Kelly Price - Secret Love (Remix) Lyrics

Uh, uh, uh
So So Def
Crossed us, nigga, you know, not
So So Def
It's a full time get dope spot
Full time blow spot, we ain't gon' stop
Keepin' the flow locked
Keepin' the flow locked, yeah, yeah

[Kelly Price (JD)]
I got a secret in my heart
And baby, it's tearin' me apart (Yeah)
Cuz I want the world to understand
That I love you and you are my man (Uh huh)
Baby, we know that we belong
A love that is real just can't be wrong
Can't keep it inside for very long
This love is too strong
So, when you're not here, I got (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got a secret that I want you to know, baby (C'mon)

I can't hide what I'm feelin' inside
Boy, it's killing me, baby
So, why can't they see that I...
I can't hide what I'm feelin' inside
Everyone should know
So, just let it show, baby

Boy, I feel it's time to let it go (Uh huh)
You stayed on the hush, we can't belong (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
But I need to let my feelings show
I can't take it no more
So, when you're not here, I got (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got a secret that I want you to know, baby (Haha, c'mon)

[Repeat 1]
Uh, huh, y'all wanna dance?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Here we go

[Kelly Price (JD)]
I'm yours (Say what)
I'm yours, I'm yours
I belong to you
You're mine
Your world, should be mine
You belong to me (Uh huh)
Why can't they see?
Why can't they see it's killing me?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Cuz I can keep a secret

[Da Brat]
Uh, ah, c'mon
I must release this, we can't keep it a secret
Fuck a hush-hush, need you in my life to complete it (Yeah)
Cuz ain't nobody like us together, let's grow old together
We never both do whatever we want, believe it (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
When you get mad or heated, I want the world to see it
When you happy, my purpose never defeated
You got me walking around helpless with no hope
I'm high off you, selfish, with my dough
Love to picture a vision of me and you
It will never be another lover like
Ooh, ooh, LaShawn
Make noise with your homeboys (Yeah)
Say, they knowin' how we been keepin' it quiet long enough
When I feel inside strong enough to bust
Open up the hard, the hardest thug
Hop on his wood when he need love, can't hide
They see me shine when I ride this (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let's blow quiet reminds just you and I boy (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Repeat 1 to end]

Check it out
Y'all know how we do it over here, huh
Y'all know how we do it over here, huh
Y'all know how we do it over here, huh
Y'all know how we do it over here, huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
So So De

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Kelly Price Secret Love (Remix) Comments
  1. Cakes

    Original version is sooo much better!

  2. RedSox

    Da Brat had the same hair style and outfit in Brandy's U Don't know Me Remix video.

  3. Mr Forex


  4. Tahj

    I play this getting ready.

  5. Na’juan Gwynn

    She and missy favor one another

  6. charles Mabry

    I love the original

  7. Sonya J.


  8. To No

    Kelly Price is beautiful flower with a voice like gentle rain or like rolling thunder

  9. steven patterson

    My childhood omg I miss when artists competed on the radio... Da Bratt Underrated

  10. Frankie Repalda

    Does anyone know if she is singing

  11. Brooklyn Panther 2019

    Kelly Price is a Veteran one if the Best . She is the Voice behind lot of our favorite Classic Hip Hop Song's. Give this women her props. She sung on Jay Z, LL cool j, Lil Kim , Whitney Houston , Biggie, Mase , Puff Daddy , Yo-Yo , Mariah Carey ,Da Brat, Lil Cease, Mic Geronimo, Faith Evans, R. Kelly . Any Everybody had Miss Kelly Price singing on they're songs. She was in high Demand

  12. Brooklyn Panther 2019

    Why is Retarded A""holes Calling Kelly Price Precious when Kelly was out wayyyy before that fictional character was ever created

  13. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    This was when Da Brat started to flaunt what was hidin' up underneath them tomboy clothes looool. Loved her rapid delivery and super sexy look during the 1999-2003 era. She's so pretty and heavily unappreciated in the rap game these days.

  14. Daniel Robinson

    This was my song in 99. Still sounds hot in 2018.

  15. Sassy Green

    My ish .

  16. K Moss

    Da brat is underrated

  17. Joshua Greene

    This Was That Song Back In The Day... I miss The Old Kelly Price

  18. infused fits

    2018 stand up!
    90's foreva baby!
    When females wasn't afraid to let other females have a feature.
    When they both shined together.

  19. Lateshia Childs

    I love 90s remixes and how they sound different from the original. That is how you do a remix.

  20. J H

    I was slick crushin on DaBrat😍

  21. Bob Escabar

    She reminds of precious when shes dancing in that BET video

    Brooklyn Panther 2019

    How can she remind you of precious when Kelly was outt way before Precious was ever thought about. SMH


    I like the remix version but I wish they had a original song in a video.

  23. BrooklYN


  24. MrBlactye

    Kelly is one best female vocalist of our era. Kelly is rock it on this joint.

  25. ThisIsMissyExclusive

    Yup, I remember this so vividly. Da Brat ditched the tomboy gear and flared up her style to superb sexy mamacita style. Even took it up a notch on her third album "Unrestricted" a year after this. She's always been crazy beautiful, but when she explored her hypersexuality she was full on grown & sexy. Go 'head Brat.



  27. Tumisang Habedi

    Without a doubt, one of my favourite songs of my life...JD on production was insane, Brat bananas, Kelly a songstress goddess. Thank y'all for the music the memories...

    knaledge will

    Love ya comment

  28. Ms. Jai

    It’s not on Spotify 😢

  29. Panessia Ruff

    Real music I love it!!

  30. KIDANO

    This video SCREAMS late 90's!!
    The creativity! 🎥

  31. Trendsetter5420

    Kelly looks so barbielicious in all that pink love it chocolate bar 🍫

  32. Mael dilema

    Boa gata muito

  33. Vamp ليون

    Does anyone remember that episode from ' The Parkers " when Nicki Parker ( Mo'nique ) had on that blue jean outfit with the pigtails , on stage with Stevie and Kim, singing " IF YA LOVING NICKI P THROW YA HANDS UP " LMAO I swear Mo'nique was dressed up as Kelly price

    Lateshia Childs

    She kind of look like her too

    Butterfly Soul.

    Lmaooo! Aint even have to look it up I know exactly what you talking about!

    Lil J 4lyfe


  34. Mia Porche

    This is like my favorite song! That beat was sick...

  35. Jean Doe17

    Go Brat!!! Yesss!!! 🙌💙💙💙

  36. James Clayborn

    True gift and she's sexy as fuck!!!!!

  37. LeSáne

    Da Brat Lookin Good And Whatnot

  38. Tahj

    I can't find this version on Itunes?!

  39. itsjemmabond

    Used to love this song back in the day. Where is Da Brat now?


    she does radio now.

    Lateshia Childs

    On Rickey Smiley show I hope she get back into music.

  40. Anissa M.

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how awesome this remix is?

  41. Ivan Travis

    so we gonna act like dabrat wasn't spitting bars🔥🔥 always loved me some brat she never changed always looked the same up into now👏😋💯

    Lateshia Childs

    Brat is my top favorite female rapper. I cant forget her flows.

  42. moonraker30

    Had this song and video on my mind had to see it

  43. bitca222

    This is one of my personal favorite songs when I was a kid. A beautiful female that looked "different" doing her thing & singing for the GAWDS... <3 Love the original version too!!!

  44. Davi Ferreira

    minha gordinha sexy e Linda😍😍😍

  45. Bim Fujah

    Da Brat looked delicious in this video.

  46. Munchies Love

    Seeing her on unsung made me have to come and listen to her classics 😊

  47. December Finest

    Bet y'all didn't catch montell Jordan and shar jackson cameo in this video

    Chris Tyson

    December Finest I did

    Lateshia Childs

    Yup I saw, Montell was her label mate at the time on Def Jam. I liked how label mates appeared in each other videos. Maybe Shar just like Kelly Price and wanted to appear in the video.

    Carlo J. Morisset III

    @Lateshia Childs She was on Island Records' urban label, Island Black Music.

    Lateshia Childs

    @Carlo J. Morisset III I got it wrong the label was Def Soul the R&B side of Def Jam. I have to look her CDs again.

    jamel eason

    Lateshia Childs those were the days who would thought it will leave us smh.

  48. Lateshia Stokes

    yessss..kelly price..awesome voice..and are those airmax 95?yesss

  49. Jamison Rhodes

    A Haven't heard this song in FOREVERRRR!!!!!! KP, JD and Da Brat was killin' dem moves, especially KP!!! #classicandepic #realhiphop/rnb #90sbabyalldayeveryday

  50. Glory Williams

    y'all should see Kelly now...she looks amazing...

  51. Davi Ferreira

    Kelly price encanta e não canta pq as músicas dela são mto boas enquanto os outro canta ladainhas ela encanta os outros com sua voz leve e boa sou fã dela msm

  52. Chloe Black

    I was so mad they didn't make a vid to the original song!

  53. Davi Ferreira

    isso q e música Kelly peixe sou fã dela desde de pequeno minha vo põem muito as músicas dela amo MSM ela

  54. SHINE beauty

    die stoel is de boMmM

  55. G W

    Kelly was dancing her butt off. If Heavy D was in this video it would have been epic.

    Ken Chambers

    George Woods lmao

    j l

    G W shut up lol

  56. Carletta G


    Carletta G

    toffee man is hungry lmbo.

  57. praisesinger83

    I was in the 9th grade and this is what real music is about !!!

  58. NellyBelle

    This was the song right here!!! Loved this video!! Though Kelly was a Big girl she was stepping!! Get it Kells!!

    Míchele Cobré

    @NellyBelle yeah she was getting them burgers (lol) I am just playing


    lol hey get them burgers!!

    Míchele Cobré

    @NellyBelle hahahaha lol

    Ken Chambers

    NellyBelle you so crazy lol


    My exact thoughts ... I love Kelly that voice n pretty face.

  59. Aaron Badu

    damn why tf is everybody bashin her cus of her weight ? see thats why we got these mainstream bitches today having fake asses & shit & not being natural in their videos in the 90s there were all kinds of sizes of women & THEY WERE ALL BEAUTIFUL . the era when it was ok to be 200+ pounds & still be famous . now here we go 2015 & u gotta be 120 & down to walk a damn runway gtfoh wit that stupid shit . BIG UPS TO RAPPERS like notorious b.i.g , missy , big pun , heavy d , queen latifah , lady of rage , kelly price & more because they were comfortable with them selves & they never lost no damn weight because they were "told" to except missy she had to but im proud of them u dumb hoes on here talking bout kelly needa stfu

    Aaron Badu

    @Kiril Varbanov​ ikr

    Brandon bates

    @Endorse Jay Yep, we in the superficial era no doubt.So many people that think this way,I'm starting to feel outnumbered.

    Aaron Badu

    @Brandon bates​ tru dat bro thats why i say fuck the media the world aint the same no more

    Super Savage

    +Endorse Jay It was rare for a big (female) artist to be successful, even back then. There are still big girls doing well within the industry. Hell, Adele has one of the best selling albums of ALL TIME & she is a big girl.

    G B

    Je'von preach

  60. Francesco Versace

    Fuckin fat

  61. Trissa Baltii

    she's so cute kelly :)

  62. Ronnie Griggs

    She was getting it

  63. Dante Conyers

    Real music this was hot back in 1999!!


    AGREE WIT YA 100%!!!!!

    DeAundré Alderman

    Dante Conyers yess gawd🔊🔊🎶🎊💪

  64. adagator33

    Love me some Kelly

  65. JackieJacks

    This takes me back...when the music had substance....

  66. EmpressTanya

    why u guys calling her precious, and fat and all this mess, WHEN WUD U PPL CHANGE HER VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SO IS SHE!!!!!!!!!

  67. Lewis Brown

    She is not missy Elliot you can't pull it off sorry...

  68. Ron Harrison

    i was 5 when this came out BET would always play it

  69. RealAXXopinions TryRapping

    The brat is so damn beautiful

  70. Jacqualine Yon

    she can sang her butt off and is soo beautiful!!!!

  71. Jordan

    She's come a looooooooooooong way lol

  72. King Alejandro

    True. But when she first came out she really held those notes!

  73. gUmdropatl

    just like Luther too! she can blow tho either way!

  74. King Alejandro

    But the truth is when she was heavier she sang with more soul.

  75. Bev Carr

    I remember this vaguely

  76. MusicFanatic

    at least she tried to dance

  77. shani edwards

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. gregnice25

    dj juice mixtape brought me here....

  79. gUmdropatl

    she can sing her ass off and her weight has nothing to do with her talent!!

  80. Tyeshia Jenkins

    beautiful big woman

  81. Redd9999

    She is a VERY beautiful and talented woman. I wouldnt want her to change. PERIOD!

  82. Mary Thompson

    True that!!!!!

  83. Elaine Taylor

    Kelly Price is a beautiful, chocolate, plump woman; and your a Grade A IDIOT for calling her "The Original Precious". If you don't have anything positive to say...I suggest you keep your funky ass little comment to yourself!

  84. You gonna learn some day

    She is a real rapper not that plastic nicki minaj!

  85. James Rounds

    That's hot. Nice groove.

  86. Airybabyy24

    Ctfu Why you mad tho? lol

  87. Stacie Dullon


  88. Kia Marie

    The guy with the shirt off....omgggggg I was touchin the screen like I was really touching it :)) it felt good lol.

  89. oaromire24

    feel good music

  90. TexasLatinHeat

    Wow Da Brat is wearing the same hair style that she wore in the U don't know me (remix) by Brandy featuring Shuanta and Da Brat.

  91. Daevante Willis

    I don't care how big she was or is, Kelly Price can sing and she looks nice...she's a real vocalist...

  92. tasiawood

    kelly was the shit in the 90s

  93. wr513


  94. trezz18

    I love this song!!!!

  95. jaszinah

    dont hate

  96. pintobeanpintobean

    Go ahead Kelly! Dance to that song. The Brat does her usual! Jammin