Keke Wyatt - Call On Me Lyrics

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby
[verse 1]
If you ever need someone that you can put your trust in
If you ever need someone that you can call a true friend (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
If you ever need to have a shoulder just to cry on (just to cry on)
Baby, just believe in you know in me, you can rely on

If you just call on me (if you just call on me)
I will come running to you
Whatever you need baby, i'll give it to you

I'll give it you baby
Do you hear me
Do you hear me
Let me finish baby

[Verse 2]
Now see if you need someone to love you all through the night (just call me)
And baby if you need someone to hold you oh so tight
If you feel the need to talk about things you don't understand
Let me be the one you call i reach out my hand to you


I'll give you my love (love, love)
I'll give you my peace (peace, peace)
I'll give you my time (time, time)
I'll give you everything you need
(I'll give you every single thing you need)
I'll give you my love (my love)
I'll give you my joy (joy, joy)
I'll give you my life (my life, my life)
I'll give you everything you need, you need
(I'll give you every single thing you need)

[Chorus until fade]

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Keke Wyatt Call On Me Comments
  1. rudolph mcneill

    This woman is absolutely everything.

  2. Brandon Canady

    I love just me sum Keke Wyatt frfr💙💙💙💙😂😂😂😂🌹🌹🌹🏃🍇..1000

  3. Anthony Bryan Opoku Dwumfour

    love you keke.


    2019 ? Waiting for Mr.RIGHT

  5. Arielle R

    yassssss keke... if you just call on me....Love it😍😍

  6. C-BO Heads

    I kalled and no one answered, you lied to me keke, lol!!!!!!!

  7. RunningStar Ayodela

    this was one my jams I had this c.d glad I rediscovered it!!

  8. magicpill ismetomakeyoubetter

    if you take out the baby this is a gospel song lol yassss this what the lord tryna tell his people .glowry

  9. MrBlactye

    This song sound amazing and it got me feel some kinda way. Listening to this song is making love to mind. This is that gold standard of music. Please keep doing the things you do. Because This is the kinda music your fans being waiting on.

  10. Thomasine Miller

    I found my CD recently and I have been BUMPING it everyday since! This was [email protected]#%!!!!

  11. Charles Zollicoffer

    love u keke this Auburnk

  12. Charles Zollicoffer

    love u keke this Auburn

  13. Charles Zollicoffer

    love u keke this Auburn

  14. Charles Zollicoffer

    love u keke this Auburn

  15. MsCubanaWithFlow Jacqueline

    I feel this song so deeply right now❤JR

  16. L Eleby

    I Think GOD saved you for his OWN Glory!!!!!

  17. Elvin Robinson

    She crazy she stabbed her husband. Pretty people are crazy lol


    It was self defense

    Elvin Robinson

    It would be ad defense if I stab you in your balls. Wouldn't it??

  18. Anna Martin

    love me some keke...I always play her...that voice is beyond incredible

  19. Ashley Gonzales

    love this song one of my favorite

  20. CeCe Dobbz

    What a beautiful song for her children! :)

  21. Chocolate Drop

    God heaven sent artist with an angelic voice!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  22. Christina Mullins

    I love your voice, when is the next album?

  23. Christina Mullins

    I love your voice, when is the next album?

  24. Donise Mccullum

    Very powerful voice lovely keke

  25. Kaoshanti Nickelson

    I love him so much ... Dozier.... You can call on me ! 😘👌I will not run away from you !!

  26. katelyn glover

    Still jammin this song.. Love keke crazy self, she's so beautiful & talented.

  27. joy

    My song ♥

  28. Jaquinda Gunn

    I still love this song keke is my girl love her...

  29. Montray Cannon

    I lo b love this song ..



  31. Jaylen Buchanan

    relly like thuss song ! and keke is cool

  32. wynt22

    you are so welcome!

  33. Shanika Woods

    love this song!! thank u to who put it on!!!

  34. coolspirit

    That song, that song, that song, can I say it again? That song,ooh and wee you did it, I'm gone tell it. I love that keke. You are so great because you are so"open"dear love. Never doubt who you are. I love you, friend.

  35. christina maupin

    ill u my joy JOYYEEEEEE!

  36. christina maupin

    i will cuuummmmm!!!!! ILL GIVE IT TO UUUUU!!! I WILL CUM RUNNING RUNNING!!!

  37. christina maupin

    finally somebody put this shit up i been lookin for years lol

  38. Jay Atkins

    OMG! thanks for posting this song! for soooooo long anytime i want to listen to it, or this cd the ONLY place that had it is myspace 0.o...soo just a fyi to anyone who has been searching for any song off this cd myspace has them all (:-your welcome

  39. Muzikfreak2014


  40. Deatra Burris

    it needs to be a love button

  41. Shawn Watts

    i swear i been hoping someone would put this song up...searched high and low online!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! HER VOICE IS...LOST FOR WORDS...SMH

  42. naenae marteniz

    your the that's gay and if you dont like the song then dont listen to it stupid

  43. demarko sutherland

    this song is ok heard better from her



  45. megan anderson

    i fell in love with this song a long time ago...i love her that im with my new man this song has so much more meaning<3

  46. Shawnice Mitchell

    come back like this u got it

  47. Zimgitsit90

    Been looking for this song for THEE longest.