

    And to think kids still killing them selves behind bulling .... young boys still getting gunned down

  62. Fauziah Hafidha

    Jennifer L. Scott♡

  63. LowCarbsHighStandards

    The actress playing "Mary" is a best selling author named Jennifer L. Scott. She has a YouTube channel called "The Daily Connoisseur." ❤️❤️❤️

    Charla Baggs

    It was Jennifer that brought me here! I saw in a recent YouTube video that she mentioned being in a Kelly Rowland music video! Love her! ❤

  64. Chelsea Marie

    I remember listening to this song back when I was younger. I didn't really think much of the lyrics now that I'm older omg. I cry everytime that listen to this song. It's still so relevant today as well

  65. Niki Peters

    Crying while listening to this..sad& true song!!!!

  66. KamisKisses

    The fact that this is even more relevant years after its original release, speaks not only to the art but to our society.

  67. Lynda M

    I love kelly! This song gets me everytime!!

  68. ReformedOrderPart2

    It seems like any kind of song that had an actual message & meaning doesn't get the same type of play or recognition as the repetitive garbage that's PUSHED with just a beat.....

  69. Casandra Lynn

    This song meant alot to me as a young teen when it came out but hearing it now at 30 brings tears to my eyes and I am sharing this song I feel it should be popular all over again we should all share it!

  70. Trinity MacDonald

    who is here 2019 November

  71. Lovewarriorqueen

    Kelly's career was stolen..

  72. Annalie

    Who’s the father of the baby ?


    It looked like the shooter


    Khai oh the one who shot the black boy

    EP D

    I don't think we know who the babys father is.

  73. InnerCityGirl1

    A truly great record.

  74. Akeirra Lacey

    This was the song

  75. datasafe00

    What a a classic

  76. Nero Knightingale

    I was told my cousin was murdered last night and I listened to this song for the first time in years

    EP D

    I'm so sorry for your loss. May they rest in peace.

  77. Leon Hunt

    Still better than beyonce also always a unreal song

  78. Jon Chalkley

    Remember when we actually empathized with troubled kids? Yeah... Neither do I.

  79. Priscilla Saunders

    Woke up thinking of this song. A classic

  80. Tey Renee

    Still makes me cry

  81. Klarissa Marshall

    Being in high school when this song first came out... it was so relatable then and sadly even more now!

  82. TINY and ME

    It terrifies me to think that there's kids in school being bullied today ...

  83. kevinanderson7672

    October 2019 listen. When did this come out?

  84. Wolvesforlife015

    good song

  85. J Lo

    Cool tree that she is sitting on. Where is that? Is it still alive? I bet it's a famous one in that place.

  86. Devon Dené Drouillard

    And to know that during this time Kelly was being abused by her boyfriend... makes you think: you never know what’s going on in people’s lives.

  87. Annette Saxton

    This song haunts me

  88. Chiquita Glass

    So why didn't Mary make it? A baby? A baby don't steal your show.

    EP D


  89. Irem Naser

    Soundtrack to Arthur Flecks life

  90. Aaron Obrien

    Love this song so underated.

  91. Lauren Hogg

    This song couldn't be any more relevant for 2019 ❤

    Ashley Harrington

    you are so right

  92. Omalley

    I can't even have this song on my phone casue it's to sad to listen to all the time

  93. delta force

    Go to song when life's got you stressed out

  94. TerrorMau5

    Friend: So how are you dealing with you're new job?

    Me: 1:14

    Abilio Campos


  95. TerrorMau5

    plot twist! Mary Cheated on both those guy's with the baller so she had it coming stupid skank.

  96. the Daily Connoisseur

    Hi friends, I played Mary at the :48 second mark. This video was fun and emotional to shoot and Kelly and the crew were so nice. Sending love ~Jennifer


    That’s awesome!


    You were magnificent in this video, Jennifer. Such an emotional role! I remember this when it was released. Goodness how time flies!