Kelly Price - Healing Lyrics

I need a healing for my soul
So give me a healing for my soul
I need a healing for my soul
So give me a healing for my soul
(just for my soul I need healing)

Lord I'm looking for a new life so just for my soul
(just for my soul I need healing)
Lord I'm tired of crying all night so just for my soul
(just for my soul I need)

[Verse 1:]
Lord I need thee oh I need thee
To take away this pain and misery
Cause god I just can't do this by myself
I need help lord


[Verse 2:]
Lord I've made some terrible mistakes
Gave my body and my soul away
Now I come to you cause I want to be whole
Heal my soul lord


Healing for me
That's what I need
I've been broken hearted
Torn apart but
Lord I know that
If I only touch you
You'll exchange my issues
For your virtue


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Kelly Price Healing Comments
  1. K. Lewis

    Mine and my litlle sister's song <3

  2. dianne arnold


  3. shay sims

    i love this song every time i sing it gives me chills thank you lord for the healing

  4. Michelle D Bourgeois

    Yes it does cause i need you Jesus so please heal me lord

  5. shanell Harris

    Amen :-)

  6. Angela Singleton

    Thanks Lord for healing my soul!

  7. beanandpopcorn

    2:18-2:47 !!!!

  8. wow39

    yes the world needs this type of music!!! all praises to ya for giving Kelly the power to do a song like this!!!

  9. Frankdadank

    I remember playing "Soul of a Woman (Interlude)" over and over again because of the "healing for my soul" hook. I'm glad that Kelly took that and made it into a full song. 5/5

  10. Jevasia Goodwin

    I MEANT THUMBS UP! I am torn up about something tragic and can not hold these tears!

  11. Fit Black Vegan

    This song stirs my soul up! Tears just can't help but flow...

  12. SoulSir

    Kelly sung this to be a nice sounding melody. I would luv to hear her a Fantasia sing a gospel song together.

  13. 1dreamer97

    this is a nice song

  14. Londa Baby

    this sista is outstanding!, and sang about her trial's and tribulation's, and her song's have definately been an inspiration to me thanx for posting this song God Bless:)

  15. lydee seal

    i think she is talking about each one of us that 's what gospel is about .(but i agree it might be starting by her self).god bless her i love love that voice!!thank for sharing this.

  16. Jessie T

    I felt like this before i got saved in Jesus Name. I Thank the Lord for this song the most.
    I play this song every time i get on the pc. Thank You Kelly Price!

  17. leslie Foxx

    Thanx for posting this song!