Kelly Price - This Is Who I Am Lyrics

This is who I am
This is what I do
I spread the gospel
Share the good news

[Verse 1:]
Lord you knew me
Long before I was here
Shaped my destiny
Had a plan for me

Then you sent me
Into the world to proclaim
Your love and grace
So in spite of what men say


[Verse 2:]
It's amazing
All the things that you do
Im so grateful
You decided to choose

Me to draw men
From the world back to you
My life I owe
So send me lord I'll go

It seems strange when I see
The way you had for me
But this charge I must keep
I'll follow you
Wherever you lead

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Kelly Price This Is Who I Am Comments
  1. JayDee Faya

    2019 and this song is still so beautiful!! 💗

  2. Derrick Pitts

    This is one of my favorite songs

  3. booksandtoys

    Glad to see that after all these years, folks are still enjoying the good music!

    Stay blessed y'all!

  4. God's Daughter

    Amen one of my favorite songs

  5. Ralph Garrett

    God has truly greater things in store for you in Jesus Christ name!!!

  6. shelia bolar

    My kind of groove. Awesome! Kelly Price!

  7. withluv02

    Praise the Lord! I love this song bc she is not being bashful we know she is talking about Jesus Christ...sang the Word it's more than inspirational it's the gospel of Jesus Christ

  8. Alaina Commander

    Love this song.

  9. MsSaunders7

    Still My Song !!!!!!!!


    Kelly Price sings better than beyonce


    Does she :/

  11. Stephanie Burgess

    Oh, wow! Come on here....

  12. Luana Souza

    Amoooo 🎶🎶


    yessss. Sangggg.

  14. Tiffany Hebert

    I love this song! I love Jesus

  15. sidney de medeiros

    Mega Super Good!

  16. C Charles

    love this

  17. D.J. Tore

    Nice Flow.  I like this one... It's a hit!

  18. Angela Singleton

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news!! I'll spread it wherever I go!!

  19. Young Prince

    Check out my single Young Prince - I Want Worry... Very positive song... #THANKS

  20. Berdine Compere

    Love it

  21. Matt Turn

    I just love this song as well as the gospel album. I hope there's more gospel music to come in the future.

  22. Noland Greene

    I enjoyed this cd from Ms. Kelly Price. It's a good feeling inspirational message. Great Job, can't tell you how many times I'd played "Can;t Turn Back."

  23. lakisa rice

    I love your voice kell this is music

  24. MsSaunders7

    Love this Song!!!!!!!!!

  25. timelesslyfavored

    The Gospel JAAAMMMM!!!

  26. timelesslyfavored

    Reminding Us to KEEP the Spiritual Swagger Together
    Tell The Good News of JESUS CHRIST with Pride

  27. lakeisha265

    go Kelly I love this album!

  28. Moni Poppaea Di Maria

    SUPER i wich i could sing like her one of the best

  29. JESSY A

    MY TUNE...

  30. debidebs

    i heard this on the cindy trimm website and i have been lookin for this song... love it!!!!!

  31. kattmaccable

    This whole was bangin' when it came out. Another one of those that you wish you never let anyone borrow. My little sis' to be exact!!!!! God Bless Kelly!!! If it ain't about Jesus, it ain't gonna last!!!

  32. Nicci M

    Kelly continue spreading the Gospel!!!! Love this song!!!!!!!

  33. wcndl

    love this song so much

  34. Melekia Tyrell

    luv dis song and she can sing god bless her soul

  35. Dreame

    lol the first time i heard this was when there was a presentation at my church they had this playing in the backrouund and throught out the whole presentation i was rockin to it and riffin lol whoo! song is fire....and its true i will spread the Gospel and share the Good news. positive i love it.

    Annie Williams

    we are to do likeWISE....

  36. Ruth Morissaint

    Abeautiful song

  37. msraymond

    Im glad she put out a gospel album! Gospel is definitely her genre!

  38. Nichole Francis

    whats the name of this album

  39. lydee seal

    this is a really great singer!!any time she makes me feel better. thank for posting

  40. Coko Diamonds

    I think kelly is much happier singing gospel

  41. SoulSir

    Kelly rock this gospel jam.

  42. risingxstarlet

    i loove this song so much


    kelly rocks

  43. dovelydiva

    DA JAM!!!

  44. Jay King