Kelly Price - Heaven's Best Lyrics

I've got heaven's best!
See I used to do wrong, but now I do right!
I've....I've got heaven's best!

[Verse 1:]
I still remember being young
When living saved it was'nt any fun
People judged the way that you looked
But that wasn't in the book

The bible was a big book of rules
Living for god I thought it wasn't cool
Studied what his word said to me
Than I found my liberty

He saved my soul when I
(when I told him yes)
Then gave me heaven's best
(gave me heaven's best)
Now I live my life blessed
(i live my life blessed)
God gave me love and happiness
(love and happiness)

[Verse 2:]
Religion's getting thrown out the door
Cause religion aint workin anymore
See I learned another way
It aint like your granny says

Im livin' the best life there is
With jesus christ ive got relationship
Happiness on earth and then
Eternity spent with him

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Kelly Price Heaven's Best Comments
  1. Chu Anderson

    Love her voice....

  2. Keisha Harris

    :-) Amen

  3. Nadiya Jones

    this are my songs