Kelly Clarkson - Dance Lyrics

Everything about you just makes me wanna
Everytime I see you I just wanna
If you only knew how much I
You'd reconsider foolin with me
If I told you that I wanna
How fast would you run I wonder
You will know the sound thats comin
I'm playin this song just special for ya

Red botton red botton
In my hand
Make them dance make them dance

Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
Too much feelin like I gotta
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
No more feelin like I gotta

Everytime you speak I wanna
Give you a little taste I'm gunna
You will know the sound it's comin
The tables crashin down on ya

Triger happy trigger happy
With my hands
Make them dance make them dance

Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
Too much feelin like I gotta
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
No more feelin like I gotta

Lookin closer at the fine print here
Those chains are strings and now my hearts black tears

Now you can
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
Too much feelin like I gotta
Dance dance dance for me
'at a boy 'at a boy
So so pretty
Dance dance entertain me
No more feelin like I gotta

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Kelly Clarkson Dance Comments
  1. Joachim Rialto

    I can hear Lady Gaga in this song so do Jessie J and Pink.

  2. R I K O

    I can see why she wanted Gaga, Pink, and Jessie Jei to do this with.

  3. Candy Luna burst

    I like this song

  4. Raskl48 Mimioke TheSuckySingingMimi

    Awesome lyric video👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️love it.

  5. Belle Parsons Wilshere

    Tell me again why is this song without proper music video made?

  6. dhruba intisher

    Damn!! Now this is a lyric video!!!

  7. Corélio M.

    Oh wow. so this is the song that were suppose to be that huge collab ...

  8. Anti T


  9. Jean Luc Bestsongs

    I love this very good vibe and i love dance with this energy...This music with 🎧full power so good ...Thank you and good evening for all friend 🙋‍♂️✌

  10. Deiric Graham

    Shut up and dance with me

  11. Javier Gil Hernández


  12. AllNJoy

    💝 I love this song

  13. Michael Fellenz

    Love Kelly shes funny sweet and a great singer.

  14. Kevin Armstrong

    this is an awesome song one of my favourites from the album love it!!💗😁😁

  15. K Warner

    another awesome dance anthem!

  16. deltafour1212

    WOW   Just discovered this song.       Has a 80's vibe to it.      She almost sounds  like Bonnie Tyler

  17. TheMSsunshine94

    Super gemacht das Video! :)

  18. James Simoncavage

    The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. I love ya Kelly!!!

  19. James Simoncavage

    Great song! I would love to dance with you Kelly!

  20. Ana Anno

    Why I thought that I was listening to.demi lovato lol :D

    Maxine Caulfield

    I thought i was listening to p!nk lol

  21. Angela Lee

    I just can't take this song seriously, because first of all Kelly doesn't dance, and second I can't imagine her asking someone to dance with her. It's not her style lol. This song would fit Tina Turner.

    Ji-Py Langlois

    @Angela Lee I think it will be a great song to open the show... She's not asking that literally... She invites her fans to participate, to have fun with her!

    Brianna Cooney

    She's actually really cute dancing with this song live :-)

  22. Kira Keough

    I'm here from the intensive part 2 :)

    Claire Muller

    Join the club


    @Kira Keo Same!

    Lise Coco

    Same !!!

    Maxine Caulfield


  23. tuttimatutti

    Me encantaaaaaa!!!!

  24. Ricardo 1983


  25. Tadakatsu Takaishi

    Like "Nostalgic", it underlines 1980's rock music. "Dance with Me" might be able to be used at night clubs. I wish many night clubs should use this song in the future.

  26. Márcio A.C.


  27. alexandre martin

    love the video

  28. susan gresehover

    kelly i love dances with me i really respect you as a singewriter and exta hope i check a concert soon love sue

  29. Jenn K

    I wish she would make a video

  30. Jae Ryu

    As soon as I listen to this song from Today Kathie Lee & Hoda, I just felt in love with this song.
    It just amazing.

  31. manfred brandtner

    ein traum...liebe diesen song!

  32. djintheatl

    This is a brilliant video. I love it!

  33. kimcaras

    Excellent job on this lyric video!

  34. Ray Wright

    My favorite song off the album!! This better get released as a single! I think it would do great on radio!

  35. Christopher Rossi

    I had no idea this was Kelly Clarkson's song. I heard it for the first time on the DWTS promo. Good song.

  36. dancefan 05

    #DWTS also brought me here! :) ... So far love the song!

  37. iknoe9

    Wow! Your lyrics video is superb!! And thanks for uploading this masterpiece!

  38. Rob Jarrett

    She was definitely channeling Cher while recording this song. I love it!


    Sounds kind of like newer U2 to me but I see what you're saying.

  39. Kassiopeia

    Anyone else here from dwts.


    yes! I have been searching for this song for days lol  I thought it was Melissa ethridge singing...its now stuck in my head..

    Jenn K

    @Kassie Morris    yes  I've been searching for the song

  40. VelvetGal5

    I've been listening to Kelly Clarkson's new "Piece by Piece" album when I'm driving in my car. On ABC Network, they've been airing Kelly Clarkson's "Dance With Me" song as the soundtrack for their commercial introducing new dancing contestants and their dancing professional partners for the new season of "Dancing With the Stars". I think it's great. It reminds me when one of Kelly's songs, "Already Gone", was the send-off song for eliminated dancers on FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance", one season.

    I have a very strong & good feeling that ABC and "Dancing With the Stars" will ask Kelly Clarkson to sing this "Dance With Me" song LIVE on their show this season. It's a great song. Kelly has been on DWTS before. It will be good to see her again on DWTS to perform. Kelly's album has been doing well on Amazon. The day I checked, which was a few days ago, her album was number one. I bought her new CD for some of my friends as well. I gave one to my co-workers earlier today at work, and she was pleased and happy to receive a new Kelly Clarkson CD from me. Nice job in making the lyric video. :-) Thanks for uploading and sharing. Have a good week! :-) 

  41. starburst100ful

    Dancing With the Stars brought me here

    Madison Taylor

    Same with me

    Anime _GUY

    Me 2!!!!

    Bailey Foster

    Same here! Such a good song

    Da CajunAsian

    @starburst100ful It was actually "So You Think You Can Dance" for me.. . I guess they play this song everywhere LOL.... very inspirational.. also gave me an idea for a song i wanna write!

  42. Israel Blas

    Perfect lyric video! Congrats! 😁

  43. Juarez Andrade


  44. lee villarreal

    I hope they release this song in a movie!!! It would be great as an anthem!

  45. andn25

    This song is EPIC! it has to be released as a single


    She said she woukd with some dance remixes after invincible, but now I'm not so sure 😕😕😕

  46. Alex Alejandro

    best song on the album (my opinion)

    Ellen Speybrouck

    definitely one of the best! very catchy.

  47. LoveLulu17

    Have to say, this has to be one of the best lyric videos I've ever seen. You made it so much fun, the colors, everything. Made me love the song even more. Thanks for posting!

  48. BS_Ced

    great job ! Love this song !