Kelly Price - Nobody But Jesus Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Who was the one when I didn't know my name?
Before I was born he loved me just the same
Who was the one who took me by the hand
And kept me from all danger the way a father can

Who was theone to lead me along the way?
When I didn't know the path for me to take

Nobody but jesus
Nobody but jesus
Nobody but jesus
Nobody but jesus
Jesus is the one!

[Verse 2:]
Who was the one to place the sun so high
And hang the stars in space to decorate the sky
Oh who was the one to die on calvary
With nails in his hands and nails in his feet

Who took the sting from death and victory from the grave?
Then went on back to heaven and he's gonna return one day.

[Repeat and invert]

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Kelly Price Nobody But Jesus Comments
  1. Christopher Phillips

    Vanessa Bell Armstrong has a soft, soothing voice. This song is very soft, mellow, and relaxing. A Gospel song with a smooth jazz feel.

  2. Charlene Hardy

    She’s right nobody like Jesus

  3. Charlene Hardy

    Never heard this Song Before But I Like It. Thanks

  4. Joanne Ross

    Have mercy Lord,that's all I'm saying!!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  5. mindon367

    This song right here, that's all!!!!

  6. LaChele

    One of my favorites. I just love the way she sings. It's an experience. Just flat down. She be sangin' w/o any excuses.

  7. Lizzie Washington


  8. Tena Hampton

    love this song

  9. Verenda Evans

    One of my favorite gospel artist! Nobody but Jesus can save you. .Amen hallelujah 👏

  10. Tanya Buard

    I love all her song they are all full of life.

  11. Montine Smith

    Back in the day @JMBC, the HJJ's would bring tears to the congregation and the presence of the Lord...... do I miss that. .leader MMM. .God bless the voices of his singers

  12. James Foote

    this song is so true no body but him

  13. Drette Nichols

    My favorite song

  14. Shirley Aguilera-Logan

    My favorite. Took the words right out of my heart and soul :)

  15. DurtWill

    These songs are when I really want to be in the presence of God while in prayer


    In respone to KAREL ADDAMS question (posted 4 years ago) of which cd this was first released on,it is the "CHOSEN" cd & I purchased it from amazon 3yrs ago & YES it is still available. The entire cd is rockin,only this song is the crème-de-nailed Him to the cross!


    The original version is on her "CHOSEN" lp/cd released in 1984. I bought the cd from amazon.


    This song is really ministering to me today. NOBODY BUT JESUS!

    Jennifer LaCour

    Amen Sis!

    Debra D Brooks

    VBA, I love her and her music. she is so anointed and bless by God. Keep lifting Jesus

  19. shardtx

    @Anna Lewis you are misinformed...sorry.

  20. Anna Lewis


  21. Angela Depriest

    I know right...

  22. jzk1990

    I'm not sure why the original song in its full is so hard to find?

  23. Ordell Jones

    My boy, Steven Roberts' song. Still one of his best songs.

  24. MrDisshithere

    Seriously? How u cut the song off?!!!? I was just gttn n2 it..HELL!!

  25. MrDisshithere

    Lmbo Maya

  26. Spirgil Landrum

    Powerful song! I feel cheated what happened to the end, she was just getting warmed up.

  27. Ann Thomas

    Y art thou afraid of Sophia COGIC,,,,,,,,we need u NOW!

  28. Artra Gray

    I woke this morning with this song

  29. LaMarcuus Buckner

    To God Be The Glory

  30. Ki Ki Thomas

    I love it!!!! Nobody but Jesus. Thank You Lord

  31. Rashard Cottman

    Glory to God

  32. Bobby Lahmon

    sorry but I posted that song a few years back before they upgraded u tube and since then my turntable has stooped working and I only have that song in LP format but if I find it online I'll be glad to re post it

  33. jtizzle369

    do you have the whole song? ill love u long time if you post it when you get a chance lol. VBA has my HEART cha

  34. Marcus Rob

    Do you remember what album she had out in 1981 where I can find this awesome song?

  35. Marcus Rob

    I'm in SUPER love with 1980s gospel. It takes me back to a mental place where I was a kid and everything felt so great.

  36. tom hinkston

    This real Gospel when you going through

  37. Marcus Rob

    What year did this song originally come out?

  38. dionne

    i recently was troubled over major problems at school, the environment was bad, I thought about dropping out. On my way this song came on and I had to pull over, I couldn't stop praising his name. I had to laugh later, because I was like problem? What problem? Just turn it overto JESUS. How could I forget that?

  39. Melinda Adams

    she can just SAAANNNG

  40. Toriana Abron

    I love this song!!

  41. Gregory Wilson

    I love this song. Thanks for posting.

  42. Bobby Lahmon

    @beccabrnrd sorry i posted that one before they started allowing up to 15 minutes

  43. marqnmphs

    My all time favorite Gospel song. What can I say Tommy and Vanessa. Dangerous combination... Man I miss Tommy..

  44. babykekey

    i have loved this song since i was little... makes me feel closer to god. i can listen to this song all day long and never get tired of it. god bless vanessa bell armstrong... amen and amen

  45. KCSFan4Life

    yes lawd! this is from when she had the big gut!

  46. TimberBlay

    @ahmidis74 I wish I could even find this on itunes! I took my singing style from Vanessa, Rance and Shirley.... We have yet to have voices like that back in mainstream Gospel.

  47. Bobby Lahmon

    @cuzimgd 4 ever 80s gospel

  48. Donita Wright

    I used to listen to this song on repeart so much growing up.. memories.. now this was good gospel music.


    i like this

  50. Ahkim Evans

    luve you vannessa pray for me

  51. 2009DQueen

    This song is always been a very serious song in my life for I am currently going though some things. My mother past away and I know it's nobody but Jesus who must bring me though this storm so to say this Artist is a really good singer who really moves your soul the right way. Love U Vanessa Bell Armstrong

  52. Zion Gate

    Thanks! Keep the music playing.

  53. Bobby Lahmon

    @ahmidis74 ok we'll try to post the entire song soon

  54. Zion Gate


  55. suenelson1024

    This is so RIDICULOUS what she did to this song. AWE-SOME!!

  56. Cedric Waller

    @darcellbios that's a loaded question!lol

  57. Cedric Waller

    @weluvmusick I think that both marry well and neither to be put over the other. That's some great musicianship at work. Can't be forsaken in the least!

  58. Felix Scott

    Proper. Vanessa takes a song and makes the song her song. No one sounds like Vanessa. Nobody and I mean nobody.

  59. enmaxus

    @jlove918 Oh how I can relate to your last sentence.

  60. artsygg

    Vintage Vanessa.

  61. Bobby Lahmon

    @darcellbios well it starts out with a few passing chords and scale runs the rest i'll let you figure out this is one of those song where the singing is so good that the music doesn't really matter that much i mean it's tight and skillful but i pay more attention to those swelling vocals than the music

  62. darcellbios

    What are the notes to this????

  63. Bobby Lahmon

    @willsims2006 great

  64. Bobby Lahmon

    @PastorRAlexander thanks for the love brother

  65. 6footgazelle

    I wish I could buy this voice and swallow it and sing praises with THIS type of passion!!!

  66. Just1Perspective


  67. Jlove 918

    I grew up listening to her. My father use to play her and so many other great gospel singers before school in the morning. She just stuck with me and I put her on when the world is too much. Calms me down and puts the much needed spritual grace back in place. Praise GOD!!

  68. RyRy2003

    It sounded great too!..I sing in One voice..just wasnt able to make it 2 rehearsal!!

  69. kronk99

    Mass choir is singing this 2morrow...GET THE SHEETS!!!!!!

  70. slimcola21

    Can you upload Vanessa's The Denied Stone, please?

  71. Dejae Renez

    MY GOD. The holy spirit is felt all in your voice. To sing this song with the love passion, gentleness, and full emotional content like this. is a gift from GOD. its like every verse was carefully felt not just uttering words off a written page. i Truly truly thank GOD for showing me what a praise song really is. Thank u for letting GOD use you sister.

  72. Karell- KD Fashion Sesay

    Does anybody know the name of this CD? I think its a old one, not quite sure,

  73. horus1971

    She brings out tha best in me!!

  74. Bobby Lahmon

    YEA !!! that what I'm talking bout

  75. TallSomeone

    Go get it, Vanessa! Go get it. Uhh, uhh, umm. Tear it up!

  76. Bobby Lahmon

    That's The Gospel Truth

  77. grlglendabad

    NOBODY but JESUS!!!!!!! Nobody greater, and no one could've done all that he did and still does. He is Awesome!

  78. Bobby Lahmon

    Hey I know what you mean

  79. cnote4461

    LUV LUV LUV THIS SONG!!! It gives me CHILLS!!! And it reminds me just how much I love my Lord and Savior!!!

  80. Bobby Lahmon

    no problem

  81. byronizm

    Thanks!! weluvmusick! one of my all-time fav VBA songs!! :O)

  82. Bobby Lahmon

    You're Welcome

  83. Felicia Lovejoy

    Thanks For This One!

  84. Bobby Lahmon

    That's Great !!!

  85. loopyman76

    My ALL-TIME favorite gospel song! Brings back memories of elementary school. I remember being like 9 years old and playing this record to death!!

    Nothing like classic 80's gospel!

  86. Bobby Lahmon

    That's great !

  87. IsaiahRaymondDyer09

    :) Yessah, playing Vanessa RIGHT now lol

  88. Bobby Lahmon

    I Knew you'd like it

  89. IsaiahRaymondDyer09

    CLASSIC foreal!

  90. Bobby Lahmon

    For Sure !!!!!!!