Kelly, Paul - Leah: The Sequel Lyrics

Well, I came to on the beach
Somebody pushing up and down on my chest
I was coughing salty water
Up above me, Leah looking mighty distressed
She said, "Baby, you're so lucky
You nearly went to your final rest"
Well, my hand was clenched
I was still holding that pearl so tight
When they prised my fingers open
Leah's dark eyes opened up so wide
I heard her say, "I love you, baby
Oh, my heart is nearly bursting my side"

Leah, Leah

Now Leah's really mine
We got a hut and a boat by the sea
And every Saturday night
She wears that pearl for everybody to see
She says, "This is my man
Look at what he did for me"

Leah, Leah

Now I'm working in the cannery
Hosing down the floor for her old man
And I'm hoping I get used to it
'Cause Leah's got a ten year plan
She's hidden my snorkel
Says I'm never going diving again

Leah, Leah
Leah, Leah

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