Keke Wyatt - Love On Top Lyrics

I bring the beat in, yeah


Honey, honey
I can see the stars all the way from here
Can't you see the glow on the window pane?
I can feel the sun whenever you're near
Every time you touch me I just melt away

Everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear
But I know
Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears
And finally you put me first

Baby, it's you
You're the one I love
You're the one I need
You're the only one I see

Come on, baby, it's you

You're the one that gives your all
You're the one I can always call
When I need you make everything stop
Finally you put my love on top

Ohh! Come on, baby

You put my love on top, top, top, top, top


Baby it's you
You're the one I love
You're the one I need
You're the only one I see
Come on baby it's you
You're the one that gives your all
You're the one I can always call
When I need you make everything stop
Finally you put my love on top

You're the one I love
You're the one I need
You're the only one I see
Come on baby it's you
You're the one that gives your all
You're the one I can always call
When I need you make everything stop
Finally you put my love on top

You're the one I love
You're the one I need
You're the only one I see
Come on baby it's you
You're the one that gives your all
You're the one I can always call
When I need you make everything stop
Finally you put my love on top

You're the one I love
You're the one I need
You're the only one I see
Come on baby it's you
You're the one that gives your all
You're the one I can always call
When I need you make everything stop
Finally you put my love on top

Yeah ya, baby

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Keke Wyatt Love On Top Comments
  1. Tiffanny: Means The presence of God!!

    One of the best singers ever!!
    I looooove her voice!! You better sang Kee!💛🥰💛🥰

  2. Mrs. Kennedy

    Yassss!!!! Straight killed it!!

  3. Camille Eckles

    I'm sure she made Bey proud👍Keke can sanggg!!

  4. lechelle masters

    i mean we all know she can blow..should have left this song alone

  5. Tenille Lindsey

    Still listening in 2019... nobody can touch u!!

  6. Shavonne Rasheed

    Hallelujah Jesus yessssssssszz baby!!!!! I love this✊🏾🌹🌤️🌈🙌🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  7. Kameni Engoulou

    Keke is the best. I love you keke

  8. cyoohoos

    Writing, producing, composing that’s talent too. Singers only are plentiful.

  9. Sharita Mayo

    Why didn't she get offered to sing this song?

  10. Cynthia H

    Tell Ms Jazz I said hey beloved!😍💕✨

  11. Mr. Kenyatta Sharu Davis


  12. Pam Smith

    That should’ve been her song because she sang that thang....Yessss Keke i did that


    Pam Smith lies

    Pam Smith

    simeoda the world know Keke will sing Beyoncé under the table and Beyoncé will perform Keke under the table but singing is all Keke do ur homework babe

  13. Meme0shane

    In all of these years I’ve never looked at the comments so it amazes me how people keep excusing this rendition of Love on Top by saying this was recorded in one go in comparison to a prerecorded track meanwhile forgetting that Beyoncé performed this live, while pregnant, in heels and dancing WITHOUT missing a single note. Beyoncé has performed live this numerous times so y’all can miss me with that “this was live” BS


    Meme0shane THANK YOU!

  14. Stephanie Jones

    I think shes a great vocalist would love to see Neyo and Kandi write some songs for her they wrote some for Beyonce. I don't know why Keke has not had a lot of hit songs she is a vocal beast and genius ger her some hit songs love her singing Tennessee whiskey.

  15. Stephanie Jones

    Sounds good dine said should could not hit the high notes, sounds good go me but Beyonce voice seems to have more control 8n this song her voice loses its strength some the more she sings but she sounds good.

  16. Solone 3

    did she just....? no, she didn't..! nah... no.. no.. no.. no way..
    (thats my mind saying before it blown by her voice)

  17. SA'SA King

    My soul is jumping ❤💜❤ KeKe Its no words how this womans voice just captures me no matter what she Sang Yes

  18. nikkie2612

    I love Keke

  19. Bev TindalCrumpler

    On top is where you belong! You ripped that song apart!

  20. Candie Jemison


  21. Kahari K

    You can hear the country twang in her voice.

  22. tracey w

    Another Unsung singer, they need to give her her props!!! She is really good!!

  23. Jasen Campbell

    You sing this better than Beyonce

    Tamera Evans

    I think the same..

  24. Brianna Tores

    KeKe had less effects. More raw vocals except some reverb. Beyonce had lots of effects and less raw. I will say it! Beyonce is HER student!. Periodttttt. I love both of those queens. Keke got VOCALZZZZZZ tho. #notrainingneeded

    leandro silva

    Brianna Tores beyonce sang it live, keke is at studio so ??????

    Brianna Tores

    @leandro silva Beyonce is a very great singer. Beyonce CANNOT run notes like KeKe. This is NOT debate able. Love on top is ..Beyonce showing you she can hit every octave in one chorus..which is over 8 bars. Which is great. KeKe hits every octave in 1 bar....Her signature/ her ability to do that. Beyonce cannot touch KeKes vocals live. Im not sure what some of you hear when u compare the 2. Beyonces "brand" is bigger than Kekes..not her voice. This is not opinion..this is music scientific fact. If u know music..range..velocity..strength...octave..........levels..breath...tone... notes.....vibrato... sound. Beyonce can sing her but off. KeKe..on the other hand ..can SANG. big difference

    leandro silva

    Brianna Tores lmfao delusional, girl beyonce has served incredible runs since she was 17 years old, 9:41
    I’m waiting to keke do something faster than this... Beyoncé is well more agile than keke, the most agile singers of all time are Beyoncé and Mariah Carey And u should know that, the called coloratura queens, plus keke runs are so the same, nothing creative, nothing impressive, unlike Beyoncé, that delivered extraordinaries runs and riffs, able to do perfect and smooth pasaggios, unlike keke, that her transitions are so perceptible, a soprano struggle to sang love on top at studio, Beyoncé SANG it live, in heels and pregnant

    Sing higher doesn’t mean sing better, learn that, keke can go HIGHER as the sky, but don’t forget beyonce can go lower as hell tho

  25. MarlonMax

    wooooooooo much better her than beyonce !!!

  26. Canetha moore

    Don't sound bad. Lawd know KeKe can blow, but Beyonce sounds much better singing this song.

  27. Melissa Chambers

    In the music industry it’s not about talent. It’s about who can make more money... Tia Marie sang better than Rhianna... no shade just facts... love my girl RiRi but Rhianna got more push behind her due to her being more marketable

  28. C.I. Glam MUA

    Whew! I thought this was gonna be a lot better than this. This cover hurt and not in a good way

  29. Christine Veronica Miles Hedin

    Keke Stop & plz do an Album! These youbg cunts need a crash course!

  30. Anthony Jefferson

    I Love You KeKe ...You are an Amazing person/talent..Thank you for all you excellent work.Great job.looking forward for more ..👍👍👍😘

  31. ness

    now *THIS* is a singing heffa!

  32. Idontchecknotifications Dontbotherresponding

    All these people acting like they have a PhD in music theory and have any reason to critique Keke's voice, much less pretend Beyonce's is better, are supremely foolish. Knowing good and damn well Keke blows Beyonce out of the water every damn day on every damn song including this song. The only one who sounds strained singing this song is Beyonce herself. I don't know why people act like this song was Beyonce's greatest technical achievement when it's not even slightly challenging and she herself can barely even sing it. She has better examples of her technical expertise but y'all latched on to this one mediocre song. Although the idea that Beyonce is anything better than a middling vocalist is another lie y'all love to tell. Instead of leaving dislikes and ignorant comments all over the place, why don't you all let Beyonce do what she does best which is perform and let Keke do what she does best which is sing.

  33. Kvng Country

    Most definitely underrated. Better than Beyonce by far

  34. tasha lang

    I didn't hear any! Strong vocals

  35. love me

    Beyonce actually did this song better though keke has more range. This actually made me appreciate beyonce's vocals more. Wow. Both are I credible though. Great job keke. You are the goat.

  36. brucebud

    Your voice is just heavenly! So natural sounding and unforced delivery. Even your "bring the beat in" sounds GOOD! Thank you for posting this beautiful cover.

  37. Kelly Burton

    Keke, that song didn't do nothing to you. Why you slay that song like that??? I didn't even know those notes were on the scale. SMH.

  38. Ashley Wallace

    With a voice like this She could’ve been the next Whitney in the right hands

  39. RobQc

    No one can deny Ms. Keke Wyatt she is fire !

  40. thatsoulchild

    Obviously Keke can sing but I am often confused why people say she's underrated. She's really not. This performance always proves that to me. Keke is a soprano, Beyonce isn't and this song was understandably hard for Beyonce to sing but it should have been a piece of cake for Keke and still, Beyonce sang it better.

  41. Rodney Hawkins

    Yeah I don't think any female artist want none of this lol

  42. BlindBeauty #BlindGirlMagic

    I love her voice but not singing this song,everyone can’t do Beyoncé and everyone can’t do Keke

  43. Antwon Parker

    1 take. I’m sure Queen B had many takes and put this song together in pieces. Keke killed it though.

  44. Petey Grind

    Yassss Bih!!!!!!!

  45. Essy S.

    I hear a little autotune but overall, Keke is a vocal beast

  46. K Hubbard

    Uk OHH this is the BEST VERSION 😳

  47. Erskine Spann

    Them runs and notes sent me straight to the lord in tears 😭😭😭😭😭

  48. Nicole AllmondJoy

    Queen has skills and they know it. She is too real for the industry.

  49. BangCock Hoochicuchi

    See many of ya'll got it all wrong! The comparison, the technical proficiency and the difficulty; however, the focal point that one should be taking note of is the effortless mastery, the superior reinvention coupled with the genius of Sound Quality, Breath Control, Personal Adaptations via the runs and the strategic placement. But hell, what do you all really know about this kind of skill abilities unless you do it on a regular basis!!! I am just saying as any great singer knows. Keke is sheer vocal perfection. Andrew Boykins.

  50. BangCock Hoochicuchi

    All them poor folks is gonna lose their job messing round with Mrs. KeKe. This beautiful and her velvet voice is destroying many a happy home!! Go Deva!!!

  51. Daqiy Benson

    Sing mikki Howard

  52. Majestic

    Fiyah! #jussWOW

  53. cswing86

    I wish she were a bigger deal. Underrated

  54. Talia Mohr

  55. Chynah Taylor

    YESSSSSSS BLOWWWW KeKe!!!!! You DID THAT and LIVE too!!!!!!

  56. NeasTube

    Noooo. I absolutely love Keke's voice but I don't love this cover. It's a very hard song to sing and it takes courage to try, so I applaud the effort. Unfortunately, it shows Keke's vocal limitations. I didn't even know she had limits until I heard this. I suppose most of the commenters weren't truly listening. This cover doesn't even come close to the original.

  57. pamela gray


  58. Regis Armstrong

    She blew on that thang 🙏🏿

  59. tama’s pajamas

    I’d like a REAL live recording of Beyoncé singing Love on Top because she’s lipping every single performance...

    Anyone got a video?

    Also his girl rules 🥰

    Funkdafied 89

    Lies! Its plenty of them on here! You just mad because keke attempted this song and failed!

    tama’s pajamas

    Funkdafied 89 I honestly don’t remember writing this it’s been so long. Beyoncé has lipped every performance that I’ve seen on YouTube regarding this song.

    Love to hear Beyoncé really sing it I know the girl has amazing vocals. I ain’t mad at shit.

  60. Dem Moore

    I like it. But beyonce did that.

  61. Veta Neville

    Some parts were off but the middle she killed

  62. Zina Tillery

    I love me some Keke

  63. Terrance Holmes

    Wow keke kill this song I mean she sang the hell out of this song

  64. Tameeka Harris

    I thought this was an honor for keke to sing Beyonce song. The song is definitely not easy. I won't compare them I like both voices they both have pipes and different styles. Keke did exceptionally well because that song is difficult.

  65. beylover vocal beast

    this isn't it doesn't even come close to bey you all hate Beyonce and know nothing about vocals but bocals bye

  66. kokolatte825

    I love Keke. She is the queen of runs without a doubt, but Beyonce's version is better. Her lower register works well for this song.

  67. Tookie Took

    The video was staged .. singing real tho !

  68. Porsha Brownridge

    She struggles going low. Very talented though. She doesn’t sing this song better than Beyonce though. Beyoncé song the hell out of this and all

  69. Harry Williams

    I put my shory sha ron lo

  70. Tamba Harris

    OMG beautiful. Wonderful. Keke is giving me life

  71. Bad Bitch Mia

    Eat that bitch

  72. Paula Duncan

    Saaaaannnnng gal!!!!

  73. Ashley N’Joy

    she killed it

  74. Noneya Beesniz

    Keke is simply amazing! Shes crazy but amazing! Every time I see her sing my mouth hits the floor. Shes just simply amazing!! ♥️♥️♥️

  75. Adrian Adams

    Get it keke!!!❤️

  76. Wusup Panda

    I still like the o4ginal by beyonce better

  77. Wayne Ohmar

    She is a beast... you can never deny that fact.. but all the sliding to the notes shes doing tells me how accurate Beyonce is with PITCH & PLACEMENT.. Keke is running to cover the lack of putch and how difficult it is to Master one of her Vocals. The stamina it takes is ridiculous

  78. Tonga Alexander

    This girl can sing everybody song!

  79. caramel luv

    This is real singing because Beyonce normal shouts, she has better vocal skills and control.

    Funkdafied 89

    GIRL bye!😂😂😂😂 you kniw damn well Beyince sung circles around keke on this!

  80. No Name

    sh es better

  81. Kileza

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  82. Lois Rivers


  83. Eugene Smith


  84. Mama's Prince

    Yes ma'am. Can't stop listening!

  85. Cherry-Ann Sylvester

    Beyonce is a very technical singer. She knows how to use her voice. Keke is straining in chest voice. Beyonce employs a mixed voice to sing this song.

  86. Carol Black

    Beautifully executed Keke. Love your vocals all day long. You are sadly so underrated.

  87. Kevin Watson

    Damn Keke don't hurt em!!

  88. Jai Kush

    I'm 32yrs old and in Jesus name please let me marry this woman I'm living serious lol I love her inside and out and that voice... Smh smfh 😍

  89. MonieMone

    Still better than Beyonce

    Funkdafied 89

    Lies you tell😂😂😂

  90. OhSoMarvalus

    Yesss LeLe...Beat Bey by a lonnnng shot on her own song!!! Argue with me on it 💁💁

  91. Bongz B

    First time I'm hearing the lyrics 😮

  92. r. gardner


  93. nicolejordan1086

    Funny thing is Keke and Beyonce were in a group together before Destiny's Child days

  94. Misses Mandarin

    Great job but we shouldn't be surprised, she always had great vocal ability, and Beyonce not the only lady who can sing

  95. Larry Lee

    She Killed That

  96. jenn still

    she can sing it but she lacks the energy for it. That song was made for Beyonce

  97. Shervon Stinson

    For those of you who feel as if this was a way to show Beyonce up in her own song..."YOU are mistaken" It clearly shows the respect she has and the Love of her music. Mad Respect to Ms. Keke who is flawless and clearly Naturally talented...
    They both kill on vocals... Do your thing boo...
    Respect and Love

    Illuminati itanimulli

    Trust me, we know she didn’t show her up

  98. Saniah Alexander

    It's not about her singing better than Beyonce they both can sing period.