Kelis - Blindfold Me Lyrics

When he want it he blindfolds me
Then I get sexy on him, get sexy on him, like
[Repeat 2x]

Told him what I like
When he heat it up at night
Made him stand behind my door and watch me (uh uh uh)
And I couldn't believe the type
He was saying all the right,
Whispers gettin' mami right, I was (uh uh uh)
So I had to get the ice
Homie wanna fly the kite
Had to show him what a pro I was (uh uh uh)
I was headed for the light
He refused to take a bite
Till I put my blindfolders on
I'm saying something like

You just taking it all, what's gon' be left for me
I told you get it, but you're taking it all from me

When he want it he blindfolds me
Then I get sexy on him, get sexy on him, like
[Repeat 4x]

Hold up
Let me take this off
Just to see where I can catch my breath at all.
Hold up
You got a pretty strong team
Got somethin on the bench that Kelis ain't seen
Hold up
Why you treat me like that
Bout the 3rd or 4th time you ain't had to do that
Hold up
Won't you let me cheat once
And I promise you won't never make me keep this on

You just taking it all, what's gon' be left for me
I told you get it, but you're taking it all from me

When he want it he blindfolds me
Then I get sexy on him, get sexy on him, like
[Repeat 4x]

The last thing you get
Is a blindfold and a cigarette
You willing to bet
Like an ocean cruise
Mami, I'm so addictive
How long I('ve) been stroking you gives you motion sickness
Grant your wishes
I leave you four senses
Smelling, feeling, tasting, and hearing
One minute I'm gone
Next I'm reappearing
The bed is the bentley
I'm doing the steering
I got your eyes in the veil
With your hands all over my tattoos
Like your reading the braile
Like my wine
With a spicy aftertaste
Though you fine
I like to cover up half your face
If you blind and can't see
What I'm bout to do
The suspense so intense won't allow you to move
Gonna surprise you
Like Hugh Grant in 8 and a half weeks
Kelis and Nasty

You just taking it all, what's gon' be left for me
I told you get it, but you're taking it all from me

When he want it he blindfolds me
Then I get sexy on him, get sexy on him, like
[Repeat 8x]

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Kelis Blindfold Me Comments
  1. infal0890

    This song was so underrated.

  2. pandaexpresso

    Love this song... much darker when you consider the context.

  3. Lif Pan

    At wrk the beginning of the song just came to me "Blind Fold Me"

  4. random fox animations!


  5. InvictusMortiss

    best kelis `s HIT ever she couldnt do such good as this anymore..........

  6. Hlomayi Sani

    good song

  7. Lcarter52

    still a sexier video than 'Partition'

  8. Lcarter52

    ... then her hungry lil' sexy ass went and violated their custody agreement with her tight ass

  9. Jennifer Leann

    So HOT:)

  10. Fadel Geeks

    Nicole take example of this song and chilli's song Straight Jack'em

  11. Vivian Carter

    OMG to have nas blindfold me and do dirty things to me and on top of that be my husband, HAWT!!!!!! Kelis, you lost a good man.

  12. hollysaga

    It's like Nicole schrzinger song what ever you like

    Zac Kirstein

    Yeah but it came out before I think.

    ErcbaLL Samah

    hollysaga ya, this song come out earlier 1 year

    Elena Hernandez

    But kelis' Is Firt's!!.. 0:)

    Mark Ivan Serunjogi

    Cause its the same producer Polow Da Don

  13. Julio Hernandez

    beyonce copied the beach part for drunk in love

  14. Boom Chicka

    Her music is always sooo good

  15. Jo Dunk

    kelis made yet another statement. she can be as sexy.


    +Jo Dunk Polow Da Don went H.A.M. on this track

  16. steve joe

    thumbs up if u agree her staying with nas would've saved her career

  17. Hundred

    for those wondering in the comments below
    polow da don produced both whatever u like by nicole and this one, hence the similarities, cuz that guy mustnt have a lot of imagination...

  18. imperallady

    i loved this song but she was mean to him so now i'm kinda on the fence about her.

    Karyn Cook

    how was she mean to him?

    Karyn Cook

    @Karyn Cook God bless

  19. Camillia Mooney

    I think they should get bacc together

  20. PhilFL

    @rickroo @PatManCool12 this came out before Nicole Scherzinger's "Whatever U Like"

  21. Manuka Honey

    are yall retarded? Nas is a fuckhead. He was cheating on her with Amy Winehouse and various other bitches. Plus she had his son so she got all rights to his funds.

  22. PatManCool12

    This sounds exactly like Nicole Scherzinger song, "Whatever You Like" with T.I.

  23. Reagan

    harder than nas was during this video shoot lol

  24. Reagan

    i dont get it either, even the view number dosent make since

    Fearless Games 123

    Reagan neither does that

  25. parra09876

    No she messed nas up and stole 750 million dollar.

  26. Sonia1978NYC

    Nas shouldn't marry anyone else; stay single, king, and live your life.

  27. Sonia1978NYC

    WTFuqq is this?

  28. jwren1000

    Whoooaa Take it e E Z there @ ThumbsUpMike.. I meant "Messed her Up as in he was to good for her ass.. So Again Nas did Mess up by fucking with her in the first place..

  29. Mike Illmatic

    How did Nas mess her up? She messed herself up and messed Nas up in almost every way actually.....fuck you talkin about lol

  30. diamondLUVS ROCROYAL

    she cant sing but she sexy.p.s. i cant belive wat i juss witnessed

  31. DJVaza

    One Word Needs HD! ;P

  32. Shanta Williams

    Antonio i knowwww how was this missed ....i LOVEEEEE THIS SONG

  33. SonyaBlaze818

    This beat go hard!

  34. Soledad Santander

    Buenismo, entra ->\8TbQo

  35. slick1hit

    nas didn't do shit,that broad was always weird lol.

  36. Milciades Mejia

    shes a dime piece

  37. Milciades Mejia

    i ask the same silly shit

  38. mzmack1920


  39. Jan Tomíček

    For me it pretty sure was! lol

  40. adia231

    Kelis shouldve stayed married to nas

  41. 11940ful

    glad we share the same thought! i'd rather hear them on the radio knowing that they can provide some variety than listen to Fakeyonce who's been giving us the same shit since 03!!

  42. blah

    Nope. It does. They all copy Kelis. Blindfold Me was 2006. That Nicole's song was 2007.

  43. blah

    You read my mind! Amerie and Kelis are the real deal. people be straight sleeping on my girls!

  44. tobi ajimatanrareje

    i love this video its hot

  45. Curtis Jeter

    the video was good bbut i don't no about the lyrics only part i liked was her get sexy on me lol whatever that means

  46. Laura J.

    This song is still so smooth and sexy

  47. Mark

    Nas kills it

  48. Mike Illmatic

    Huh? Do you mean where is Nas in the video or where is Illmatic type Nas songs?

  49. Priest Maiden

    Where is the NAS from Illmatic? :(

  50. catalyst0797

    This song is about.... kinky sex?

  51. scottbmore18

    Still one of the hottest videos I've ever seen, when he puts that ice on her back...GEEEZ!

  52. GTD784

    I Remember When This Came Out I Was Like Nas You Lucky Dog, Holding Down Kelis.

  53. aascoodeetii

    Both are produced by Polow da Don. He always makes this kind of beats :)

  54. Jadovskey

    Am I the only one who think that "whatever you like" by Nicole Scherzinger sounds like this song :S:S

  55. King Day


  56. respectmypretty

    These two were some freakssss lol loved it

  57. irepdork

    Yea I know I can't but I'm not pretending like I can and making whack as videos as hers n I would expect that coming from you the groupie who can't think for herself u know n I know she can't sang so........

  58. CitySkin09

    Gawddamn she's so hot...

  59. irepdork

    She cant sing worth shit

  60. 11940ful

    she never opens up about anything, she always keeps her opinions to herself, she contradicted herself many times during interviews, she is not natural at all when it comes to looks, she tries to look white, she is not creative; she is always stealing ideas from others and calls it inspiration...she pretty much never tell it like it is

  61. 11940ful

    Not in my opinion! She ain't real!

  62. Ashcon B

    Nas actually goes in on this verse for what it is..

  63. 11940ful

    can u rephrase ur comment?! i don't understand what ur trying to say!!!!!

  64. GianniGee

    AmeWhat ?

  65. Mariah Lynette

    i love dis song

  66. 11940ful

    Glad we share the same opinion! lol

  67. Shandra Covington


  68. GREGWmusicTV

    Love it!

  69. Brittany williams

    shit is dope i still love this song

  70. brittany williams

    kelis song was out first then Nicole did hers

  71. jwren1000

    Yes i agree.. When kelis came out she had that big Curly colorful mop of hair.. But then she changed to that Sexy Vixen dark shaved one side Doo.. Then everybody copied.. I loved her back then.. But Nas messed her up..

  72. Mwahaha105

    Are there any music videos (besides this one) where a WOMAN is blindfolded?

  73. USNubia23

    It's this song called "aww shit" on this album "Kelis was here", it is the shit, wished she would made a video to it, that deff would been a hit!, kelis a trend setter, she cut her hair, then everybody started to rock short hair, she has swagg for days..

  74. tonystarks27

    @rickyroo They Copied Kelis As usual

  75. ear leash

    @kenclarktube true shit

  76. jevonmichael


  77. Amanda Kendrick

    love this!

  78. ninosimone x


  79. MysticDiamond

    Who did the beat to this?

  80. Beautiful Brat

    nicoles versoin or kelis

  81. pookiewood

    I miss Kelis and Nas Together. :(

  82. code2high


  83. Darrell Johnson

    She sounds Horrible....but still love the song though!.

  84. ofashodo

    I had some gnarly sex to this once

  85. Tyquelle Thompson


  86. Alexander Fisher-Levesque

    love her!!!

  87. Gely Terranova

    i like this song
    so sexy

  88. Chuck Norris

    this is hot

  89. Yaw Kyei

    The rhythm of her rhymes is like David Banner's "Play" song!!

  90. Yaw Kyei

    GaGa, get your notepad out!! This is how you really do it!! DAMN!!!

  91. olijvenstokbrood

    @SolForceJxn2 Me too, and I'm a heterosexual girl. This is weird, right?

  92. Vanessa Lorrain

    @rickyroo which song is older?

  93. R S

    this song sounds just like TI and Nicole Sherz whatever you like, who copied who???

  94. RubenBababa Baba

    this song turns me on :$ xD