Keke Wyatt - I Don't Wanna Lyrics

mmn mmn mmn
mmm mmn mmn mmn
mhmhm mmn mmn mmn
mmm mmn mhmn
mmn mmn mmn

lately every morning when I wake
tired of lookin' at this lazy face
sleepin' in the bed that I paid for
used to have a job but he don't no more
said that he got big plans for me
can I move in till I get on my feet
but it's been a year and 3 months passed
gotta show me somethin' cuz I don't wanna give up on you, man

I don't wanna give up now (no no no no)
I don't wanna throw the towel (no)
I don't wanna waste all of this time that we've been together now (together now)
I don't wanna turn my back on you (my back on you)
Don't wanna do what my girls say do (what my girls say do)
I don't wanna
I don't wanna (I don't wanna)
I don't want to (no)

work all day then when I get home
I wanna spend some time with my man alone
DVD or some BET
dinner for two, just you and me
honey's at the gym playing basketball
cellphone rings now he's at the mall
shoppin' is a must when the bills are paid
so I don't need to tell you baby just hear me when I say

I don't wanna give up now (oh no I don't)
I don't wanna throw the towel (man I don't)
I don't wanna waste all of this time (this time)
that we've been together now (together now
I don't wanna turn my back on you (on you)
Don't wanna do what my girls say do (don't wanna do, don't wanna do)
I don't wanna (oh oh)
I don't wanna (no)
I don't want to

now baby you know that I love you more than anything (you know I do baby)
and yes I know that in your heart you love me just the same
and together we can do better just like we talked about (yes we talked about it)
but you need to keep the words that you said
or I can do just as good by myself

I don't wanna give up now (dont' wanna give up on you)
I don't wanna throw the towel (all I want is you)
I don't wanna waste all of this time that we've been together now (ain't nobody else for me)
I don't wanna turn my back on you (oh no)
Don't wanna do what my girls say do (they don't know what we've been thru baby)
I don't wanna
I don't wanna
I don't want to (I ain't gon' give up on you)

I don't wanna give up now (oh no no no)
I don't wanna throw the towel (don't wanna give up on you baby)
I don't wanna waste all of this time (don't wanna waste)
that we've been together now (so many good good times)
I don't wanna turn my back on you (always been together baby)
Don't wanna do what my girls say do (always stay together baby)
I don't wanna
I don't wanna (and I wanna stay together baby)
I don't want to

(just hear me now) mmn mmn mmn
(hope you hear me now) mmm mmn mmn mmn
(you better hear me) now mhmhm mmn mmn mmn
mmm mmn mhmn
mmn mmn mmn

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Keke Wyatt I Don't Wanna Comments
  1. Brandon Canady

    I just love me sum keke Frfr Oh lord😂😂😂😂😂🏃

  2. LaFayette Diggs

    2019 still beating

  3. Treneshia CHAVERS

    haircut is on bomb

  4. Rudolph Mcneill

    Daaaaaamn this lady can [email protected]@

  5. Rudolph Mcneill

    Sang it my gurrl. YEAHYA baby.

  6. Rudolph Mcneill

    OMG!!! Can this woman song anything and everything? Lawd MERCY on my soul. 😍😍😍😍❤

  7. **Wyrick221**


  8. Demi

    I just realized my brother's ex looks exactly like Keke Wyatt 🤯

  9. Alexander The Great

    Still listening!

  10. wilwat9

    Great stuff!!

  11. Virgo Lover

    Love her!!!

  12. Mary Wilson

    We've all been thru this one but kick his ass to the curb please,,,,!!!! for me I had to learn the hard way lol this bring back memories and not good ones lol . Oh way it's the past so I'll just leave it there !!!!

  13. Lataris Ikaraoha

    thanks for unloading she so underrated

  14. Nick Butler

    she was 19 in this video??!!

    C. S.

    Nick Butler is that for real? She looks 30 😦

  15. m. smith

    She needs to do a song with Mary Mary.

  16. Chada Chamberlain

    sad keke put up with him for 10yrs

  17. Chada Chamberlain

    reminds of the girl at the bank that's going through this right now!

  18. Chada Chamberlain

    she so sexy, love the hair cause it's hers

  19. Chada Chamberlain

    she made the the whole album in 2wks and it went platinum selling a million

  20. Chada Chamberlain

    she killed it,,,,,dude is stupid for ducking things up with her, Smh,,,,he lost his blessings, Michael has her now

  21. MrBlactye

    This song is Fiya.

  22. Mantril Britton

    Forever mandril love Dj master bedroom

  23. Foreign MilkyWay

    yesss my jam

  24. Scar Archer simonripley

  25. Gator Hansen

    Keke I would produce tracks and lyrics for you anytime. I have a new beat for Mirror Mirror I would like you to hear for this is a sick track Dirty South but yet R&B in.

    Shavon Jones


  26. L Eleby

    Girl .....Preach LOL!!1

  27. Natia Black

    This used to be my song back in the day. Keke Wyatt is still beautiful today.

  28. Thuylinh Truong

    what happen to her mole she has on the top of her lip I seen on a recent video?

    Mia Gisselle

    It's A black piercing 🤗

  29. Chantel Staines

    My hubby I love you x x x

  30. Christine Kent



    looks like whitney here

  32. IamDaSoulChild

    Oh my god...i did not know she sung this song. i had this song on my mp3 for years but never knew who sung it.
    im in mad love with this song.

  33. Debra Dyson

    yes i do like it the i well be getting it :)

  34. Serene Baldwin

    Her hair cut and color look great in this video. This song has a relatable message.

  35. Latorya Mcbryde

    This was her husband. The abusive guy

  36. earthT Music

    like if you were in the 7th grade when this album came out! i played the shit out of it! its a singers album ironic her name is ketara nickname (keke) and my name is tacarah nickname (tete).. everyone follow my music page @earthTmusic on youtube original writer musician and singer/rapper i am :-) hope you enjoy and keke is one of my biggest inspirations.. i hope the music scene in atlanta will one day go back to real shit

  37. Barry Howard

    Such an underrated songstress

  38. Shayla Green

    She is so under rated. Smfh

  39. Breezy

    Just think she was 19

  40. Taylar B

    she is so pretty to me!

  41. ladyty916

    k got it b dont

  42. littlerachelful

    she reminds me of phyllis hyman

  43. Byren Mozley

    Man I remember this song, I used to wear it out back in the day. I had her soul sista album; that's when I first fell in love with her and her voice. Love her on r&b divas too!

  44. Christina Cadora

    Wow! Reading the comments r great. There's nothing wrong with us tho. We give chances and forgive and forget. Its a fear if being alone. Not that we choose the wrong man, its that we sometimes settle for Anyone JUST to have Someone. Its not the mans fault for being a man. Its our fault because we accept to Mich and think we can change someone. If we constantly try to change and mold men we will never get what we want because if we feel we need to try and change someone we r just settling.

  45. Christina Cadora

    Luv it... 1 of my fave songs

  46. BungaloHippo

    He didnt actually put in no work though. If it was for the white guy he wud still b in bed. And he even rejected the contract at first. If i can see a man has drive n determination and ambition + he shows it and isnt lazy thats wen i'll wait otherwise bye.

  47. obdiane

    That's because a lot of them act hell.

  48. joshua cosby

    she sound like moncia

  49. DJPottyPot

    This is what's wrong with us young girls now...we wait and wait for a dude to become SOMETHING. He was the EXCEPTION to the rule. Lol

  50. Opal Regis

    So true!!! I love this song....

  51. suitesummer

    Omg I haven't seen this video in years. That was me with the shades and long braids lol. KeKe is an amazing singer and I remember how sweet she was to me on the set.

  52. NyaLuv U

    oh she dont wanna

  53. AzzedineAliaFan

    i hope her being on r&b divas brings her some exposure for her career, she's a really good singer.. .

  54. te4888

    luv how she looks at him in the mirror lol. luv her hair 2.

  55. 7vendays1week

    I didn't realize how young Keke was when she started singing. I always thought she was older than she is now, 30. (Not that she looked it, she just carried herself like a grown woman back then). I like her on R&B divas, but I feel so sorry for her. I hope she gets help in the near future to deal with all the damage her ex left on her lap.

  56. Rachel Vasquez

    Love this w0man!!!

  57. Charlinia77

    I didn't know that was her real husband in the video.

  58. Ci Hutt

    Factual GOOD MUSIC .

  59. willsgaboa

    That is some real talk on this joint. She is and will always be one of my favorite singers ever. I love her, Patti Labelle,Tamia, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera,and Deborah Cox.

  60. Mica Oya

    this mii jam

  61. niqua stewart

    is this her ex husband

  62. Jaylasplenty

    Only in movies and music videos does the man get a basketball contract. In real life the guy wouldn't even get a date. May it rain contracts from heaven would help both ways!

  63. PrettyDamsel

    love it

  64. johnathandoe

    Dis is the song. I luv it!!