Kelly Price - I Can't Hide Lyrics

I got a secret
It's here in my heart
And I can't even tell my friends.
How much I adore you
I'm fallin' apart
I got to kept it deep within.
The way that I love you
I can't even say I promise not to
Tell a soul
It won't last too long, a feeling so strong
And I can't hide the way.

I can't hide the way I'm feeling inside
The pain is killing me
Cause I want to let the world know
It's you I'm lovin'
I can't hide the way I'm feeling inside
The pain is killin me
Cause I want to let the world know its you I'm lovin'.

It's something so special, this thing that we share
So why can't we just let it go
It's easy to see
Can they know that we should be as one.
It's out in the open
Our cover is blown and I don't care who really knows
I need to be with you
Can't take it no more, cause baby i need you.

Lovin you feels so right, (lovin you feels so right)
I don't want to have to live a lie (i don't want to lie)
The way you touch, the way you kiss drives me out of my mind
(I'll never love)
Boy I've never loved this way before baby
So I've given you the keys to my door
With every touch I want you more
Don't want to let my feelings show
I can't hide.


I'm not afraid to let my feelings show
I can't hide them no more (no More)
Cause no matter what they say
It's never gone to change the way that I feel for you
Cause boy I love (I love you )

[repeat chorus]

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Kelly Price I Can't Hide Comments
  1. darryl ellis

    The 1st women to sing me out my ENTIRE bank account! Lol!

  2. Breahn Pelzer

    2020 we still here for it ❤️🙌🏾

  3. Patrick Harry

    Me Love her voice ms price

  4. Mike Butler

    My song 2020

  5. Marie Hines

    Still listening in 2020! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Tam D.

    I got a crush but he will never know & I smile to myself when I think of him...😉

  7. ercatucker

    Am I the only one still listening to this in 2020

  8. Michelle A A


  9. Brit Adams

    Who here 2020?

  10. Shameka Henri

    I’m still listening to this in 2020

  11. Beloved Mccoy

    I’m not afraid to let my feelings show I can’t hide them no more!!!! (Sings)♾🤴


    Pop ur ish Kelly👌👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 vocals just give u hella chills‼️

  13. Katrina Hill


  14. Nichole Ballard

    My shit!!!

  15. Di Dunk

    2020 in hereeeeee !!!

  16. Natasha Crook

    We love u charhonda.. xxlifelock..xx

  17. Emma Redell

    I miss u Kelly I so love this type of music it’s Special


    My secret will hurt my ex soo much cause i knew of the crush when we was together & when we split...I moved on it...Best thing I ever done💯💯& the feeling is mutual..Sorry ex but you was a waste of time✌✌##toomuchdrama

  19. Leslie Gardner

    January 2020 bumping as I go to sleep my favorite

  20. Shantavion Goldwire


  21. Latasha Jordan


  22. Keenan Mosley

    2020......I'm a guy ...A MAN .... BUT I LOVE MUSIC. SHE IS THE BEST

  23. Destany B

    It’s beeeenn a min since I heard this song. Auntie Nita brought me here!

  24. Lamekia Hughley

    2020 still sounds lovely

  25. Nichole Ballard

    Yes same here 🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

  26. Shana Houston

    I wanna let the world know it's you I'm loving

  27. Nicole Gray

    Still bumping this in 2020! Love this song!!!

  28. Tamika Anderson

    Shout out to my dude KP 💯 I'm always smiling because of the love I have inside drive me out of my mind♥️💖

  29. Charlene Richmond

    Still listening in 2020 90s music never ever dies

  30. mandre2209

    Listening in 2020

  31. Ruth Richardson

    I'm still listening in 2020 Happy New year

  32. Nicole Randall

    This lady I love her

  33. slick ralph

    2020 anyone?

  34. Theddus Rollins

    Am still with this shit 2020‼️🔥

  35. Tj Taylor

    Colddddddd Colddddddd 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  36. lynnette ortiz

    Hey Kelly sis to know how Far you Came to making hits from Far Rockaway Edgemere P's and Music in the cafeteria at August Martin high keep it up your music will never die out .

  37. little eddie

    Anybody with me in 2020 ?

  38. Pj Jones

    Who is listening 2020?

  39. Ms. BusyDoingMe M

    Am listening too it and it’s 2019

  40. Dominique Taplin

    I love her make up

  41. Dee Andrews

    Respect 😍😍😍

  42. Shaquandra Taylor

    Yesssss I'm feeling this!

  43. Regal Lamb

    Not a fan because of the Mariah shade but. Saaaaaannnggg bish yaaaaaaaaassssss

  44. Stephanie Brown

    Last night’s date brought me here
    T’Man is my love and I can’t hide it anymore I love you

  45. melanated misfit

    My girl 💚💙💜💔

  46. Anthony Shaw

    She look like Latocha Scott here

  47. Montral Meyers

    I DO !!!!

  48. buddy hill

    Never will this get old to me ❤️🤟🏽

  49. Lee Gates

    Me too !

  50. Noemyskillz

    Faith evans is tht u

  51. Starr Berry

    This is a really good song.

  52. Donna Lockett

    My girl

  53. Diamond Hussle

    Ive got a secret and its here in my heart

  54. Boosie Pebbs

    I'm still listening too!!! This was real music!!!! 👍💓

  55. Mg3 World

    Who still jammin 2k19 💉💉💉💉

  56. Crystal Thomas

    My shit 🔥🔥

  57. Sandterria Mcmeans

    i love this song😍😍😍

  58. wesley johnson

    I instantly start crying everytime I hear this song. This song gives me chills

  59. Rere Bosslady

    I still jam all of this music💯💯😘🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  60. Rashida Lyles

    I wish I had her singing voice !!!!

  61. Neva Jackson

    Such a great singer

  62. Di Dunk

    I want the world to know I love u boy 🎵🎧🎶☺️

  63. Edward Magnifico

    Kelly Price CD Single Secret Love 1999

    1. Album Version
    2. Secret Love Acapella
    3. Secret Love (Remix)
    (featuring Jermaine Durpi &
    Da Brat)

    Kelly Price Album Soul Of A Woman 1998 CD's, Vinyl & Casette

  64. Warren K Bell Jr

    Whatever happened to her.

  65. Shakia Frasier

    Why this is not on TV

  66. Lekecia Freeman

    Im still listening in 2019 idgaf

  67. Ona Baptiste

    October👏🏾2👏🏾0👏🏾1👏🏾9 I 👏🏾 am👏🏾here!!! This song is the $hi+!!!



  69. Jessica Jackson

    Never gets old❤❤❤

  70. Yvette Mills-Rodriguez

    I love this song,I'm actually experiencing this at the moment cause we are both working at the same job different positions, so we're discreet about what we're building just for now, but it's something different for me but it's kinda nice 😊

  71. Theda Bara

    This beat...the bass...her voice...still bumping in 2019!!!!

  72. Angie RH

    Who still gotta secret... 💘💕👑🤐


    Still bomb KELLY

  74. Ash Holley

    She killed this!!!!

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    I love this song .. one of my favorite! she sung this from her soul!

  76. Constance Mcpherson

    Miss kelly if you want to live longer and healthier then you really need to try making vegtabales from fresh indence meals

  77. Brandy Murdock

    One of the best songs she's ever wrote

  78. kee hopkins

    Well we'll well is all am goin to say SMH hmmm my secret love killing me too bc he don't know I wish I told him

  79. J Harris

    This song and “it will rain” sets da mood... Grown Folks Musiq

  80. rere cole

    Damn one of her most underrated songs

  81. quaqua ellington

    I can't hide the way iam feeling inside.

  82. God is amazing Candi love

    Yes mrs kelly p. Mood😁😁

  83. Charlene Archie

    Still 2020

  84. Maurice Williams

    Yessssssssssssssss this will for be one of my favorite songs by mrs.kellly price still banging it in 2019❤❤❤

  85. Theodosha Edwards

    Carrying this song on the rest of my life 2020 here we go 😂

  86. Theodosha Edwards

    This for me n my lady these words explain what we did all the ways😂

  87. Jeanie Rainer

    Kelly price

  88. Lee Gates

    Me to !

  89. C Dub

    This A Bad M'f😉 Love 2b In Love😊

  90. Sandterria Mcmeans

    i can't hide the way I'm feeling inside the pain its killing me cause i wanna let the world know its you I'm loving!!!

  91. G.A.

    damn, I love this tune....her voice is right "in the pocket". She's wearing this joint.

  92. aieshah bray

    Feeling some type of way and then the lyrics to this song came flowing out!!!! Timeless music!!!!!

  93. Lachon Dixon

    Me @ ChonSr

  94. Tan Ya

    Boy I never loved this way before. So I'm giving you the keys to my door. 😘