Kelly, Paul - You Can't Take It With You Lyrics

You might have a happy family, nice house, fine car
You might be successful in real estate
You could even be a football star
You might have a prime-time TV show seen in every home and bar
But you can't take it with you

You might own a great big factory, oil wells on sacred land
You might be in line for promotion, with a foolproof retirement plan
You might have your money in copper, textiles or imports from Japan
But you can't take it with you

You can't take it with you though you might pile it up high
It's so much easier for a camel to pass through a needle's eye

You might have a body of fine proportion and a hungry mind
A handsome face and a flashing wit, lips that kiss and eyes that shine
There might be a queue all around the block
Long before your starting time
But you can't take it with you

You might have a great reputation so carefully made
And a set of high ideals, polished up and so well displayed
You might have a burning love inside, so refined, such a special grade
But you can't take it with you

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Kelly, Paul You Can't Take It With You Comments
  1. Brendan DMellow

    I wish Kelly kept his band, like most Aussie bands. His self indulgence turned him into a busker. One day we might see him outside a shop playing for loose change.

    Scott Carpenter

    It's just evolution. All musos go through it, unless they are preserved in Amber....

  2. bob friedman

    have always loved this song !

  3. pete wright

    Your my hero ok

  4. KandakeAmanirenas_and_MatriarchalChoctaw

    YZoutube won't allow me to post this on it's own so I'll tag along to your comment, WeillFanatic. : )
    "...Yes, Paul, I think that went VERY WELL!!! ; )

  5. MrChook1964

    Great to see the video featuring my truck and trailer after 12 years or so.Always thought it would make it's way on to Youtube one day.

    Bill BLOGGS

    That's across the road from South Wharf. Think I was working at Vic Dock at the time. A more laid back time down on the docks.
    Love all Paul Kellys work over the years as he has moved through the genres.

  6. Weillfanatic

    This is sensational! Thank you Paul Kelly!