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(Heroes are really boring
Uh, the real interesting things are the off-center values of people
You know, those are the things that trouble most people
"Do I belong here?"
"Who are my friends?"
"Does anybody like me?"
God, you know, it's terrifying to be on your own in this world)

I once asked if God could please change me
I wasn't gone, I stay if you didn't fix me

I, as I lay here in a better life
No more talking young [?]
Your eyes to find it all
Ain't to way to really step forward
Got me doing all these full stops
Why can't you see that I'm in pain

But you didn't heal me
No, you didn't fix my wounds
You didn't answer my prayer, oh
Guess you couldn't heal me
Just left with a lonely stare

I once asked if God could please change me
I wasn't gone, I stayed
He didn't fix me

But he didn't heal me
No, he didn't fix my wounds
He didn't answer the prayer
I was just left standing there
Guess he was just busy
And I was left blue and sad
So I had to change myself
Oh I had to tame myself

He didn't fix me
I was a young thug [?] down from outer space
I never knew love was a risk I had to face
She talkin' real loud but I'm left with a bitter taste
I've got to change my ways

Just want you to fix me
Prayers you'll make
Why don't you come and change me, yeah, yeah

But he didn't heal me
No, he didn't fix me
He didn't fix me

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Keiynan Lonsdale I... Comments
  1. CMelo 2000

    I don't have problem with gay people I like this song I'm not even a girl or gay dude(just keeping it real) this is 🔥

  2. Malaya Ramos

    *cries from beauty*

  3. A. C.

    This dude has a super dope sound, the song is honestly good af. I didn’t expect this to be this much of a bop

  4. Princess Ashley

    Marry me

  5. Jose G

    3:12 this whole part is 2020 vibes PERIODT

  6. Treyvon Burson

    It is super nasty man I used to love you on flash but I guess not it just went 🤯

  7. Treyvon Burson

    This is nasty this is not how your supposed to live your life this just not right

    Imani Culver

    Treyvon Burson 💀💀💀💀💀
    You need help


    The flavor jumped out

  9. Cornelius Baker

    How do I get this rainbow dragon creation? I need it to increase my gay powers. It’s an emergency! 🌈

  10. TheComicWoman


  11. Benjamin Mella

    Anybody got this song recommended now?

  12. Akiem Gough

    Bitch! I

  13. b swag 95

    Yass queen with the braids

  14. Geraldine Pavan

    Come back to the flash

  15. Kudzanai Muzambi

    Ew his gay Ness

  16. Sharon Bernath

    Happy Birthday Keiynan!! I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year? 😊👍🌟🎂

  17. Hector Soto

    Stick to the flash

  18. Taujvyonne daniels

    Pretty sure this is the 25th time I've played this song

  19. GG Vlogs

    Wait did i just see deon???

  20. daniel uko

    so this is where youve been all this while wally

  21. Diego Torres

    I didnt know he was gay!

    Imani Culver

    Diego Torres he’s bi

  22. Lincoln

    Sounds just like 2000s Omarion, holy fuck

  23. Triplef10 Faze clan


    Kyra Holtsclaw

    NOPE, the only horrible thing is your comment

  24. Nicole M


  25. Victoria Adele

    okay but this is a huge step up from rapping about chicken pox 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣😝

  26. Oscar Flores

    I have recently watched the video damn! I love it so much. The way he moves and his gestures 🤩🏳️‍🌈. Everything.

  27. AQuinn0630

    This video finally hit 1 million views

  28. MYLO


  29. Jason Todd


  30. TeleAFRICA Nigeria

    Yea this is just annoying

  31. Jimmy H

    It seems as if he doesnt appreciate what The Flash did for his career. As a queer with nothing to my name but mental illness from a history of trauma I don't like seeing a queer person throw away an opportunity like the role of Kid Flash. It felt good with a queer actor in such a prominent visible role, but now it's wasted by his exit.

    Wally Garrick

    I dont think that he doesnt appreciate the role, he loves the character, he loves playing the character, and he hasn't quit, he's back this season. He was just saying that if he wanted to he COULD quit because every choice he makes is up to him and its ok if he quits

  32. William Ortega

    Me encanto.♡

  33. Reasha Hall

    This man needs to meet Rina Sawayama!

  34. leya

    I love how all the other versions of him are going crazy except this one 3:47 he's just clam as hell

  35. Jelly man

    It hurts when he said “I could quit the flash if I want to”

    Wally Garrick

    Good thing he's back this season for like 2 episodes

  36. Nathaniel

    He has like 20 haircuts in the middle of the song, how the heck. This mans a time traveler

  37. Grace D’Eden

    I will always always have a crush on Keiynan never ever gonna go away


    I have nowhere else to be myself so as you people may be kind enough to hear this...... I’M BI AND I’M IN LOVE WITH MY TEAM MATE!!!!Tanks suga for letting me express this with you!!

  39. Tianna Best

    How many times did y’all say periodt throughout this video💀

  40. Greg Pilimai

    I love it 💚

  41. Shihab RJ

    I like him but quitting flash makes me wanna kick his ass.he doesn’t understand how much honorable role he got of the kid flash(wally west)

    Imani Culver

    Shihab RJ he didn’t quit 🙄

    Shihab RJ

    @Imani Culver *almost. You can see some camios of him in the future that's it

  42. Harris mike Avellano


  43. JaylanHarris 19

    Is he returning on the flash or not

    Wally Garrick

    Yea for like for 2/3 episodes

  44. Prince Hmd

    He's 27 years old ! OMG

  45. Robert Glass

    I think I'm being cursed by my my homophobic family members

  46. Himanshi Diwan

    His dance 💖💖💖

  47. Himanshi Diwan

    He need to colab with Troye

  48. Faed mon

    "I could quit the flash if I wanted to" I'm deadd😂😂

  49. Rachel Rennie

    is he bi?

    Joe Shaheen

    He's everything

    Imani Culver

    Rachel Rennie yup

  50. i thought u were american

    i still love this with a burning passion

  51. Beast IX

    So your kid flash and a singer

  52. Stella Maia


  53. NerdyBrownGirl

    Pure Art

  54. Danny Chau's Vlogs

    I’m here from flash

  55. Maple

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, truly unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, iconic

  56. Maple

    Keiynan is so fucking amazing as a person, and as an artist. I really admire the way this man expresses himself. The way he hits us with these lyrical FACTS as well as an incredibly music video, everything about this is ICONIC as fuck!!

  57. Ari Alfaro

    You're art. ❤️

  58. the gamer743 t

    I could quit the flash if i wanted too haha

  59. Errax eclipse

    “I quit the flash if I wanted to “ 😭😭

  60. Adaria Nielsen

    I just cant get enough of this song ❤

  61. Kelvin Eagans

    Your so underated😌

  62. Mic Ron

    OK... I don't know how I've missed this video till now, but it so needs to have at least x10 the views!
    Like WHAT THE ACTUAL F... both video and song are amazing!
    I love how it's emotional and truthful, and still seriously hot and fierce at the same time. Thank you for this absolute bop Keiynan <3

  63. ChilledOutWill313

    My favorite song, it always make me feel better

  64. Christian O

    That 8 am hits different with this as my wake up call! It makes college so much better every morning.

  65. The Great RB Ent

    My heart is racing a million miles because why

  66. Byron Wiggins


  67. Animeamv Zezelitboy

    How tho

  68. Caio Tábua de Carne

    Kid flash

  69. Damilola

    “I could quit the flash if I wanted to” is that a threat?

  70. L. Ohanyan

    This is my new life anthem!

  71. Dark Magician

    I’m done ☠️☠️🤦‍♂️

  72. Juan Martinez

    Very gay




    *rewinds the flash to season 2 and 3 for Wally episodes*

    I actually did this

  74. Ace_DeathStroke

    I could quit the flash if I wanted too man what happens whit kid flash

  75. *Rae*

    At least he can sing

  76. Littleladyseraphine/LadySeraphineCC

    I just heard "I can quit The Flash if I wanted to"!!! 😅
    Dammmmnnn! 😂

  77. Shweta Official

    A total BOP!!!! Love you Keiynan!!!🔥🔥🔥 #RainbowDragon

  78. Darth Baldi

    I hope they recast him on The Flash. Clearly he has zero passion for the character of Wally West. He’s just wasted tons of potential refusing to be on the show. Get someone who actually wants to play this character.

  79. Mutha Ninti

    There’s something very special about him

  80. little talks Love

    You don't even know what this song(and kick-ass video!) do for me, Keiynan. I listen to it everyday. Thank you a million times over, from the bottom of my heart <3

  81. Lady Zhe

    2:16 is the moment that goes so HARD. OMG. Wow. I felt that.

  82. Amiyah Mayo

    He's so sexy, and I'm addicted to this fire ass song🧡

  83. Fashina

    Don't sha quit the flash

  84. darkraiisgod

    Is this what kid flash is doing now?

  85. XZay 93


  86. WiiNV

    L😂L No more "Where's Wally" W🙌W

  87. Arianna Di Perna

    I love this😍❤️

  88. Victory

    Finally 1mil views! I've played this song at least 1k times lol

  89. TheCrimsonGeek

    Yes ma'am 😍

  90. Yvonne

    I can say dont let your children watch this video but I know its children who are watching this video and all I can say is DO NOT LET SOCIETY DEFINE WHO YOU ARE!!! GOD created you either male or female nothing else and nothing more and HE is not the Father of confusion! Seek HIM out draw near to HIM and HE will draw near to you!

  91. Yvonne

    This world is falling apart! This dragon is after the children!

  92. Girl Empire

    Bruh this song fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. miche cole

    MTV better not sleep on him

  94. Cash Carti

    man who's wally west now?

  95. Fran Preciado

    Woww que vídeo tan interesante, me gustó mucho.

  96. 碓氷 拓海

    the thumbnail looks like the thumbnail for a tik tok compilation 💀

  97. Kaleigha R.

    Fucking go OFFFFFF!!!!

  98. Rising Phoenix

    Absolutely in love with him 😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍👑👑👑👑another star is born

  99. Brittney Douglas

    This song go hard I mean I love it. I had the biggest crush on him when first arrived on The Flash and then well obviously this happen 😂