Kelly Price - Why Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Time and time again
Back and forth and then
Hatin and lovin
Breakin and Makin up
Should we start again
Should we let it end
Stayin and leavin, baby

Baby I can't take it
We're in and we're out of love
But I can't shake it
Our souls are so twisted up
I'm so frustrated
The truth is become a lie
Why can we make it

Baby why?
Why do we act this way?
Why do we play these games?
Why do we fuss and fight?
Why can't we get it right?
Why does it have to hurt?
Why can't we make this work?
Why do we still hold on?
Maybe we just gone wrong

[Verse 2:]
Broken hearts and then
Time apart to mend
Worse or for better
Lovers and even friends
Down through thick and thin
Down until the end
Break under pressure, baby

Baby I can't take it
We're in and we're out of love
But I can't shake it
Our souls are so twisted up
I'm so frustrated
The truth is become a lie
Why can we make it


Tire of all the pain
Of all the fussing and placing the blame
Cause love shouldn't be this way
I thought we'd be better now
Forever is never now
Why do we try?
Tell me Why

[Chorus: repeat till end]

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Kelly Price Why Comments
  1. Rafael Torres

    Her friend so much hotter than her of course her man was going to cheat 🤣🙌😭

  2. BlueEyed Pisces

    💯🔥💓💓💓 still since the 90's

  3. Richard Salu

    Kelly to me you are the star.....

  4. Brandi


  5. Mimi Burns

    2020 still banging on the car.... They just don't make it this more 😭😭😭😭😘🔥🔥


    Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote 😀😊


    Tom & Jerry Characters lol

  8. Amber Johnson

    Still thinking about the catfish episode where the cousin got catfished for 3 years because she called her cousin a fat ass kelly price

    Ken Chambers

    Kelly looks better than the cousin

    Amber Johnson

    Ik she does

    Ken Chambers

    Amber Johnson kelly looks like a woman , the cousin looks like a man

    Amber Johnson

    Okay I didn’t ask for all that I just commented like everyone else I don’t need a full blown discussion about it

  9. Proud Mudhutter

    Damn this was the time when music touched your soul

  10. Jermaine Tate

    I love this mans voice.. Its pricless... Have ever since i was 16 years old back in 1999 and my mum bought me 2 tickets for my 18th birthday to go and see him @ the Hammersmith Apollo and the rest is HISTORY i took my girlfriend with me who is now my wife and the mother of my five beautiful children... I blame all this bedroom music i was listening to at such young age....

  11. Princess Rotti Gombi

    when music was the real deal

  12. Tash's Journey

    Take me back to old R&B!! You better sing Kelly!!!!

  13. sunshinegirl 93

    They don’t make songs like this anymore

  14. Christal Dunaway

    Bring back BET Video Soul..MTV'S video segments....Donny Simpson green eyes..hell uncut even showed well...not uncut😂🤣🤣

  15. Christal Dunaway

    I went horse evvvvvvvery time I tried hitting those notes like her lol I can hit my version lol BUT THE PIPES ON HER!!!!!!

  16. Allen Johnson

    Life dam it%/dmpo

  17. Denis Mutabazi

    I remember these days, I was so broke, lol, but we had some of the best times.

  18. Jessie Timmons

    This shit happen to me before 😭

  19. keane harris

    Cousin Tony on catfish was right...she does resemble KP 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. KeepIt Sassyy

    This is my shiitttttttt !

  21. Lynn Inspirational

    I felt this just watching the video ☹

  22. Chloe Celeste

    So disgusting🤢🤢🤢

  23. SML Videos

    I love this song I'm still listening in 2020

  24. Kane Parker



    What the hell is going on

  26. Barbie Girl

    Kelly was big puns size GOT DAMN!

  27. Shana Jackson

    She the baddest

  28. Demir Erdem

    surely Im not the only one came here cause of migos and travis

  29. Gideon Ningeni

    2020 I am still listening to this....

  30. Royal K Performance

    Moral of the story, dont let your girl wash your clothes

  31. Mary Tate

    This song gets me trough a bad brakeup every time

  32. M V

    They don't make it like this no more. 2020 Still.

  33. Regina Pixley

    This song continues to bring me through...#kelly

  34. Xx_Iphone_xX

    Who came here after the mtv catfish show? Only me ok😂

  35. Lorrie K

    If you hear this is Mr. Biggs. Be worried if you are cheating.

  36. Reggie Stocker

    Catfish brought me here, anyone else?

  37. don't worry Blood

    This is why I don't have friends. 😓
    Poor Kelly

  38. J Mcglothan

    Hoes ain't str8

  39. Fanny Lako

    90 Babies where you At🙋

    Davon Dennis

    Fanny Lako if you were born in the late 80’s early 90’s this ain’t your era

    Fanny Lako

    @Davon Dennis All good Mate😁..

    Beatrice Kadri


  40. The OG Family

    Who else is watching this in 2020?
    Love this song

    **Subscribe to my channel

  41. Courtney Ford

    R Kelly ain't shit LMAO😱😂

  42. Vangie A

    Kelly Price beautiful asf

  43. Jenny ROB


  44. Britt Christian

    2020 30 and finally understand what I was singing when I was kid

  45. boss man

    I'm still listening to this day I love soft kick back music like this

  46. Jae urlady

    This song has save my life thank you Jesus 🙏🏽

    McDonogh Rahloh

    Good Luck beautiful woman 🙏🏿Muah

  47. Decoy Soloman

    I believe

  48. Me.Myself&I

    Kelly is beautiful 💕

  49. Mae Tibbs

    These women displayed what Classy ,Sassy , and Honor looks loik

  50. chimere williams

    🗣Kelly take this phoneeeeeee

  51. Shanita Brown


  52. Lashonda Copeland

    This is what you call good music 🎼

  53. Ronald Clark jr

    This is real r&b

  54. Chasity Lynn.

    I love this song!! Still listening in 2020. This song brings back so many memories !

  55. djw sam

    good fellows anthem !!! lol

  56. Amazing Amy

    Lol I should be sad you picked a hiv positive single mother who is addicted to crack foh

  57. Ieshia Jackson

    My favorite song

  58. Sonya Smith

    Ain't no such thing as a friend/best friend

  59. Pink I know

    Yeah Kelly, you there?
    Now, listen baby
    I got your message
    I'm just confused
    I don't understand everything but
    I'm on my way over there to you
    Now you stay on the phone
    And tell me everything that went down

    [Verse 1: Kelly and (Mr. Biggs)]
    See I was the one
    Who picked her up when so called friends let her down
    (Uh huh)
    And I was the one
    Who took her in when that fool put her out
    (I know)
    Yeah, a true friend indeed You see I was there when chips was going down
    (You know I know)
    Um, but she betrayed me
    Caught him with her coming in from out of town
    (You WHAT?!)
    Tell me why? (Aww, SHIT!)

    [Chorus: Kelly and (Mr. Biggs)]
    Why ya ya, (Whyyy?) why yah yah
    Why yah yah, why yah yah
    I wanna know
    Why yah yah, why yah yah (Why, baby?!)
    Why yah yah, why yah yah

    Now I put my trust in him
    I can't believe he slept with her behind my back (Oh)
    I went out on a limb
    I even covered up to keep his thing in tact (Yeah)
    Um.. what I had in me, yeah
    Was something real that's so hard to come about, Uh
    (Oh, oh)
    But he betrayed me
    There was a photo in some laundry that I found
    Tell me why

    [Chorus: Kelly and (Mr. Biggs)]
    Why ya ya, (Whyyy?) why yah yah
    Why yah yah, why yah yah
    I put all my trust in you, baby
    Why yah yah, why yah yah (Ooh, why?!)
    Why yah yah, why yah yah She was my best friend
    (oh yeah, oh yeah)
    Hung with me through thick and thin
    (My homey, my homey)
    Sisters to the very end
    (And I)
    I can't believe it
    Can't believe it
    Can't believe it He was everything to me
    (Everything to me, baby)
    Now out the door he's history
    (Oh now ya gotta go on)
    We could've had everything
    (And I)
    I can't believe it
    Can't believe it
    Can't believe it

    [Mr. Biggs] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

    [Kelly] Why, why, why

    [Mr. Biggs] Why

    [Kelly] Can't believe I trusted you

    [Mr. Biggs] Kelly, let me call him up

    [Kelly] No, no, no, no

    Kelly] Why, why, why

    [Mr. Biggs] Why

    [Kelly] Can't believe I trusted you

    [Mr. Biggs] Kelly, let me call him up

    [Kelly] No, no, no, no

    [Mr. Biggs] And just talk to him

    [Kelly] There's nothing to say
    Because it's too late, oh Mr. Biggs] Oh, I know it, but it's just the principle
    About the whole thing, oh
    I'm your Godfather
    And I can't stand for nobody to hurt you, baby

    [Kelly] No, no, no, no

    [Mr. Biggs] So just call him up

    [Kelly] I don't wanna, I don't wanna

    [Mr. Biggs] Call him baby, call him right now

    [Kelly] I'm callin', I'm callin', I'm callin'

    [Mr. Biggs] Call him up.....

    [R.Kelly] Hello? Who's this?

    [Mr. Biggs] This is Mr. Biggs R.Kelly] How ya doin' Mr. Biggs

    [Mr. Biggs] What the hell is going on?

    [R.Kelly] What you mean what's goin' on?

    [Mr. Biggs] Kelly's telling me
    That you're sleeping with another woman

    [R. Kelly] Just because she sees me wit her
    Doesn't mean I'm sleeping wit her

    [Mr. Biggs] Well, if you're not sleepin' with her
    What the hell you doin' with her

    [R. Kelly] Damn, I could be just talkin' to her

    [Mr. Biggs] Or you could be just creepin' with her
    Now son, man to man, we both know the game

    [R. Kelly] Yeah, but what's that got to.....

    Mr. Biggs] Wait a minute
    And you know all about heartache and pain
    This is my Goddaughter
    And I'm just trying to protect her heart

    [Kelly] Don't waste your time

    [Mr. Biggs] You may have been a moon to her
    But to me she's the star, oh

    Why ya ya, why ya ya

    [Kelly] Why, why

    [Mr. Biggs] Kelly, take this phone!

    She was my best friend
    You were my husband
    Oh, but I don't want you
    No, no, no more Said I don't want you
    No, no, no, no more
    See you shaped and molded me
    To be what you wanted me to be
    She was a leaf in your life
    But I was the root to your tree, oh

  60. Rebecca Rhodes

    Love this Song !!

  61. Nu J.

    “And I was the one who took her in when that fool put her out”. Felt that in my soul

  62. Elaine Watts

    This is good lol 😂💯

  63. A A

    Classic 🔥

  64. Richy Okechukwu

    Rnb baby ❤❤❤🇳🇬🇳🇬

  65. Tay Mosley

    I love mr biggs part💯


    Me too!

  66. Kiana Smith

    My song 🤞🔥🔥 #bringBaccthisvibe

  67. Mary B

    Kobe Bryant video

  68. Ladi MehMeh

    🗣️Yep 2020 I'm still vibing to this 🎶

  69. Eve Heart

    Why ? Why ? Lovely voices. RNB 🥰😍

  70. TRUTH

    2020 still that jam

  71. April Holzendorf

    Never gets old! ❤

  72. ALivia’s World

    What happened to natural looking makeup 💄

  73. TheRealMoMa TV Global

    still playing it in 2020, R&B FOREVER!!!

  74. Azundoo Sawudatu

    Who s is still watching this video in 2020

  75. Luci LU

    2020 still listening ‼️💯

  76. Sara Serrano

    Love it still

  77. Faiths Fun House

    My favorite songs ! Still listening while I clean up my house.. 😂🥰🔥

  78. Kailynn Foard

    2020,but she is supposed to be married to r kelly and I feel bad for her but I’m glad she wasn’t really married to her but I don’t know if they were married fr soo...

  79. vamia washington

    Great another track r Kelley left his filthy paws on

    Andre Ricardo Bryant

    R.Kelly wrote, produce, or sang background on alot of tracks from the 90s to 2000s. He is musical genius no matter what he is.

    vamia washington

    Andre Ricardo Bryant he also preyed on underage girls.... but hey he’s a musical genius so it’s all good right?!

    Andre Ricardo Bryant

    @vamia washington He still a musical genius. Quincy Jones did sexual things to underage Tevin Campbell. Quincy is also a musical genius.

    Andre Ricardo Bryant

    @vamia washington I mean I can't go back in time and kill R. Kelly if that's what you really want from all of this

  80. Ciara M.

    A classic!

  81. Jordynn Davis

    Fiddle and I just wanted you still have it for sale and I just got back on when you get home and I just got back on when you want me to get the lights on in my life but ok I'll always Love you xoxoxo xoxoxo love you so much baby girl throat is going to take care of them for you and you still have it for sale and you can never gonna happen I just wanted to check with you to see what I have my cs I have my own transportation to and from school today and I have a whole bunch 💯😅😔😛😋♣️

  82. Jawanda Woods

    This is not calendar nobody cares what year it is

  83. Keya

    Classic 💙💙💙💙

  84. Paulette Jordan

    I can never hear about Kelly Price without thinking about that episode of Catfish.

    Ken Chambers

    Kelly looks better than the cousin

    Ken Chambers

    Kelly looks like a woman , while the cousin looks like a 👨

  85. Tiera Brown

    I will sing this whole song by myself ""u may have been the 🌕 to her but to me she's a 🌟""

  86. Murdy MaMa

    Anybody else listening 2020 wit me?

  87. Annette Frazier

    This is another great one. Kelly is so talented!!!

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    I wanted those braids so bad

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    Shit I don't no what.going call me

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    WHY????????? WHY???