Keiynan Lonsdale - Higher Lyrics

I was always scared of you
Always had to seek the truth
So, if you want to follow through
Don't look back, I'll reach for you

Can we get higher?
Can we get higher?
Can we get high, tonight?
Can we get higher?
Can we get high?

We were too young for our dreams slowly
We're reaching out for the meaning, oh
No, I don't really mind if you burn one more wish
I just hope that you're with me alone

Can we get higher?
Can we get higher?
Can we get high, tonight?
Can we get higher?
Can we get high?

(Yeah, yeah)
(Can we get higher?)

Can we get higher?
Can we get higher?
Can we get high, tonight?
Can we get higher?
Can we get higher?

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Keiynan Lonsdale Higher Comments
  1. monde tshabalala

    My name is Grante,Im an upcoming artist,im ardent about music, dancing, acting, anything artistic really, and writing in general.Im from South Africa Johannesburg, and I have a crush on you dude.

  2. Gasmin Steven

    Yes give me that high note

  3. Lincoln

    2:57 - Run, Wally... RUN!

  4. imran khan

    He went back to the speed force to find his lyrics

  5. Chad’s awesome page about nothing

    I love him so much ❤️

  6. Quando Você Ler Os Comentários Eu Estarei Lá

    Wtf wally

  7. Nasir Hasan

    WHO HERE IN 2019

  8. Madison aka Maddy

    So talented 😢❤❤❤

  9. Qu Artz

    The beat is out of this world and the voice is heaven !

  10. Mirian Reginald

    I NEED A LYRIC VID!!!!!🤯😋

  11. Cah Cristielle


  12. Haftom Tom

    Your Moustache and Your Goatee doesn't look good on you. you better wz out them.

  13. FlashGordan320

    I love this music and the flash tv series

  14. Kinny karim

    How can you dislike this song?

  15. SimplyAlixx _

    Gosh Darnit Barry! What did you do to the Timeline Now?

  16. cedrickyle2

    Loved to listen to this song when im high

  17. Leroy Hill

    I'm gonna need more music and videos like this album version tho

  18. andrew.

    Whatf did barry do to the timeline... He has a moustache????????


  19. Noir Nala


  20. Amarilli Ploquin

    At 2:41 😍😍😍

  21. Grumpy Chuco

    God Can You Hear Me

  22. Israel christ

    Ya what did you DO BARRY

  23. Hanan Aman

    He reminds me of Mario
    Not the game character
    The singer

  24. artguy smith

    I thought this was my innocent honey bun 😭😭😭

  25. Dymin Williams

    I’m Still So Shook That He Can Sing So Good

    Sing Wally SINGGG 👏🏼

  26. Smeaul Flourett

    F*** th 75 people who disliked !

  27. DDomino Geronimo

    this is a new sound; next level... here for it.. and it's very grown folks bed time musique

  28. Rizelle Tiama

    You can rob my house and I'll still say thank you. ♥️

  29. Shelby C

    I am in love with him he is so amazing and so beautiful

  30. Young Diallo

    i like this song

  31. Purple Star

    Ok my wig has run so far away from this universe bye !

  32. Adrianna


  33. Avery Bryce

    Danm that was good p.s. who's watching this in 2018 I m

  34. Darnell Nelson

    Love this song and him

  35. Gabriel Lira

    Meu Marido é Lindo né gente? ❤😍

  36. Victor manuel Mora carreon

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 key 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. dora a

    you make me so happy 💖💖

  38. Roman Krasovsiy

    Heey this dude is KidFlash on Flesh serials

  39. Honey Bee

    Keiynan looks older in this that he does in love simon. How???


    its the cleanshaven look in Love, Simon vs this weird ass facial hair lol

  40. hokulealinda

    Slow burn ... beautiful XOxoxoxo

  41. Matthew Bullock

    You’re beautiful and super talented!! 💛💚💙❤️🖤💜🧡

  42. Jayson Cox


  43. ana mackk

    woah bram got spicy

    Auri H.


  44. idekbennyboy

    Looks like the flash changed the timeline a little too much

  45. meghan

    how is one man so talented; i would die for him

  46. Melissa Pleus-Morris

    Is there anything this boy can't do

  47. larry in wellington

    this needs more views

  48. sydney reid

    Wow he’s heavenly

  49. Alvarez 28

    Still listening 2018! And come back to the flash!!

  50. ZiepexGamer

    no no no! Wally is smoking pot???

  51. Sydney Sample

    wally you are damn good at this!!!!!!!!!😘😍😍😍😍

  52. The Lejindary Thirstae Jiminion

    Where did the mustache come from?????

  53. Jzzalf

    Una preciosidad de canción y muy guapp Kiyman. Video included in my Youtube Canal PLAYGAY [LGTB VIDEOMUSIC] Nº 251. (Subscribe,THX)

  54. Malaika Writes

    Lol black Jack Sparrow


    my type of music. way better then what they put on the radio now adays.

  56. Pablo_the_Mex

    Bruh...this shit is flames.

  57. Pirate Dog

    Damn! Do a fast pace song so I can make a Wally West tribute. Some kick as Kid Flash scenes ect.

  58. Brandon Whyte

    This dude is talented

  59. Blind Guardian


  60. Fenna van Wijngaarden

    Great song, you're so handsome! And a damn good singer! I love youuu! I love the Flash and Wally is just a very likeable character! Just wanna say one more thing....

    Please mary me 💕

  61. David Contreras

    Ur songs are soo damn amazing keiynan

  62. ADreamersLife7

    He's amazing and I looove this song! So insanely talented. Made even better by the fact that Elliot Knight directed this video. Hope to see more work from both!

  63. Christopher Daniels

    Yes we can, any time bro😍

  64. Výpeček

    Wally is gay?!

    nopoint _

    Bisexual actually

  65. Michał Ruś

    Damn ! Taht's so good *.* Really nice job :o Wally :D

  66. Nina L

    This song touched my soul 😍😍💍

  67. Caleb Williamson

    Does this song have a meaning

  68. Nathan James

    Damn, I didn't know he can hit them high notes!

  69. Juliany Amador

    He is bisexual

  70. Stel luna Palmer

    💖💖💖💖 His voice

  71. Velveteen Dream

    this is so good when high afdsafdas

  72. Fang Huina

    beautiful human being

  73. Raeoniah Morris

    Keiynan Lonsdale should play on the show empire or the show star

  74. DeShaun Montez

    glad I found this sing

  75. akash singh

    The chicken poxaaa song got me here !!!!! ... and i discovered a great artist! #danceacademy

  76. Zoé Nagymihály

    Flash messed the timeline again😂

  77. wild reed

    The delicacy of his falaetto tells me exactly how warm his bootycheek will be in my mouth.

  78. wild reed

    Yup he can def get err inch of the D in that blindfold

  79. ツabby

    Barry fucked up this timeline again, now i have to choose who sings better.

  80. Rielle Hubbard

    I love him so much

  81. ELIAS Harper

    sou muito seu fã

  82. Shaunta Chess

    I love his singing

    Shaunta Chess

    Can you make the song cuz if he did he did good

  83. Abigail Miranda

    this is lit!

  84. Fc Do Felipe Neto

    I love flash

  85. Alyssa Vasquez

    when every keeps calling him Wally but his name is Keiynan... when the flash is the only thing he is known for now

  86. Crouton


  87. Bri Colq


  88. 3rady 3hree 2wo

    He reminds me of August Alsina

  89. Jim Tyre

    God dam it Barry we all told you not to make flash point

  90. Cuky Lopez

    looook at my mans !!😍😍😍

  91. Nadia Hawkins

    god damnit barry

  92. Hannah Holmes

    Barry what the hell did you do to the timeline this time

  93. gerico galura official

    Kid Flash!!!

  94. Ben Davidson acount 2

    he should of sang for insurgent

  95. hanna sophie

    he reminds me a bit of Prince

  96. meechbtw

    why did you save him from the speedforce🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  97. Tomahawk

    Can you go higher?

  98. Qwa'ha Xahn Vahla ha'nesh

    I like his voice better than Gustin tbh

  99. Real Neon Official

    I love this song I'm doing my own cover on it